(2018-09-21) Meltdown
Summary: Elf Ness meets needy flesh Syd. Is this the end of their friendship?
Date: 2018.09.21
Related: Happens immediately before The Steel Remains
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Metis Room 100
This room is quite sizable as far as dorm room goes. It could probably fit three students comfortably with room to spare. Fortunately for the occupants there is only furnishings for two people. Two beds, desks, dressers and a double closet.


Sydney comes to the door. She yawns a little as she opens up, but smiles when she sees who's there. "Hey Ness. Come on in." She bites her lip a little. That Syd is not her hardbody-self is fairly easy to see under the long shirt that serves her as a nightgown. She covers her bust with one arm, trying to make it look casual.

Ness is tall right now. Very tall. And her collar is turned off right now. Dressed only in a long band t-shirt, her eyes shamelessly raking Sydney's form, she drifts into the room and lays back on Sydney's bed with a smirk. Her voice, smokey, husky, feminine, and still so powerful floats forth,"Darling."

Sydney can't even feel the compulsion effect, even though she knows its there. Still, darling is a noun, so it's hard to read much into it. She looks at Ness, and watches her crawl into Syd's bed. "Um…" She touches her own neck meaningfully.

Ness smiles coyly at Syd and pats the space next to her. "Come sit with me." A pause, and then she smiles,"You look SO hot with your new skin, darling. Tell me. What are you thinking right now?" That grin is… less than PG.

Sydney sits down next to Ness. She looks at her knees after taking in that grin. "Please… don't force me to do this." She looks at Ness again. "That's what I'm thinking. I'm so… tempted… but…. you said you didn't want to be someone's girl on the side, and you hate being used by people to experiment with their sexuality… And… if I'm going to do this…it should be my choice. Or it will ruin it."

Ness rolls her eyes and stands up, looking huffy now. "That's boring. You're clearly gay, darling. Why is this even an issue. I'm not a rapist, though. I'll not force you to do anything. Still…" She bends over the sitting girl, lips hovering inches away. "… if you change your mind…"

Sydney shudders at the new order and leans close to press her mouth to Ness's, teasing the elf-girl's tongue with her own.

Ness moans into that kiss, her warm plush lips massaging against the other girl's wetly. Her tongue flickers out, eager and curious, before pulling away, and straightening,"Goodnight?" She nods her head, to the girl, eyebrow lifting.

Sydney looks down into Ness's eyes, and whispers, "You can't leave. You have to release me from the orders you've given me." That's going to be difficult, since Syd kisses her again, deeply as before, but more urgently.

Ness rolls her eyes a little,"You can get up if you want. There. See? I released you-" She's cut off. The girl is not a master of her own power, so she is unaware of her OTHER order. Still, being kissed so urgently gets a longer, softer moan. The girl pushes away slightly, and her better self asserts a little,"You don't have to do this with me if you don't want to."

You say, "But there was also…" the next order squelches that. "I thought…" She sighs a little. "I thought I liked boys. I've fucked so many…" She's still acting on 'tell me what you're thinking' as well, apparently.

Ness raises her eyebrows, a lascivious grin on her face,"HOW many? Nothing wrong with that?" The girl crouches, frog-like, and looks up at Sydney,"Maybe you were in denial? Am I going to leave? You decide. I'll do what you tell me." Really incautious when she's like this.

Sydney pauses, thinking about it. Her eyes grow wet, and tears drip on Ness's chest. "I don't… I don't even remember how many… She looks down at Ness. "You just ordered yourself too, did you notice?"

Ness smiles at Syd, and reaches out to caress Syds cheek. It almost feels… loving? "Forget all that for now." She smiles gently, responding,"I doubt that. I'm too powerful right now to be affected by that stuff." She most certainly is not.

Sydney shudders as this next order hits home. "Forget what?" She looks down at Ness. "Why am I crying?"

Ness blinks at this, and then she says,"I… don't know…" She frowns. "I think I was asking you what you wanted me to do?

Sydney brushes her lips against Ness's. "Repeat after me. Cancel all orders."

Ness frowns a little and says, "Cancel all orders?" She touches her lips, confused.

Sydney shudders again, all the conflicting orders she was given evaporating all at once. She presses her finger to Ness's mouth, then presses it to the button of her collar. Her eyes grow wet again, and she presses her mouth to Ness's, if for no other reason than to keep the mentalist from saying anything else that screws with her mind.

Ness is kissed again, but pulls back, her face… thunderous. She rises to her feet, and taps the button. One last look at the tears on Sydney's face and then she turns to move towards the door.

Sydney signs at Ness. "Are you ok?" It might be hard to read. Her hands shake a little. She settles back onto the futon, her top hugged tight against her chest.

Ness looks over her shoulder, raising a hand in a rude gesture, then slips out the door with a soft *click*.

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