(2018-09-08) Belated Grief
Belated Grief
Summary: It's Fee's first weekend home following the resuming of classes, and everything catches up with her from the Scotland trip. Oliver comes to check on her.
Date: 2018-09-08
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Broadway Avenue, Shady Cove / (REID HOME)
Sat, Sep 08 2018

Trees line the sides of the road of Broadway, one of the residential areas of the town. Several upper middle class homes dot the area, the yards kept nice and neat and there are a few other businesses, but mostly those that are ran out of the front of homes. There is still a view of the ocean here and some of the homes have back yards that border the beach.

It is a summer day. The weather is cool and drizzling.


Saturdays are always a bit of a bums' rush for Fionnuala when school is back in session. Unless there's a function at said school that keeps her there, Fee always goes home to Shady Cove on weekends. What this entails is travelling back to town by ferry Friday evening, and getting up early on the Saturday to put in a full day with Ruthie at the thrift store! As Fall creeps up and Summer begins to wane, there's always a rush of clothing being donated and other bric a brac and the surly badger woman welcomes the help. Fee's first Saturday of work following a shorter first week back to classes went by in a blur.

To Ruthie's credit, she wasn't quite as grumpy with Fee seeing as how the girl is also recently home from the 'personal business' overseas.

Fast-forward through a busy shift, and Fee ended up flying home to honor her suggestion — made via text to Ollie — that they meet there later that afternoon.. roundabouts 4pm or so. The house is empty and quiet with her parents having taken Iain into Thunder Bay to further prepare him for the year ahead (clothing, etc) … and Fionnuala sits outdoors, underneath a small and pretty covered patio, watching rain drizzle down.

It's so weird for Oliver to not be going to school. It's the first time in twelve years that, come September, he hasn't been at school. Instead, he's at work, helping to prep the cafe for the new, Fall menu and new Fall tourists. He actually has the evening off of the restaurant, which is both good and bad, but it means that he can meet Fee that afternoon! He still has the key to return and he wants to make sure that everything is all right since he still doesn't quite understand what happened.

He probably flew part of the way and then walked the rest in human form, arriving in front of the house, a little damp from the rain, but no worse for wear. "Is everything ok?" is his first question as he comes over to sit by her.

It's cooler outside today, another sure sign that the hot season is on it's way out. THe girl looks quite cozy (the player is going to disregard the solar roll and stick with the weather blurb) and not quite as sunny, given the weather. A pair of fitted black skinny denims and a long-sleeve black and ivory peasantry top — along with her hair piled haphazardly up on high — lends to the girl a lazy-daisy bohemian look. The mug of lemon ginger tea in her lap completes the package. No wings at the moment, since there's a few too many pieces of furniture and accents that she risks bumping into.

She is seated in an adironback chair, legs curled beneath herself cozily, when Oliver arrives. Fee looks up at him and smiles, little etchings of tiredness in her face but they stand no chance against the happiness that dawns there. "Hi sweets." She says to the boy, reaching out with a free hand to seek the side of Ollie's face in hopes of guiding him in for a kiss. She will taste vaguely of honey. "It's… been nuts.. but it's settling. I'm really sorry about all that's happened."

Oliver is more than happy to go in for that kiss before he figures out a way to sit down near her, "Is your mom ok?" Because 'loss in the family' and no communication, really, since then could be kind of bad! "And the baby?" Because everything else can sort of wait. He still smells of coffee, not having showered or changed since his shift at work, so strong was his concern.

The girl's expression softens moreso in the direction of being guilty. Having given that sweet measure of affection she watches Ollie as he seats himself and will go on holding his hand across the chairs if he is so inclined. "Ma is just fine. Nothing wrong with her or babe, I promise. I really wish that I could have filled you in more on what went down.. it all happened so fast." Fionnuala laments as drizzle intensifies into heavy rain, careening down onto the roof of the house and the extension of the patio. "I wanted to tell you more but I would have been crucified with data charges and… it was just all so fast." Said with a soft, sad little look before her lips nonetheless quirk at their corners.

"Do you want some tea first before I fill you in? There's a couple of things you need to be given the downlow on.. things have changed a tiny bit in this house." Understatement. Her blue eyes trace Ollie's feature, drinking him in. She's missed him.

Oliver continues to hold Fee's hand as long as she's fine with it as well, even as he settles himself onto the closest seating surface. He glances at the rain as it intensifies and gives a little frown as getting back to Winberry in that will be a pain. But he looks back to Fee, blue-green eyes watching her carefully.

At the mention of tea and things changing in the house, there's the beginnings of the 'Ohmygodshe'sgoingtobreakupwithme' pain in the pit of his gut but he tries not to let that show. "I'm ok, thanks. I had a few cups of it at work today…"

Poor Ollie.. way off the mark with that assumption, but who could blame him? The whole situation that has rocked the Reids has been pretty vague. Hell, poor Fee is finally able to think in the wake of it all now. The boy's opting out of tea doesn't irk Fee at all and she's content to remain where she is, one hand holding Ollie's and her mug of tea resting upon the opposite wide arm of her chair. There is a twin to that chair with a small circular side-table between them. Her blue eyes continue studying Ollie's face, but the graveness in Fee's expression has nothing to do with what the poor alien boy is surmising.

"There's someone else living here now." The girl says simply, "I didn't want it to come as a shock to you if you're here one day, or calling on me, and someone completely unfamiliar answers the door. Just, what happened was…" Again that ghost of sadness, still deep and strongly felt. "My Da's sister, my auntie Fenella.. and uncle Rhiseart.. they were killed in a car accident at the end of August. We found out the day of and had to go to Scotland fast." Fee takes a slow breath and lifts her tea to take a deep swig.

"Oh, Fee, I'm so very sorry!" is offered with a squeeze of her hand as Oliver finally hears the details. There's a little relief, he won't deny that, but now isn't the time to explore that. "That's so very awful!" It's hard to know what to say to something like that. "Is there anything I can do to help?" The house was kept neat and clean and burglar-free while they were away.

"You did lots already, coming over here short notice and making sure the place didn't explode or get robbed blind." Fee tries to inject some humor into the heavy discussion but her eyes just look tired and sad. It couldn't have been easy handling that jet lag while hitting the ground running to return to school. Ick. Fee honestly had shown no signs of being so tired during her first day back and at work.. but now, settled at home? The front of glee and energy can be dropped some. "It was.. probably the most heartbreaking thing that I've had to experience to date." Says the girl, her eyes shiny and even if a drop or two of tears skitter down her cheeks, Fee is hardly bothered or embarrassed by it. Expressing emotion is as natural to her as breathing.

"Thanks for just being here, and coming here today after such a long day. The weather is rotten and I would offer to drive you back to Winbarry with the beater car that I was gonna buy but… I'm back to square one." Fionnuala admits ruefully with a half smile.

She watches him, "So yeah… my aunt and uncle had a son, my first cousin Iain, and my folks were named his guardians if anything were to happen so, yeah… he's living here now. You'll get to meet him soon."

"I can't even imagine…" because the only thing Ollie would have to equate that with is friends. It's probably not quite the same thing. He'll just continue to hold her hand as she does and says what she needs to do and say. "I'm not going to melt. A little water won't hurt me. Maybe I'll just turn into a duck and fly back and enjoy it," is also his attempt at some levity.

The mention of the cousin gets a nod, "If he's anything like you, I'm sure I'll like him a lot. Have you been back at school too with all of this?"

"I suggest you don't even try to imagine it." Says Fionnuala gently, her brow furrowed. "It's something I never, ever want to wish on someone. Losing family. They were.. really great people. Auntie Fen especially.." She trails off, not quite able to carry on with the thought. The memory of said aunt alive — vivacious, caring — is too fresh, especially with the year's past Christmas card and other affectations from that part of the family still lying in a drawer somewhere.

A squeeze to Ollie's hand and Fee drains the rest of her tea. "A duck? I think there's a duck somewhere in my family.. that might be cousin Angus." Maybe. Or was it second cousin Neacal. Who knows. "I bet you would be a rather cute duck. But maybe by the time you have to leave, it'll have eased off some. Then it'll smell and look really nice out there." Fee offers with a smile.

Regarding Iain, the girl ponders… "He's… similar. In looks, and the love of music.. but he's rougher. Especially now with his great loss. But he has a wonderful heart too."

"You have all birds, not just birds of prey?" or carrion? Oliver doesn't want to try to imagine how it must feel, but he does still want to help. "Like I said, I'm not worried about some rain." He listens as the cousin is described, "I wouldn't expect anyone to be all happy and cheerful after this sort of thing happening to their family. Is he at the school too? Does he turn into a bird? I can't imagine…losing your parents and your home and having to start fresh like that. Is there anything I can do to help?"

"All birds." Fee smiles, "We have a big family but not so huge now as to not, y'know.. keep track of everyone. It's a very strong gene so even if one of us powered sorts go out and get married to an outsider, the bird form at least carries over. I think I told you about there being a pigeon in there somewhere.." Is she serious? Maybe! it seems to cheer Fee up just to reflect upon her very diverse, colorful brood. She leans back in her seat, takes on a soft, watchful expression. "We have no way of knowing, even, what my baby brother or sister will be… he or she may take directly after Ma and Da like I did, or there's a whole other grab-bag in our family line… it's weird."

Back to Iain, Fee turns her head to face Ollie again, her rioting pile of hair quivering atop her head. Still holding his hand, she eases over some so she can idly go about examining and playing with his fingers. Much as she had done that one time, long ago at the old school, when she investigated his scales.

"He started school with me. It was easier to just go head-on; that's just his way. He turns into a bird also, but because his Da was unpowered, he can't take on the wings in human form like I can. But he has a whole bunch of other cool things that he can do. Not just powers related."

Ollie, being his sweet self, offers to help. "Well, maybe later this weekend or one evening next week, you can come meet him. He's curious about you." Fee offers, trying not to make it sound ominous. "Being such close cousins, close in age, he's more like a brother. We were all raised like that."

Oliver gives a little smile, "You did tell me about the pigeon. That must be difficult. Although they're not that unattractive, especially some of the speckled ones." Pigeons and Squirrels and household pets were some of Oliver's first non-human shifts. They're everywhere! "So it's genetic, your powers? That's really interesting. But the baby will be able to turn into some sort of bird because both your parents can anyhow, right?" Ahh, when one is out of school for even a few months, science class lessons begin to fade away. Maybe it's due to all the coffee.

He is more than happy to let Fee play with his fingers even though they may still smell of coffee and soap. "I'd be happy to meet him as long as he doesn't decide to beat me up because I'm dating his cousin." That's definitely meant to be a little joke.

"If he tries to beat you up, I'll beat him up." Said with a soft giggle, and obviously a lot of Fee's doldrum has faded with Oliver's arrival. She looks up at him with her very blue eyes, "That's what I love about you, that optimism! Pigeons are really unfortunate but you'll get some that have that shiny colorful ruff… even still, I don't think I'd ever want to boast that form. I distinctly remember that relation being a grump too." She sighs gently, then smiles a bit. "Yup, it's genetic. We're really sort of a vanilla lot… a lot of similar base abilities but we can also branch off into other bits and pieces. Just you wait til' the next family reunion." Oh dear God.

Fionnuala sniffs lightly, noting the coffee smell. "There's nobody here.. you're welcome to use one of the bathrooms to get cleaned up if you're through with smelling like coffee. It's a great smell but it's totally your call for taking the trouble to come out this way." Said to Ollie with affectionate light in her eyes.

"Let's hope it doesn't come to that. No one needs a free-for-all like that." Oliver then leans back, his eyes still on Fee, "Why are they unfortunate? Because they've been lumped in as vermin? Rats can be cute too. I know that we've all been taught that they all bring filth and disease, but…I don't know that it's any moreso than people all pressed together in cities. I've turned into pigeons before. It's a great way to be inconspicuous." He gives her a little smile, "I don't know that I'd consider it 'Vanilla'. I think all of my race are shapeshifters. So I'm just like everyone else if I was there."

When Fee mentions that no one's home, he lifts an eyebrow in a somewhat saucy way but then shrugs, "I'm ok. I'll live. As long as you're not offended by it, that's the most important thing."

Huh, silly boy. He missed Fee's meaning! Empty house? Time alone? Other things to catch up on?! OK.. maybe she wasn't specific; too busy ranting about pigeons. "I'm not offended at all. But what I'm getting at is that we have an empty, quiet space for a couple of hours and I've really.. really missed you." Fee offers cheekily.. she's not so down and riddled with the occasional spat of grief as to not snag an opportunity when she sees it. What is she getting at?! It's obvious.

".. trust me.. coffee smell won't bug me." Said softer, and that cheeky look takes on an altogether different air.. not unpleasant. Not lascivious either; that's just not Fee's way. But she is very obviously dropping a hint. Something about the calmness of the day and the rainfall just decides her.

"Oh! I didn't want to presume or anything, but…yes!" Because he's still a teenager and empty houses and a few hours alone are great! "Well, I could shower…" and she could join him and see where things go from there? "I didn't bring any clothes to change into…" ahem. Granted, they're not technically needed but he's trying to flirt a little. Poor, awkward Oliver.

Poor, awkward Oliver… and quirky Fionnuala. They're well matched! They'll just go on fumbling with their meanings and making awful (albeit cute) goes at being seductive. Fionnuala definitely isn't good at it, but it's part of her charm! It is! She's just surprised that he is okay with what she rather indirectly proposed and her cheeks flush slightly, little dashes of sunlight flitting across her shoulders and out from between her fingers. "You don't need any.." Clothes that is. "Eheh.. hee." Fee grins, nose wrinkling. "And I got some really, really nice body wash." … huh, seductive gold right there.

Yeah, don't quit their day jobs.

There's no shortage of affection though as Fee stands, still holding his hand, to guide Ollie indoors. No shortage of teenage hormones, either!


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