(2018-09-12) Starting to Feel Like School
Starting To Feel Like School
Summary: Syd, Besa, and Ashton chat about school.
Date: 2018.09.12
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Metis/Prometheus Rooftop
The rooftop of the dorm has been nicely designed with hanging out in mind. There is all weather furnishings under a gazebo style anchored awning as well as a few patio table and chairs for eating at.

Surrounding the area is a waist high ledge to prevent accidently falling. There is also a clear area for any flyers that want to land on the roof.


Sydney is almost never too warm, but the last gasp(s) of summer make her want to spend whatever time there is left pretending that summer isn't gone, that the school year hasn't started, and that it's not going to snow soon. So yes. Cutoffs, bikini top, barefoot, and she's going up to hang out on the roof for a little while now that her homework is done.

Besa had gotten soaked early in the rain, and the ancient teen had changed into shorts and the purple tee shirt Rain had bought his that has a Unicorn on it that says 'I've got the magic in me'. It's funny. He's trying to clear his head, and meditation wasn't doing it, so up he comes with his hand drum. There's a pause when he sees Sydney, 'Oh! Hello Sydney. Do you mind company?" Of course, Cocoa is right next to him, because she's the best dog.

Ashton has come to find the rooftop as a place to clear his head. It's like it above all of his troubles. The young sorcerer was feeling a little caged in in his room, so he came up to the rooftop to escape. He sees the two on the roof. "Hey.. am I interrupting anything? If so, I can go for a walk or something…"

Sydney looks over at Besa. "Oh hey Besa. Hey Cocoa." With Buddy around, Syd has just gotten into the habit of talking to dogs like they're people, even when she knows otherwise. "No, no problem, just… getting some air, you know? Last taste of summer." She looks over at Ashton and grins as he, too, arrives. "Oh, you know. Playing cards and smoking weed and planning our next heist." She laughs. "Nah, not interrupting anything."

Besa nods in understanding to Sydney. "Air is good." He smiles over at Ashton, resting the drum against his him, 'hello Ashton. We were just talking and getting air. You are welcome to share the air with us." He blinks, giving Sydney a surprised look, "I would not heist anything!" Maybe he'd play cards and smoke weed though?!?

Ashton looks to the dog to see how bad she is going to react to him tonight. Regardless, he moves giving her and (for Cocoa's sake) Besa a bit of space. He actually walks over to the edge of the roof and stands there for a second. He chuckles at Sydney's response. "Well, I'll tell you what… you go on with your criminal mastermind discussions and I promise that I won't tell anyone what I hear."

Sydney holds both hands up to Besa. "I'm kidding, I'm kidding. He knows I'm kidding. It's ok." She chuckles at Ashton, who clearly got the joke. "See?" By contrast, Syd doesn't give Cocoa any extra space. She glances at Besa and moves a hand toward the dog, looking for permission.

Cocoa huffs, not liking that Ashton's there, but tolerating it. She moves over to sit against the opposite ledge's wall, turning so she's facing the teens. She's keeping an eye on you, Ashton! Besa shakes his head, smiling first at Sydney and then at Ashton, "I know." Does he, or is he just covering up? He shakes head though at Syd's asking to pet Cocoa, "Not right now. She is…on guard." He'll move over to a chair to sit, "How are both of you this evening?"

Ashton looks a bit sadly at Cocoa, sighing softly. He looks over at Besa, smiling, "Um… I tried out for Arena Fetch. I used to play soccer at my old school. I miss playing on a team. " He looks over at Sydney, "She doesn't trust me… My demonic DNA puts her on edge… "

Sydney nods to Besa and withdraws her hand. "Oh I see. Dogs supposedly pick up on that kind of thing. Horses too, if old movies are right." She gives her forehead a light smack, which clangs like kicking a shovel. "Fuuuck. I missed tryouts. I knew there was something I was forgetting to do on Tuesday. Was there much turnout?"

Besa smiles, "Oh! I will have to cheer for you then. And Rain." Neither of who are on his team. That'll make matches interesting. He nods about Cocoa, "I have not dealt with many horses, but camels can be sensitive." He flinches slightly, mostly at the noise from Syd's forehead, "I think they said there wold be another tryout ?"

Ashton smiles and nods. "It will be interesting… During the tryouts she and I got grouped together… It was fun, but I'm kind of looking forward to playing against her at the same time." Yeah, there is a bit of a competitive streak in the young sorcerer. "There are… You should think about trying out, Syds."

You say, "Oh, ok. Yeah, I figure… I spent two years locked in a warehouse learning to fight and take a beating, and that whole time it was like… What would high school have been like? What would it have been like to be a cheer leader or play basketball or volleyball or cross-country? I mean I never did team sports before. I was always too cool, too stoned… but learning to fight felt good, in ways I'm having a hard time understanding.""

Besa glances between the two, he's never played a sport, so he doesn't get it. His drum is set between his knees and he leans closer to tut the sound. Mayeb tighten the skin a little bit if needed. "I will cheer for all three of you then."

Ashton chuckles, "Well, from what I can tell… it's like a combination of rugby, keep away, and American Ninja Warrior." He chuckles. "In a High School of powered teens… this is what the cool kids do." He smiles at Besa, "I remember reading about it when my grandparents were showing me the school's literature… I was kind of disappointed to find that it was not being done at the mansion…. It's going to be fun, I think."

Sydney looks at Besa. "Been reading a little bit about Ancient Egypt, and all the stuff they found in Tutankhamen's tomb. The modern theory is he died from a broken leg he got wrecking a chariot in a race, so there was definitely sport racing… Modern sports are like that. If you follow some of them back, like fencing and judo, boxing, kendo… they were martial arts once. The rest are the same idea… ways to keep fit, burn off some energy, get the entertainment you could get from a fight or a small war without anyone getting hurt." She shrugs. "Could even be fun."
<FS3> Besa rolls Past Lives: Good Success.

Besa raises an eyebrow, he's always skeptical when someone tells him something they know of his time period. "I have seen the racing. I understand the sports. I just…" He shrugs, "I suppose I have just never had use for them before?" Not like he had much time for them. His smile fades, something she says tugs at a memory and he shivers as his eyes unfocus.

Ashton smiles over at Besa, "It's alright to not play, Besa… I know that Rain and I will appreciate you cheering us on." He looks at Cocoa, "You know, I have told you that I am not going to hurt him…" He knows the dog doesn't understand him. "So, how's it going so far?" He looks over, "And I'm asking both of you."

Sydney looks down at Besa's expression and nods. "What he said, yeah." She shrugs again. "It's still new and strange, but it's starting to feel like school again. I'm not sure whether that's good or bad." Syd yawns. "I should probably go get some sleep. Have a good night, guys. And Cocoa."

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