(2018-09-13) Canine Confessors
Canine Confessors
Summary: Ness unwittingly starts to reveal her inner self to a jackal-Besa and coyote-Dylan.
Date: 2018-09-13
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Cliff Coral Springs

As though the entire island were carved in one titanic blow from a greater landmass, the cliff drops nearly vertically down to the rocky beach below, and thence to the restless blue-green sea. Greenery clings to the cliff where it can, and cliff swallows make their homes in any crags large enough to support their gourd shaped mud nests. There is no safety rail. There are no stairs. What students do about that is up to them.

It is a summer night. The weather is warm and drizzling.

Dealing with classes as a jackal was not fun. Much less dealing with the twins being all flip flopped. And then the nurse called Besa to the med lab….that's never a good sign. So when he fancy got away he ditched dinner and headed to the cliffs. He's currently laying with his head on his paws staring out over the water with golden eyes. He's not quite as large as a wolf, but close, although his head seems almost too small for his body…and ears. Cocoa lies next to him, head resting on his back.

Amazed by his new animalistic senses, Dylan has been sniffing and smelling his way around the island. He caught ahold of a familiar smell, well, actually two smells. Part of him relishes the idea of stalking and hunting the jackal and service dog. The young coyote steps into the clearing by the cliff where Besa and Cocoa are relaxing. He barks in the high pitched coyote yip. 'Found you!'

The girl actually has her collar turned off. Why not? She's walking in the woods. She has some sort of thick, hard-knotted rope over one shoulder, coiled. She is actually whistling, and singing the mystical song of her people, "My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard." She doesn't recognize BesaJack or Dylote, but… she's just unwilderness-y enough that she mistakes the trio for a pack of dogs. Mainly because of Coca. So she beckons the dog and calls out, "Cocoa, buddy? Where's your friend?"

Besa's ears swivel towards the direction that Dylan is in. Those golden eyes follow his ears and then he turns his head, a soft yip back with no power put behind it, 'Yes you did. Do you need me?' B seems much more calm that earlier today. Cocoa's tail starts to wag, she's lifting her own head to bark her own greeting at Dylan. The therapy dog turns as Besa does too to bark a greeting at Ness. But Cocoa actually hops up and moves to try to nudge Ness over to Besa.

Dylan pads over, tailing wagging as he does. As Cocoa receives him pleasantly, he moves on over completely to the two, ears pointing straight up, nose working overtime. The young canine yip-barks to the jackal. 'Always. Just hunting you, when I caught your scent. It was fun.' As he hears Ness's approach (and her singing), his ears lower a touch as his amber eyes watch and waits.

Someone with more wilderness experience would never confuse a jackal or coyote with a dog. As this is NOT Ness, however… She has no idea. She laughs as Cocoa nudges her over to Besa and reaches down to provide the jackal with head-scritches and tummy rubs. Because why not, "Hey there, buddy. You a new friend of Besa's as well?"

'Hunting me? I am not very good prey.' A soft smile , but then he too looks over to see what Cocoa and Ness are doing. Besa's going to have to get used to this, but when Ness tries to pet him he draws his head back and snorts. It's not an aggressive going to bite her noise, more annoyed and surprised. Cocao doesn't stop because she's compelled to make sure Ness knows where Besa is. This close Ness may notice the scent of dirt that usually clings to Besa is on the jackal, and his fur looks perfectly soft. Also this close, both students may notice he has a white bandage around one of his front legs (It was hidden before when he was laying down).

The coyote which might be mistaken for a scrawny dog that is part German shepherd yips playfully at Besa. 'It was fun to find you. Might as well have fun being a dog.' He sits down beside the Besa-jackal and it is almost like the shaggy dog almost laughs at the interaction between Ness and Besa.

The girl draws her hand back when the jackal snorts at her, frowning. She withdraws the hand for a moment, thinking, then offers her hands to the Coyote and Jackal to smell. This is what dogs like, right? The girl smiles a little bit, though, a friendly enough expression on her face. She looks over at Cocoa, "Your new friend here was injured, it looks like. I guess that means he has his own… owner? Or… did Besa patch him up?" She wrinkles her nose, and then says, "Smells like Besa's clay, actually." After a moment to offer hand for sniffing, the girl reaches out as if to pet the coyote this time.

Besa blinks, surprised, 'You are not a dog, tom.' How could Dylan not know? He considers briefly nipping at Dylan when he laughs, but then audibly sighs when Ness doesn't get who he is. His nose flares, it's like he can't help but sniff the air, but doesn't move in for pets. Those piercing eyes watch to see what Dylan does.

Dylan's mouth is open, tongue practically lolling to the side. 'No I am skinwalking. It is a chance to walk in my spirit animal's skin. There might be a lesson to learn here.' See there is a decent reason for playing along with whatever this may be. When Ness goes to pet him, the young coyote doesn't resist. In fact, he practically leans into the pet, then plops on over, showing his belly, rolling back and forth, letting the ground beneath him scratch his back.

The girl does in fact present Dylan with belly rubs. Why not, after all? Still kneeling, Ness looks around, then murmurs to them, "Okay puppers, since it's just you and me, I'm going to share a secret." She is actually BLUSHING. "I REALLY like it here. Like. A lot. People are really nice. Everything they do in regard to me is based on WHO I am. Not what I am. My gender is… impressively a non-issue. I think I may actually be one of the most normal people here. I've even made a really good friend. Callisto and your new buddy Besa. They're both kind of odd in a… I think Gramma Reinhardt would call them 'old souls' kind of way. It's a good thing, though. I dunno how they put up with my short attention span. There's a lot of smart people here. It makes me feel a little stupid, but… they're all so nice about it." And on and on. With that voice, she should probably watch what she says out loud, but… Teenagers say stuff to hurt themselves all the time, let alone others, so… par the course?

Besa really hopes he's not supposed to learn anything from this. Jackal's are the keepers of death in his culture. But he nods to the barking of Dylan before looking back at Ness and he's interaction. The display makes him roll his eyes, he's clearly not at the point of enjoying belly rubs yet. He'll get there, it's not even been a day yet. But then….oh boy, Ness starts talking, and it's kinda the stuff she might not say if they were humans. He stands up quickly and tries to gently head bump Ness to get her to stop talking. His fur is super soft. A soft yip at Dylan, 'She doesn't know….'

'You really should try this. It feels better than it should," the coyotes barks. When the girl starts talking, he rolls over, then stands up. He shakes, trying to get the dirt from his shaggy fur. When she starts talking about things that she might not want two teenage boys to know, and Besa is pointing out the fact. He jumps up putting his front paws on her shoulders and starts playfully barking, tail wagging. 'Stop talking… ' Finally as a last ditch effort, he starts showering her with very wet doggy kisses all over the side of her face.

"And oh my God! All my friends are super way-hotter-than-me and it gives me a little bit of a complex-" Cue teenage girl complaining… Besa bumping her head gets a momentary pause. Then she opens her mouth to speak again when there's suddenly a coyote with is paws on her shoulders, barking and wagging his tail. Doggy kisses ensue, and the girl falls over backwards, laughing and gently trying to push the doggo away. Successfully aborted overshare!

'Maybe next time.' The jackal will let Dylan doggy kiss her but then tries to knock him off the fallen backwards Ness. Only to lay down across her. He's heavier than he looks. tail wagging gently, almost like he's making himself comfortable and then starts talking to the coyote, 'Ness is good people. She is my friend. Her voice has power though. We must be careful.' Cocoa though, sees all of this and she nuzzles up to Ness, sticking her nose against the girl's neck.

Dylan doesn't know exactly what Besa means by her voice has power, but that doesn't sound good. So any time she starts to talk he repeats his hush Ness up technique. He yips at Besa, 'So next date will have to wait unless you want to reproduce that scene from Lady and the Tramp.'

The girl is soon host to a heavier jackal, and is soon just sort of laying there, being nuzzled by Cocoa. She can't really talk. She can't get up. So all she CAN do is sort of just lay back and sit there. She's not big. The jackal has a decent chance of outweighing her. Bemused, she reaches out a hand to pet Cocoa's snout, as well as the Coyote. She has decided, she probably can't actually make the Jackal do anything it doesn't want. At least she doesn't look upset. Captive of several puppies. She eventually learns to 'shut up'.

Besa's not trying to crush her, in fact he shifts to make sure he's not. Just no spilling the beans on hearts desires or woes. That won't be helpful to her self esteem. Cocoa's happy with the pets, nuzzling into Ness's neck more. Her nose is cold. Best sighs, head lowering to rest on Ness as he talks to Dylan, 'What is that?' He's definitely not caught up on most Disney movies. He stretches out the leg with the bandage, it does that jerky street thing dogs do before he lays it down. 'The nurse took blood.'

Dylan cocks his head slightly as he looks at Besa, 'We so are going to have to watch it. It's a cute movie.' He lays down under the petting hand of Ness. The boy has actually exhausted himself to day and falls asleep under her hand.

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