(2018-09-11) Tryouts
Arena Fetch Tryouts
Summary: Self Explanatory
Date: 2018-09-11
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With the school population having more than doubled there is only a small population that actually know what arena fetch is. They know it is some kind of sport that is a mix of other sports, but that's about it really. This lack of knowledge has brought out a lot of students, most are curious onlookers, though there are some that are trying out. More than enough to fill each team at least. The PE teacher is waiting with a clipboard, writing down names and teams as students approach him to tryout.

Erica makes her way to the teacher. She has done gymnastics and other training since she was little and is looking forward to a chance to join a team sport. She smiles, and then gets ready to wait for her turn to give her name for the tryouts.

Ashton has never seen or played Arena fetch, but he has heard about it from some of the older students. In truth, he missed playing soccer last year something aweful, so the chance to play in a team sport has him somewhat excited, which has been a rare occurance since the abduction. He makes his way over to the coach to put his name on the list. He moves off to the side and stretches a little bit.

Rain has never been much into team sports, the few sports she does are individual ones and usually has you trying to 'beat' someone up with either fists and feet or a rapier. She knows that areana fetch has none of that…sadly. But at the advice of her trainer and in an effort to increase speed, stamina and thinking on her feet here she is, trying out for the team, or Athena's team that is. "Hi Ashton." she greets him with her cool politeness as she puts her name on the list.

The Coach looks at the clipboard as it is handed back and moves to hand it to Erica, but before he gets a chance one of the boys behind her reaches around and snatches it "To slow!" the boy known as James smirks at her and the taller part human, part machine just stares at her briefly with those red glowy eyes of his before glancing at the clipboard and the names there.

Erica mutters a little, "If I were in my other form…" she mutters a bit and then waits so that she can get a chance to put her name down. She fidgets a bit, but then she just hates standing still.

Ashton looks up and smiles. "Oh, hello, Rain. How's it going? You trying out?" He shakes his head, "Of course you are… why else would you be out here?" He watches the boy snatch the clipboard away. He runs his canine over his lower lip trying to remember the other girl's name. "Erica, don't worry about it… insecurity often shows up at tryouts…" He's obviously not talking about any possible insecurity of hers, as he wiggles his pinky finger and waggles his eyebrows with a smirk.

Rain isn't the sarcastic one in her family so Ashton's question is just met with a stoic noc "It's well. Glad that school is back in session." of course she is, being one of those weird people that likes school. She glances to the other girl, frowning ever so slightly at the familiar James and Rill.

The Coach looks like he is going to chastise the two boys but just shakes his head "Go get with your teams." he hands the signup sheet on its clipboard to the next person waiting "We will be doing this four against four." he starts to explain as there seem to be more waiting now to tryout than to signup.

Erica does get the name signed in and then cocks her head to the side, "Should I be in my other form to use my powers?" she does ask the coach. She really doesn't know that much about this sport yet.

Darting in from the Gym is another student…one who may have been seen around the school but hasn't really made any waves yet. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" is called as he looks around to see what he should be doing. "Should I sign in? Team Athena…if we're doing teams?" He's wearing the correct athletic uniform as he was told to do when training. The coach gets a grin as he waits to be directed.

Walking over to the gathering of his fellow Metis students, Ashton continues some minor leg stretches. He watches the two boys with a little bit of curiosity, not having run into them before now. He's kept to himself a lot for the last part of the summer. As he feels the crowd, he is trying to not let his nerves get the better of him.

Being Athena, Rain heads over to where her team has congregated. They all just get a nod she doesn't know any of them well enough to greet them verbally…or she is just unfriendly.

"No powers just yet." he glances at the clipboard to get her name "Erica. We are going to see how well you handle yourself on the field with the ball first. "Name and team." he tells Jordan as he hands the signin sheet to Jordan

Erica nods and moves over with any other Ares that might be out here. She still is bouncing a little. The girl just really can't stay still. She does waves to a few people she knows, but doesn't know them well enough to be starting up conversing.

"Jordan Carter, Athena." He looks over at the team, perhaps recognizing them from the hallways. They get a little wave before he takes the sign-in sheet and signs his name. "No powers yet? Gotcha." Hopefully he'll be able to pick up the rules of the game quickly! Bangs are flicked out of his eyes as he hands the sign-in sheet back and moves over to join the team since that's what everyone seems to be doing.

Ashton looks around. There are so many new faces. He cocks his head, trying to figure out what teams the new kids are. "No powers… " He stretches over his head and bends to each side slowly. He is getting a little anxious for things to start.

The Coach waves the clipboard in the air "Anyone else wanting to sign up?" he calls out he then lowers it and begins to call out names and put them into groups "Aston, Erica, Jordan and Rain. Team up you will be trying to keep the ball away from James, Rill, Marc and Kelly." he points to the softball sized balls of various team colors. And if and when they get it from you they will be trying to keep it away from you."

Erica nods her head and at least knows a couple of those called out, so she heads over join the rest of the group that he called out.

"We keep the balls away but also have to retrieve our own…" Jordan just sort of muses, nodding at the instructions. "Ok…I think I get that. Maybe." There's a shrug and a grin at the others, "And no powers. Ok then." If anything it should be fun, right?

Ashton grins, "It's kind of like a cross between capture the flag, keep away, and rugby." He grins, "Right, it's the four of us, against the four of them… This should be fun… Probably more fun when we can use our powers… just sayin'."

"More fun for you maybe." Rain tells Ashton "I am perfectly fine not dealing with the results of my powers today." good to see nothing has changed with her. She goes to get one of the balls, picking one of the red ones since she is Athena. There is a glance around and she lines up like the rest of the groups are as instructed by the coach. The ball gets handed to Ashton. "Since you are so excited…" she looks to the other two in her group Erica and Jordan "Hello." she greets them with hardly any emotion at all.

Once everyone seems ready to go the Coach blows the whistle and that's when all the chaos starts, controlled, mostly, chaos, as the groups try to either get the ball or keep the ball away. There is a lot of yelling to each other, at each other and a bit of laughter as well.

Erica cocks her head to the side as she smiles at the others. She nods, "Much different game if it were with powers, the spikes and all." she shakes her head a bit. She dips her head to Rain Ashton and Jordan, "hi." And then the whistle goes off and she is a bit uncertain at first. She has good reflexes and her gymnastics might come in handy, but she is really new to the game.

"Maybe, but shouldn't we figure out the game without our powers first? This way we all start on even footing," Jordan offers to his teammate. As the whistle blows, he moves forward with the others, doing his best to figure things out as they go along. If he ever gets any of the balls, he'll try to use his contact juggling skills to keep it away from the opposing team in true Labyrinth/Harlem Globetrotters form.

Ashton looks over at Jordan, realizing that they haven't actually met. "Hey, Jordan, right? I'm Ashton. That's Rain, and that's Erica." He says Erica's name with a little less certainty. "Nice to meet you, and yeah, you're right. That's probably why we're starting off without powers." He pauses, "I think that we should think about maybe using two pairs. Anyone have any sports backgrounds?"

With Ashton having the ball and seeming to be focused on chatting for a moment their opponents seize the opprotunity, or rather James does. He rushes forward, pushing Rain and Erica aside to try to tackle Ashton while Rill gets into position to get the ball when/if Ashton lets it go.

Good thing Ashton introduced her, that's something that Rain just doens't do. Ever. Maybe she just assumes everyone knows who she is already. "None that involved balls of any sort." she answers as she is shoved to the side by the rushing Metis boy.

Erica smiles, "Gymnastics and Mixed Martial Arts," she says then finds herself get pushed to the side, though for a moment it almost looked like she was going to do something to the boy, "No hurting them." she mutters under her breath, and is paying attention now. She turns her fall into a roll and back to her feet to move to intercept the ball should that come.

"Not that relates to this!" Jordan flashes a grin before moving to try and place himself behind and slightly off to the side of the Metis team. "Over here! I'm open!" He's ready…he's eager. He may not have the best tactics but he's certainly trying!

Ashton sees the charging James, just enough time to flips off to the side and tucks into a roll, before throwing it at the opened Jordan. He grumbles under his breath for not having a chance for a quick team meet, but hey, too late now. He finishes his roll and takes off at a run to act as a shield for Jordan.

Rain knows how to properly fall there isn't the fancy tumbling but she does it with grace. She does a kip up to her feet and quickly takes in the way that the action is going. Instead of intercepting or blocking she moves to try and keep herself open so the ball can be tossed to her should Jordan need to get rid of it quickly.

The opposing quad is doing what they can to try and get the ball away from the group of Ashton and Co. James and Rill aren't above playing dirty either. Though it seems James at least is keeping to the no powers rule, or maybe his power is useless in this context. Rill and James are ocassionally giving each other looks, pretty much ignoring thier own teammates, and acting as just a duo instead. Which leaves the other two trying to work both with and around them. This time it is Rill rushing to tackle Ashton while James rushes Jordan but not with the intent to tackle, not that he is advertising that.

Erica notices that Jordan gets tossed the ball, so she doesn't need to intercept anything that was knocked loose. She spies the two that go after the boys again. She looks at the other two opponents and tries to put herself into position to help block, for one of the others, she doesn't trust herself to catch.

Jordan got the ball? Ahh! And then everyone's running towards him! Crap! He starts to try and run away, but when he has a good opening, he'll throw the ball to Rain! If any dive towards him, he'll try and dive -over- them, landing in a forward roll, if at all possible. Seems Erica isn't the only one with tumbling experience.

Years of soccer, Ashton is used to having opponents rushing at you. He quickly puts on the breaks, prepared to spin around, letting the charging boy go past, and still maintaining the momentum, so that he can keep moving without having to restart. "Jordan! Pass it to Rain!" Meanwhile, his intent is to try to take out the other member of the duo.

With the ball being thrown at her by Jordan, Rain runs to meet it, but she sees that James has the same idea, getting the ball. She can't run any faster than she already is, not in her power set so when James jumps for the ball it puts him right into her path it takes a quick swerve to keep from running into him.

The ball being thrown into the air is wait James was waiting for. The rush to tackle Jordan was just a fient, he was all about getting the ball. He puts on a quick burst of speed and jumps at the ball barely managing to get it before Rain does. Having the ball he runs with it.

Tackling Rill isn't like tackling a normal person, he is a a mix of metal and flesh, he is hard and clangy where he should be soft and thuddy and if that is what Ashton is trying to do, well it might not be as easy as it looks.

Erica can't block or run interference for Rain since James got the ball instead. She tries to cut him off and maybe trip him up, knowing a tackle isn't a good idea, at least not in this form.

"Shoot…" Jordan mutters as he darts off to try and run after James as well. "Sorry!" is called to Rain even as he also preps to tackle the other boy. It might not do much, but while he's not huge, he's at least pretty solid muscle. If it comes to that.

"Crap!" Ashton exclaims as the other boy grabs the ball. He pushes himself as hard as his body allows, trying to reclaim his team's ball from James. He can't help but respect and appreciate the two's teamwork, even if they are on the other team.

The other two on the opposing team are racing after Ashton, having figured out what he is going to do, but Ashton has a headstart and they aren't able to get to him before James gets tackled by his fellow Metis. As James goes down under the tackling teen the ball flies into the air just as the sound of the coach's whistle shrills over the noise of the other groups tryout "Time!" the coach bellows, making no trouble making himself heard. "Take a five minute break. Catch your breath, have some water." after that he heads over to the sidelines, and begins taking notes and consulting with the assitant coach.

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