(2018-09-15) Get Well with Blushing
Get Well with Blushing
Summary: Bryce visits Sydney in the medbay after her recent illness.
Date: 2018-09-15
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Sydney is sitting in med bay, in a bed (of all things), reading her iPad. She looks bored and squirms restlessly, but the curtains to the lobby of med bay are open, as are the ones in the window, so she's not TOO claustrophobic. She adjusts the hospital gown for the 88th time, trying to find some arrangement that is both comfortable and at least a little modest.

Bryce heads into the medbay and starts heading for Sydney's area. He isn't in his full body armor this time though he is holding something behind his back. Before he can make it to her area, one of the nurse's stop him. "Excuse me, young man. Where are you going?" Bryce points with his free hand towards Sydney and says, "I, uh, there…to see her. I'm, I'm her -er- boyfriend." The nurse smiles a little bit thinking the whole thing is cute. "You need to sanitize your hands, put on gloves and wear a mask. There is a good chance she is infectious."

Sydney can't hear, but the motion does get her attention. She looks over at Bryce, pulls the blankets up a little more, and waves shyly.

Bryce waves with his free hand to Sydney and nods to the nurse. He does seem hesitant about something. Probably whatever he has hidden behind his back. The nurse sees the hesitation and looks to Sydney. She gets a look of understanding and says, "I'll take care of that." She takes whatever he is hiding and keeps it hidden as he goes to wash his hands. When he is done, he doesn't put on a mask and gloves but uses his own power to create the gauntlets and visor of his under armor which is protective but not as bulky as the full armor. "Is this okay?" He asks the nurse. She smiles and nods just before secretly handing him the something. Bryce then turns to walk into Sydney's area. "G-good, er, hi. Are you, uh, okay?" He seems a bit more nervous around her than he has been in some time.

Sydney smiles at the familiar face, even if she can't really see much of it. "Hey sweetie." She shrugs. "Bored, mostly. I'm not in pain when they're not taking samples of me. Learning to shower and use the bathroom like a normal person again. And I'm kind of enjoying eating food." She looks down at her hands and moves them. "Bored and fragile. And vulnerable."

Bryce looks down at her hands and at her face. "You, you .. uh -" He glances back as though seeing who is around looking and possibly hearing. Looking back at Sydney, Bryce says, "Well, uh, pretty still." He says that last part rather softly. He hopes that is right. He never quite knows what to say no matter what the books said. He then says, "I'd, I won't let anyone, uh, hurt you. I can do, er, more with my, my armor. I think. Probably." Whatever he brought her is still kept hidden.

Sydney nods. "The weird thing is… I'm about 450 pounds lighter, but so far testing is showing my strength is still there. So are my nanomachines. I don't know how this is working. I feel like I did before I went meat. I look the same… but…" Syd shrugs. She notices Bryce's hiding something. "Is everything ok?"

When she says that she doesn't know how this is working, Bryce gets his 'analytical' face on. He reaches up with his gloved free hand and says, "If, if I were to, er, surmise…I don't have a, a lot of data though, uh, yet. I would think that, the, uh, virus, I say that due to, uh, its rapid rate, is, er, somehow interfering with the, the expression of your abilities. It also seems, well, to be only interfering with the, well, appearance not substance." He shrugs and then says a bit shocked, "Okay? Sure, uh, okay. I just, er, got you - something. Oh." He forgot that he didn't give it to her. He brings out a small sealed 'get well' card sealed into a peach envelope. It is a get well card with little flowers on it. He purchased it from the commissary where he works as well as the Google Play $20 gift card he put inside of it. Her name is written in beautiful script across the card. In the same script is a message inside 'Hope you get well soon, Bryce.'

Sydney nods to what Bryce says. "Yeah, apparently. And some shapeshifters change mass all the time. I'm just not normally one of them. I don't know if this is going to be a permanent change, or if it's a new extension of what I can do, or if… I'll just go back to being me when I get over this. I shouldn't be able to get sick at all. Anything made of protein that gets past my skin should get broken down to make more of me." She smiles and takes the card, and opens it. When she reads the card, she squeezes her eyes shut a moment. She doesn't say anything, but she holds the card tight to her, pausing a moment to wipe her eyes. Twice. "Thank you," she finally gets out.

Bryce tilts his head to the side and says, "Interesting. I, uh, too bad I don't, er, have more data." He then looks at her and says, "Do you, uh, want to go back or, er, stay like this?" He then very quickly adds and says, "I'm, I'm good, er, either way. I like you not, uh, the packaging, er, well, I mean I've seen, well, both…" His blush is showing over the armor-mask he is wearing. "I remember, uh, you, er, them, uh … " Then when she takes the card he looks confused and worried at her expression. She cried? That isn't good. But she thanked him. Poor Bryce is so confused. He askes in a worried tone so strong that it makes it through the mask. "Is, are you okay? I, I thought cards were, uh, good."

Sydney says, "No, it's very kind." She smiles and rubs her eyes. "Thank you so much…" She looks at Bryce. "Am I allowed to hug you?""

Bryce visibly looks relieved. "I, I wasn't sure when, when you teared up." Socially awkward and unsure teen around a tearful girl equals confusion and worry. When she asks if she can hug him, he nods his head and says, "I, I think so as long as you, uh, don't actually touch my, my skin directly. They are worried about, uh, contagion." His circlet flashes that cyan color just as his clothing tightens, a sure indication of him activating his under armor just to be careful so she doesn't have to be.

Sydney nods. She holds her arms out. "I've been thinking a lot about old times…since I wound up looking like this again. And sometimes I wondered if you'd have even liked me. Or noticed me at all back then. I mean… I didn't stand out in a crowd. I was nobody special. I mean, ok. You weren't even born yet, I know. So it's an impossible question."

Bryce leans over and hugs her making sure to hug her tightly to his chest. He knows he doesn't have the strongest of chests but hopefully the under armor helps there too. "Well, it is, uh, hard to noticing things before, uh, bi-oh, actually, that's possible, just not before con-conception." His idea of a joke but his own brain distracted him halfway along the way. "I'm, I'm surprised you noticed me even, uh, here and now. Besides, why, uh, why wouldn't I have, er, noticed you. There is a lot to, uh, noti-oh, uh, I don't mean it that way. I mean, uh, you are sp-special to me now. I guess I don't know what, uh, would have happened back before, er, this. Without a time machine, we, uh, won't know…hmmm."

Sydney squeezes Bryce tight. She certainly feels like flesh, if he can tell through the armor. And she smells like someone who eats and sweats and bathes and has skin and hair and whatnot. The iron scent is largely gone too, and she definitely hasn't been into the scented mineral oil since this began. "I noticed you… really noticed you… when we were doing our little ritual. I mean I liked you before that, I thought you were gentle and kind, and… I know it was embarrassing but when you feel over me that time, and were so embarrassed after looking down my shirt… that got my attention as well as being a funny situation. But I noticed what's underneath when we were in the shower, and when we were cuddling afterwards. There aren't words, at least none that I know… but that's when it got… serious.

Bryce holds hear for a bit. He wants her to feel that he is treating her the same no matter what shape she is in. "Oh, I hope you like the, the gift card. I thought you could, uh, buy games for your, uh, iPad." When she brings up the ritual, he blushes fully. The blush is maintained at high level as she discusses the embarrassing things that he accidently did. Then she mentions the shower. She -noticed- what's underneath? "You, uh, I mean, er, my, my, you noticed, er, my … it?" Why did noticing his parts make her notice him? He has pasted embarrassed and reaching new levels of shyness and awkwardness.

Sydney snorks and laughs gently, and blushes as pink as Bryce does. "Well I noticed that, but that's not what I was talking about. Every Tom Dick and Harry's got one of those." She sobers a little. "No, I'm talking about… tenderness… um… warmth… um… vulnerability… and a whole lot of other stuff I can't put to words. Just… before that you were a friend who needed help. After that…there was way more. That's what I'm saying."

The look of relief is clearly visible as she explains what she meant. That look is followed by another blush as he totally misunderstood. Hopefully the nurses won't think he has a fever with all of this. "Oh, I … "he pauses for a moment and then says, "Thank you." He then says, "You, uh, you look cute like, er, that, and I, I like hearing you laugh. That is, uh, why I tried to learn to be, be funny."

Sydney kisses Bryce's armored cheek. "I appreciate it." She sighs a little. "Kinda wish I wasn't infectious right now. I have a lot of… uncertainty about some things with my metal self that I just don't have in flesh. Even though I probably should given the strength thing." Syd sighs. She does eventually let Bryce go, relinquishing everything except one of his hands. "And I never did get to give you your belated birthday present. It's in my room. I have it, just not with me.

Bryce smiles a bit and tries really hard to not hide it even though it is already hidden under the mask. "I, I can stay for a while, uh, longer if you, you want. Oh, and I can help you with, um, any of your classes. I, well, remember all the books." When she brings up his present, he waves his hand a bit and says, "You being, uh, happy and healthy are the only, only presents I want."

Sydney says, "Well… healthy, I'm working on. Happy… I think so. Now, at least."

Bryce and Sydney are holding hands. He is wearing armored gloves and an armor-mask both of which are made by his powers. It seems the staff is worried about what Sydney has being contagious. "Why, uh, why don't you lay down and, and get some, er, rest? I'll watch over you, uh, for a bit." He realizes that what he just said could sound creepy and normally he would fix it, but he decides to just let it go this time.

Bryce and Sydney are holding hands. He is wearing armored gloves and an armor-mask both of which are made by his powers. It seems the staff is worried about what Sydney has being contagious. "Why, uh, why don't you lay down and, and get some, er, rest? I'll watch over you, uh, for a bit." He realizes that what he just said could sound creepy and normally he would fix it, but he decides to just let it go this time. (re for Sierra)

Sydney nods. "Yeah. I probably should. Try and give my immune system what it… needs…" She blinks. "Wait. What if… what if this…" she gestures to her flesh self… "is because I caught this virus you were talking about and for whatever reason my body couldn't get rid of it without an immune system? Has anyone else gotten this?"

Sydney says, "wait, there was an announcement about it…"

Saoirse floats in through the medbay door with bags of Marshmallows. "Hello everyone, ah' brought Marshmallows tae' help you feel better! They can help everything, because they make you feel better!" Her tone is excited, yet conspiratorially hushed. Floating inward upside down and about 4 feet from the ground she swishes on inside. She's wearing a 'Eevie' Pokemon shirt that's rather snug and long-sleeved, and a yellow dress that hangs down to her knees with a big Pikachu butt on her rear, with a pointed Pikachu tail sticking out as part of the outfit. She's a..mismatched pokemon?

Wandering along behind the floating Pokemon is a worried Sierra. Though it has to been in the eyes since she is wearing a mask…and carrying one for Saoirse. "Saoirse, you really should put this on before you get too close" she sighs to her girlfriend, holding out the garment. "If they see you, they'll throw you out." A wave to Sydney with her other hand before eyes go wide at the fleshy version of her friend. "Oh…wow…are you okay? Of course you aren't, you're in med bay. Hey, Bryce."

Sydney settles back into her bed and gives Sierra thumbs up. She is tired… "Have to figure it out later, I guess," she adds.

"Then perhaps," Bryce says to Sydney through his mask, "Turning, uh, flesh again is g-good for you. When you were, uh, flesh you had an immune system so, uh, now you should, er, have one again." Bryce tenses a bit when Saoirse floats in though Sydney's proximity and familiarity might make her the only one able to notice it. He looks to Saoirse when she enters and then to Sierra. "Uh, h-hello, Saoirse and Sierra. How, uh, how are you?"

Saoirse points at Sydney "Lookin' good! Those Nano's are getting a little more advanced! Good faer' yae!" Stoppin without touching anyone she shrugs "Ah'm only a lil' bit human, ah' should be fine. Besides, th' people need marshmallows. And it's nae' against the rules unless someone says it is, and ah' haven't read the most recent handbook, so people are allowed to have visitors. So as long as someone doesn't say it's nae' okay, it's nae' against the rules!" She holds out a bag of sealed ultra-puff marshmallows (large sized ones) to Bryce. "Sierra and I are going gay together! We're like, totally being lesbians and stuff. It's kinda like you, with the romanticizing with girls. We're thinking about getting married, because then Sierra can be openly gay and gaymarried with mae'. But we're starting with promise rings since we're in school. Not the gummy kind, the jewelry kind. Though, gummy rings sound delicious…candy necklace is amazing! Yae' can wear it, and eat it when you want a treat! It gets yaer' neck all sticky though, and then the neighbor's cat wont leave you alone. So be careful of that."

A little sigh from Sierra as her girlfriend turns down the mask. "Sydney was all metal and nanobots and she can't something" the Latina points out, but it's no good arguing with Saoirse. An apologetic shrug to Bryce before she looks over at the sleeping Sydney. "What did the doctors say?" she asks the boy in the room before a little laugh at Saoirse's rambling. "Yes, we're going gay together. I think everyone knows, Cuddles. And I think everyone knows I'm gay. And no gummy promise rings. I want us to last longer than a gummy ring. You would keep eating it." She looks to Bryce. "I love this girl."

Bryce lets go of Sydney's hand to let her get into bed. Once she is settled, he coveres her with a sheet and then moves the card that he brought her to a little nearby table. While he is doing that, a nurse (the same that got Bryce when he came in) says to Saoirse, "Your friend is correct. Both of you need to be wearing a mask and a gloves when in here. There is a chance that she is contagious, and we do not want an epidemic forming."
Bryce turns too look at Saorise. His eyes going wide as she goes on a verbal torrent. After all of that, he manages to say, "Uh, okay that is, uh, good. I don't know any, er, cats though I, I heard there is one on, uh, campus." He looks to Sierra and says, "Oh, uh, the doctors didn't tell me, uh, much - well, anything. She and, uh, Zolin were out doing some, uh, combat practice. I joined in at the, the end. She then started not, uh, feeling well and, and collapsed." Even though the armor-mask it is easy to hear how worried he was. "I, I flew her, uh, here. Well, floated."

Saoirse nods "That's true, ah' would keep eating it, because it would be delicious. Ah' heard there are full pound gummybears on a stick. Ah've got tae' get me one of those…" she looks hopeful for a moment, eyes would twinkle if she had that power, alas she does not. Though a sugar-filled Saoirse is something to ponder and fear perhaps. She flips upside down, to take the mask upside-downedly. "Hmmn. Mae' clever disguise seemes tae' not have fooled them, they saw right through that ah'm nae' a pokemon, a eev-achu. Ah'm going tae' have to work on the disguise." She sniffs the mask, licks it just a little, chews on it a bit, then sticks out her tongue. "Bleh. These taste awful. They taste like laundry and old people. At least what ah' imagine old people would taste like, if they had a taste to them. Ah' havent' actually tasted any old people. Ah' did lick mae' sister's cheek once though. It didn't taste like this." Finally, she affixes the mask in place. "Ah' feel like either a nurse, or a zombie-patient. Ah'm nae' sure one, but mae' desire for human flesh isn't present so..probably more a nurse." She reaches out to tickle at Sierra's sides as she looks over to Bryce (upside-downedly as she is) "She'll be fine, enough bad stuff happened tae' her, so she wont get really bad or anything. It all balances out. Ah've done the calculations and don't worry, by all probability scenarios ah' came up with she wont die or anything. Mae' math is totally legit."

"Umm…I don't think you're supposed to lick the mask, Cuddles. I think that makes them not work anymore" Sierra points out. "I think everything in a hospital would taste like laundry and old people, but they throw the masks away rather than wash them. I think." She has no idea and, besides, she is getting tickled. This turns her into a giggling mess until she can squirm away enough. "You're a hospital visitor. Not a nurse. Not a zombie. Though you are making Sydney better by being here. And no one is going to die." Another apologetic look to Bryce. "So we shouldn't even mention it…but her math is pretty good."

Bryce's eyes get a glazed look to them as Saoirse speaks. He clearly has trouble following her verbal meanderings. However, when she mentions math, he brain seems to be able to lock onto that. "You, you have a formula, that, uh, allows you to, to calculate that? I would very much, uh, like to see it." He wants to see it instead of hear it as he can then memorize and use it himself. Glancing to Sierra, he is surprised that she can take all that in and make sense of it. She must have some amazing translation program going on in her mind. His ability to understand unknown languages didn't even help there.

Saoirse turns rightside up and lands on Sierra's shoulders, tucking the dress in behind her head and resting her hands on top of Sierra's head. She's light as a feather for how heavy her form might look otherwise. She curls her fingers into Sierra's hair as she idly plays with it. Not like a little flirty playing..no no, this is Saoirse, she does so in excess, mussing it up, then putting it back in a cycle. A soft tilt of her head "Okay. However ah' don't think that there are any computers we have access to that could translate the information in a reasonable approximation of your estimated lifetime. There are in excess of over 14 Decillion lines that make up the equation, ah' can begin verbally telling you them if yae' would like? If we begin now we should be complete within an estimated ten thousand four hundred and seventy four years, rounding to not include months, days, time, or potty or snack breaks. Would you like mae' to begin now? Do yae' need a moment to get a pencil and some paper?"

Sierra seems used to having her hair played with in such a manner…and her girlfriend sitting on her shoulder in such a way. "I don't think you need to speak it all out like that. Please, for me?" Her brow furrows. "Wait, do you know when I'll die? Never mind, we can talk about that later. How are /you/ doing, Bryce? I bet this is tough for you."

Bryce looks to Saoirse as she mentions the length of the formula. "I, I am surprised that, that you could do such an, an equation in your, er, uh, head in that short of, of time." He looks over at Sierra as Saoirse plays in her hair. When she asks how he is doing, Bryce says, "Um, I, I don't like seeing her like, like this." He then quickly corrects himself. "I mean like, like this, er, ill and in a, a hospital. I didn't mean as flesh. I, I don't mind her being flesh. She is, is pretty either way, er, both ways."

Saoirse floats up above Sierra to let her make her way out. Giving her girlfreind a wave, she then looks back to Bryce. "Well, each one o' mae' cells, almost all o' them at this point, is a processing unit. A itty bitty self contained computer. All o' those cells can process information with any o' the other cells. The information doesn't have tae' be stored, nae' processed sequentially or anything either. Mae' body has it's own way of processing things and if something doesn't work, or works better it just kind o' makes the decison on it's own. Abigail says it's a pretty advanced thing. It just sounds lik' one-mindedness or stubborness tae' me." She peers down at Sierra "The most likely scenario is that yae' become corrupted by th' god within yae', and become rather malevolent. Sometimes yae' go on a mad power trip, sometimes people suffer, but in most sceario's ah' can manage tae' save you. For a time at least, but yae' dont generally feel satisfied with what yae've become. Sometimes yae' are ridden with guilt, sometimes yae' have a nagging feeling that yae' want more, than what a life with mae' can provide, than what a life in the right-side o' the law can offer. Oh, okay! Never mind then!" She hmmns. "Yae' know what you need Bryce? Marshmallows!" Holding one of the bags out at Bryce "Here…"

Sierra can't help but smile at Bryce's stumbling words - albeit behind a mask, "I need to get going. You staying, Saoirse, or do you want to leave them alone?" Her tone really hinting that her girlfriend does the latter. She blinks at her life story according to Saoirse's programming; they will definitely have to talk about that later. "Leave them the bag, Saoirse, and we can go to the movies or something. It's the weekend!"

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