(2018-09-17) Such Terrible Hunger
Such Terrible Hunger
Summary: Grace loses a battle, it's up to Constantine and Felicia to stop her.
Date: 2018-09-17
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Woody Area, Coral Springs
Mon Sep 17 2018

It would be easy for new students to mistake the island for a tropical one. In the summer, the climate is indeed similar. However, if nothing else broke that impression, then surely this small forest of sugar maples, birches, chestnut trees, and white ash would. They stretch high into the sky, providing shade and cool in the summer, shelter from the cold wind in the winter, and lavish reds, golds, and browns in the fall as their leaves change. The ground beneath is soft underfoot in summer, the quiet broken only by the rolling seas, the wind, and the occasional quiet buzz of a security drone overhead.

It is a summer evening. The weather is warm and clear.

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It seemed almost too good to be true, the past couple of weeks. Grace Halleson not only became used to her new school, but she thrived there… loved every minute and every aspect of the campus. Even beyond the bits and pieces of safety she enjoyed at Winbarry, the girl simply felt that way constantly here. So much so that it became easier to ignore her wilder impulses.

So for nearly two weeks, Grace ignored the monster in her heart. With the next full moon slated for roundabouts September 24th… this is fated to be a Bad Idea.

Classes went on as typical and Grace seemed ok for most of the day. A bit twitchy and anxious, but okay. Fast-forward through lunch (still ok) and afternoon lessons and by then classmates will have noticed the girl faltering some. She spent time in the kitchen leading up to supper but — stranger still — hadn't been sighted dining with the student body. To ask others of where Grace ended up at this moment, at present, is to get a common response: 'She seemed really upset, running toward the back fields.' … now that is a red flag.

THe early evening warm, sunny front which is almost deceptive in it's peace and quiet. Grace is somewhere in the copse of woodlands close to the school. But where?

Constantine was always put at ease by which how easy Grace seems to have finally acclimated to her environment and come out of her shell. He was always there too, which may have helped Grace kinda get used to things better. By this time, everyone in the school knew that Grace and Constantine were romantically involved, though none knew that they shared a powerful connection.

He texted Grace multiple times..and she answered once. 'Hey <3' and that was it.

He texted her again and again, but with no response. Maybe she was busy with class? Well, that'd be a good question to ask if class was actually going on right now. Constantine looks around, even asks other students. But when he's told that she looked incredibly angry, and wanted to ask him about it? He suddenly looks extremely concerned and wastes absolutely zero time running out of the school and blindly into the woods…where there's no metal.

"Grace? Grace?!" Constantine calls out for the woman he loves…looking around blindly. "Grace!"

<FS3> Grace rolls Enhanced Senses: Good Success.
<FS3> Grace rolls Mind: Success.

The 'Hey <3' was at a 'good' part of the day, likely earlier. Then Grace, typically given to texting promptly, went quiet. There had to have been a damned good reason and there was.

The foliage in the lofty treetops sways and trembled at the touch of the warm ocean breeze. As the metalbender presses into the forest, seeking his girlfriend, he will be left seeking for a very tense, very long five minutes or so. The waves off in the distance exhale heavily, crashing against the beach, but the sounds are muffled somewhat by the dense, fragrant patch of woodlands.

But, listen closely: a series of thin, hitching sobs. A girl is tucked away at the base of a larger white ash, her back nestled into a bush, not quite hugging her knees but hugging something in her lap. Somehow the sound of Constantine's voice only makes Grace cry a bit harder, and it's out of.. embarrassment? What happened?

If he follows the sad sounds, he will find the sad girl.

"Grace!" Constantine continues to call out to her, until he sees that ash tree…and the sounds of a crying girl. "Grace?!" And without even a second thought, Constantine runs over there, his emotions perhaps getting the best of his mind as he zooms around that tree, and Grace would know that the sounds of Constantine's footsteps grow only louder and louder.

Until eventually, he finds Grace..huddled up in mostly a ball as he slides up to her. "Grace?! Grace, what happened. Are you okay?" He asks with serious concern to his voice, Moving to try and place Grace in his lap with his arms around her.

Wait, what was she holding?

The girl changed after classes into a pair of dark denims and a blouse, and she does not balk at being moved. Grace will nestle closer despite but can be felt stiffening briefly to hug that which she hovers over closer to her lap. To see her whitened scared face is to see something… ruddy at the corners of her mouth. She tries to speak but her teeth are clenched too hard from fighting something within.. it's as if talking is giving up some measure of control. Or would she be able to talk? Grace feels tense… she never feels tense when held by Constantine.

But there you have it. Her fists clench at the question of her being 'okay?' … there's a muddy 'squelchy' sound. Oh god what is she holding?

.. she will not struggle to hide it: it's raw steak, looks like a t-bone. There, on her shirt and pants.. blood from the steak. Grace took raw meat from the kitchen and has been out here eating it and crying.

That thin, keening cry again, her eyes squeeze shut.

<FS3> Constantine rolls Atmokinesis: Good Success.

Constantine holds Grace tightly as he rubs her hair and her back. "Breathe, Grace. Breathe…I'm here now." He looks down to what Grace was holding…a bloody, raw steak that looks like she tore to absolute pieces. He seems to snuggle Grace just that much more.

His features clearly more on the side of worried for his girlfriend. "It's okay Grace….it's okay." He doesn't look disappointed in her, nor does he even look angry. She was forced into her change. Nothing she could do about it.

But…as Constantine looks quite distraught at the fear she seems to be feeling. and because of that…it clearly starts to rain. Not so much downpouring….but a good drizzle.

Not quite a full change… but glimpses of it. The mannerisms precede the shift and this is the point that Grace is permitted to 'remember' until she cannot remember anymore. This is what scares her most. She has fought the monster for so long, hasn't even shifted fully since the time that she killed a boy and ended up being sent here. Constantine is a brave, loving, crazy boy to be holding her as he is. But then at the tight hold, typically so soothing for Grace the girl… something deep in her mind, even in the arms of one so loving, lashes out.

Constantine shall feel in the girl's body a great lurching motion, as if she is trying to break free. The gnarled, grisled steak falls from her hands and lands with a plop in the grass… words do not come to her lips but a deep, rumbling snarl. The wolf does not want to calm down!

Still, she does not try to hurt him.. but it feels as if she is trying to break free. Her eyes are a terrible, terrible crimson.. especially as the drizzle dampens Grace's hair and makes her facial expressions stand out all-the-more as the strands plaster to her skin.

She picks up the discarded t-bone, crushes it into her palm.. but she's shakey and unfocused.

Constantine looks upon Grace as she seems to turn to anger to such an extent, that she appears to start to shift. He holds her tight, even as she attempts to break free and lash out. He's trying…and he's trying hard. He feels the wolf start to lurch out, especially when she crushes that T-bone in her palm. She's getting stronger…and stronger. He knows that she's losing control.

So he says words of love. "I love you Grace. No matter what happens.." whether the wolf tears him to shreds or no. "I love you. I'll keep you safe…and I'll help keep you safe from others." he smiles lightly.

"STay with me Grace…" he lightens his grip, even as Constantine's rain falls on their heads.

Poor poor Constantine.. it's a good thing he lightens the grip because then Grace can practically spill forth, but to see her do so is to see her small compact body arching forwards, as if moving on all fours even in a humanoid body. No fur, no fangs or claws… she's still very much Grace the 'girl' but she looks possessed. So blisteringly, seethingly angry. She spins on a heel and kneels, heaving, snarling. Eyes glow like blood jewels in her small, girlish face. She's staring hard at Constantine as if her life depends upon it.

"Tccchh… TTCHH—" Sounds like 'teekkk' … 'TEK' … she can't even speak. She's trying but her words are just guttural noises. What is she trying to say!?

Constantine's latter words, his willingness to sacrifice himself to prevent her from hurting others, causes the girl to clutch at her dark hair as the drizzle falls. Her eyes open again to watch Con, and they're streaming with tears. "TEEEKK" She's trying again.. trying to beg for him to get a 'teacher' but she can't say the word.

Grace crumples inwards, face down and knees pulled under — the child's pose in yoga — and trembles, fighting for control. Veins and tendons stand out in cords in her arms and neck.

<FS3> Constantine rolls Magnetokinesis: Success.

Constantine watches on helplessly as she eventually lunges free of his grasp, causing Constantine to stand up, his hands outstretched to the sides as if he's prepared to use his powers against his own girlfriend if it means he can at least restrain her until help can arrive.

Speaking of which, Constantine reaches out…touching the metal in one of the teacher's offices…taking the metal and spelling out 'Forest-> HELP!' and so, help isn't far away, to be sure.

But…he still watches as he sees the veins and tendons stand on her neck and arms. inching closer. "Help is coming Grace…I'm here…I'm here." he moves to touch her hands to hold them to help her fight.

It's roundabouts early evening, just after suppertime on campus. Word got through the student body that Grace Halleson was 'nervy' and anxious from the morning onward which culminated in the girl fleeing during supper. It had been Constantine who found her, backed up against a white ash and covered in blood not from an injury to herself or another but from eating — raw — a t-bone steak that she stole from the kitchen. There, the metalbender had to talk down his girlfriend who is on the fringes of a change of sorts.

Who knows if the metalbender's desperate bid for help will be seen, from whereever the message is received in the nearby school. But the bonus, here? The island is brimming with cameras and sensors and somewhere, somebody is hearing and seeing this. It's just a matter, now, of Constantine talking the girl down until that help can arrive.

Grace has neglected the wolf for too long. It wants out; it wants to be heard and seen and acknowledged. Who knows what, likely during the morning, kickstarted the increasing level of emotions to culminate into this.

Constantine edges closer, speaking those important words, and Grace looks up from her cowering position. Her eyes are red and wide, terrified and angry. She appears to have chomped down on her bottom lip in her straining efforts to keep contained because blood dribbles from her chin now from the puncture wound. "C-Con—" A grunt, "Ruh.. ruh… rrrr.." She's trying to beg him to run. Some great pain takes her and she holds her stomach, doubling over with a shriek.

<FS3> Felicia rolls Density Manipulation: Good Success.

There are quite a few cameras scattered across the island as well a drone or two flying around to cover those areas where having a camera would just be ludicrous. Between the cameras and the call for help, security is notified. And it just so happens that it's Unit 23 that provides school security.

There is the buzzing sound of a drone over head, followed by a flop and a scattering of long dead leaves up into the air. Well that was odd, but not so odd as the sudden appearance of a young woman wearing the school security uniform. She seemed to grow right up out of the ground. She is already assessing the situation as she grows "Grace Halleson. Constantine Ashford." she says, hand to her hear, she isn't talking to them "Gotcha." she begins to stride forward, upping the toughness of her skin, she isn't stupid, she may need to be a bit wallish. "What's going on?"

Constantine notices that Grace seems to be telling him something..knowing her, and how she was terrified to hurt him? It was probably telling him to get away from her. Extending his hands to his sides, ready to use his powers in self defense if he has to. But..honestly, it was surprising who shows up.

School security?

His eyes look upon Felicia as she seems to dig herself out of the ground and know the two students by name. "and you are?" he asks curiously, before he connects the dots. Momma didn't raise no moron. "Grace's powers are flaring out of control. The beast she tries to keep within is becoming unchained." he narrows his eyes at Felicia. "Please don't hurt her."

Eyes shift back to Grace then, looking worried and scared. "Grace, stay with us!"

<FS3> Grace rolls Forced Shift: Good Success.

The girl hoists herself to her feet, unaware now of who is talking to her. Now voices are garbled gobbledegook, one a male (Con) and somewhere far off, fielded by her strong senses… more of a female timbre, though not speaking or calling directly to the two students. No, Grace is seized with pain.. it's as if her body is punishing her. For all of the times she has neglected to lend attention to her other form. This other part of her soul. She hunches over, standing shakily.. not yet changing form or size but the way her tendons are straining like cords and muscles twitch.. something is happening. Grace moves blindly toward the tree that she originally hid behind, holds her waist, and sprays a flag of vomit all over it's base. When her hands pull back from her waist.. her hands have become furred, fingers tapering off into terrible claws, black as onyx.

Truthfully Felicia looks more like a student than school security, despite the uniform she really isn't one to inspire confidence, but looks can be deceiving right. The school hired her, they must know what they are doing, right? She reaches into her pocket and pulls out what sizes up into a 5"x5" cube made of some strong transparent material with small holes on one side. This is tossed to Constantine "Hold this. You'll know what to do with it when the time comes." she smirks a bit "And don't worry, I've only broken a few people." there is a wink, she is joking of course. She moves over intending to just pick the other girl up while she is seeming incapacitated but then Grace moves to go toss her cookies "Okay I am charging extra for that!"

Constantine keeps his eyes on Felicia as she tosses him a 5x5 cube made of such a material. What's this?! He looks then to Felicia. "I will?" well, she knows what she's doing right? If he used his powers, he'd probably get in trouble anyway. So…he'll trust this woman he's never met before.

Theeeeen Grace decides to projectile vomit right against the base of a tree. Yikes…this is VERY bad. "Ohhh shit." Constantine mutters to himself, running a hand through his hair.

It's like her body was trying to break itself. But he sees the clawed fingers and the fur along her hands. It's the result of her transformation…the change looks to be extremely violent in the eyes of Constantine…who's ready to use his powers at any moment if it means saving his Girlfriend.

The puking was just a reflex… Grace the girl is still in there, sick and horrified and rapidly losing awareness of what her body is doing. Because she is fighting it so hard the stress on her body is incomprehensible. After painting the tree and sprouting claws, the girl (still a girl but heaving, shaking, muscles 'boiling' and twitching beneath her skin) turns on a heel and squints between the two who are present. Eyes streaming with tears, mouth caked in her own blood and spit, Grace pulls back her shoulders with a dull crack and shriek/howls in the direction of Constantine and Felicia.

She's still in her denims and blouse and as she begins to move forth, the sounds of seams can be heard splitting as her muscles strain. Felicia is the unknown here and with another ghastly cry, Grace breaks into a hard sprint and attempts to throw her body in the direction of the Unit 23'er! She still has some shred, some presence of mind to not try to hurt Constantine. Yet.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Grace=physical Vs Felicia=physical
< Grace: Success Felicia: Good Success
< Net Result: Felicia wins - Solid Victory

The teen titan may be young but she is not inexperienced in, well, whatever you want to call what this is. She truly doesn't want to hurt Grace and she knows that she can if she isn't careful so takes the defensive instead of the offensive for the moment.

Tackling Felicia is pretty much the same as tackling a brick wall and about as effective. The U-23er just takes it, grabbing hold of the shifter girl, arms around her so Grace's arms are pinned to her side. She is not only a wall, but a very strong one at that.

Constantine seems to actually jump as Grace seems to throw herself at Felicia! ooohhhh SHIT! But he stays out of it. He trusts Felicia to not break Grace, and to help handle the situation. He seems to frown lightly as Grace is pinned, but he makes no movement…

Instead, he looks to the cube he was given, as if curious of how it worked.

But he remains on the fight…in case Felicia will need the Magnetokinetics help.

The rampaging girl is diminutive, just barely over five feet in height. Yet the force and strength that her straining body is putting out is considerable. She is effectively caught by the teen titan and held there. This only deepens the anger, lends to it a frantic edge, and Grace begins to twist and heave her body this way and that, trying to break free. This is not effective for Felicia is strong and unyielding and the band of her arms, keeping Grace's own tight against her body, is sound. The U-23'er will likely feel the muscles in the brunette's body thrumming and seizing as if infused with an electrical current. The tips of her ears have begun to taper and fray with what appears to be ruddy-colored fur.

Grace begins to shriek in rage, and pain, and for the sake of shrieking because her mind — most of all — is being torn in half. Her legs wheel and kick, trying to find purchase on the ground in futile attempts to buck Felicia away.

<FS3> Felicia rolls Size Change: Good Success.

Felicia can feel the strength in the other girl and is suitably impressed by it, but the girl is an immovable force. Her clothes though aren't going to be so lucky "Careful Grace." she speaks to the werewolf in her arms "Try not to break a nail or anything." she glances over to Constantine "You." she calls out to him "Ready?" she doesn't wait for an answer "Going down." and then the pair are shrinking, both of them. Which only makes Felicia stronger and even more impervious. And boy do they shrink, they could easily fit in that cube that Constantine is holding "You're up Constantine. Bring it down and open 'er up." the voice the teen titan is easily heard, though clearly amplified, probably by the same device that she used to speak into on her arrival.

Constantine looks to the box as Felicia and his girlfriend start to size down. Uhhhh…what the hell?! But, he seems to open and toss the box nearby Felicia and Grace to make it extremely easy on the former to trap the latter.

As long as both are safe…

He then steps back…his powers not needed thanks to Grace being out-powerhoused.

Were she herself, Grace will have been amused by the nail quip and quick to show off 'nails' which have been bitten down to stubs. No nails to break! But no; humor is beyond the girl now. All there is.. is red-rimmed, pulsing rage. It's all she knows. But why does this rage have connotations of sadness to it, this time? Why does this stand out most of all—-

Then they're shrinking. Grace's skillset doesn't translate itself into adapting to Felicia's technique so indeed her strength is diminished as she and the other girl change size. Felicia shall have no trouble handling the girl to pull her into the strange container.

The way her shrinking seems to work is proportionate. However much taller or shorter Felicia is to the other person, she remains that much taller or shorter. In this case it would be taller than Grace. That makes it easier to manhandle the girl into the cube which she makes sure is sealed up tight. There are airholes so the girl isn't going to suffocate. She is then upsizing, just as quickly as she did previously, though she may or not make it to her full height. Sometimes she gets stuck. She bends over to pick up the cube and looks into it and then at Constantine "She and everyone else will be safe now. We will just keep her like this until she wears herself out and calms down."

Constantine watches as his girlfriend goes into a box. He looks severely uncomfortable with this. "Uhm, okay…" he looks at Felicia. "Just don't hurt her, alright? and….is it okay if I go wherever that cube is? I just want to be sure." Constantine already has severe trust issues…so he's gonna stick by the only person he trusts at this school. He looks pretty steadfast about it.

This is the best thing that can happen to Grace, in this instance. Once shoves into the box, and left to rampage to her little wolf heart's content, she does so. THe moment the container is sealed shut, whether or not the thing is see-through or obscure, Grace will unleash. Her body warps and twists and clothing tears and inside of the container? A small humanoid wolf creature.. not too awful looking in all honesty. In 'real size' she would tower well over six feet, closer to seven… and that rippling muscle covered with what is in fact a pretty hue of ruddy-red fur would be a force to be reckoned with.

But yes.. left to 'work out' the wolf… Grace will eventually thrash and flail and tear (though not herself) until she falls into a heap of fur. Eventually.. and even modesty is beyond her… a small girl in shredded clothing will take it's place, dead to the world and sleeping as soundly as a child at the end of a long day of play.

Felicia keeps the cube where it can be seen "No one is going to hurt her." she reassures the teen "Not on my watch at least. As for going where she does." there is a shrug "You will have to discuss that with the Headmaster and Inferno." Inferno being the head of security. She holds the cube gently, but pays no heed to the mini girl inside of it "I think it may be a good idea to get her to medical first though." and she begins to head in the direction of the school campus.

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