(2018-09-18) Unhinged
Summary: Callisto checks on Ness to see how she's making out with the shapeshifter flu.. and gets more than she bargained for.
Date: 2018-09-18
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Prometheus Room 101, Coral Springs
Tue Sep 18, 2018

This room is quite sizable as far as dorm room goes. It could probably fit three students comfortably with room to spare. Fortunately for the occupants there is only furnishings for two people. Two beds, desks, dressers and a double closet.

It is a summer day. The weather is warm and fair.

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A few days have passed since her soiree with Besa on the beach, and since then Callisto has handled the situation a bit better. Oh, she's still annoyed when she wakes up in the morning to find that she's still furry… but at least she's not as angry about it. Now it's just annoyance and a stubborn desire to operate as close to normal as possible. So people will have seen a pretty little white fox sitting in the library here-and-there, nosing through books; she chanced the cafeteria but couldn't handle not using hands to eat. But Callisto has been trying now, since that bit of play that she indulged in. No use moping and hiding anymore.

It's the midday break between lessons, where most would be having lunch. Already fed (privately, nobody… nobody.. will bear witness to her eating like a canine) and on the move, likely to check into her dorm… Callisto the arctic fox takes a detour and makes her way into the Prometheus portion of the dorms instead. She may as well see how Ness has been faring.. was she affected? The tic-tic-tic of her foxish nails upon the floor; the jingle-jangle of a silver chain as she carries her strange pendant… Callisto is met with her next bit of difficulty: gaining entry. The little fox sits down upon her haunches outside of the dorm room that houses Ness and her roomie, and vocalizes with a long, warbling little whine. UGH.

Ness may be one of the only students in the school over the moon with her changes. Oh, sure, she feels heartbreakingly awful for the other students… After all, she knows well the pain of being in an inappropriate body. She's just not, to her own feelings, experiencing it. She's got a body with curves and the right parts, and just the right amount of the former. So she's not human and has… impulses. So what? It's close enough for her own purposes. Her parents will probably freak when they get the credit card bill… She is unable to muster the ability to care. No. She is in her underthings right now, and is basically cycling through trying all the skimpiest or scandalous clothes she could grab ahold of. Now that she has a body she wants, she wants to show it off. She herself, has pretty much stopped going to classes for the moment. Why?

Well, for one, she takes a lot of medications, none of which have been deemed to be SAFE to continue. Which means her hormonal balance is wildly different from what she's used to, and no-one has any idea how Dark Fey physiology interacts with kinds of drugs used to treat ADD. Yes. She's an adult(ish?) dark fey with no experience controlling her impulses, and a severe case of ADD she is currently not taking medicine for. The fact that she's been caught up staring at herself in the mirror and spending money like water has probably been the only thing that has kept her from more mischief. Still, she hears the noise outdoors, and doesn't even bother to turn her collar back on, though it is still around her neck. No.

Nor does she bother to put more clothes on when she pushes open the door and sees the arctic fox there. It never occurs to her that this would be a stupid idea. No. She bends down, to try to pick the beast up behind its front legs almost immediately. The expression on her face looks odd. The features of said face have an almost naturally cruel twist to their beauty, but the actual configuration of those features is no less than an expression of awe at the adorability of said fox, "AAAAAAWE! You're just the most adorable thing?" The voice is as powerful as every, but now it's a smooth, throaty, feminine purr. This is what it's like to be in love with oneself after not being a big fan of said self for the longest time. Nevermind that a Dark Fey face is probably the last thing Callisto wants to see right now.

<FS3> Ness rolls Mind+mind Control: Good Success.

<FS3> Callisto rolls Telepathy: Success.
<FS3> Callisto rolls Psychic: Success.

The little fox has a great many things happen at once here in her mind, and being saddled with an animal's physiology and mind (which cannot easily house her own complex one) Callisto just has. trouble. dealing. The door opens, not revealing to the fox the petite and pretty likeness of the Ness she knows but—-

Well holy shit. Shit shit. Not only is her sister standing there, a sister whom she has not bore witness to since the 1940s but.. how? HOW? Callisto is in an impulsive little body and she cannot reason as quickly and easily as she normally would that this is NOT typical. As far as the quick-to-fire fox is concerned, when fielding memories of her sister, said sister is here in front of her and REACHING FOR HER—

The white fox's jaws open not to bite but to shriek in that warbling canid way. But then Callisto remembers: fey are mentalists and she STILL has a hold on her mind powers. As Ness holds her and coos over her the fox squirms and struggles before finally finding mental purchase.

«Naesala!?» What is obviously Callisto's voice will filter through into the scantily-clad fey girl's head, though slightly garbled and muffled as the fox physiology doesn't help with the transmission, «What are you doing here, sister! You must not be here! You will attract her! Put me down Naesala!» The little white being emits, her 'voice' laced with animal panic.

Her heart can be felt jackhammering in her delicate ribs at a powerfully fast clip.

The young woman is nearly startled into dropping Callisto when the voice sounds in her head. She does not answer in the same way of course… No. It takes her a moment, of course, standing there looking at her, before she suddenly bubbles with tinkling laughter. Unashamedly, and unhurried, the girl turns and uses the back of her foot to close the door to the dorm room. Then she tromps over to the bed and sets the white animal down on the bed. She kneels before it, arms crossed beneath her chin.

That heavy, powerful, honeyed, and now much more feminine voice rolls out,"I dunno who this Naesala person is, but you have to thank her for me. Dal, it's me. Vanessa!" She actually strikes a pose. "Oh, wow. Yeah. You must be pissed. Wow. Dal, I feel AMAZING. Like I could float. Oh my god. Yesterday, I was just thinking how much I wanted you… Well… Girl you, not fox you." She bites her lower lip, eyes sliding closed for a moment before she refocuses herself,"Ooooh my god, but you're still adorable. Look at you. Look at those gorgeous eyes." She bites her lower lip, and lowers down until just her eyes peek over the edge of the bed, before she reaches out as if to scratch the fox's snout, and then utters a single word.


Still not set down, the white fox freezes like a prey animal until Ness recognizes her voice, if not — to the especially astute — the lovely blue-green eyes. The tinkling laughter of the fey girl does not ease her worries but rather, exacerbates them. That whom she sees before her animal eyes (granted full color vision due to her not being biologically an animal) is, by all appearances and vocalizations, her sister.

Callisto stares back at Ness, deep fear and worry pounding away in her heart and guts. Deep, deep dread… but save for the widened eyes and taut posture, now upon the bed, nothing in the creature's countenance betrays her horror. Anyone with a finger on the pulse of empathy, however, might surmise the steady flickering flame of fear. Sadly, it does not extinguish itself when she is told that this being is NOT Naesala.

Callisto hasn't the heart to explain to Ness that this sister, 'Naesala', is the product of her own deplorable mother having a dalliance with another fey male, thus fetching the blonde hair and golden eyes. For Ness to proclaim that she feels amazing in this body… Callisto does not know what to think or feel.

But there is something 'unhinged' about Ness, in this moment. Surely in the times between the other girl will have told Callisto about what the medication does, what it helps. «Are you alright? Hav—» The fox blinks hard as her snout is scritched and it's all Callisto can do not to vault off of the bed when she sees Naesala's likeness saying that latter word. «Ness, have you been resting at all?» A weird question.

The girl continues to peek over the edge of the bed, and suddenly there's a whine to her voice,"Please… you love me right? Tell me you love me. I know you do." If Ness were FEELING normal, she'd probably have meant that platonically. With all these urges, and her lack of impulse control, and the possessiveness… She may be suffering in ways she isn't even aware of. The hurt? The hurt comes from her perception of the fact that Callisto seems to fear her suddenly.

"Callisto… I… of course I haven't slept. Without my medicine, I have so much energy… And… I have… I wake up now, and there's not some gross… THING between my legs. And I have nothing to hide. I'm fixed and I just want the world to see me. But I can't decide what to wear. Callisto, you can help me decide what to wear?" Her brain is going in a thousand, upon a thousand different directions. It's a miracle she's not a little paralyzed by it. "My Callisto. You won't leave me, right? You're real. You're the realest person."

Okay. Definitely a little unhinged. Her own pulse is racing, but for completely different reasons. Her entire frame quivers with pent-in energy.

<FS3> Ness rolls Mental Fortitude: Good Success.
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Callisto=Mind Vs Ness=Mind
< Callisto: Failure Ness: Success
< Net Result: Ness wins - Marginal Victory

This is utterly terrifying to Callisto. Not only does Ness, whom she honestly saw as perfect just the way she was as she worked hard at BECOMING… not only is Ness unhinged and loving the body of a lascivious sibling but… no, she's unchecked. She hasn't been taking her medication. So not only is she loving her new body and building a great big fortress of wellbeing and fulfillment upon an affliction that may or may NOT last… she's unable to focus. Callisto can 'feel' the pace of Ness' mind and it's terrifying. «Cease this thinking of something so foolish, as to me leaving.. I will not. I—» She can't get a thought in edgewise. Ness' words, spoken in Naesala's voice (UGH) are coming rapidfire from a high octane brain that cannot control itself.

Then poor Ness had to be saddled with a body, stemming from a race with poor impulse control. It's the perfect storm.

It's hard, in this body, versus another mentalist. With but a thought Callisto tries to will a variant of her 'coax sleep' ability into Ness' mind, not to knock her out but calm her… but it fails. She cannot.. cannot find purchase in the constant stream of words and thoughts stemming from Ness. Callisto flinches lightly as if briefly pained, then tries to hold eye contact with the fey girl.

«I do not hate you Ness, not at all, but I worry for you! Please sit!»

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Ness=Mind Control+Mind Vs Callisto=Telepathy+Mind
< Ness: Good Success Callisto: Good Success
< Net Result: Callisto wins - Marginal Victory

Focus fails to come. In fact, the girl doesn't even notice the attempts to calm her. She's barely paying attention to Callisto's words. No. Instead, she's caught in that weird spiral… The friendship was easy. Relatively painless when she was in her born body and right mind. Instead, she's here in the body of Callisto's sister, with all these complicated feelings, and desires, and a nature not prone to really working well with 'no', combined with her own minds. And when the brain that isn't working right is put in charge of hormones she didn't spend entire lifetimes getting used to… Well, regrettable things happen.

"I'm… But… I'm fun, and smart, and now I'm attractive and beautiful. I want you to WANT me. Desire me. LOVE ME." Of course, in the end, it's not some bizarre desire for sex or romance. It's the desire to have the undivided attention of someone she looks up to. Someone she respects. Someone who is so much… MORE than she ever dreamed of being. In this state, though, it's increasingly easy to confuse intense feelings.

Then the girl is popping up onto her feet, fingernails digging into her cheeks a little as she looks into her vanity mirror. She begins going through clothes, finally picking out a too-short pink skirt, belly-baring shirt. Pink lipstick, and facial glitter are the next thing she searches out. Very much not her normal fashion,"Oh, Callisto. My Dal. Is this what YOU feel every day?" Probably almost noone ever feels this way. "I'm not foolish. I just… for once I'm not worrying about things."

It's by a sheer miracle that Callisto, as a little white fox still rooted by twisted terror to this bed, is not left simpering and staring as Ness' words, borne upon that powerful influence that is present when the collar is not activated. It's potent now with the backdrop of dark fey glamour and hormonal drive. Even if Ness weren't born as such, there's still enough of it there even by being in that skin that it empowers her skills. «You have always been that! But this, Ness—» Callisto has surmised this to be the results of a… it's being called a sickness. Some malfunction in the forces which drive powers of all kinds. Must be it. «We do not know what this is, if it is permeant or.. please be mindful!» Ness is not hearing her.

Callisto weathers the powerful pull of the other girl's voice.. it's by virtue alone of Ness wearing her sister's likeness, too, that Callisto resists. The last time Callisto told somebody she loved them was back in the sixties. Not that she doesn't feel love; it's just not spoken often. But of Ness she is, of course, very fond.

«I—» Too fast. The fox's mind is spinning like a dervish; she lowers to hunker down, little paws tucked beneath her body, tail curling up a touch so half-way obscure her face. Those eyes open again at the sight of Ness in that fey body rifling through her clothing.

«I do not feel like that every day, I am me. It is a narrow line to tread to resist the impulses for this race, Ness, is a difficult one. You need to focus because.. because you are in a form that does not control impulses easily, does not honor consent. Is used to getting what they desire. Please. I am not asking you to cease enjoying yourself but you must realize these things. Be careful!» Begs the little white fox.

"That's so BORING." She heaves an irritated sigh. "I want to go out. I want to feel this sleek body writhing against other bodies. I want to lock into my mind every moment of this body and how it works. Even moreso if it ISN'T permanent. I want to run naked down the beaches, and take a hundred lovers, and…" A thought flashes into her mind,"I want to rule something…" Her grin splits across her face, now, unreserved with its joy.

"LOVE me, Callisto." And then her voice finally subsides for a moment. It's hard to maintain focus. She is… quiet for a while, as she combs her hair, and then she smiles in a querulous sort of way,"I'll make you a deal. A kiss. A good one when we get you changed back, and I'll agree to be guided by you until /I'm/ back to normal." Nevermind she has no intention of changing back. If she thought very clearly about it right now, she'd remember she was so sure that she was mostly FINE with her body. Didn't even want any operations. Now she's incredibly altered, and she doesn't want to leave? And she's trying to strike playground bargains. "Give me SOMETHING Dal."

Her voice is vain and plaintive as she combs out her hair in the mirror. "I could really use a win right now because you are just being… such a drag right now… Oh my god… I bet I could totally get us some wine. Wanna go drinking?" This she says… to a telepathic white fox. Still, she almost sounds calmer… Though her mental landscape says a different story. Her thoughts are not calmer. They're just having a brief time of moving vaguely in the same direction. Mostly.

Ah, all very very dark fey interests. Callisto, once upon a time, delighted in folding herself into any manner of club or party establishment. Feeling the 'atmosphere' of the air. Mind you, this was yet not done with the same fervor as Ness is proposing. Callisto has been herself for a century and a half. Ness, so thirsty for what she ideally sees herself to be and love… the fox's standoffish body language softens with sadness. She simply watches as her mind eases, but not for long. The voice, the bid to be loved and cherish, is back in full form and Callisto's ears twitch and ease back against her sleek white head.

«I cannot promise kisses.» Ah, once she could have. Callisto identifies as straight but once upon a time she, a bonefide dark faerie in manner, will have taken up the bargain solely because it's a pledge. Dark fey love contracts and pledges. But Callisto is different; now she is different. Her jewel eyes watch the willowy girl as she plays with her blonde hair. «You've my loyalty and my fondest care; as it stands I do not love anyone. Not anymore, not yet. I am learning how to love. But loyalty I know and it is as good as love. You have it. With this I beg you to take care.»

A twitch of the tail, then the mental 'thought' of wine. Callisto LOVES wine. But then… oh god, a testament to her situation and how she's changed: «Someday, yes. But whyfor are you not dressed for class, Ness?»

The girl is dressed more like a young trollop than a respectable young woman right now. Indeed, she kneels there, looking into the mirror, as she strokes her hair again, and again and agai- And her mind see-saws all over again. She's suddenly back, kneeling at the edge of the bed, eyes and thoughts surprisingly laser focused. "No. No, Callisto. Loyalty is good. Loyalty is amazing. Loyalty is IMPORTANT. It is not a substitute for love, though." She perhaps doesn't quite understand, though, Callisto's statement. Still, in this manic outpouring, she feels… powerful, untouchable. And therefore, perhaps more honest than she would be. "I get it though."

"I don't know what love is either. I keep hoping I'll feel it. That this connection… This empathy we're all supposed to feel for other people will surface. Affection. Desire. I keep hoping I'll experience love. The puzzle's a little broken, though, Callisto." She goes fishing through something under her bed, until she finds a very fine-toothed comb and attempts to COMB the fox. "Pretend to be a person, and maybe… just maybe I'll be one. I've been with guys. A lot of them. Like… enough that other girls were kinda snotty about it. I just… really loved how… valued and VALIDATED it made me feel. Five minutes at a time. I thought… this boy knows what I am, and doesn't care. He sees me as just a girl, right? Five minutes seems like an eternity while it's happening."

She slumps, then, of a sudden, it's as if all the energy went flooding out of her. "Even for me, though… five minutes isn't very long at all. And at the end, I'm still just vaguely person-shaped."

Dear God, why couldn't Ness have come around before Callisto let go of the family fortune? Rather than ignoring it and paying out her remnant of it before she was cut free from her matriarchy… she could have sank any measure of it … it's inexhaustible, extensive abundance.. into helping Ness to finish the puzzle. Surgical procedures? Medications? Anything to help her become who she is? Cripes, timing is a bitch.

To further ease Ness now, or try to get her to focus more, Callisto allows the combing of her white fur. Granted, it does feel nice.. and the small creature relaxes from her bunched-up huddling to lying proper upon her side, her gorgon pendant beneath her ear. «You do not quite understand my angle. We fey are not loyal by nature. We use our wiles and resources and sex to get what we want, from whomever. We are not picky.» She hates saying 'we' but she NEEDS to make Ness see that she did understand once, still does.

A bluish-green chip of eye opens in the white fluff to regard the beautiful fey, «We do not admit to love. Loyalty is love.» Said again, pushing the point. «Though some of us have come to know what love is.» She's working on it; sadly her siblings who HAVE discovered it are dead. «So take my words as they are, or disregard them. The meaning remains. You are a person, and there are ways to be that person you desire to be. NOT in this guise.. not as my sister, who is not kind and not good. We can find a way, Ness.»

Of course, that's the truly screwed up part of it all. Before she was changed, she was pretty much fine with her body. She didn't WANT any surgeries, but for maybe one or two minor things. She was all about body-positivity, and she was even ON hormones, though her parents barely consented to that. Now… she may have to go back to her body having had a view of what it's like to be in what she views as the 'right kind of body' and it makes her want things she could never have. Her parents certainly wouldn't sign off on any surgeries for that matter.

Still, it looks as if all the energy has gone out of her. She actually releases the fox she was grooming, comb dropped to the ground from suddenly nerveless fingers. She lays there on her side. "I wish I really was your sister. I would've been great at it." There's a lot of psychosis in there right now. "I haven't been who I was meant to be from the moment I left the womb. This is like an albatross around the neck." For some reason, being beautiful suddenly feels like a tremendously useless burden.

In coming into her own there is now some semblance of heart to break. Callisto does not want to go to the 'next' level of talking Ness out of acting of dark fey impulses. Impulses that her mind, needing control, cannot handle easily. But it is not with relief that the fox watches the blonde girl lose her fire folds herself in to lie upon her side, close to the fox and on the bed. What can Callisto say? When she cannot understand it completely?

She musters the resolve to see past the guise of Naesala, whom she does not like very much, to know that it is Ness rattling around in that body. Callisto tilts her head just so at the girl's words, pale eyes softening with canine sadness as the thoughts hit her. «You certainly would be.» Notice the 'would've' isn't incorporated here? Callisto finds herself wanting, very much, to reassure and none of this is fabricated. «You can be, still. What say you I call you sister, then? Gods above know that the ones that I've been given are rubbish.» A little snort of sad amusement. The good ones are dead; the questionables in hiding. She pads forth carefully and bumps her soft head against Ness' forehead, and.. well, she is a fox. Instinctively she licks the tip of the fey's nose with a small pink tongue. «What say you to this? It feels right, yes?»

The girl is NOT exactly being considerate of other peoples' personal space right now. The fox closes in, and Ness does not move. The fox bumps her forehead, and she does not move. Callisto licks her nose… And hands reach out, probably to grab and hold onto the white fox like a plush toy. "Nuna. The korean word for sister is Nuna." For a very long time, that is all Ness says in response to Callisto's question, for the longest time. It's distance and quietude she seems to seek mentally as she retreats into herself.

And then she finally, after a few minutes, begins to talk, wandering. "I'm not in class because the doctor didn't think it was wise to take my medicines while I was in a non-human body. No idea what effects it would have, and they were worried about my… decision-making skills." It's an almost.., defensive tone, shrinking in on itself. "I bought you a hanbok, by the way. Pale blue and sea foam green. Red sash. In the dresser." She doesn't look up for it. The girl can't really wear it. "I had to guess at your size. Except you can't wear it now."

"I'm angry, nuna. I'm so angry." A moment later, and she says,"… At myself. Because I feel guilty, wanting to stay like this. And because I know… it has to go away. Because I can't stand to think you're going to be stuck the way I'm going to be stuck when I go back." To her, her old body doesn't fit anymore than the fox body fits Callisto,"It's an awful feelings. And I can't imagine someone I care about going through that pain forever."

And the fox, bless her heart, allow herself to be cuddled in this form. She is compact enough to be just about plushy size and for Ness, Callisto will tolerate it. Perhaps even enjoy it.. which she does. She smells clean because, to her credit, Callisto has see to it that her grooming standards have not slipped.. even AS an animal!

«Hanbok?» Asks the fox thoughtfully.. a sash? Is it a blouse or a dress or..? Callisto rests her head down upon the mattress, not balking at being held and hugged. «You shall have to show me how to put it on. When.. or if.. things reverse themselves.» This is touchy territory. She does not want to remind Ness that this, here, is likely a temporary thing.

To the other facts, the fox 'responds': «We typically do not absorb modern medications… synthetic ones. Some work, such as anti-inflammatories and the like… but… that which you require to ease your mind, it would likely be nullified.» Possible. Callisto can only guess. For now she remains still and 'present' as Ness voices her anger and she feels so deeply for her. «You needn't feel guilty, at least around me. I.. feel that I understand. I just wish there were more I could do..» A little whine. «I do not hold it against you to long for this form, to keep it.»

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