(2018-09-20) Dog Chair
Dog Chair
Summary: Besa uses Rain(ier) as a chair
Date: 2018-09-18
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Student Building

Tue Sep 18

This building serves a dual purpose. First and foremost it is a place for study. The first floor is divided into a variety of cubicles of various sizes where students can either study alone or in groups.

Each cubicle is furnished with the necessary items to make it conducive to study. There are one or two sitting areas outside the cubicle area for study or group discussion as well. A variety of paintings and plants decorate the area and lots of large windows and light fixtures provide plenty of light.

In the center of the ceiling is an translucent round area that lets light in from the floor above but no detail can be made through the thick glass. Surrounding the glass area is normal ceiling. Curved stairs lead to the game room upstairs.

Besa hasn't really done any school work since school started, and he's not starting now. Currently he's curled up in a. Chair near Rain whit he works, eyeing the teen with bright golden eyes. He wants to show the Athenian what he discovered yesterday, but that needs to be outside. Cocoa is laying unernather the chair. The two have been even more unseparable since this all started.

If more proof was needed to show that this isn't Rain, there was plenty of it yesterday. Not only did the teen skip afternoon classes to go skateboarding, but he sassed back to the teacher that busted him, those were the big things. He is paying for it now of course. Instead of detention he was assigned a ten page essay to write about the importance of school, blah, blah, blah. So currently he is BSing his way through that. Sort of. Closing the laptop he leans back so his chair balances on its back legs "This blows." He says, reaching down the pet Cocoa. "Not the assignment…I noticed this morning that except the twin bond I have no access to Rain's powers." He glances at his free hand than to Besa "Weird, huh?" He isn't sure what that means or if this is normal since Legion never tried to access them. "Did you need anything?"

Besa's overly large ears perk up as he turns to look at Rainer. That info isn't good. At all. Jackals can still look worried, so he does, shifting a little closer to the teen as he shakes his head. The Yellow Promethean scarf that Sky gave him is around his neck. It's just made things easier, as it has his name on it. A short series of grumbles and low yips, he's trying to communicate or ask something.

He leans over to look and listen to Besa, not that he can understand. "I'm not sure if it is because we are a boy now or because she is blocking them from us." He frowns a bit "She is probably worried we will try something stupid." Of course this has him laughing in amusement "She's probably right." His frustration seemed very short lived. This personality seems to have a limited range of emotions like Rain and Legion. "I wish I knew what you were trying to tell me. This would be easier if I could borrow Sky's power though…do you need anything Besa? Water? Food? Want to go outside?…I know I could use a drink." He winks at that last bit though that doesn't mean he isn't serious.

Besa just sneezes at Rainer, as if that's the proper response to Rain blocking them. He's picked up on the different pronouns, although he's not quite figured it out yet. He'd ask Sky, but he's mad at the other twin. She suggested taking Besa to a Vet! The jackal huffs, either is agreement about the drink (He's never been shy about liking beer) or in frustration about not being able to communicate. Maybe both. Sitting up in the chair he leans forward to get really close to Rain's face. And stare. Because canines are creepers like that.

There is a bit of a start at the sneezing from Besa-dog "Salute!" The italian word for health, not the military action. "Exactly though." Rainer nods supposedly in agreement. He probably heard about the vet thing, he would be pissed about it too, and would never suggest such a thing. When Besa gets all up in his face his eyes cross to look at him "You aren't going to lick me are you?" He questions "You're lucky I'm not Legion, she would kiss you on the nose if you did this." That sounds like Legion alright. Rainer on the overhand is more wary about having Besa-dog nose to nose with him.

Besa got back at Sky though, mentioning that she may get her period. The Guardian thinks about licking Rainer, mostly just because it would be funny. But he doesn't, instead his tail starts wagging. A low woof, maybe an encourament of some kind before he starts to place his front paws on the arm rest of Rain's chair. It makes him taller. There's no bandage on his front leg today. He's been asked into the medical lab quiet a bit more than others. His blood is a valuable resource, they've been using it, tryin to her the other students. Or at least that's what he's being told.

"Sorry brah, I'm not kissing you, even if you are the right gender…" wait, what? "Wrong species and that'd be like kissing Sky or Conner…ewww." No matter who this is, all the personalities so far view Besa as a sibling. "Why is your butt so happy?" He aks with amusement as he looks at the wagging tail. "Nevermind, you can't answer that." He hmms "Was it food?" Pause for a response. If that wasn't it, "Outside?"

Besa's tail keeps moving, this is amusing him, and he's not found a lot to do that lately. Well, besides chancing birds with Callisto. That was fun. And belly rubs, but he'll never admit that, ever. Instead the nimble jackal starts to hop onto the opposite arm rest, so his back legs are now on the original one. Effectively he's blocking Rain in the chair. And then he sits down. Canine humor is weird.

"Dude! You're heavy!" Rainer exclaims in mock indignation as Besa-dog starts to climb on the chair and then makes himself at home in his lap "And you're going to get dog fur all over my uniform!" He pulls his tie free at least, brushing non-existent fur off of it "How am I supposed to pick guys up if I smell like dirt and dog?" He leans over to look down at Cocoa "A little help here." He is trying not to laugh, but is only partly successful.

Besa pants (Or is that laughs?) and makes himself comfortable. He is heavier than he looks. At the picking up guys, Besa makes some noises, not nessicarily negative, but it's definitely noises. Rain need to pull themselves together, cause what's good for one, isn't good for the other. An poor Laz.

Well at least Rainer can tell when Besa-dog is laughing "Glad you find that funny." He is amused to of course. "I don't know what all those noises mean, so I am going to take it as a 'go for it'." He rests a hand on Besa's back for a moment but doesn't push him off. That could hurt his friend "Fine stay there. I'm not letting you though." He opens the laptop back up "Now stop distracting me so I can get this done." It's not a serious accusation, he knows there was no distractions involved. He then starts typing again. The BS isn't going to write itself!

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