(2018-09-21) The Steel Remains
The Steel Remains
Summary: After the events of Meltdown, Sierra and Syd talk. Syd finally shakes off the shapeshifter flu, though she may or may not have infected Sierra beforehand. Very probably the last use of Syd's not-very-good flesh desc. Yay!
Date: 2018.09.21
Related: Happens right after Meltdown
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Metis Room 100
This room is quite sizable as far as dorm room goes. It could probably fit three students comfortably with room to spare. Fortunately for the occupants there is only furnishings for two people. Two beds, desks, dressers and a double closet.


Sydney is sitting on her futon, sobbing quietly, running her hands through her hair, not knowing what to do. She clutches her stomach, as though she feels sick.

Sierra lets herself in, all jaunty and happy…which is not easy for her to do…until she sees Sydney crying. The bag she is carrying is dropped as she rushes over to give the other girl a tight hug. "What's the matter, Syd? Are you sick? Should I get the nurse?"

Sydney blinks and looks up at Sierra, holding her stomach. She shakes her head, despite that, and tries to catch enough breath to at least try to explain what's going on. Sign language might be easier. "I. She. Fuuuck. Damnit…" She bites down, trying to force her breathing more stable. It doesn't actually work. She just holds both arms out to Sierra and hopes.

Sierra is worried. Very worried. Slipping into Sydney's arms, she hugs her friend as tight as she dares. Heat emanating from her body into Sydney's stomach to see if that will calm things down any. "Who? Did someone do this to you? I'll burn them to a crisp. Tell me their name."

Sydney clings to Sierra. She's… softer like this, and is shaped more like Sierra herself in this form. She's also not wearing a bra. She sobs into Sierra's shoulder, still trying to catch her breath. "No," she gets out. "No. Not… her fault. Don't hurt her."

"You tell me what happened and I'll decide whether it is her fault or not" Sierra replies, her cold tone in stark contrast to the warmth that emanates from her body. "Calm down. Breathe. No rush…but I need to know." She holds that softness to her, gently caressing Sydney's back as the other girl sobs into her shoulder.

Sydney takes a deep breath. Then a few more. "Ness was here. She's. Changed. She could be Callisto's sister. I think… she got careless… left her voice blocker off. Probably… programmed herself badly. It's fixed… I just… I just…"

Sierra's eyes narrow. She may not have met this Ness but she has heard about what she can do. "What did she make you do?" she asks, her tone like cold steel. "How did she hurt you?" A slight shake of her head. "You don't just forget a power blocker. You leave it off on purpose."

Sydney shakes her head. "She didn't… make me do anything. Well. Nothing worse than I did to you that one time. It just… hurt more… She made me forget…that I like boys…that I'm with Bryce…It was simple, for a few moments. All I wanted was to get her clothes off. It felt… wonderful. And because it felt good… it made me suspicious, and I told her to cancel all commands. And she did." Syd swallows and wipes her eyes. "God, I need a kleenex." She goes on. "Then she got mad and left. I don't know… I don't know what she'd done to me, and I don't know what she'd done to herself.

"She forced you to love her and forget your boyfriend? What a fucking bitch. That is way worse than what we did. That is mind control. Slavery." Sierra is rather incensed now, though she manages to look around for any Kleenex that may be nearby. "She took advantage of you with her powers. That is not a right thing to do. /She/ got mad? She has no right to. How long ago did she leave?"

Sydney shakes her head. "No. That's the one thing she didn't do. I've been attracted to her since I met her. She didn't order me to forget Bryce. She just said something innocent, "why don't we forget all this." And we did. She's irresponsible, maybe overwhelmed by the fact that she's got the body she always wanted for the first time in her life… but she's not evil. And you need to stay the hell away from her or you could nuke the entire island from a casual comment.

Sierra is a bit confused now. She was sticking up for her friend who was sitting their crying in her arms. She wanted to punish the mad girl who did this. And now Sydney is telling her to lay off? "Ignorance is no excuse" she growls, obviously hurt that she isn't allowed to at least beat the crap out of this Ness. "We should rip her tongue out. Or tear her ears off." Sierra is angry most of the time, now she is livid but trying to stuff it down for Sydney's sake.

Sydney gently holds Sierra's head between her hands. "Sierra… except for the magic guys, you're probably the single most dangerous person on this island. If she tells you "To hell with it all" you will do your best to send it there, and you can."

Sierra has no choice but to look into Sydney's eyes as her face is held. The fury in her eyes slowly dissipating - she can't keep it up looking at that face. "It sounds like we should rip her tongue out" she repeats, though with a lot less venom. Almost apologetic for thinking such a thing in the first place. "Something has to be done. She can't hurt you like this and get away with it."

Sydney rests her head against Sierra's. "That's… what her collar does. It stops her from speaking. When she's…thinking straight, she leaves it on. The first time I… kissed her was because she'd been talking to Callisto… who I guess can resist it, and she just invited me to sit with them without thinking. I asked her to free me from that and she told me I should do what I want. Instant sociopath. I could have… really hurt her. Even killed her." Syd shakes her head. "but all I did was kiss her like I meant it. Which I did. She's new… like… a five year old with a revolver. She didn't mean to hurt me. What hurts…is how much she's in my head when she's not talking to me." She blinks and wipes her eyes."It hurts because I do want her. Bad. And I'm taken by someone else I want. Bad."

"Why does she even turn it off? It's obvious she has no idea how to handle her power?" Sierra grumps. "Seriously, why did they even build it with an off switch! That she can use!" A long sigh as she hugs Sydney once more. "I thought you and Bryce were going to see other people, so why can't you have her too? Forcing you to have her…not good. At least you can control yourself if you want to. I mean, you don't want me or Sao anymore, do you? We're all friends now."

Sydney looks down. "I hold a lot back," she says softly. "Sometimes around her… I stop holding it back, and I don't like what I see. Bryce is in a possessive…phase I guess. We're working through it. When I'm metal… it's easier to be strong… to say I'm not like I was… where fucking someone was easier than not fucking them.

"Being metal only makes you physically strong" Sierra counters before tapping Sydney lightly on the side of the forehead. "Being strong up here. That's all you. That was there before you were metal and it's still there. Once you realize that, you'll be unstoppable. Sorry to hear about Bryce but I am sure you will get through it. You're good for each other" she smiles before asking, softly. "Have you two done it?"

Sydney shakes her head. "No." Why yes, the angry fire goddess has a calming effect on Syd. Go fig. She sags back to her futon and holds her stomach. "No. Not yet." When she looks at Sierra, it's as though her face is covered in little droplets, or acne, although they're awfully reflective for acne. "I… I'm starting to think we probably should."

"Don't rush. Do it when you're ready. Though Bryce seems to be the kind of guy who will be ready in a couple of years" Sierra teases lightly. "Sao tells me there are rules against sex at school, and she's a stickler for rules. So be careful where you do it. Maybe rent a hotel room on a weekend? Somewhere nice." A tilt of her head. "What's up with your stomach? Did she hurt you there too?"

Sydney shakes her head. "No. I'd think it was cramps, but they were never like this…" She looks at Sierra. "Rules against sex? You two have been…lovers for two months and now you find this out?"

Sierra smiles bashfully and shrugs. "Honestly, I'd rather she had never found out at all" she admits before placing a hand on Sydney's belly, sending waves of heat through what she assumes to be muscle and tissue. "Does that help? Not sure we've been lovers that long."

Sydney nnngggs. The heat seems to help the muscles relax. And something… moves inside. Vigorously. If that's her digestive tract, she's got tapeworms the size and strength of the sandworms from Dune. She nods though. "It helps." She wipes at her face, and the little reflective acne can now be seen on her hands and arms.

Sierra smiles at being able to ease the pain a little, though her eyes are soon narrowing again at the appearance of that 'acne'. "Syd…did the doctors think your change was permanent?" With her free hand she reaches out to touch one of the reflective areas.

Sydney blinks and looks up at Sierra. "Huhh? Nobody said. Why?"

"You're starting to shine again" Sierra notes softly, eyes scanning the reflective areas. "It might not be anything. Don't panic, okay? I should call the nurse."

Sydney looks at her hands, as one fingertip is completely engulfed. She looks at Sierra. "You ever see "The Matrix?" where the mirror sticks to his finger and engulfs him?" She crumples over around her stomach again. She straightens up slowly, and the shiny metal begins to engulf her hand. "I think I'm about to see how deep the rabbit hole goes…"

"Santa Maria" Sierra mumbles under her breath, jerking back her hand as Sydney starts to change. Worried panic in her eyes before she hops on the bed behind Sydney, wrapping her arms around her and holding her tight. "It'll be okay" she hopes. "I'm here."

Sydney leans her head back against Sierra's shoulder, and the metal crawls up her arm, or absorbs her arm, or simply reverts to its real form, it's hard to say. She's definitely getting heavier, sinking deeper into the futon. The metal slides up her arm under the sleeve of her t-shirt, then up her neck and over her head, and very like Neo in that scene, it goes over her head and face, and down her throat. She makes choking noises a moment as the steel flows down her other arm. Her body shape changes under Sierra's arms, the softness growing more muscular, breasts actually shrinking a good cupsize or two, then her pecs growing underneath. She shudders, and takes a rasping breath and opens the familiar green reflective eyes. She relaxes against Sierra, trying not to put too much weight on her.

Sierra doesn't know if she should feel sorry for her friend. Did Sydney want to be flesh and bone again. or did she feel better like this. She has been metal longer than she has been flesh, after all. Unsure what to say, she gently kisses the top of Sydney's head. "Are you okay?" she whispers. "Has the pain stopped?"

Sydney nods. Her hair slowly resumes its usual color. "Yeah…" She takes a breath. "This was happening…" She looks at her hands. "Two years and six months… I've been angry with this body… hating that I got made into this without permission… hating the inconvenience of it…" She tilts her head back to look up at Sierra. "…wishing I could have my old body back. And for a week… I had it. And I felt… vulnerable… weak… weak-willed… I realized how much better I like me now than I did then. Rusty steel and all." her eyes are still a little wet. "Even if I do get bored eating from the scrapyard."

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