(2018-09-18) Children of the Night
Children of the Night
Summary: Dylan and Besa talk and play in puppy form.
Date: 2018-09-18
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Patio - Coral Springs

The patio is all cobblestone as well with a waist high, elegant wrought iron fence all the way around it, and gates to each path, each with a brass plaque labeling where it goes. The patio has teak wood tables and chairs for eating, homework, and parking coffee on. There are also benches along the fence, and like the chairs, they have burgundy velvet cushions, and are quite comfortable to all but the most sensitive behinds.

It is a summer night. The weather is hot and fair.

Besa would never admit it, but he's calmed down quite a bit about being a jackal. He's not loving it, but he's also not have anxiety over it. It helps that he can actually communicate with Cocoa. Currently Cocoa is sleeping soundly on the patio, near where Besa is. The ancient teenage canine is looking up at the sky, maybe stargazing. More likely resisting the urge to howl. He's wearing a scarf that's promotion yellow and has his name on it. Thanks Sky!

Dylan, on the other hand, is loving his time as a coyote. He is currently doing in his impersonation of a coyote ninja, sneaking around in the shadows across campus. He spots the snoozing Cocoa and the distracted Besa. A wide doggy grin stretches across his canine muzzle. His rump rises and shakes just a bit before he quickly charges and pounces Besa playfully. Likewise, Dylan is wearing a blue scarf with his name on it.

Besa's not completely out of it. His overly large ears swivel last second. Not enough time to dodge, but enough time to not have a heart attack and bite Dylan when he's jumped. Well, not bite him hard, anyway. He makes a playful growly noises as he tumbles with Dylan, they both go head over tail.

Perhaps Dylan has taken to being a skinwalker a little too much. His tail is wagging wildly as he playfully nips at Besa, then licks all over his face. ((Got you!)) the lean coyote barks. He hops off of Besa, then slaps at the ground in the canine universal gesture for 'let's play'!

Besa would blush (If he could), but he's thinking that Dylan's licking everyone all over the face. Between Dylan and Ness, he's beginning to think that no one wants emotional relationships! He nips back, still making playful growling noises, ((I was sky watching!)) He takes a moment, while Dylan has happy butt, to stretch out. He gets long for a moment, before he stand sup and cocks his head at Dylan, ((Chase? Hunt? Fight?)) He seems ok with any of those options. Cocoa opens an eye, but seeing Dylan her tail thumps once against the ground and she goes back to sleep.

Dylan sits down on his butt. ((If you want to stare at the stars, we can)). He cocks his head. ((I'm just enjoying the night. Feels so good. Don't you think? I am soooooo awake.)) Obviously he is adjusting to the fact that coyotes are more nocturnal by nature and is expressed in their biology.

And Dylan has not been licking everyone all over the face. Thank you very much. In fact, that honor has been bestowed only on Besa!

Besa grins in only that lop sided way canines can. ((I like the night. The air is cooler and I am not sleepy from the sun.)) Yup, that internal clock is starting to affect him too. He moves over to sit next to the coyote. ((Have you hunted yet? I chased birds with Callisto. She's a fox now.)) Golden eyes study Dylan a moment before he turns to look up at the sky.

Dylan lets out a deep huff. ((I started to, but I kept thinking that I could be trying to eat a fellow student.)) The coyote turns his large amber eyes upwards. ((I have slept like all day… When the sun started to go down, I like woke up and have been bouncing off the walls.)) The mostly tan canine looks over at the jackal. ((I have been avoiding other students, not wanting to get anyone else sick. You know?))

Besa nods, ((We didn't catch them, just chased. She is very upset over everything.)) A long sigh and the jackal moves to lean against Dylan. He doesn't know what they're status is, but he knows eh likes physical touch right ow. He'll figure out what they are later. ((I like sleeping in the sun.)) Mention of infecting other students makes Besa over dramatically groan, ((I am certain if they were going to get it they would.)) maybe he's had someone not infected being weird with him? ((Alejandra was very worried about it. But then said it was fitting I was a jackal.)) He sounds upset by that.

Dylan doesn't seem to mind Besa leaning against him. In fact, the coyote leans back against the jackal. ((Well, I don't think she meant anything bad by that… just that you are Egyptian, jackals are Egyptian… that's all… I think it's rather fitting that I'm a coyote, don't you?)) He pauses, then places his head against the other shapechanged boy. ((I guess you're right… there doesn't seem to be much of a pattern for those who have been infected and those who haven't.. much less what people have turned into.))

Besa nuzzles into the other boy, eyes closing. At least they changed into something kinda compatible. It's nice to be able to talk to more people than just Sky (Whom he's mad at! Threatening a vet trip!). ((She did not. It's just….Jackals are ….they are death dogs in my culture. I am tired of being connected to death.)) He sighs, keeping his eyes closed and enjoying the feel of Dylan's lean. It's nice. He gets why Cocoa leans against him so much . Softly he'll tell him, ((I can cast. It takes much and can not be too detailed because I must use paws and ne on sand.)) But he's not easy his rune magic!

The coyote lets out a soft whimper. ((I'm sorry… I can imagine. Hey at least you didn't turn into one of those freaky hairless Egyptian cats… at least this way we can still talk. It's really frustrating not being able to talk. And I'm kind of tired of everyone wanting to rub my belly. Yeah, it feels good, and I can't really resist, but you could at least ask, right?))

Besa doesn't bristle, but he doesn't think the cats are freakish. ((Yes. It is very frustrating. I am glad we are able to talk.)) He lets out a soft grumbly growl of agreement, ((Yes! They just walk up and touch! It is so terribly rude!)) Says the jackal who didn't ask to lean against the coyote.

Well, the two are sort of dating, so it's alright that Besa just leaned up against him. Dylan nudges Besa with his snout. ((How about we go for a bit of a run and let poor Cocoa enjoy her rest?))

Sort of dating. When they're boys again (When!) they need to figure this out! A soft nudge back and Besa stands on all 4, ((I like running like this.)) He has never liked running before. ((I am very fast.)) Is that a challenge? The jackal smiles .

Dylan slowly stretches as he stands up. He licks Besa's cheek. ((You may be fast, but I have lots of stamina.)) He takes a few steps then looks back over his shoulder, ((Besides, who needs to be fast when you can just teleport.)) He turns to face the jackal, ((But we can run, that's fun too)).

Besa laughs, ((Cheater!)) but then he bounces out towards the backfield without saying go! It turns out, he's not faster than Dylan. But that's ok, he will keep trying. And he will jump him and pounce him to make up for not being as fast!

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