(2018-09-20) Planning Pups
Planning Pups
Summary: Besa and Dylan talk on the beach.
Date: 2018-09-20
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Beach - Coral Springs

The trees given way to tall beach grasses, which give way to white sand and then crashing waves as the surf rolls onto the beach. Small birds can be found darting through the foamy waves as they search out food. Above larger seabirds fly and dive into the waves for similiar purpose. In the really early morning otters and seals can be found playing in the waves or sunning themselves on the sandy shore.

It is a summer day. The weather is warm and clear.

While coyotes are more nocturnal by nature, it is not completely uncommon for them to be running around during daylight hours. Dylan is currently dancing back and forth on the sand as the waves lap up on the sand. While many of those who are trapped outside of their normal skins, the young teleporter is absolutely loving it. Certainly a good excuse to not be able to do homework!

Besa's not loving it, but he's getting a lot more used to it. Although now thoughts of him being trapped as a Jackal throughout the rest of his life times on Earth are starting to bother him. When he allows himself to think on it. But after yesterday's emotional outpouring, he's trying t eb in the now. So when Besa walks up to the beach and sees Dylan dancing, he smiles and lays down to watch, his tail wagging gently. No Cocoa today, she must be with the twins.

The playful barks are little more than joyous shouts, as the water manages to "catch" Dylan's paws. Just then, his ears suddenly perk up, and his entire body tenses. His nose starts twitching, and before he even turns his head to spot Besa, his tail starts to wag. He starts padding his way over there. ((Hey!))

Besa smiles, head tilting, ((Do not stop on my account.)) The jackal seems tired, but his but betrays him and wags the tail more at Dylan approaches. Sky is wrong, he's not smitten! Shut up butt! ((You seem joyous today.))

Dylan's walk turns more into a gentle gate. His tongue is hanging out the side of his mouth, as he has a huge dopey doggy grin. ((Just playing some. You should try it. Might as well enjoy it. Hopefully the doc's will figure this out, and we'll be back to ourselves before we know it.)) He sits down by the jackal, bushy tail swishing sand away behind him. ((What's up? You seem down.))

((I play.)) Just not as much as Dylan! His head reaches out to sniff a friendly hello at the coyote. ((I worry for the others. The twins are not acting right. Sky fears this has changed how they think.)) Clear just the humans, Besa and Dylan are thinking completely normal….as Best sniffs Dylan. A eep breath and then a long sigh, the Guardian has also finds it's hard to hide his worries and emotions in this form (That that he was all that good at it as a boy, but it's worse now). ((I had a dream about Alraxmargoth'ha's brood…And now I worry that in this form…I will be useless if they attack…))

As Besa sniffs him, Dylan gives a quick lick and nip at the jackal's muzzle. ((Well, they are having to deal with different hormones. It affects the body chemistry. At least I think that's right. But you know having to deal with estrogen and testosterone and all that. )) In truth, Dylan's emotions were always carried on his sleeve, so little change there. He lets out a soft huff. ((Did you tell me that the school is safe and don't have to worry about anyone getting you here? Then you don't have to worry, and I'm sure that you would be fine. You still can do your magic, right?))

Besa blinks, always surprised when Dylan licks at him. ((Perhaps. I think Sky is goin to go out with Vanessa.)) He's certainly glad he didn't do the non-date date with her now. Dylan's huff gets a huff back and B moves to lay his head down on the coyote's back, ((It is. But I cannot stay here forever. That would be as bad as staying under the priests, yes?)) Would it? ((I still have my runes, but now I am slow…and do not have my khophesh….I can not fight them. Which is my duty.)) At least his duty has changed from dying to fighting. Baby steps, right?

If Besa wants to puppy pile, Dylan is certainly down with it. The lean coyote lays down, letting the jackal have a more comfortable position to use him as a pillow. ((I don't know if you have noticed or not, but you have a mouth full of pointy weapons to fight them with. Do you have a rune for like transformation? Have you thought about trying to magic yourself back to normal?))

Besa's not going to bite a demon unless he has to. ((I imagine they would taste terrible.)) Evil usually does. With Dylan laying down, he scoots closer so his head and neck are on the other. He goes silent as he thinks about the rune, apparently he has not thought about casting one for that reason. ((I could try…)) He doesn't move just yet from where he is though, he likes the physical contact and knows when they all revert back this won't be acceptable. At least he doesn't think it will be. Hell, he doesn't know where the sorta dating line is.

Dylan would laugh if could, but instead it is just a series of little barks. ((Bite them, don't eat them.)) He is quiet for a moment himsef. ((So, when we're human again… any idea of what you want to do for a second date? I don't think I can really top the ren faire…))

Biting gets the taste in your mouth though! His thin muzzle wrinkles as some memory he'd like to not remember surfaces. Yes, they certainly taste bad. Best shakes his head gently, trying to knock away those thoughts before he buries his nose into Dylan's scruff. Several long exaggerated breath, where he's huffing onto the poor coyote's neck, ((I thought you wishes to show me the tramp movie…))

((Tramp movie?)) Dylan asks. ((Oh, Lady and the Tramp… huh, I was joking. It's kind of a doggy love story… Movie on dvd isn't much of a date.)) The young coyote turns slightly so that he can bury his nuzzle into the base of the jackal's. ((You're more powerful than you realize, Besa)).

((It isn't?)) He thought it sounded nice! ((We could go on a picnic?)) There's a long pause and then Dylan can feel Besa swallow, ((Power is not always enough…I do not have the knowledge always to wield it properly…)) That comes some from learning by just watching and not being instructed. Darn priests. ((And cast is so slow now…)

Dylan looks at Besa for a moment. ((Maybe both, if you want… Do you like spaghetti? It kind of goes with the movie.)) He leans a little bit, ((If you say so. I don't really know anything about that kind of stuff.))

Spaghetti must be a big part of the movie, that's the second person to mention it! ((I like pasta if it's not too sweet.)) A little more nuzzling, Besa's golden eyes slide closed, ((It can be like a weapon, but if you do not know how to weird it…it is as dangerous to the weirder as the opponent.)) He's quiet, enjoying the moment but then something seems to clink in his mind. Figuring out runes is going to be so much harder now that he can't use his note book, but the base to work on for a 'cure' is in his mind. His tail starts to brush sand from side to side, ((I will try a rune later, yes? For now…we should run.)) although he doesn't run , instead since he has the advantage, he pushes Dylan over and starts to wrestle with him. He's always going to be smaller, he has to take advantage when he can!

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