(2018-09-14) Gravity of the Situation
Gravity of the Situation
Summary: Syd, Zolin, and Bryce spar. Also, shapechanger flu happens uncharacteristically abruptly. perhaps Syd's shapeshifting fought off the uncontrolled change as long as it could…or I didn't read the rules carefully before I thew it in on a whim. :P
Date: 2018.09.14
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Athletic Fields
The atheltic field is a large swatch of green grass cut short and ringed by a running track. It is roughly the size of a regulation football field, but with no goal posts or markings of any kind.


It's a nice day and Zolin is in his regular clothes after school. It's always hard for him to come up with a good way to exercise, but running, even weightless, is still force exerted. So there he was, running laps around the track. Surprisingly fast, but then again, he's weightless, other than the belt, so maybe it's not that surprising at how light he looks as he moves.

Sydney has been feeling a little funny today, but the idea of a good spar is attractive to her, and solving the problems of a gravity controller as an opponent is an interesting puzzle. She waves at Zolin as he jogs by, finding a good place to stop and stretch.

Zolin slows as he'd see Syd standing nearby. A smile is given her way as he'd finish that lap at least, then walk over to where she stretched. "Heya Syd. Feeling up to that spar? Could be interesting to see how it goes and plenty of open space here so things don't get wrecked."

Sydney nods. She stretches her neck unecessarily, but it makes the muscles there pop out. "Yeah, that sounds good. We also need to make sure you can handle when I hit before we give you full power. So let me know when you're ready, and I'll give you a little pop and see how it goes.

Zolin muses, nodding slightly. "Should I be lessening the impact, so we can see where that balance is?" He'd chuckle a little. "Otherwise.. I'm fit.. but I'm not necessarily sure I can just take a hit.."

Sydney nods. "Definitely lessen the impact if you can. Like I said, I'm trying not to hurt you." She raises a fist. "Ready?"

<FS3> Sydney rolls Physical Vs Zolin/physical: Failure.

Zolin shifts on his feet, one step back, to plant himself then nods to Syd. As she'd come in to punch at him, he'd spread his hands, flat and forward. For Syd, it'd feel like she runs into a wall of massively heavy gravity. 5 times the normal gravity, it'd literally pull her attack downward, unless she's strong enough to support her arm in that weight. But it's definitely difficult.

Sydney is plenty strong to not have an issue when her arm gets suddenly massively heavy. But she wasn't expecting it, so it trashes her aim pretty badly, and she lurches forward, missing Zolin entirely. This, sadly, brings her bust into the increased gravity well, and when THEY suddenly weigh half her body weight, her center of gravity is badly disturbed and now far out in front of her feet. Over she goes, with a metallic clunk.

Zolin immediately dissipates that field, watching Syd basically imprint into the ground as she'd crash down within that field and have it push her further. Wincing a little, he'd crouch down near her head. "Ahh.. Syd? Are.. are you ok?"

Sydney rolls over backward, drawing her feet back under her. Those dents in the ground are from her elbows. Really. Okay they're not. The little one top center is from her nose. You have to figure the others out for yourself. Syd dusts the muddy dirt from her face and clears it from her nose. "I'm fine, hon. I can be hit by a train and be fine. Don't worry about me until I start going liquidy. I didn't consider how much you could muck up my balance that way. It's an interesting problem. Wanna try again?"

Zolin chuckles a little and rubs the back of his head. "I don't know if I can push that hard.. but sure.. I'll be happy to try again." Zolin would settle back on his feet again, taking up that stance as he'd watch Syd with a smile. This time? When she'd go to swing the field was to the left, that heavy gravity defied the pull towards the earth, just to continue to put her off course.

Sydney leans her head forward a little, so it's closer to the changing gravity well than it was last time. This time her inner ear picks up the gravity change off to the side and she compensates for it. The arm comes in with some heat on it, but she pulls the punch at the last moment to a light pop. She might have hit harder when she was made of flesh.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Zolin=physical Vs Sydney=physical
< Zolin: Success Sydney: Good Success
< Net Result: Sydney wins - Marginal Victory
<FS3> Zolin rolls Gravity Control: Good Success.

Coming across the field is a rather short looking, heavily armored person. The armor is an odd combination of medieval design and cyber enhancements. A thin series of cyan lines move down his arm and leg with an intricate pattern on his torso. When he speaks, Bryce's voice is a bit odd because of the helmet. His entire body is covered by the armor. Seeing Sydney and Zolin in battle, he heads over to them silently not wanting to distract.

Zolin watches and narrows his eyes slightly as Syd gets closer to that wall. She'd pick out which way to go and so was able to get that smack off against him, making him fall backwards. The wall is suddenly gone, instead Zolin's tumble turns into a controlled roll, that has him come up on his feet. "Ahh.. that.. nice shot."

Sydney nods. "Important safety tip when you're fighting bricks. Stand-off distance is your friend. If a shot gets through from someone who can throw cars, you're squishy. Also, you were right before when you said most of my power comes from connection to the ground. Fucking with my balance was the right way to go." Her voice takes on a "teaching" tone, as though this is old hat for her.

Bryce stands about 20 feet away without any look of dropping his armor. He remembers that she told him the same thing though he doesn't like when she uses the term 'brick' to apply to herself. He knows what it means, but he still doesn't like it. Since they are in a break between moves, he says in a flat voice through the armor, "H-hello, Sydney. Good afternoon, um, Zolin." If there was any doubt who was in the armor, that doubt would be removed by the stammering.

Zolin chuckles, nodding to Syd. Looking over to Bryce-armor, he'd wave. "Heya Bryce. We were just practicing.." Looking to Syd, Zolin grins. "My turn, right?" Zolin would shift his feet and with one hand, flips it upward, the gravity around Syd suddenly reversing, making the sky that center of gravity to pull towards. As she'd go flying up, Zolin's other hand comes down. It's not as strong as the barrier he used, but it definitely feels like double what normal gravity is, that sweeps the in-air Syd down towards the ground sharply.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Zolin=gravity Control Vs Sydney=physical
< Zolin: Success Sydney: Amazing Success
< Net Result: Sydney wins - Crushing Victory

Sydney is made of steel. Even double gravity does not overly inconvenience her, so she lands as easily weighing 1200 pounds as she does at 600. Her boots do sink into the grass a bit though. "No, no no. You gotta get me upside down for that." She glances over to Bryce and her expression softens. "Hey hon." She smiles toward the closed visor. She's missed Bryce these last few days. "Wanna jump in? It's a weird fight, with someone who can control gravity."

Bryce smiles though he knows that no one can see it which is probably why he felt comfortable enough to smile. Oddly enough, his left hand goes up to hide his helmet briefly. "Yes, I, I can, uh, join in if that is okay for, for both of you. I, I wouldn't want to, er, interfere."

Zolin muses at Syd's words and nods slowly. Looking over to Bryce, he'd grin a little. "Sure. You can help me out.. I'm not exactly the best at taking a hit." He'd shrug a little, then looks to Syd again. "Alright.. ready for the next try?"

Sydney nods. "Two on one? Okay." She nods to Bryce and Zolin both

Bryce nods his head to Zolin and says, "Um, okay." He glances back to Sydney and says, "Um, let's, let's set up a bit of a, a challenger. If, if I can, uh, hit you, then you take me on, on a date, but if you, er, get me, then I take you on, uh, one." He purposefully phrases it this way so that either way they end up on a date. It is clearly just an excuse to go spend time with his girlfriend. He lifts his hand up in the air and causes the psychic sword to appear floating in the air between them. He won't attack yet, but let's her adjust to the new terms both in what he said and the change in the battle alignment.

Zolin glances at Bryce and chuckles, shaking his head. Looking to Syd with a flashed grin, he'd shift and motion again. This time, it was two lines of gravity, one high going left, the other low, going right. She told him try to put her off balance, so he was indeed doing that. Of course, it's not as strong as one line coming in, but it was a wider area, should be making it harder for her to do much while in it.

Sydney laughs softly at the challenge. "Okay. That sounds like a good challenge. What if either of us hits him?" She takes her stance as things start. She takes a step to close the distance with Zolin, and things get weird. She wobbles in her footing and has to regain it before she can make any kind of attack.
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Bryce=Psychic Vs Sydney=Physical
< Bryce: Great Success Sydney: Great Success
< Net Result: DRAW

Bryce has been trying to work on his sense of humor which of course means that he has been reading books on it. His timing is still bad though. "Then he has to, er, uh, take himself out?" Started off well, but the landing was tough. Bryce knows that Sydney is strong, very strong. He is also sure that he doesn't know the true limit of her strength, but it doesn't seem right to hit her with his sword. The sword changes to more of a metallic looking baseball bat. He uses the stumble in her motion to hit her with the bat in the torso hoping the alternation in her Newtonian status will interrupt her further. Distance is important.

Sydney clongs fairly resoundingly as she's smacked while off balance. She steps backward once. "Good. Good. Take advantage don't let up to see if your opponent is ready to stop yet." She's too far away to touch either of them at this point. "Good use of distance, too."

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Zolin=energy Vs Sydney=physical
< Zolin: Failure Sydney: Failure
< Net Result: Both Fail.

Zolin nods a little and moves closer. He'd shift, and tries to push downward.. only.. for the area pushed down to suddenly widen and cover all of them in a brief, but heavy wave of gravity. This, much like what happened to Syd earlier, plants Zolin into the dirt with a grunt. "Gah!!"

Bryce feels the gravity wave roll over him and increases the strength of his armor. There is no way that he would be able to resist that level of power with his body. His armor makes him stronger. He looks over at Zolin and Sydney to see if they are okay after the gravity wave. Seeing Zolin in the dirt, he grimaces. "Are, are you okay?"

Sydney is pulled forward and fights it, and then… it stops prematurely. Syd backpedals and scrambles for her balance desperately, but falls over backwards, leaving a turf-angel. She's dizzy a moment. Much too dizzy for such a gentle impact. Her eyes close for a moment and she flashes silver all over… and then the silver withdraws who knows here revealing bare skin. She groans, semi-consciously as the silver fades away, then takes a breath, and another, and opens her eyes. She looks up at the sky and over at Bryce. "I think… I'll be taking you out." She's too dizzy and disoriented to realize that she's flesh and blood (and naked) again. The eyes flutter closed. On close inspection, she has a solid heartbeat and breathing, and nothing is broken, at least. Just… this transformation.

Zolin waves a little, then slowly gets to his feet. "Yeah.. I'm good." Blinking in surprise as Syd is.. now.. naked Syd? He'd blush, realizing he was staring and immediately pulls his bag forward to grab the blanket in it. "Bryce. She may be sick. Get her covered with this and lets get her to the medics."

Bryce sees the change come over Sydney and immediately moves into action. He uses his armor to make himself run faster than he could in his regular weak body. Once by her side, he takes the blanket from Zolin. He is concerned for her modesty and her health. He sits next to her on the ground and slams his armored hand downwards to the ground. Time for Aladdin to come to the rescue. "I've got you, Sydney." As the psychic energy creates a thin flat plate beneath them, he reaches over to check on her. "Sydney, Sydney, are you okay?"

Sydney doesn't answer, but she does curl up a little once she's out of the dirt. She rolls over onto her side and snores quietly. That's probably reassuring. She's profoundly asleep, as though completely exhausted, but not unconscious.

Zolin does what he thinks is best. That is? stay back away so he doesn't get sick, or interrupt Bryce. When he has them up the mental stretcher, Zolin would take off to lead the way for those medics. Time to get her to the infirmary!

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