(2018-09-14) Permission to Play
Permission to Play
Summary: Afflicted by the shapeshifter flu, Callisto tries to mope. Besa comes along and the two deal with it in an appropriate fashion.
Date: 2018-09-14
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Path, Coral Springs
Fri Sep 14, 2018

This path runs along the periphery of the island heading southeast and around. It goes through knee high beach grass and there is a combination of sand and soil underneath. On one side waves crash against a rocky shore where large boulders causes waves to soar upwards and shower down onto the sand below. On the other are sparse stubby trees, with equally sparse grass and shrubs around them.

It is a summer night. The weather is warm and clear.

OOC: Shapeshifter flu forms…


If it weren't hard enough to be a disowned fey offshoot who was asked, days ago, how to 'kill her kind' (Callisto has been having trouble dealing with that) … some ridiculous 'curse' has spread across the student body and Callisto had awoken one morning not stretched languidly in her bed and awakening gorgeously because she's an asshole like that…. but significantly fluffier. White fur. A bottle brush tail. Perky little ears with two bright bluish-green eyes atop a… snout. Callisto was infected!!

OH Gods! The LAST thing she needed!!

That very day she forced her telepathy upon a fellow student, made the guy text her boyfriend with the scoop, and thus decided to flee into the wilds on campus because she was scared. At least she had the presence of mind to carry her pendant by the chain in her mouth, because to fall asleep as an arctic fox without it is to still invite Mommy Dearest into her dreaming mind.

It's currently early evening on a Friday night and where most teens would be off to merrymake, Callisto has holed up in the beach grass close to the sighing, fragrant ocean. She's not hard to spot, curled up as she is, head resting atop dainty front paws and ears perked and pivoting independently.

After getting mad at Sky the jackal when off into the woods. He's without Cocoa this evening, while he's enjoyed being able to communicate with her, she's very over bearing and he doesn't want to snap at her. He trots down to the beach to clear his head come. He steps onto the sand, feeling a little better with it underneath his paws. He takes a deep breath and then sighs, looking up to the sky.

With this new body comes honed senses, and with those senses come an awareness of others on a level beyond even mental forces. Long story short scent speaks to the little fox of both the arrival of another canid and one that has an undertone of.. dirt smell? Something instinctual perks Callisto's vulpine head and with that motion the chain from the gorgon pendant slides from her side and clatters onto the grass beneath her body. Rounded cerulean eyes — even in fox form her startling gaze is a constant — stare at the jackal that joins her on this fairly recluse patch of land.

Callisto is silent beyond the sound of her necklace sliding, and she picks it up into her jaws and stands there, watching the other animal with wary interest. Jackals sure as hell aren't common here and between that and the dirt smell, she surmises it as another afflicted student. She yips softly around the chain links in her mouth.

Besa's very large ears swivel when he hears the necklace hits the ground. And the his pointed face turns towards Calli-fox. His golden eyes lock onto the necklace and then go back to Calli's face. His tail slowly starts moving. He whines a gently greeting, standing up to move closer to her in greeting.

She lifts her head again to gently sample the wind, again acquainting herself with the scents associated with this fine fur and golden eyes. Who is this? She has an idea and in realizing this (it's the scent of dirt that clues her in) the fox twitches her large brush of tail fur. Her head bobs once, ears flicking, and as the Besa!jackal decides to come closer Callisto, with her necklace still in her gob, closes the distance. There is undoubtedly a sort of 'universal' canine language to be passed on between fox and jackal and instinctively Callisto 'taps' into this vein of conversation. Movements of body, scent, and vocalizations are used to convey a 'proper' greeting to Besa. It's hard to translate given names into canid speak though. ((Be-sa?)) Yip yip, whine; she is not liking being unable to properly say his name. Names are important to Callisto. ((How long have you been holding this form? Are you coping well?))

No 't'is' and 'shaln't' and other 'my my aren't your ankles attractive'-era speech here. Callisto is down to the basics.

Besa pants, butt moving more as he is recognized. He sighs, head nodding to confirm yes, it is him. He shrugs, ((I am…alright. Not happy…but….)) he whines stepping closer to sniff her and the give her a quick nuzzle before sitting down. ((How are you?))

It's funny how the white fox is still almost preternaturally still. Callisto has been having a hard time coping with the inherent mannerisms of the form she was somehow given. Maybe it's just the puckish, otherworldly reputation that is sometimes assigned to vulpine sorts that meshes so well with a dark faerie. Who knows. She sits again, watching the other canine move closer and though she does not shy away from the nuzzle, she doesn't know how to return it. Everything about Callisto is a fox looks and feels uncertain. To her credit though that brush of a tail twitches once. Her nose quivers as she sniffs in the area where Besa had been when he greeted her with such contact.

((That makes two of us. I do not like this. It feels strange and uncertain and I do not like what cannot be explained.)) A soft whine in her throat. ((But I am coping. Have others close to you been affected?))

Besa lays down next to her, comfortable enough to want that physical touch. ((Tom too. He's a coyote.)) When she whines he turns his head to lay it on her back. Instinct is to dog pile. It may be from his time as the werewolf. ((The twins are both different sexes now.)) He huffs, ((everyone keeps tying to pet me.)) His fur is strangle soft and shiny, maybe a call back to his amazing hair in human form.

Funny enough Callisto, who as a girl is slow to touch others, doesn't shy away from proximity. Aren't canids in all shapes and sizes social creatures? Something in the psyche of this little white creature that she has become warms as Besa lays down alongside her and Callisto also lowers her body down to curl alongside the boy-turned-jackal. As the gorgon pendant rests between her front paws her muzzle — egads — parts just so into what could pass as a sort of 'semi fox smile', some measure of her tongue hanging out as she pants thoughtfully. In mid-breath Callisto catches herself, closes her maw as if aghast with herself, only to resume panting. It's just hard to resist this behavior. The frantic, nervous panting slows as Besa rests his sleek head atop her fluffy body. An ear twitches as Callisto 'listens'.

((A coyote!)) Her head shakes, ears snapping. ((How fitting!)) A little sniff of amusement.. her crappy mood seems to be easing.

((Well you do have nice fur. Your hair is nice as a boy so how could it not have passed over? But it's so much easier to run away as a jackal.)) Said as she gives his body the slightest nudge of amusement with her snout.

A soft chuckle, ((Yes, it is.)) So appropriate. ((Belly rubs are nice, but….I am not letting everyone pet. They do not even ask!)) Besa smirks, ((I threaten to bite them..)) He struggles down against her, settling his jaw against her back gently, ((I can bite them for you if you need me to.))

((I refuse to let anyone rub my belly. I… I do not like the feeling of having my belly being prone.. it was never an issue before. It must be something in this creature's mind.)) The little white fox 'says' by way of movement and sound, not balking at Besa's cozying up to her. The two of them are pretty close in size, both being smaller canids, so it's not as intimidating as having, say, a wolf or massive dog using her as a pillow! In fact, Callisto's muzzle parts in a sort of foxy 'grin' again, pink tongue lolling in a pant. Her thick white brush of a tail, akin to one of those kitchy old bottle-brush-dusters, twitches and may accidentally tickle the jackal's snout innocuously.

((No need to bite anyone. I do not want you to get in trouble. I've been out here for most of the day now.. I think it's wrong of me to hide… how has 'Tom' been handling being a coyote?))

Besa's bigger than Cocoa though. But he sighs, agreeing. ((I thought I would not like it too, but it's rather…relaxing. But you must feel safe.)) He senses up and then sneezes, her fluffy tail tickling his nose, ((Tom is enjoying it far more than he should.)) He sounds bother annoyed and amused. ((Something about a lesson being taught to him. He is lucky to have that belief. If it is a lesson for me, it is not one I wished to know.)) His head turns slightly, to protect his nose from her tail, ((Jackals are dogs of the dead in my culture. It is not a good omen for me.))

((It is how I have coped, too, otherwise I would lose my mind. I have not been relaxed at all. But I now tolerate it in seeing it as a lesson.)) Callisto startled at the sneeze and is quick to realize what caused it, and she wills that damnable fluffy tail back down to rest against her haunch. Though Callisto herself didn't exactly get the compunction to sniff Besa, something in the fox brain that she is saddled with causes her to nonetheless left her head, ears cocked, and sniff at the side of the jackal's face following the sneeze. It's a sort of 'are you ok' reaction that Callisto isn't even aware of doing!

((I can see how 'Tom' would take it differently. He called himself Coyote in my presence. It must be part of his culture to embrace this. Perhaps this, for you, is a task to overcome.. when we return to ourselves, and we must, you will have beaten death again? In a.. way?)) The fox tries to reason it out. An ear twitches and she faces the water again.

((I wish to run and play but I am afraid to. I think this is my trial.))

Besa smells of dirt even in this form. He stills , letting her sniff. ((I….I do not wish to beat death though…)) Golden eyes divert away and he looks out at the water too and changes to topic. ((Then let me help you. I may not be able to learn my lesson. But I can help you run and play, yes?))

((I-if I run and play I leave this behind,)) She turns her white head down toward the pendant between her paws. Everything in Callisto's body language speaks of a deep fear of being without this safeguard. ((I cannot bear to risk it. And I cannot run with it because it is too big for me. I worry if I run, I shall forget where I left it. This creature's mind is a flighty, anxious one. It only exacerbates my fear. So—)) Ears flick, the fox turns her head toward a merging of grass and sand; something can be seen moving there. Some manner of little sandpiper bird. Callisto's nose lifts and she sniffs the air delicately with a little whine, wanting to give chase.

((Can you be found in this form? While awake?)) Besa doesn't know all the details of her situation. Just enough. ((Perhaps….Perhaps I can cast a rune to help you stay hidden while you run?)) It's not a permanent fix, but it might protect her for a chase or two. His gaze follows hers, and he tenses as well, feeling that urge to hunt and play.

((Yes, to both questions.)) Callisto 'says' gently, her large ears lowering slightly. ((Without the pendant she can 'see' my thoughts while in waking but cannot hurt me. It… exposes those whom I see to her attentions.)) The small white creature looks pained. That reminder of what happened days ago, of what she was told about, doesn't help her anxiety much. ((If I am without the necklace in sleeping, and dreaming.. she is able to reach me, to hurt me. I wear the necklace in waking to protect others and.. keep her from knowing where I am, and sending others who would.. work in her stead.))

So long story short? Being without the thing is Bad News.

Though the fox ceases her nervous musings at this talk of rune magic and what it can do. ((You've access to your magic, even as a jackal? If something can be made to work, even for just a.. a bit..))

<FS3> Besa rolls Rune Magic -1: Success.

Besa then fidgets, ((I…I can still feel my magic…I have not tried to cast yet…let me try something….)) He stands up, stretching out his long legs before he moves over to a smooth place with sand. It takes a lot of concentration, but he'll draw a large rune with his paw. It's a simple one and when he breaks it the temperature drops. Golden eyes widen and he snaps his head around to look at Calli, ((It worked!)) apparently he wasn't so sure he could actually do it. His own tail starts to wag and he smiles back at her, ((I can cast!))

The fox watches the jackal stand and move off some to attempt the creation of a rune in the soft earth. Bright bluish-green eyes observe every movement, and Callisto is surprised at the significant swell of hope in her guts at the thought of abandoning all complex thoughts and just indulging in straight-up animal play. Not even any rhyme or reason behind it; no planning necessary. Would that be too much to ask for; too good to be true?

Callisto is surprised again at her excitement at such a prospect. She, too, pushes herself to stand on all four small, deft paws. The tip of her tail quivers… the little bird on the beach is joined by a couple of others.. they are smug and uncaring of the two stationary dog monsters just a'ways away. They don't seem interested!

((It would not hurt to try, then. I trust you.))

Besa nods, not exciting and nervous. ((I must think on this. Give me a moment…)) And then the jackal sits down and comes his eyes. He is reminiscent of an Egyptian statue in his stillness. He stays like that, focusing in mind inward to find the right runes. Once he has it, ((Come sit in the sand so I may draw the rune around you.))

As far as Callisto is concerned, some unseen force has saddled her into the body of an arctic fox. Befitting given her stature as fey, from the North and of a typically unpredictable race. She is hopeful that they will all be transformed back.. but what if they aren't? She doesn't even want to consider it. So for her to entrust rune magic being woven by a jackal isn't too far off the mark. What could possibly go wrong?!

.. lots, surely… but maybe Callisto is feeling reckless.

She lopes over and sits upon her haunches, still carrying the pendant. What if something in the rune changes the nature of her pendant's protective properties? So much could happen. Besa will hear her move and settle, but the fox is 'silent'. Not even moving a muscle outside of drawing quick breath.

<FS3> Besa rolls Rune Magic-1: Good Success.

Besa starts the rune, carefully, around her. It has elements of hiding, of concealing, and of mind. He steps backwards, dancing around the pretty fox as he casts. It takes him much longer than it would have if he were a human. When he finishes he stops and looks up to Calli, taking a deep breath before breaking the rune. And then it's a very long moment, but then everything around Calli seems to still.

Much like her normal self, the fox stays completely still. Unnaturally still; so much so that even her breath seems to have stopped. Not true of course but Callisto maintains this one constant: stillness. That and she's held rapt by the act of Besa, even in a jackal's skin, working his magic. The only things betraying the fox's calm are her eyes… big, round, astounded. But oddly enough not quite scared. Nervous? Maybe but not scared.

Callisto does not make the claim lightly, to lend trust.

As the rune is broken, Callisto finally moves, her ears pivoting and twitching atop her head, gaze dropping down to even the grass.. everything seems to have held it's breath!

((Did it… work? Wait—)) She looks down at the necklace. IT's still touching her and therefore in 'action'. ((Should I move this, and see?)) Her front paws kneed and dance upon the earth; a vulpine display of nerves.

Besa sits down panting happily and nodding, ((Yes. I believe so! I will watch the necklace for you so you do not misplace it.)) he nods his head, towards the necklace. ((Go hunt, my friend!))

((No. Why don't you mark where I place it, if you can recall for me should my silly fox brain fail.. I think you should have a run with me.)) Callisto insists, and before she can lose her nerve she indeed picks up the pendant — her lifeline — and moves to nestle it into a distinctly shaped thatch of grass. She gently noses some driftwood over it in a sort of horizontal placement. There.. that's obvious, yes?

Callisto turns back to Besa, ears twitching. ((Come, run with me.))

Besa's tail wags more, ((I will remember!)). He studios the drift wood and then make a decision she may not like. He pees next to it (not on it, thankfully). ((Scent will help more.)) And then he pounces her! Jackal pounce!

Here's where the definite rift in Callisto's mind arises: her inner true fey self CRINGES at the sight of Besa peeing near (but not on) the pendant. But the fox just agrees, though she does not move to add to the scent marker since one is enough. ((I… okay, I, understand. Y-yes.)) And she does. She's poised to run lest her proper fey side win out and she kinda have a little conniption over the sight and smell of jackal pee! But then the air of play is intensified as Besa makes the first move!

A yip that isn't quite a yelp and not an unhappy sound either. The little white fox tumbles and sprawls and curves in with intention to nip harmlessly. Just enough to graze fur but not even in a manner to hurt or pull. The sounds she makes, it certainly answers the question to that awful song: 'what does the fox say!?'

This one is having fun! Wriggling and springing to her paws Callisto bolts toward the little birds, her fluffy tail like a white banner.

Besa chases! He seems to enjoy the pouncing and running and yips back at Callisto. ((Birds!)) He goes from chasing her to helping her chase the birds. BIRDS! He hops they can catch one. Or maybe a few! ((We must run as a pack!))

Something tells Callisto that were she to interrupt the chase with questions regarding 'Tom' — because she is curious — it would take away from the fun of the chase. Maybe it's best to work off some canid energy before more Q&A! Something in Callisto's temporarily foxish mind, too, just doesn't allow her ridiculously complicated humanoid thoughts to find purchase. It feels so nice to run with abandon in this little quicksilver body and even BETTER is to have another pal to run with! The two dart forth to shake up those smug little twittering birds and they take off in a frenzy from the mucky edge of the beach which runs off into gnarly short grass.

Callisto snaps at what turns out to be a small flock. Up they go! Her jaws flash and don't catch birdies but it's fun to try. She then veers as if to feint-charge Besa but is instead moving in to, indeed, make formation for a pack run of two!

Besa yips, making noise and running and chasing! So much fun! No questions! Especially confusing questions! At one point he'll jump over the tiny fox, before taking off running Let's see how far they can go! Run run run!

It's good fun, though perhaps a quarter of Callisto's thought process remains with the gorgon head necklace in the bushes. But as she DOES move that lightness isn't due to sheer exhilaration alone; she well and truly hasn't that 'weight' on her mind. Her matriarch is not along for this ride and as Callisto kicks up sand and grass and nips and plays, she wonders if she will ever be this free. If Mommy Dearest were to die and Oridove to take over the family and prevent anyone else from being a shit disturber, she truly would be.

Callisto will run, run, run and RUN. Any birds that stupidly see fit to land she will LAUNCH through the flock like a white bullet and send them aloft again. She runs in tandem with Besa, keeps up and mirrors movements and pounces and tumbles. Then, as time passes and endurance eventually wanes… Callisto will pad back toward where the necklace is at rest, and flops back onto her side.

((Whyfor did Tom not join us?)) She puffs out… this could indeed be cause for Besa to flee! Gah! Questions!

Besa's panting by the time he too lays down on his side. While jackals aren't known for their elegance, he lays stretched out. Long legs going in every direction. ((He is hard to know where he is. He moves so quickly.)) Eyes close a moment and his ears flicker.

The small fox exhales with a snort, and opens her gob to pant in that wide-open-mouth-full-lolling-tongue way that all dogs exhibit when they've moved hard. Thank goodness it's only Besa here because fox or fey she wouldn't be caught DEAD doing such a thing. Euch. But she needs oxygen and it just feels right to be lying on her side, facing Besa as he too sprawls and angles his long legs outwards. She faces him much in a similar fashion though her white legs are shorter. And there, for all of thirty seconds, she pants like a fright train, tongue flapping.

Were Dax to know of this she wouldn't live it down.

((It is his way. Have you figured out where you stand with one another? He seemed conflicted when last we spoke.)) And she has no idea what ground he and Besa has covered since then. She cares for both of them so of course she wants to know.

Besa takes his take, finally rolling his head around to face the fox. ((It is.)) His way. A long sigh, ((No. I….I believe he likes me. But I also believe his fear of…. something… may be stronger than his like.)) He growls to himself, rolling over onto his belly, ((It is just as it was with Whitley…. I like Tom, very much, but I fear he would be happier if we were to just…be physical only.))

((Do not stand for it, to be left wondering. I have not bore witness to you both together to know but I can surmise knowing his nature that if he were to truly run, he will have done so long ago. He will have not lingered and struggled.)) Okay that is mostly a guess but Callisto remembers Dylan's body language from their chat in the woods, when he crashed her yoga. The little fox opens her cerulean eyes and watches Besa thoughtfully. He's on his belly and she's still on her side, body rising and falling with breaths that are slowly easing.

She cannot offer input on the likeness to Whitley because she knows nothing of the boy and their earlier association. ((If you like him, you must champion your own wishes too. Physical is fun,)) A snort, ((But it is not everything.)) Says the dark faerie.

((I do hope you figure it out. You seem to know what you desire, but he must make his decision. I suspect it may be precisely what you hope for, he just doesn't know it yet.)) Callisto's eyes close as she stretches. ((I desire to rest, for but a moment. I wish to know how it feels without a chain around my neck. Thank you for running, for playing with me.))

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