(2018-09-2018) From Comfort to Blame
From Comfort to Blame
Summary: What starts out as just hanging out becomes comforting and blaming
Date: 2018-09-19
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This is a full size gym, with basketball hoops along the walls ready for play. Climbing ropes hang from scaffolding near the ceiling, ready to be climbed, though they can be tied off to keep them out of the way. Exercise equipment and weights are off to the far end. The floor can be sectioned off for multiple team games to be played. There are locker rooms for girls and boys to one side of polished wood bleachers that can be pulled out if needed for spectators. Opposite the bleachers there is a rock climbing wall, that goes right up to the dome overhead. The dome itself is spectacular, made apparently of sickle shaped carved marble and brass leaves, it can nevertheless iris open to let the bracing sea air and sunlight in, as needed.

Since arena fetch practices have started Rainer has been a busy guy. Practice is nearly every day after school and then after that practice is even more training, with the martial arts stuff. The first is over and the guy is working on the second. He is sans sparring partner at the moment so he is just going through his forms, a sword in each hand. The swords cut through the air as he swings them around. If his sensei has here, there would be some serious scolding going on. The arena fetch practice must have tired him a bit, while he moves with what most would consider acceptable speed and skill, he is a lot better than that

Fionnuala rolls Solarkinesis: Good Success

Arena fetch? Sparring? Sword practice? Basically anything that entails coordination of the hands and deft strikes and combos? If you talk to Fionnuala about any of it sh-wait no, she is still a he. His expression won't be too unlike what he looks like as his natural female self. Blessed obliviousness. Fionnuala hadn't altered his name in the event of genderswapping so in the interim he was really pushing the usage of 'Fee'. His Scottish family will have helpfully suggested 'Fergus' or 'Fingal' but he ain't having any of that.

It's been just about a week since Fee became a boy and really, he has simply adapted to it. If anything he's having fun with it and even having to take a lick and a promise at gym activities doesn't bug him as much as it does when he's a she. This body is stronger. As usual sunlight precedes the winged boy into the gym and his golden eyes, set in a puckishly handsome face that is still every bit a Reid, flit toward another boy who is working hard. He slows his gait, wearing a pair of track pants and a simple black tee, long black hair pulled back into a braid. A slow grin etches itself into Fee's features as he observes Rainier, waiting for just the right time to announce himself. But then this is when his phone goes off, the ring tone 'Always Look on the Bright Side of Life' hollaring into the space… Fee quickly silences it. "Gah.. not right now Ma—" … so much for subtlety.

The teen is concentrating on his forms so for a few moments the arrival of Fee goes unnoticed. Until the phone starts it's amusing melody. The swords movements suddenly stop as Rainer freezes. Like Fee, he is insisting on being called something else. In this case it's the real name of Rain, which is just her nickname apparently! A name that Rain prime refuses to answer to. "Gawd, Fee!" He exclaims dropping his swords to his side "I don't think you could find a more fitting ringtone…even if someone made one for you." Male Rain looks a lot more like male Sky, not identical, but a lot closer. You can tell they are twins, but they can be identified easily enough.

And male Fee looks like a slightly finer (no no not attractiveness-wise, but bone structure and facial features) version of Iain. It appears that the dark hair and blue eyes (given to solar-imbued color changes) are a standby in that family. He stands there looking rueful, like a kid caught doing something dumb, as he shoves the phone (on silent now) back into his duffel. "Sorry," Voice is pleasant, not too baritone-ish but somewhere in between. The embarrassed moue pulls back into that big grin, "It's fun when people don't quite understand where it's from.. usually kids these days," Fee remarks, striding into the gym with a well-practiced walk. Ridiculous as it sounds, he had to get used to walking with extra bits downstairs on that first day. c.c

A big black wing flicks once, casting sunlight across the floor. "Hope I didn't break your mojo, Rainier," The boy remarks.. somehow saying that name strums a deep chord of curiousity within. It feels important. "How are ya holding up, being a boy? Think we're gonna be switched back anytime soon?" Asked with that same cheeky grin.

The swords are switched so he is holding both in one hand and he waves his now free on dismissively "You're good. I should take a break anyways." He moves to go set the weaponry down near his backpack and pulls out a water bottle "I'm pretty sure we told you we've been a boy before." Rainer looks at Fee, a mingling of confusion on his face. "Thanks to that incident, I have a lifetime of memories of having lived as a boy to reference." In fact those memories are starting to become more dominant the longer Rain is male, but not to the point where he is mistaking them for his/their actual memories. "So…Nothing new here." There is a shrug "I don't know. How is your boyfriend handling you being a guy?"

"That is true… huh…" Fee scritches at his temple, feeling foolish. He really is such an uncomplicated soul! The muddled look returns to that big beaming one, "Well you're leagues ahead of the rest of us sods, then, who have willies now instead of hoo-hahs." A big spat of boisterous laughter. As a boy, Fee has quite a laugh.. it sounds so very Scottish. A slap to his thigh and he decides to go hang out with his bestie for a time before tackling the climbing wall. Something about these arms, not too much bigger than the usual, tells him that he will be able to negotiate the activity rather well.

Reaching Rainier, Fee drops his bag and plops down alongside it onto the floor, folding his legs in beneath himself. Weird, too: he's wearing a different sneaker upon each foot. Tossing his braid over a shoulder, golden eyes watch the blonde boy with interest. "Ollie was fine with it.. I think he kinda likes it." Fee grins in his silly way, "We're just taking it as it comes."

It's been…a night. Sky didn't sleep all that well and was rather grumpy upon waking…which just looks adorable on her current face rather than the 'leave me alone' look that she would prefer. She made it through the day on glares and coffee…and a lot of lollipops. So many lollipops. She really should be buzzing with sugar, but it's been necessary so she doesn't try to dig out the package of clove cigarettes that she kept…just in case. She changed into whatever goth-like clothes she could cull from Rain's closet and has made her way to the gym to find Ranier. Maybe she just needed some time with her twin.

Of course, when she steps in, sucker in her mouth, she pauses upon seeing a winged boy. Wait. What? It doesn't take her long to realize just who that is, and her golden-brown, heavily-lined eyes widen. «Holy crap…» is muttered before the pulls out her phone and goes to get the camera setting.

Anyone that has spent even five minutes with Rainer, will realize that this isn't Rain. The teen is actually smiling and seems genuinely happy, but isn't gregarious like Legion. He is much more relaxed, easy going and not prone to violence. As Fee sits down next to him an arm is draped over the other teens shoulders and he looks Fee up and down. Definitely not Rain at the wheel. She is anti touching. "And what's not to like." He winks at his bestie. Of course He sense the arrival of his twin before she makes an appearance "Heya Miss. Grumpyface." He gestures her over then indicates the empty spot on the other side of him. Though it seems like pics are first!

Biting back his laughter, Fee squints and really observes Rainier for half a minute or so. THAT'S what's going on here… there's a whole other shift to the personality. And Fee, like a good friend would, simply accepts it and does not call it out. That talk with Sky, way back in the summer at the Masters estate, really helped. Don't let her goofiness fool you, Fee does grasp a lot. "Oh my god look at that smile! You better be careful not to aim that at some of the others who are around these parts." And Fee, bless her—er, his heart he isn't about to ease away or balk at being touched. In fact this just makes Fee happier!

"Okay I'm gonna try my dude hug now. I think it's a lot more like this," At the weight of Rainier's arm over his shoulder, Fee eases in to give the blonde a side-arm squeeze of his own. If he's aware at all of being checked out by this newfound personality, Fee either doesn't let on or care. He's just liking seeing some semblance of his good pal letting loose a bit.

"Well—" About to remark, Fee is made aware of a new arrival and cranes his neck 'round to see the girl brandishing a phone. He does not recognize her and Fee, bless his heart, shoots Sky a big, white smile. Dangerous. "Oh hi! Who are you? Or were you? Or… are you like, a new student?" Nope, she doesn't know who this is. But Rainier is calling this cute girl over and Fee won't object.

«If I was into guys, I'd be dead…» Sky muses with what serves to be as close to a smile as she's had all day: A twisted smirk. She steps forward and waits for Ranier and Fee to get into a good pose before snapping a couple of pictures. For posterity. Or something. The smirk disappears as the phone does and she moves to sit at her twin's other side, pushing her mass of curly hair out of the way so that she can actually lean against Ranier. «You can't tell from how I look?» Obvious sarcasm there. «I'm Sky.» And she is going to take full advantage of gender stereotypes and the fact that this current personality of her twin's is willing to be touchy-feely. She needs some comfort, dammit!

Was there a mention that Rainer is a big goofball? Fair warning. As the pictures begin to be taken, he reaches over with a hand to put on Fee's opposite cheek, pushes him closer and plants a sloppy kiss on the cheek closet to him. Now there is your award winning picture! He is laughing as he lets the other teen go. He let's Sky explain who he is, but is kind of pouty when his brother/sister doesn't make something up. When Sky leans on him he frees his arm from Fee to give the morose sibling a hug, but keeps one arm around her and strokes her wild hair "Who do I need to beat up?" He asks in both modes, and quite seriously too. "They are so much burnt toast." Okay there are times when even he can be prone to violence, but only when family is involved, not for no random reason like with Legion.

Okay, so that surprises even Fee! But in true Fee fashion, even as pure astonishment riots through his body and mind at Rainier's VERY outward and goofy disply, he bounces back quickly to ham it up for the photo. His cheerful features pull into an exaggerated look of lovestruck glee, eyes crossing and lips puckering like a pinup girl in a cheesecake portrait from the 1930s and 40s. He pulls this expression RIGHT at the culmination of the smooch and click of the camera. Afterwards his cheek will be felt pulling taut as he bawls laughter again, right up until he realizes who this girl is.

Fee gawks briefly, not even in a 'checky-outy' way (yeah the player is making up terms); more along the lines of surprised. "You look cute!" Said in earnest as he beams. Fee eases back to remain seated upon his arse, legs eased out in front of his body and ridiculous unpaired sneakers crossed one over the other. He hasn't sprouted up too much more in height beyond his natural 5'5".. coming in at closer to 5'10" … his frame is slender for the most part and built up just a little bit more in the chest and arms.

Something about how Sky folds herself in to nestle at Rainier's other side speaks to Fee of things being a bit beyond just wanting to be around his twin. He asks as Rainier gives Sky a firm hug and Fee's mirth softens into concern, "Is everything ok? I can aim for the knees!"

These photos may need to be framed…or something. But Sky isn't quite in the mood to be amused by them at the moment. She gives a little sigh and tries a smile to answer Fee's compliment, «Thank you. I know.» But then she just leans into Ranier and shakes her head, «No one needs beating up. I'm beating myself up enough. I just didn't sleep well and I think I did something stupid that'll come back and bite me.» She looks across her brother's chest at Fee, «It's fine. I'm just taking advantage of the fact that it is now socially ok for me to seek out comfort from my twin in a physical manner.» Stupid social norms. «If you can make the last twenty-four hours not happen, that might be ok too.»

It's later in the afternoon, closer to dinner than it is to classes. The trio of Fee, Rainer, and Sky sit on the floor of the gym, a variety of weaponry lay near at hand. Rainer must of been practicing, that's what he is dressed for at least. An arm is around his now sister, stroking her wild hair. "You hold the and I'll do the punching and then we can switch?" He comments to Fee. There is a frown followed by a grin at Sky, "You can't beat yourself up, that's my job." A little levity never hurts, right? Rainer seems to have no issues with dispensing out the comfort in either words or actions "I'll take the weird dreams you had over our nightmares anyway." There hasn't been any nightmares lately though. "If this is about the Ness thing…well you handled that the best you could under the circumstances."

Fee always feels badly when he cannot fix an emotional situation. He looks past Rainier at Sky, at the blonde boy's other side, his eyes soft. Seems eyelashes translated over into his male form and his golden gaze is ringed by a black fringe of 'em. Again: dangerous. "If I could rewind I would.. I'm really sorry that you're feeling bad. Did you want to talk about it?" Head tilt… blink. "I mean, if you both need to talk it's really ok, I can step aside for a bit." Because Sky looks like she really needs her twin! Fee can understand! But he looks worried now too.. male Fee looks just as kindly as female Fee.

"Ness..? Ness.. Ness…" Fee is trying to place her.. "Think I've seen her in passing. Something go down?" Asks the pleasant boy without judgement, his big black wings twitching.

Besa walks into the gym, yawning. His internal clock is starting to swing to the nocturne, so he's sleeping later. Poor cocoa's is not, so she's been up for a while now and wanting to walk. He's wearing the Promethean scarf Sky gave him for identification, which has helped immensely. Seeing he pile, his tail betrays him and starts wafting. Traitor tail! Sniffing the air as he gets closer he doesn't project anything at Sky, instead the jackal just walks up and tries to climb ontop of both of them. They've actually seen this behavior before, when he had Graces powers. While he's not seen Fee yet, its easy to tell it's her (him?). His tail wags softly as he sniffs the winged person and then lays his head down again sleepily. Finally Sky picks up the obvious, «Tired.»

«I can deal with nightmares,» Sky admits with a sigh and curls her legs up under her. She then looks to her twin, «I don't know that I did.» Her golden-brown eyes look over to Fee, «Thanks, and no. I think it's my thing to deal with and just…see what happens.» She finally bites down on the lollipop and chews the candy part so the stick can be tossed away eventually.

As Besa comes in, his tail wagging and his nose sniffing, she can't hide a little frown. Then there's the little sense that she can get from his mind and she adds, «I'm…a little worried about all of this.» She won't push Besa away from climbing on top of them, but she definitely seems concerned. «With the exception of you, Ranier, what if all our minds are…altered? It's…for those that have turned into animals it's more obvious, but what about us? Is this change going to be for the better? I am perfectly fine being a boy…» but she is kind of really pleased with how she looks as a girl. «I don't like having my mind messed with.» Maybe this was part of the weird dreams. «What about you, Fee? How do you feel about all of this?»

"I haven't met them either." Rainer uses the gender neutral pronoun for now. "Seen them in passing a few times." and through Sky's senses "Well you can always change your mind about the date. Blame me if you want. I'll take that bullet for you." anything for Sky. As Besa comes in he gets a wave "Brah!" he greets as Besa-dog uses their legs as a bed "And if that isn't acceptable we can do a group date. You, Ness, Besa and Dylan and Laz and I. Fee and Ollie to if they want." he looks to Besa giving him a pat, but not a pet and then to Fee "We can do that, right?"

The winged boy notices the arriving jackal. Something about how the animal approaches and sprawls himself atop the twins' laps, along with the scarf bearing team colors, clues Fee in to who this is. "Hi Besa," Said in a pleasant male timbre, allowing the jackal to sniff him. If allowed to, Fee will stretch out a couple of fingers to give Besa a fond scritching behind each ear.

Fee's golden eyes flit up once he is spoken to, giving a glance to all three assembled. "I.. hope it'll pass. I don't like not knowing what's causing it, I really don't like seeing others reacting poorly to it and being uncomfortable," Typical Fee response but it's so very earnest. "I like who I am, really am, but the whole process will be made easier at least from my standpoint if I'm to just accept it. What bugs me most is I can't be home much.. I don't want to risk affecting my folks if it's a contagious thing, especially with Ma and the baby."

Of course Fee doesn't quite realize or know that he might have been the one to bring the infection into the school in the first place! It's because of his parents being older and stronger shifters that they haven't contracted a thing. At Rainier's suggestion Fee's grin is back (his Scots accent seems stronger in this body too) and he nods agreement, "Of course. Count me in. Group dates are the best dates! Maybe we can all ham it up at the roller rink!" A pause as his phone vibrates again in his bag. "I'd better get that." Said ruefully.

Besa's ears perk up as he listens, although this golden eyes are closed. Maybe he can nap more. Cocoa choses to lay down next to Sky. «I'm the same.» Says the sleepy jackal who's dog piling everyone. But then Rainier is making group date plans and his head raises to look at Sky again. He knew it. Now he's glad he decided to nix the date with Ness, if she and Sky are going on a date. «Tom wants to show me a movie about tramps.» That's so not helpful. A small tense the Fee reaches to pe, but he'll allow it knowing who they are. And he hits the right spot, one of B's back legs twitch.

Schuyler sighs at Besa, «Lady and the Tramp. It's about dogs.» Really, Dylan? Really? Sky sits up some and shakes her head, «I already told Ness that there won't be any dates until we're back to ourselves again, but thank you. If you all are up to it -then-…maybe. Doing so now would be…it wouldn't be right. For any of us.» Except for maybe Fee and Ollie. «

Schuyler sighs at Besa, «Lady and the Tramp. It's about dogs.» Really, Dylan? Really? Sky sits up some and shakes her head, «I already told Ness that there won't be any dates until we're back to ourselves again, but thank you. If you all are up to it -then-…maybe. Doing so now would be…it wouldn't be right. For any of us.» Except for maybe Fee and Ollie. «But thank you. It's a good idea if we're all into it once we're ourselves again.» When. If. She doesn't comment on Fee's perception of the ordeal as the winged boy goes off to answer his phone. «Sorry. I'll be fine.»

Rain rolls Psychic: Failure

There is a confused look when Sky seems to randomly mention the Disney movie. Rain seemed to be able to piggyback on Sky's telepathy so she could 'hear' both sides of a mental conversation and even sometimes be heard by others mentally. That doesn't seem to be the case for Rainer, at least not at the moment. "Where did that come from?" He has no idea that it was a reply to Besa "Makes you almost not want to change back…almost…right." Almost being key, he knows how Sky really feels about it all

Besa nods his head, «Yes. Dogs eating.» Ears flickering he looks over at Rain, confusion on his canine face. A low whine. He wants o change back!

«Dylan wants to show Besa the movie 'Lady and the Tramp', according to Besa,» Sky explains. She then shrugs, «It's cute. Seems silly to watch it as the canines that you are.» She then pushes her hair away from her face briefly and lets out a deep breath. «If you don't want to date Laz, you need to tell him.» her. «I know you don't right now, but when we're changed back,» If, «Then you need to say something. Don't lead Laz on. It's not fair.» She looks from Besa to Ranier and then back, «I want you to be this happy and content as Rain, too.» Sure, -she- is allowed to be grumpy and morose, but Rain should have happiness!

"Really? What, does he want to reinact the spaghetti scene?" Rainer chuckles, finding the mental image amusing. "If you two really want to watch it, we can rent it. There is no way you could watch it at a theater. It's really old." He nudges Sky away "We aren't leading him own. She told him she didn't like him in that way." Well sorta. He pulls his legs free of Besa "Need those back Besa." And gets to his knees moving to kneel behind his sister "I got it." He begins to finger comb the front of his twin's hair, bringing it back, so he can braid the front and sides back "I have some hair ties in my bag over there." Within easy reach of them "Could you grab me one."

«Probably,» Sky answers before Besa can. «What is it with everyone so…smitten?» It's kind of rhetorical and it's not like Sky hasn't been there before as well. She scoots away when she's nudged but settles back down so that Ranier can do her hair, «You didn't say it quite like that and I explained things to Laz. I just don't know that he got it. You said yourself that if he was a guy you'd be 'all over him'. So when it's Rain's body again and you come out…then what?» She will, however, dutifully search for the hair ties.

"So weird." Ranier says "But no judgment or anything." He continues to braid the hair so it will stay out of Sky's face "I can't help it if he doesn't get it, and I don't want to break the guy." The question of the future though has him pondering "No idea." But he isn't worried about it.

Schuyler shrugs a shoulder, «Maybe he needs to be broken a little? I'll try and clarify things for him, but…I don't know if he's actually listening to me.» As far as the future, she chews some on her lip before giving another sigh. «Guess we can't really think about that until we're back to ourselves. But how much will all this change us?»

Besa sneezes, on purpose. He's literally sitting on Sky, don't talk like he's not there! And he's not smitten! He has no idea what th spaghetti scene is! Rain gets a look, but he doesn't complain the he moves. At least not yet. But then his ears suddenly drop, and then his head does as well. «I didn't mean to break Rain…» What?

"That's just wrong Sky. No one /needs/ to be broken…not like that." Rain may act all cold, but it's just that, an act, mostly. "Probably won't change you or I all that much." Both of them pretty much knew how the other gender lived, experiencing first hand is a bit different, but life changing? Jury is still out. The sneeze has him looking at Besa as a hair tie is taken and the braid secured. "What was that about?" He prods Sky for a translation.

The chiding just gets another shryg from Sky. Maybe she concedes, maybe not. «No, probably not…>. she will admit in regards to the changing part. She looks down at Besa and frowns, «I don't know. What makes you think you broke Rain, Besa? We were talking about Laz…and Rain breaking him.»

Besa whimpers, closing his eyes and burying his nose under his paws. It would eb adorable if it was Cocoa doing it. «When I unlocked her powers….» he's been worrying about that a lot, but in this form, everyhting seems to just spill out. It's much harder to keep secrets and worries to himself now.

Rainer can still only hear Sky's side of the conversation when it comes to Besa, but there are things he can guess just from the context of the responses it gets "Besa didn't break Rain." He first says to Sky and then he looks to Besa and scotches over to sit next to Besa "You didn't break Rain." He assures, putting an arm over Besa-dog's back as he leans over to try an make eye contact with the face hiding teen turned canine. "if it was anyone's fault blame alt-Sky and alt-Circe."

Schuyler sits up some and watches as Ranier goes to comfort Besa at the misperception. She also echoes, «You didn't break Rain,» but quiets as her twin explains things. She does, however, turn to watch as alt-Sky and alt-Circe are mentioned, and her brows crease again.

At that Besa makes a lot of yipping and whining noises, «I did! I forced your powers! I thought that's what was needed so you would not have to go on the Quest!…I messed you up and not you're all in pieces and I'm so sorry!» More sad upset noses and he scoots to try to hide his head underneath Rainer's leg.

Rainer gives a WTF look to Sky briefly relying on her to tell him what he is saying. He seems to recall Rain..or was it Legion making a comment about probably not manifesting if that whole alt-sibling thing hadn't of happened, but he is at a loss as to how it got translated as Besa's fault. He bites his lip to prevent himself from laughing at the canine antics and misunderstanding. "No. No. No." it's kind of guffawed "I don't think that is what happened at all. But please tell me what magic you cast to force her powers to manifest. Was it a ritual? A series of runes? I didn't realize you were /that/ powerful Besa."

Schuyler will translate between the two…after all, Rain has done it enough for her! «Besa…Rain's powers were going to come out eventually, whether a Quest was involved or not. The stress and everything with alt…everyone probably did it more fully. You were just…there when it started to happen. It's not a bad thing, it's just how she is and now we all just figure out what to do with it. If she didn't manifest powers,» she looks to her twin, «Let's not discuss that.»

Besa's breath is coming out in huffs against Rain's leg. «Runes! I cast runes. I am that powerful!» So much whining! «I forced them with a reveal rune and it was too soon and I am sorry my sister.» Brother. Ugh, this flu is the worst. Emotional jackals are emotional, he can't control it. He quiets down, but is crying.

Rainer isn't as sure about the powers eventually manifesting as Sky is but now is not the time for that debate. They did, subtly and strangely, end of story. Besa blaming himself is an unexpected sequel. Another look is give Sky, this one more of a 'what do I do' type. "Besa, it's not your fault." Magic is weird so he isn't going to deny that it is possible "The probability of that actually working…is slim to none." He leans to hug is canine brother "You didn't do this. Am I going to have to call mom and have her convince you?" Though that could backfire on them, but for now Rainer firmly believes that Besa's magic didn't cause her power or the issues, that go along with it.

Schuyler looks to her twin and shrugs. She isn't quite sure what to do…she's already spoken the truth with this. Maybe jackals are just really emotional? «The issues with the splits…that's just the way it works. Just why mine works the way it does…just because. There's no blame and you don't need to feel guilty. What can we say to convince you that none of this is your fault?»

Besa whines, but doesn't argue it more. Mayeb it's just his worry about everyhting manifesting. «I love you both much…» Maybe jackals are more emotional. He'll shift, pressing into Rain's hug, but then sticking a paw out to touch Sky.

Schuyler reaches out to pat Besa's paw. The 'L' word isn't really even said to her family right now (teenagers!) so it's probably as close as Besa is going to get. But Sky means well…most of the time.

A hand is run down Besa-dogs back a few times, almost like Rain would do when trying to comfort human Besa. "It's alright Besa. We don't blame you." That would probably be easier to believe than telling him he isn't at fault. Though to the twins both is true. "We love you too Besa." he has no issue with the L word "Nothing will change that."

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