(2018-09-13) Friends with Gravity
Friends with Gravity
Summary: Syd, Zolin, and Ali hang out. Ali Leaves, so Syd and Zolin talk about her for a while. :)
Date: 2018.09.13
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Tide Pools
The rocky shore jut gets rockier a it continues around the island. In some area, like this one, there is nothing but shelves of rocks hanging over or jutting out into the water so that the waves during high tide crash over them quite dangerously. During low tide water collecting in eroded spots and divides in the rock creates tide polls where small sea creatures dwell. It isn't surprising to find sea stars, crabs, sea cucumbers, sea urchins and other creatures in the pools. During the early morning it is a favorite resting spot for harbor seals.


Zolin is wandering along that shore. Or more specifically, skipping lightly across the water. He's watching for anything that may have been left high and dry from the water to help knock it back in and not die. The afternoon had finally released from school and so it was something nice to do, to pass the time.

Sydney is out to watch the tide pools, stepping very carefully so as not to crush the sea life out of existence under her boot treads. Sometimes being made of steel is bloody inconvenient. She notices Zolin skipping along the water and waves. "Heya.

Alejandra is making her way from that peninsula with her book bag. School might have let out but she was out there for a bit, in uniform however. Letting out a yawn she just looks up then spots Zolin. Waving to him she smiles warmly then looks over to the other girl, smiles as she gives her a wave too.

Zolin glances up at being called out to and spots Sydney and Ali both. Smiling, he'd shift his direction, moving over the water to land lightly near where the two girls are. "Hey there. How's it going? Hmm.. I don't remember, have we met?" Zolin looks to Sydney curiously. "My name's Zolin."

Sydney chuckles. "You let me play in zero G for a minute or two out at the skate park. Thanks for that, by the way. I'm Sydney. Everyone calls me Syd. I'm trying not to pulverise the sea life here… or rust." She waves at Alejandra, who she's seen around, but doesn't know well. Upper-classmen. Different classes. "Hi."

Alejandra pushes some stray hair out of her face as she glance to Zolin with a smile still. Looking back over to the girl she clears her throat and nods then. "Hey there. I'm Alejandra….or just Ali. Nice to meet you, Syd…."

Zolin snaps, grinning. "Right! That was when I had just first moved in and found the park. I remember now." He'd chuckle with a nod, looking over to Ali with a smile. "I was just helping some of the sea critters get back to the water. I know you like to walk this path."

Sydney smiles at Ali. Even her teeth are steel, but she has (if you can see enough contrast to see it) a friendly smile. "Hi. Nice to meet you." She grins at Zolin. "I mean geez, you pick me up and you don't remember me? Story of my life, man." Syd chuckles, trying to make clear that she's kidding. "How're classes?" she asks both of them.

Alejandra smiles as she nods. "Oh look at you being so helpful…" Grinning slightly she then but her brow raises slightly. Looking over to Zolin she seems to think before looking to Syd. "It's okay. So weird to be living at a school but….oh well."

Sydney nods to Ali. "I hear you there." She looks down at the water, and crouches down to nudge a sea anemone, which spirts water at her. "And on an island. I mean… shit, I'm a midwesterner. if I hadn't spent all summer at the mansion, I'd be completely weirded out spending the school year on an island."

Zolin flashes a grin at Ali, then shrugs to Syd. "Honestly? That is the story of my life. Second if not third question most people ask.. So.. I do apologize for that. As for the school?" Zolin glances back at the building. "It's wierd. Having.. you know, actual defined classes. I don't like being stuck here either.. But I'm not pushing." Yet.

Alejandra chuckles a bit then. "I see…." At that she just turns to look around then. Shaking her head she sighs before responding. "It's my first year here. I think my mom just got sick of putting up with my temper tantrums so to speak…."

Sydney looks at Zolin and then looks down. "Sorry. I was kidding anyway. It was fun though. I imagine it seems pretty ordinary to you by now, but… first time out of the gravity well for me." She looks over at Alajandra and sighs very slightly. "I've been here all summer." She looks at Ali as she complains about her mom, and smiles a little sadly. "Yeah… parents, go figure, right? Just… unless they're completely hostile drug users or something… that kind of conflict seems a lot less important in the rear view mirror." She shakes her head. "In weak moments, even if they were. What um. What do you do, power-wise?"

Zolin flashes a grin at Sydney and shakes his head. "Look, don't sweat it. I was just explaining why I didn't remember. I knew you looked familiar. But that sort of thing is common for me. That's all. I don't mind doing it, or I would of said no."

Alejandra chuckles at the interaction between the two then, looking off to the side. As she hears Syd again, she smiles as she seems to be in thought. "Yeah…." About the parents. At the question about her powers she hesitates. "Um…..I just….get cranky." Clearing her throat she moves to Zolin. "Hey I gotta run." Leaning over she gives him a quick kiss then nods. "Just find me later…." At that she turns and gives Syd a smile. "Nice to meet you. I'm sure I'll see you around."

Sydney nods and holds up her hands. "It's ok, it's ok. None of my business unless you want to tell me." She grinds to a halt watching the two of them kiss, and watches Ali go. She chuckles softly. "She's cool. But I'm betting you know that."

Zolin flashes a grin towards Ali, then nods at her words with a brief kiss back. Watching her go with a wave, he'd laugh at Syd's words. "She is. And I know her powers too. But she's still learning and it's not my place to say. Sorry Syd.. I can say though? I've enjoyed not having to try to hide it here."

Sydney nods. "I get that. I mean, it's not like I can hide mine. Even if I wrapped up like a mummy, I'd still weigh six hundred pounds and live in a world of soap bubbles. So I guess I don't think about it for others and why they might want to hide it. But yeah. Nobody judges you here for your powers. I mean… there are at least two people here whose powers come from demons. And they're nice.

Zolin nods in resposne to Syd with a small smile. "hers is tied to emotion.. and she's still coming to terms. I'm trying to help her with it too. I'm supportive. Just a matter of time, I guess."

Sydney nods. "Kind of… Incredible Hulk-like, then? Yeah, I could see being cagey about that. I've been watching the original TV series from the 70s on Kodi. It's as good as I remember, only now it's in color." She smiles at Zolin. "I can tell you from personal experience that a boyfriend helps with a lot of things. Or girlfriend. Or you know. Whatever works for you."

Zolin grins sheepishly and rubs the back of his head. "Yeah. She's helped me focus too.. and.. actually that's pretty accurate. Including the change and ripping clothes and stuff. Only.." He'd hesitate a moment, then shakes his head. "I'll uh.. leave it at that. It's not exactly like that. But definitely same premise."

Sydney nods. "Yeahh, I can understand why that'd be embarrassing. I mean… nothing like a wardrobe failure to make you self-conscious. I mean in an actual fight… I never worried about it after the first month. But in school? Geez. Been there, done that. I was sparring with Lazarus, and he sent me flying and sliding… and my shirt didn't come along for the ride."

Zolin chuckles a little. "She has fur that shows up to err.. cover. Until she relaxes.." He'd shrug, then taps his bag. "I've taken to carrying a blanket in my bag. Just in case. It's not like it's any more weight to me." He'd muse, then shrugs a little. "I wouldn't mind sparring you either, some time.. It's good to practice I think."

Sydney nods. "That's kind of you." She smiles. "Yeah, could be interesting to spar with you. I hit pretty hard though. Like… hit by a train hard. Can you take that kind of impact?"

Zolin smiles towards Sydney, then muses. "I.. don't know. I can usually lessen the impact of anything coming at me. I've even deflected a bullet.. once." He'd shrug a little. "If you actually connect? Probably not. But gravity is pretty good at stalling out most swings."

Sydney nods. "Okay. We could work up to it. I'm up for sparring with people who aren't bricks, but I don't want to hurt someone by accident." She smiles a little sheepishly. "I've only ever sparred with my own kind, except for one energy guy, who knocked me on my butt without breaking a sweat.

Zolin flashes a grin at Sydney. "Sounds fine to me. Afterall.. it's hard to swing if you have no way to brace for the impact. Floating does an amazing job of stopping most attacks."

Sydney nods. "Yeah, it would… can you control inertia too? I mean, if I'm floating, I still have a huge moment of inertia with my mass. I can swing and lay some smackdown from that."

Zolin shakes his head a little. "That's part of why I have the weights. It's inertia that would send me flying without them." He'd tap that belt of his on his waist. "But I can redirect. So if you swing at me and suddenly get pushed up, Newtonian physics means your swing goes up with inertia and misses.."

Sydney ponders, looking at Zolin thoughtfully. "Tricky… yeah, we should definitely spar. That'd be a thinking fight for me for sure. I'd have to work on it. What have you got for offense? Basically throw me into solid objects? Increase gravity on me?"

Zolin flashes a smile at Syd, then opens a pouch to pull out one of the lead weights. It's a sphere of course, with each of the pouches full of them. "That's part of it. Increase gravity. Or I can throw these.. Reverse gravity up, then generate a cylinder of heavy gravity down on the target. 100 lb weight times 5 for gravity, makes the impact more akin to 500 lbs at over free fall velocity."

Sydney nods and grins. "Me, I still gotta learn to throw. Yeah, we definitely need to spar. Are you going out for Arena Fetch?"

Chuckling, he'd put the sphere away. "I was going to.. but had schedule conflicts, so couldn't make the try outs. I'm.. still getting use to this whole, schedule thing. I use to be homeschooled."

Sydney nods, then pauses, thinking. "Tell me about homeschooling. I'm a refugee from 1982. It wasn't a thing then. Why do people homeschool? What's it like?"

Zolin hesitates. "Well.. my parents did it because we moved around. A lot. I did a few schools, but it was just easier for all of us if I did it from home. Then when my power manifested.. it kept me out of sight from people who wouldn't understand why the desk was floating." Zolin shakes his head a little. "In terms of learning.. you go at your own pace and study what you're interested in. Most of my classes are just shoring up the bits that aren't quite up to senior highschool. the rest I'm more set for college than high school."

Sydney thinks about it, pacing a moment, watching out to not squash the sea-life. "So… social reasons, basically… and consistency if you're gonna move around… and you can go faster with the stuff you're good at… I get that. What about the stuff you hate, or you suck at? I'm thinking like… me and geometry." She makes a 'gag me' gesture, miming sticking a finger down her throat.

Zolin smiles wryly. "I was more English. But yeah.. Still have to do it too. You have lesson plans and such. So you still learn what you have to learn. But can focus more on what you want."

Sydney curls a smile of her own in response. "Yeah, English I can deal with. Put on some old school rock, crank it up, and I can write papers all day if I have a decent keyboard. I had lots of practice with that." Syd looks down as the slowly rising tide begins to lick at her boot soles, and the anemones she was poking at previously extend their fronds to feed. "That's so cool…" She looks back at Zolin. "We should… well I should head in, at least, so I'm not here when the tide comes in. Can't swim. Rust."

Zolin chuckles and nods. "I'm pretty good with mathmatics. So maybe we can help each other out there too." He'd eye the water, going to step on it, only to miscalculate, slip on a rock and all but dunk himself into the water. Sputtering, he'd climb out and look at his now soaked uniform. "Blah.. ok.. definitely time to go in. Want a lift to head back.. hopefully without me screwing up again?"

Sydney reaches out a hand, and her arm elongates by several feet in order for the hand to reach Zolin, trying to help him up. "Um… How about we get out of the tide pool first. If I fall on the ground I just make a dent. If I fall here, I killl stuff. If I fall into the ocean, I drown." She's safely crouched where she was standing, confident in her anchoring for the moment.

Zolin is.. well.. weightless. Sure, he has mass, but no weight and so it's easy to scoop him up. He'd flash a grin at Syd and use her help to get settled. Nodding then, he'd jump and skip out onto the water itself, it looks like the actual current of the water doesn't matter. "Agreed. I'll help you out, as I can." He'd smile and head back to the shore with keeping an eye on Syd to help her float as needed past any of the water. No rusting here!

Sydney steps out of the tide pool the way she came in. Once over solid ground, she assumes the Superman(tm) pose and lets Zolin do the work. It's good to have friends with gravity.

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