(2018-09-12) Art and Advice
Art and Advice
Summary: Dylan seeks out Sky's advice and help.
Date: 2018-09-12
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Art Room - Coral Springs

Sure this is called the art room, but it is actually more than that. Art isn't just painting and pottery. Because of this, the room is large, and is actually broken up into sections, with partitions or half-walls to give each area boundaries.

The largest section is where the cabinets, cubbies and various tables are. Also in this section is the teacher's desk and one of the sinks for cleaning up at.

The other sections are dedicated to certain styles of art. There is a section for doing pottery with a both a kick wheel and two electric pottery wheels, kiln and racks and cabinets for drying pottery and storing equipment.

Easels take up another area, and a few computers workstations in another.

Toward the back is another sink for cleaning up at. Next to that is another section with an upright piano and a cabinet that holds a /small/ selection of musical instruments and other things aspiring musicians would need.

It is a summer evening. The weather is cool and clear.

Having been weighing heavy on his mind, Dylan has been wrestling with a choice. Finally coming to a decision, one that he isn't completely comfortable with, the young teleporter decided that he needed to find Schuyler. It didn't take all that long for him to find the Masters boy. In truth, he skipped all over the campus until he finally found him. The last place for him to teleport into was the art room. If it wasn't for Besa and now Schuyler, it isn't a place that he would likely visit on his own.

It actually isn't odd to find Sky in the Art room…now that there is one. He's there with his glass pen and jar of ink as he seems to be working on a drawing-in-progress that's laid out at one of the tables. Wrinkling his nose with some frustration, he kicks the stool he was sitting on away from him so that he can stand and get a better angle.

As the newish mind comes into close range, he glances over and gives a brief wave. «Did you enjoy the Renaissance Faire?» Seems he's spoken a little to Besa.

Seeing that his target is indeed here, Dylan offers a slight nod to the other boy. He has a serious expression on his face, instead of either his normal half-smile or his glowering frown. He walks over to where Schuyler is. At the question, the smile that forms answers it before he even speaks. "I did. It wasn't what I was expecting… but I don't think Besa is really what I would expect in just about any way." He reaches up and rubs the back of his neck, "Um…Can we talk about something?" The smile fades a bit as he asks.

«What, you weren't expecting a bunch of people in costumes running around? And giant turkey legs?» Sky smirks at that before putting the glass pen down and sitting back on the stool. «Besa's unique, that's for certain. I wish he could live a little more in the moment at times.» The serious look and question has him nodding and looking to the other, «Sure. What's going on?»

Dylan smirks slightly, "It was fun… just different…" He pauses for a second. "Oh, yeah… hold on, one moment." With that the boy just disappears, then reappears less than thirty seconds later. This time he has in his hand a leather bound book of dark red, tooled leather. He offers the book out to the other boy, "This is for you. Besa said that you'd appreciate it. It's a drawing journal thing…" He shrugs, "Kind of a bit of a thank you for giving me a chance with your brother… I know that I didn't make the best first impression."

Ah, yes. Besa mentioned that Dylan got him and Rain something. There's a blink as Dylan disappears and then reappears, «Cool trick,» is offered before he takes the offered book. «Thank you. You didn't need to do that. But you're welcome. While I didn't like how Besa initially described how he met you and all, that first time we met, I could tell that you actually wanted to help him. That…meant a lot.»

Dylan blinks, "What's a cool trick?" It takes him a second. It's become such a part of him that he didn't even think about it. "Oh, the skipping… yeah, but I think we all have our own cool tricks here." He frowns slightly, "Which kind of goes back to why I was looking for you… I guess.. I kind of like it here…" He sighs, "And I have been thinking about what you said the other day… You know about going to the cops… and I think I'm going to do it."

«It's why we're here,» Sky gives a wry smirk in regards to the 'skipping'. «I'm not a fan of the uniforms and some of the rules, but…it could be worse,» he agrees before he watches the other, 'listening'. At the agreement of going to the cops, he gives a nod, «We can see about getting you a lawyer. You probably shouldn't go without one.»

Dylan takes a seat on one of the chairs nearby. "Even with a lawyer, there's a good chance that I'm going to either be put in juvie or jail. Which I am not sure how Besa is going to react to that. He seems like he's pretty attached. In someways that's kinda scarier that going to jail." He says it joking, but at the same time he's a little bit serious too.

«Not necessarily. You could be forced to wear an anklet. You could be put on probation. You could be given hours of Community Service. But it's the Lawyer's job to get you the least sentence that they can get you. You'd be complying and helping them break up a criminal ring. I think they'd be willing to work on you since you were mainly being used,» Sky explains. «I'm no lawyer…I've just seen television shows. And Besa would try to help you. That's what he does.»

Dylan combs his fingers through his hair. "I don't have a lot of trust in the government, but, I think it's what I gotta do." He looks over at Sky, "Besa said that your folks might be willing to help me out with a lawyer. You think they will?"

«It's not really the government. Not like that,» Sky offers. «And yes, our parents will probably help. I can't imagine that they wouldn't…as long as you promise you won't go back to any sort of criminal stuff.» Sky looks pensive for a moment, «While you're at school. Once you're out, well…then it's on you.»

Dylan looks over at Schuyler. A slight angry look is in his eyes. "After what all happened with them taking me from my grandmother and the foster homes they had me in… I'm kind of biased with anything that has anything to deal with anything dealing with the government, judicial system, whatever you want to call it." He pauses and takes a breath, "But I'm not planning on robbing banks or anything…"

Schuyler's eyes narrow and he holds a hand up, «Calm down. We already set you up as a ward of the school. That particular system is pretty flawed and overcrowded. Not that I'm making excuses, but you probably shouldn't count everything on that one thing. I mean, that's like saying all students here are like Kaylee.»

Dylan shakes his head, "Sorry… It's been three years of hell, like you couldn't imagine." He closes his eyes and lets out a long, slow breath, "But you're right… and I need to stop waiting for the rug to get yanked out from under my feet. It's just difficult."

«I can imagine a lot of things…» Has Dylan ever -seen- his art? «But I probably can't relate, no. It's not an easy thing to change your thinking like that though and I think most of us understand that.» Which is probably why Sky hasn't snapped at him yet. «I think Besa especially would like to help.»

Dylan hasn't actually seen any of Schuyler's art. He looks over at Sky for a moment. "You know, you're okay, Schuyler." Yeah, he's moved into the 'You can call me Tom' list. He smiles slightly, "I know he does, and I get the feeling that too many people don't realize how much he needs to help." He chuckles slightly, "My ami sani taught me that when someone is born to do something, to try to prevent it, is like standing in a river and wanting to change its course."

Schuyler snorts, «Don't say that too loudly. Most think I'm an ass and I'm ok with that.» That also seems to be true. His smirk fades as Dylan says something he's also heard lately, «I just don't like the fact that he'll sacrifice his own well-being in order to do so. We've already lost him…three times? One of those, we weren't sure he'd be coming back. He probably wouldn't have until we went to get him ourselves.» Grey eyes look to Dylan for a long moment, «Maybe you can help him see things other than death and demons. I know he's lived for so long and seen so many things, but it's like he's always meditating on his own death. I'm goth and even -I- find that extreme.»

Dylan smirks, "I can handle that. I'll keep it just between us." The smile drops, "Yeah, I know… I've seriously thought about killing myself, and sometimes the way he talks reminds me of the way I used to think. I don't like that." He cocks his head, "You actually think that I might be good for him?" He snorts, "I keep waiting for me to disappoint him and for him to realize what a total waste I really am."

There's a roll of his eyes, «No one's perfect. I think if you two talk to each other and like…define what you're looking for, that's a good start.» Sky gets serious again though, «I think that there's some definite depression going on, but I don't know what can really be done. It's possible he may have to keep fighting demons for all eternity. We don't know. But it's just hard to get him to just enjoy the moment sometimes. Maybe he'll be able to do so with you. You're both dancing around things and you should stop.» That little smirk returns.

"I have tried… I told him that I didn't know him well enough to just jump into a relationship, but I wanted the opportunity to get to know him, and that was apparently giving him mixed signals." Dylan says. He shakes his head, "It wasn't until I just stated that we were going to go out on a date that he, I think, even started to think that I actually might like him." He cocks his head to the side, as his dark blue eyes blinks, "What are we dancing around?"

«That sounds direct enough to me. You want to spend more time with him and see if you two click. Remember, he seems to see the negative. More so than me, sometimes.» Which is saying something. Sky lifts an eyebrow, «I think you need to say, 'Hey, I'm interested in you but I want to make sure we click.»

Dylan fidgets slightly. "I thought I did… well, not in those exact words." He chews on his lower lip, nervously, "I.. I don't do so good trustin' people… I'm trying my best to let him in. I really am." He is sincere about that, and there are a million and one things running through his head. "But I think if I don't end up in jail, I'll ask him out again… though this time, maybe something a little more.. boring and normal." He grins slightly towards the end.

«Tell him that. Just like that. Sometimes I may be too blunt with him, but I think Besa likes hearing things directly. Simply.» Sky nods, «I don't think you'll be going to jail. Like I said, maybe an anklet…which might suck for you being a teleporter. But better than jail, yes. I think he was planning something 'boring and normal' and we talked him out of it.»

You say, "I hope you're right…" Dylan says, "About the jail… not really sure I could handle being locked in a cell… " He frowns as the anklet sinks in. "I think I'd have to cut my foot off, if I couldn't go visit my grandmother, but then again, I think she'll kill me when she finds out what I have done too… While I had fun… a lot of fun actually… boring and normal would have been pretty good too." He hops off the chair, "Well, I still have a lot to think about. Thanks, Schuyler, and if you would, let your folks know. I think I want to go to the cops as soon as possible, before I talk myself out of it." He sighs, "I'll let you get back to your art'ing." With that the teleporter is gone."

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