(2018-09-11) Very Loaded Question
Very Loaded Question
Summary: .. aw, y'know.. nothing huge. Just along the lines of: 'how do we kill your kind?' … stuff like that~
Date: 2018-09-11
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NPCs: AfterThought
Scene Runner: NA

Coral Springs Courtyard, Coral Springs
Tue Sep 11 2018

The path leads up the hill and into a large cobblestoned courtyard surrounded by four buildings. In the center of the courtyard is a greenspace, landscaped with flowers that spell out Coral Springs. In the center of the greenspace is a large statue, a memorial to the lives that were lost during the attack on the previous school. In the distance the tip of a lighthouse can ben seen. Between the buildings is a view of the ocean. It seems the school has been built on the tallest cliff of the island and has a lovely view of the open ocean to the southeast.

With the view between the buildings it almost seems like you can take to the skies and FLY. Maybe if you had wings, or some other way to FLY you could.

It is a summer evening. The weather is hot and fair.


One would think Callisto to favor the most remote, solitude-conducive parts of the island.. not entirely true. Sometimes she likes to pick a spot to linger and even more surprising, it's a common area such as the very courtyard of the school. The weather this early evening is actually pretty hot still, considering; the view between the buildings, that beautiful span of ocean, is too astounding to not pass up.

Classes are over and uniforms are not entirely mandatory at this hour of the day (early evening) and as soon as she was able to, Callisto swapped out into her usual finery. A frothy ivory skirt just reaches her knees, long legs tapered off into the delicate straps of matching sandals. She compliments said skirt with a pale powder blue camisole with a scalloped neckline and spaghetti straps. Hair? Loose and clean, adorned with a thin circlet of a braid woven around the crown of her head. Seeing as how she's carrying a bag that isn't a school bag, she's just returning from town. She looks over one shoulder in the direction of the docks, seeing that the ferry has not yet departed back toward Shady Cove.

Unable to help herself, Callisto sighs gently.. and knows naught why.

Surprisingly, Ness' thoughts are almost placid. For her. Which means they still make enough noise for any forty people. Any forty people who won't stop talking over one another. Right now, Ness is in her black mini, black tanktop, and fishnets (both on her legs and underneath her tanktop) along with chunky, high-platformed boots that STILL don't get her to five feet. A small messenger bag (also black) over one shoulder has a phone stuffed in it for casual communication. Looks like she was considering heading out, based on her direction. Instead…

Instead, upon seeing Callisto, she turns about, heading straight for her. She depresses the button on her collar, and her voice, as every, honey-sweet, androgynous, a tad effeminate floats forth with all its heavy power. This time, though, she uses a soft speaking voice to do so, as she approaches, offering a slightly 'helpful' tone as well,"Dal. Is everything okay? You look lovely today. I love the… 'jag-eun won'. The crown?" She gestures towards the girl's circlet.

A thin adult figure , dressed all in black, comes out from the admin building, wearing a visitor badge. They've been given clearance to be here, and now black eyes scan the island. AfterThought has a specific person to look for. If someone were to look closely, it's clear AT is about an inch off the ground and is gliding instead of walking. A swaying motion , almost snake like as they move down the path, first towards the dorms, but then a quick change and towards the Courtyard.

<FS3> Callisto rolls Psychic: Good Success.
<FS3> Ness rolls Mind Control: Good Success.

Thus the nature of Callisto's association with Ness: her mind, or at least how it works with that constant level of 'defense', allows her to hear the other girl's voice and not be swayed. Not always anyway. However even if she were to be looking away or, for whatever reason, trying to ignore Ness…. something in that bell-like voice will leave her unable to wrench her gaze away. However, Callisto does look Ness' way when spoken to. Callisto is wearing flat-soled footwear this evening so her height isn't at or clearing six feet this time!

"Ness," The willowy girl offers by way of greeting, "Good evening." A light bowing of that head. "Ah, this?" She indicates the moonpale hair woven up and around her head. "T'is just hair.. simpler than it looks. Ready-made headpiece." A little smile, though it falls slightly.

"Thank you.. I am alright, truly. Just—" Something catches the fey girl's eye. Somebody. Still, she speaks to Ness though her clear gaze follows the thin figure just off along the path. Wait for it.

"Whatever are you up.. to..?" Asked gently, but she looks mildly concerned. What is AfterThought doing here? She looks back to Ness, then slowly in the direction of the Unit 23'er.

The girl smiles a little bit at the attention. She LIKES having the woman's attention, really. Then again, one might suspect most people do. A part of that fey mien of hers, perhaps. Whatever the case… "Sometimes it's the person gracing the accessory. Regardless of whether it's a tiffany gold ring or a plastic hair beret, though… If something looks good, it looks good. Regardless of its origin. Jenjang, I'm a little jealous of your height, I must admit. Well. More than that, but mostly the height." She laughs good naturedly.

It takes her a moment to twig what's going on, of course,"Oh? Me? I'm going off to town. I'm going to hit a coffee shop or something. Try to snag some attention. Every now and then, I like a little attention that doesn't lead anywh-" It's at this point where she notices Callisto's gaze, and lets her own travel along the way towards AfterThough,"… and you totally weren't asking me that, huh?"

AfterThought glides in the direction of the two teens. The clearly androgynous figure is looking at Callisto. Stopping just shy of entering the circle of conversation, long dark hair hangs around a thin face. Finally a voice that's hard to pin it's gender just says, "Your mother is much taller than we anticipated." A long pause and then that gaze goes to Ness. It's almost piercing. They blink, but it's almost a controlled motion. Strangely, there's a soft scent of cookies that cling to AT.

The fey girl's expression falls.. she was listening to Ness, promise. She cranes her neck to look down upon the shorter girl, "Forgiveness. I know of whom this person is, you see.. and I know naught as to why they are here. I am puzzled. But please, continue.. do tell me more of your plan. I am just returning from town." She asks of Ness with obvious interest, feeling badly to have had her attention diverted when the other mentalist was speaking to her Callisto is not rude!

"You've the hair length for it. Perhaps I can show you how to do this." She gestures once more to her own circlet-style braid, but then… yup. AT is not here for Unit business; he is approaching them both. The sight of AfterThought doesn't disturb or worry Callisto; it's what news AT could bring. Because it's strange that s/he is here. Callisto's bright eyes slide up from young Ness to the androgynous Goth. "AfterThought. Good evening. W——"

Oh snap. Oh snap wut. She stares outright at the Unit member and looks, briefly, frightened. "W-what…? You…" Anyone with a finger on the pulse of emotions will feel Callisto's skyrocket into fear. "How? Was she there? Is Daxton alright?" If it were possible for her to grow more pale, she does.

Ness reaches up to tap the button on her collar, immediately silencing her voice. There's a small amount of frustration on her face as she fishes her phone out of her purse. Yep. There goes her comfort with speaking out loud. It takes her a moment to get the text to speech program loaded up. Then the tinny, neutral voice of her phone pops out,"I would love if you could show me that. I can maybe show you some of the traditional fashion of my mother's home land. It'll be fun. Girl's night or something. We can invite anyone else you like. Make popcorn." Then AfterThought is THERE and she's turning her face.

She stares back at AfterThought, apparently unconcerned by the glance. Apparently she's used to getting odd looks, or else it's just a fellow goth thing. She just STARES back for a long moment, before typing in,"<I can leave you two alone if it's important. I was just going to town to have some fun, anyway, and I wouldn't wish to intrude. Besides, I have no idea what's going on and I Feel like I'm missing something important.>"

AfterThought's head turns back to Callisto, a long moment, and then a nod and a hand raises, "He is alive, but suffers from head pains." But that's alive. "I smacked her before pulling him out of the dream. He did not wish for me to tell you. But I need to know how to kill you kind." Looking back to Ness, there's another slow deliberate blink, maybe AT's not being weird on purpose? "You may stay unless Callisto wishes you to go. I liked your other voice better."

The white-haired girl looks as if she wishes to be ill. Still standing in the general area of the greenspace, she lowers herself slowly to sit down upon the grass. Callisto draws a deep breath and there, glinting within the neckline of her camisole, is the pendant. She pulls the gorgon head necklace out and clutches it in her palm. "She is still going after him." A soft whisper, brow furrowed. AT's mention of 'smacking' Malachite is enough to pique a tiny glimmer of amusement but—oh, Gods.

Callisto's lips press together into a troubled moue as she stares hard at her feet. "I should have removed this. I do not want her to be targeting him!" She exclaims, dropping the pendant back down against her flesh. AfterThought's very profound question — 'how to kill Callisto's kind' — results in a deep shudder, but her eyes flit to Ness.

"You are welcome to stay, Ness… I am sorry for this situation coming to the fore. I…" She takes a slow breath. "You needn't dampen your voice. This is AfterThought, and they've a powerful mind. I promise you. Be yourself." Said with a weak smile. "This young lady is Ness, AfterThought." Callisto says softly, but she looks troubled. She presses her forehead into her hands, and laments in Danish, "Forbandede hende.." (curse her)

The young woman turns to look at AfterThought after a moment, then back to Callisto and taps her button. "That's your boyfriend, right?" Apparently she trusts that if Callisto says AT can handle it, then AT can handle it. She eyeballs AfterThought, and then offers to the both of them,"If… you'd like, I bet I can help with the head pain. I can generally take care of pain. Psychosomatic response to the voice. And… thank you. You realize you're asking her an incredibly personal and uncomfortable question, right?" A pause, and then Ness says, to Callisto,"Your kind. I've never asked, since you're just… one of us, but do you mind if I ask what you call yourselves, Dal?"

Ness chews on her lower lip, a thought escaping her,"I'm not following any of this, but is there… ANYTHING I can do to help? I told you a while back, that's what friends do. Even if it's just to get you coffee or listen to you when you're upset. It's kind of… a thing, for me?" She lifts her shoulder in a shrug. "I'm going to need one of you to fill me in, though."

AfterThought quietly says, "Tells us how and we will, Callisto. Tempo is enraged. He wishes to break her neck, but he needs to know how to do so." And the adds, "You promised him you would not remove the necklace. Do not break your word to him as others have done." They're dark gazes goes back to Ness, "She is connected to the unit through Tempo. It is not personal. It is …defensive measures." AT doesn't seem to get the uncomfortable part, "Callisto knows her mother must be destroyed. That is not something new to her." Dark locks of hair sway gently as their head shakes, "He is relishing in the pain currently. Using it to fuel his anger. I have not seen him train like this since Rebecca left."

"T'is alright, Ness," Whispers the willowy fey girl, her voice pained. "T'is a question that AfterThought has the right to ask, as someone important to him has been jeopardized by.. one of my kind." She blinks however as AfterThought is mistaken as her… boyfriend? Callisto is still trying to figure out what AT is! But she will not fault Ness the mistake because, well, Ness has found herself right in the middle of a dramabomb! Her gaze is soft upon the younger girl. "I am what is known as a dark faerie, Ness. T'is not to be mistaken for an aversion to light but rather, behavior. We are a hedonistic, power-hungry, self-serving race. Most of us are. Some of us, not… and in my case, wishing to live my own life, I am a traitor. I have wronged a very powerful creature."

She watches Ness' face, brow furrowed as she supplements AfterThoughts words with her own. "We are a matriarchal society.. women rule. My mother is an ancient… immensely vengeful being. Because I have wronged her, she is striking out those whom I care for greatly by way of attacks on the dreamplain. She does not.. cannot travel. But she has connections." Her face falls. "Whom she sends forth to hurt, and attack… Daxton, who is my boyfriend, killed one of them." She silences at Ness' offer to deaden pain, and she looks to AT. "Can Ness' abilities be of aide? To help—-" Then s/he mentions how Daxton is channeling his anger. The latter statement especially strikes Callisto to the core. "She is old. That which could easily kill me shan't harm her. But there are.. ways."

A blink. She looks deeply thoughtful at mention of Rebecca.

Ness sighs as she listens to the back-and-forth. "That's a bad way to be in. That doesn't lead anywhere good. You make… bad decisions when you use anger that way. It can be… useful in the moment, but it…" She shakes her head a little bit at AfterThought. "It's still one's mother. Necessity or not, that can't be that easy planning the death of the person who gave you birth." She sighs, fingers drumming on her collar a little bit, and then nods to Callisto,"So we have a full-on 'Lost Girl' situation going on. Um… You seem nothing like any of that. You've been kind, not-at-all-lascivious, and you've literally not made me do anything, or even tried."

She crouches in a frog-like manner, and looks up at Callisto,"If she does not travel, it means she's hard to get to. Which means she'll be difficult to stop. I doubt I can do much directly to her. If you want me to record something, though…" She lifts a shrug slightly,"I'm not sure I have really anything to offer. And this… Daxton… he's okay after killing? That can't be easy on him. Your life is really complicated, Dal. Well. Sign me up. I'm in."

AfterThought also adds about Callisto's mother, "She was very tall. And changed her face." Can not travel, "Then we will go to her." Like that's going to be easy. Ness's answered, "We've killed many when needed. Callisto's sister was needed. Her mother is needed. She attacked us first." It's as simple as that, really. AT looks back to Callisto and waits.

The fey girl's nose wrinkles as her brow furrows. She chooses not to supply anything along the lines of how utterly hateful her mother is. IT goes beyond quarrelling and tiffs and simply being at odds with one another, only for it all to sort out when people get older. Her mouth opens to say as much, to mention that her mother would sooner snuff out her spawn in a heartbeat.. but no. Not here, not now.. that will be a discussion for another time, to fill her friend in on. For hadn't Ness wanted to simply have fun tonight? To go into town and go to a coffee shop or just… be somewhere, around people? What about that cool suggestion to have a girls' night? Callisto has never before had a girls' night.

Yes indeed, she will save further talk of her mother and how she is anything but a mother for another time. Instead Callisto smiles softly at the other girl's kind words.. and offer to lend aide. Instead of fretting at a friend being endangered solely for 'signing up', Callisto simply abandons that tact and accepts it. "Mentalists are very important in the cause of seeing her destroyed. You yourself are such, Ness, and I.. thank you." She says earnestly, and turns to look upon AfterThought.

"I shall tell you all that I know, then.. t'is imperative to find her. Is it.. alright, too, if I am to come see Daxton in the next day or so?"

Ness crouches there, looking up at the two of them, a frown on her face. "You're not wrong, of course. You SHOULD defend yourself, but… killing is a big deal, no matter who it is. I just worry about people, I guess?" She shakes her head a little bit, and then finally stands,"I probably shouldn't be squatting in this skirt. Anyway, I don't need to feel important. I just want you to get what you need and want." She streeeetches out a little bit, hands on hips, as she cracks her back. It's a loud sound. Still, that done, she begins swing her arms. As if she were limbering up. "You know you got my help. Friends do this kind of stuff." Then she turns her gaze upon Afterthought, and looks on speculatively.

"I have always been proud of my hair, but yours is GORGEOUS. I think your hair may be longer than my height. Works well with those haunting eyes." Yes. She's complimenting the creepy androg on their hair. Because why not? "For now… Callisto… we need to get you some properly frivolous pajamas, and maybe a little bit in the way of bunny slippers, or something. I'll bring snacks. You can unwind and just… be. You seem wound very tight. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Still…" She shrugs.

The ambiguous Unit 23er nods, "Give him a day or two. One of the faces she took was yours. She was…not kind." Turning back to look at Ness when she stands, a soft ghost of a smile forms on AT's face. It's not an unpleasant look. "I wish that were true." Killing should be a bigger deal than it is for Unit 23, but that's not their fault. The compliment gets a head tilt and then another soft smile, "Thank you. I like my hair."

The girl looks the person up and down for a while longer. Then Ness nods, and, imperiously gestures,"I can braid it for you. Hair like that, you can do a lot with it. Vanessa. People call me Ness though. Trans. Pronouns: she, her, hers." A very classic modern greeting between gender variant types. Almost Twitter-esque. "Your eyes are pretty striking too."

Giving Callisto a moment to take everything in, AT focuses on Ness. "Pulse braids it sometimes. Especially if we go on missions." There's just a simple nod about Ness's pronouns. It's not something AT ever thinks of for themselves so there's no representation on what to call them. Another barely there twitch of a smile, "I would never strike anyone with my eyes."

Ness wrinkles her nose,"I don't know who that is. Um… Do you ever braid it for pleasure?" A pause. "Do you… do anything other than missions-stuff? You seem very focused. And… It's just an expression. It means that your appearance is impressive in a manner that makes you difficult to forget. Usually with positive connotations."

"She is my and Tempo's team mate. She is as fast as Tempo." So there! AT actually chuckles softly, "Of course I do. I bake. I'm not a robot." As for being focused, "We have to be. Or people die." Yikes, there's that focus! Turning to glance around the school, "I am very positive." But then they look back to the two students, "I should go. Help her," She indicates Callisto, "gather her thoughts. We need answers. I only scared the mother away. She will be back."

The girl had been silent for a few moments, allowing the two to talk. She nods affirmative to AfterThought regarding giving things a couple of days. Heaven knows she now needs to take a bit of time to recompose herself, to strengthen her resolve again. Maybe frivolous pajamas and bunny slippers are just the ticket. Callisto likes soft things on her feet but it's a fine line. She looks up then with an expression that is simultaneously haunted and angry and simply resolved. "I've no… frivolous pajamas.." Nope. Lots of lacy, elegant, thin things though. May not be wise to march 'em out on a movie night with a bunch of girls!

"I must think." A whisper as she stands, and bows hastily to the two. "Forgiveness." Yep, she's gonna need some time. She does not want her mother wearing her face.

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