(2018-09-07) Let's Go to the Rennaisance Faire
Let's Go to the Rennaisance Faire
Summary: Besa and Dylan go on a date at the Renn Faire.
Date: 2018-09-07
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Besa had told Dylan to be ready about 8 am Saturday morning for whatever this adventure date he had planned. 8 AM sharp Besa will be outside in the courtyard, dressed in casual shorts and white short sleeve gauzy button up shirt. It's more a beach shirt, but it looks light and comfortable. He's got an excited smile as he waits, rocking back and forth on his heels. No Cocoa is sight. He's gonna try to do this without her, mostly for her. When Dylan arrives Besa will hurry him onto the ferry and over to the main land. Once they get there, there's a fancy looking car(not a limo) and driver waiting for them. And off they go! Besa let's him know, "If you are hungry we can stop and get something. The drive should be about 2 hours."

Dylan 'skips' into the courtyard about seven minutes after eight, dressed in the best pair of jeans and tee shirt he owns. Even though he did run a brush through his hair, it is a wild mess. Perhaps it is a side effect of his teleportation? Probably not. This is a date right, and without any warning, he has not idea of how he should be dressed. Once they are in the car, and he is asked about being hungry, he shakes his head, "Nah… that's okay I grabbed a snickers before heading down." Breakfast of champions!

Besa sits in the middle of the back seat, although it become apparent that's so he's less likely to touch anything important that could short out. He makes small talk with Dylan, his excitement for whatever he has planned seeping through almost with every word. The driver is quiet, although his eyes do keep flicker back to watch the two teens, maybe having been given orders to make sure everything stays proper.

After about 2 hours the driver pulls into an area that's marked for some kind of celebration. Besa's eyes are wide as he looks around, clearly he's not been here before either. After parking, Besa hops out, reaching for Dylan's hand to urge him to hurry up. "I already have the tickets!" He waves to the driver, "We will come. Back at 6!" Assuming Dylan let's Besa lead him, they'll come up to a giant wooden wall that's surrounding the 'festival' that's happening. There's people in all different types of costumes, some hecklers from the top of the wall. And ticket booths for this Ren Faire. The gates have already opened so there's not much of a line to get in. Sounds of people laughing and bits of music can be heard from inside.

Dylan has clearly no idea what a Ren Faire is. His eyes go from wide with wonder and narrow with suspicion. "What is this place?" He looks at Besa, "Is this like an amusement park or something?" He is slow to walk forward, but he moves almost automatically when Besa pulls on his hand. He blinks and turns to look at the driver, "Um, yeah, thanks…." It is clear that Besa's surprise was definitely a surprise.

It's not surprise so much as excitement. He saw pictures and video, but this is just …fun! The ancient teen will laugh, pulling out the printed tickets from his pocket. Dylan's hand is held a moment more than necessary but the he lets go, not wanting to make the other uncomfortable. "It is a Renaissance Festival. People dress up and act as they think things were." As he says this two fairies walk by. The teen's head tilts slightly, looking at their wings, "And apparently everyone believes that the fey and wizards walked around openly as well." They both get their hands stamped and can go inside the walls, to the festival! There's food smells that fill the air, along with venders haggling their wares. As soon as they step inside a man pushing a barrels asks them, "Would you like to taste my pickle?"

Dylan watches the people in costume walk by. "I don't think that they think this is how it really was but more just having fun with it…" He watches as a woman walks by dressed in a belly dancer's outfit but with a fake fox tail hanging off her butt. "Not sure whatever that is though…" Once they get through the gate and are stamped. Dylan looks at the hawker and says with a completely straight face, "No thanks, I'm here with someone." And just walks past the guy. He grins, "I can honestly say that I was not expecting anything like this… " He looks around, "So, what do we do first, oh guide to the weird…" As he watches another outlandish person walk by, "and strange…" He can't help but snicker and shake his head.
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Pickle guy doesn't seem upset, harassing a group of teen girls that come in right behind the boys. They're all giggling wildly at the man. Besa's not exactly certain, but he thinks that might have been dirty. He hurries to catch up with Dylan, "I think you are right it is like a ….dream of what it was like, yes?" Well, Besa would eb the one to know! "I asked Rain to look up festivals in the area, but then she found this on her phone." He seems proud that the surprised is well taken. The ancient teen takes a moment to glance around, "Well…we an get food… or we can go see a show…" He spies a wooden rack maps and schedules. "Let us look, yes?" A group of vikings swagger by, already rosey cheeked and loudly talking. They smell of mead.

Dylan watches the mildly drunk Vikings walk past. He looks over at Besa, "I want whatever they have." He grins, knowing that no vender would sell to two teen boys. He grins, "Seriously though… I don't know what it is.. but something smells fantastic… I smell something with cinnamon." The fried apple dumplings are always a favorite. He moves over with a bit of a skip in his step over towards where the maps and schedules are.

Besa snorts, "I wish." He grew up drinking beer, so modern rules just frustrate him. That perfect hair bounces as the Promethean nods, agreeing something smells good. A happy smile as Dylan moves to get the map. "I know there is a joust. And mud show, whatever that is." He steps up, trying to peer at the map the Ares grabbed, "And dancing and music and singing…."

Dylan looks at the list of activities. "And there is a birds of prey show that sounds cool too… Definitely want to watch the joust… " He is grinning widely, obviously enjoying the idea of the Ren Faire, before he's had the chance to experience it. He pauses, "And if you like.. I might be able to snatch us something to drink."

Oh! There's nodding about the bird show. He slides next to Dylan so he's not in the middle of the walkway, but can still look at the map, "There is a sword show as well." He looks up, smiling just as wide as Dylan, "I would not wish you to get into any trouble." He wets his lips, looking down an aisle, "Let us find that good smell first, yes? And then we can see the first show?"

"Alright Mister Goody-two-shoes." the teleporter jests. "No acquiring of alcohol today…" Dylan nods and follows along, quite happily. This is Besa's show, and he's quite content to let the ancient boy take the lead.

Besa's brow furrows, "It is not goody two shoes to not wish you to get into trouble and ruin the date!" He reaches out to tap Dylan's arm, not quite a swat, "We will drink mead some other time, when there is not anything new and exciting to see, yes?" While Besa planned the date, this is about the extent of it. He lead them towards the food alley, suddenly there's more pickle men, mushroom wenches, Turkey legs and oh! There! The cinnamon smell seems to be coming from a small building the sells themselves as "The best Apple Dumplings the King has ever tried". Besa heads over there, "Would you like one, Tom? They are the best!"

Dylan grins, scrunching his nose slightly. "I'm just teasing… but I'll hold you to that will do it later." He then pauses, "What is mead anyway?" When the location of the heavenly sweet smell becomes apparent, he practically drags Besa along. "You know this place might be easier to navigate if I were to skip us about."

Besa leans closer, "It is like beer, but better." Usually. "I prefer it to wine or champagne." How much as this teen drank? "No!" He laughs as Dylan grabs him to get them closer, "No skipping. You promised you would walk with me!" He's not upset though, laughing as they get into line to get the sweets. He goes tip toe, trying to see if they have honey on them as well.

"Did I? Now why would I do something like that… ." The boy mock huffs, "Well, if you say that I promised that I'd walk… then I guess I can walk… " Dylan can't help but to playfully shoulder check the other teen. He doesn't seem to be bothered or embarrassed to be seen obviously there with the other boy.

Besa nods. He may not have said the exact word promise, but that's how B is taking it! To anyone looking, they just look like two friends roughhousing while waiting in line for food. Soon enough they are at the front of the line and two fingers are held up, "Two please!" And with that he's digging in his wallet fo cash to pay for it.. He adds an extra drizzle of honey onto of his before they start walking. "Let's find a show to watch while we eat, yes?"

Dylan looks at Besa, "You know you don't have to pay for everything. I do have some money left from my brief career of crime." He says it like he's joking but of course the two boys know that he is being quite serious and literal. Just how much money does he have stashed away? He nods, "Sure… I think I saw that there was one just around the corner starting soon… Something about Washing Wenches.. sounds kind of fun."

Besa offers back, "I have planned to pay for the food. It is my date to plan and pay for. You will pay for the next date if you choose to ask, yes?" He smiles warmly at Dylan, "That sounds fun. I wonder what that is about." Oh boy, the boys will be in for a messy treat! He swipes a finger across th apple dumpling, getting honey on it before he pops it into his mouth.

After the performance is over, Dylan is still laughing, "So, that is not what I was expecting, but that was fun… " He has long since finished his dumpling, having made sure to cleanse his fingers of any stray bits of sugary goodness quite thoroughly. He looks at Besa, "Since we're here all day, let's just walk around for a bit and get the lay of the land and see what's all that's offered. The map only helps so far."

Besa giggles a lot through the whole show, eyes wide and surprised. "I was not expecting that either!" Gathering the empty bowls he stands, "Yes, of course. We can find something for your grandmother, yes? Does she like jewelry?"

Dylan nods, "She does, but you're not allowed to get her anything. At this rate, she's going to like you more than she likes me if you keep it up." The grin on his face suggest that he's most likely joking about that. "She just isn't suppose to have anything of value at the home. And when things go missing, the staff is quick to point out that there is no way to tell who took it, since visitors are in and out of the place all the time…"

Besa raises an eyebrow, "I can not help it I am likable, Tom." He doesn't actually agree to not getting her a gift, but may hold back some. "Does she like sweets? Perhaps you can blink her over something?" That's a good comprise, right? His smile fades some, he doesn't like this home she's in. Maybe He'll talk to the Masters abut fixing it up. He throws away their trash and then bends over to pick up a cup someone threw on the ground right next to the recepticale. They were so close! In the garage that goes as well. "Let us go look then!" He'll step a little closer to Dylan as they move, the fair is getting crowded.

Dylan cocks his head, "Nah, she's not suppose to have sweets." It is difficult to remember that after so many years, his grandmother is simply no longer diabetic. "But yeah, tomorrow I'll go visit her and bring her presents." Yeah, he knows Besa all too well and knows that the boy will get her something. He grins slightly, not minding the closeness of the other boy. In fact, he reaches over and takes Besa's hand into his own.

Besa's not going to argue the sweets, but… "There are many other foods here. Does she like pickles?" Hey-o! B doesn't get the joke, the pickles looked good! "She will like that very much. You can tell her all about the school." Maybe just a little present! The holding seems to relax the ancient teen, he shifts so their arms brush as they walk. He slows though, spying something he doesn't quite like/understand. "Is that a stockade?!?" Why would they want to recreate that?

What probably flabbergasts Besa further, as two teenagers go up and one willingly places himself in the stockade. Dylan shrugs, "I don't know what it's called… " He glances over at one of the vendors, "I think I will get her a bag of the roasted almonds.. they will be just as good tomorrow as they are today… that way I don't have " he repeats Besa's wording, "blink over there during our date. Sorry that I can't take you there so you can give her whatever you end up buying for her anyway yourself… I mean I guess you could always hop onto your family jet and just fly out there…. You know I don't know which is more insane sounding… just hopping on a family jet or being able to teleport halfway across the country in the blink of an eye."

Besa takes a deep breath, inching a little closer to Dylan. Not everything from this time period is fun. That perfect hair bounces as he nods, "I am sure she will like those very much, Tom." As for him buying her something, he just smiles, "It will be small, yes? Just so she knows we thought of her." As for the 'family' jet, he shakes his head, glancing away, "It is…weird. I do not think of it as mine. The twins have welcomed me into their family, but not….It is not my things…" He wets his lips and looks back to Dylan, "Does that make sense?" As far as insane things go, he shrugs, "I fight demons….most things on Earth or believable compared to that."

Dylan chuckles, "You can get her whatever you want. I was joking about it, Besa. Though don't be surprised if she doesn't fuss at you if she thinks that you spent to much money." He pauses, "Or more than likely, she will fuss at me…. since she doesn't know you good enough to yell at you." He watches some of the various people walking around, shaking his head. He suddenly yanks Besa's hand as he sees the cages holding the various raptors. The barricade is probably the only thing keeping the boy from pressing himself up against the red-tailed hawk's cage. He looks over his shoulder, "Yeah, that makes perfect sense to me. The first foster home wasn't bad… They were nice, and they got me things.. but I didn't feel like I should get used to it… kind of like I was almost borrowing someone else's things, even though I knew it was bought just for me."

Besa's ok with Dylan taking the fussing for him! He smiles again up at the taller teen, fingers readjusting against the other boy's. "She will not fuss, she will like whatever it is I pick out, I am sure!" He spots something else, so when Dylan suddenly jerks him in a different direction he makes a small sound of surprise. But then he's smiling at the birds. "They are striking." He studies the bird a moment and then looks around the booth as he responds to Dylan, "Yes. They are being very kind, but….But I feel as if I need to make my own way. It is why I am making the mugs and selling them. Rain and Schuyler both keep offering to buy my things…I try to not take advantage."

Dylan's attention is highly focused on the hawk. "I wish that I could skin change like Buddy… even if I could only wear the skins of one or two animals… one would be a hawk… I used to spend hours watching them fly over the desert." He shakes his head, "Sorry… You were talking about the Masters… I know you want to do it yourself… but remember to let them do it every once in a while if they truly want to do it, then depriving them of that is depriving them a chance to show their love for you." His attention goes back to the hawk, looking much younger than he normally presents himself to be.

Besa quite, just listening to the other and his wish. He's not quite sure how to feel about that. He would rather much not have any powers, but that's always a downer when people think about it. So he doesn't mention it, instead he tries to lighten the mood, "I think you would make a very handsome hawk." And clearly Besa does some, he fly out to New Mexico and they have a priviate driver for today. "I know they love me." He smiles again and turns to study the hawk. A small group of fairies are setting up near a tree to do…something. But they're already gathering a crowd.
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Dylan smirks and stands up slowly, "Nah.. I'd probably fly into the side of a mesa and break my neck… but I have always thought it would be cool to be able to fly, to feel the wind and watch the ground spread out below you." He smiles at the other boy. "I don't know about your sister, since I still haven't met her, but I don't doubt that your brother does. I think he was ready to try to end me when he ran into me in the dorm. In fact, I think he was looking for any reason to dislike me… it was like he was pissed off that I had skipped into town and gotten a pizza, instead of eating the food on campus. But I think we reached a bit of understanding… I don't think he likes me, but I don't think he is planning my murder any longer."

Besa chuckles before offering, "I would heal you." So many scars! His smile fades, "He…No, he would not murder you. He becomes mad at me when I speak of ending lives, even if they deserve it." He'll turn to face Dylan, "I am sorry he spoke that way with you. He should not have. I do not think he likes it when I like someone." He sighs and looks away, "He disliked Whitley as well." Still does from what B can tell. Not wanting to dwell on that he nods towards the fey, "Shall we see what they are doing?"

Dylan chuckles and shakes his head, "Nah, it's alright… my skin isn't that thin. He has the right to not like me if he chooses to, especially if he thinks that I'm some douche bag out to hurt his much older little brother." He cocks his head, as he looks over at the "faeries". "Sure… Let's go." No, he doesn't particularly want to talk about one of Besa's ex on their first date.

Besa's brow furrows, "I am not his little brother." Is that what sky thinks of him? Thatthat would explain a lot, but man, that's depressing. He sighs softly, but doesn't let go of Dylan's hand. There's a lot of people and he' not got Cocoa. Plus, holding hands is nice, even if he doesn't know how he's falling on the like-like short in Dylan's head. And it's Besa's //only ex! The actors seem to be setting up some kind of throne, there's a chair with leaves and vines and they're attaching ribbons to canopy around the area. Some are even tying ribbons the audience, Both Dylan and Besa are approached. The young woman giggles as she ties purple ribbon around the Ares and then a green one is draped around Besa's neck. She takes a moment to play with his hair. Which just leaves Besa with pink cheeks and stepping a little closer to Dylan. Calls of, "She comes! She comes! The wisest of all! Lady Lillygrass Moonshore, seerer of all time!"

Seeing Besa's expression, Dylan holds up his free hand. "Hey, didn't mean anything by it… but.. you came along after the fact, kind of like a little brother… which I suppose would explain why he is so protective of you, wouldn't it?" Sometimes, it takes fresh eyes to see the obvious. As he gets tied with a ribbon, Dylan isn't really sure about this, but he sticks with it. He notices that Besa's grip tends to tighten with the crowd thickens. He leans over and says softly in the other boy's ear, "You sure you're okay… I mean, if you need to go early, it will be okay. I've already had a good time."

Besa sighs, "When I first met the twins, Rain was shorter than me and Schuyler was barely taller than me." Now Sky loams over him and Rains got an inch or two on him. "It is just frustrating." He sticks close, but shakes his head smiling, "No! I am alright. This is fun. I do not wish to stop…" Maybe this will be their only date, he doesn't want to cut out early! Another smile and he'll tug gently on Dylan's ribbon, "You've been marked." Apparently so has he, but he doesn't say that. The announcing of Lady Lillygrass Moonshore continues until the fey grow quiet all at once. An elderly woman, with droopy wings and tattered mismatched Ren Fair attire is slowly making her way up to the throne. The crowd goes silent as well, following the fairies lead. It's almost hypnotic the patience the woman has , each tiny step, to make the point that this is an elder creature, who takes her own time to get to where she wants to me. Best watches with wide eyes.

Dylan simply nods to Besa's wish to remain. The offer was given and answered. Like everyone else, the teen falls silent as he watches the elderly "faerie". For a moment, he looks around at the various individuals in attendance, especially the faeries and has to wonder if they are all in fact what they appear or if some of them might be what they pretend to be.

In a world where Super Heroes are real, who knows? The boys do know Callisto, but hopefully if these are Fey, they're not related to her. Finally the old woman sits down with a grunt and the actors all flounce around, making sure the leaves are just so, the ribbons are falling just right. Even the ones they attacked to people. A different girl comes over and fusses with both boys ribbons giving them both winks before she moves on. Out of the blue the seated fey calls out, "Who's got a question for me?" Her accent is the fake British one everyone seems to be using today.

Dylan watches to see who is going to play along. For all of his normal bravado, Dylan is actually a fairly insecure boy. Even if he could think of a question to ask, he definitely doesn't have the nerve to ask it in front of all these strangers out of fear of looking like an idiot. He does give a sideways glance at Besa.

Besa just tilts his head, watching as several different people go up. Most ask simple, easy to answer things. The old lady seems to eb getting into it, enjoying being wacky and scaring a few kids by saying their names before they can. Her hair is hanging down, so just the tips of her (probably) fake ears are sticking out. She may have a small ear piece in, who knows. This goes on for some time before she starts pointing out people, mostly the ones with the ribbons. It's a lot of teasing, although one couple she tells congratulations and they look shocked. Finally her beady gaze turns toward the two students. One grizzled hand raises and points at Dylan, "You need to take the bargain, boy. Then you'll belong. Otherwise…" She shakes her head, tongue clicking. And then she laughs, cause that's what cray cray old witch fey do. She starts to look past Besa, but then her head snaps back and she looks honestly surprised. She motions him closer. For the moment, he doesn't move.

Dylan's eyes widen a bit as the old woman speaks to him. He swallows so hard, that it could practically heard across the clearing. Besa can feel the boy's grip tighten, almost uncomfortably so. When she beckons Besa closer, he is not sure that he wants to let go of the boy's hand even if he does decide to go up to her.

Besa's fingers tighten back, at first to comfort the taller teen, but then he too gets the deer in a headlight look. There's a couple chuckles in the crowd, mostly at the boys' reactions and one of the Fey actors moves over to try to encourage Besa to go up to the woman. He looks at Dylan, unsure what to do.

Dylan looks at the woman and the other "faeries". He sighs softly, giving Besa a slight nod. "I'm right here with you. I can skip us away if there's a problem." He doesn't let go of Besa's hand, should the other boy decide to approach the seer of everything..

Well….damn. Besa swallows and will slowly walk over to her, Dylan in town. Lady Lillygrass Moonshore is smiling and waving to a little girl, but when she turns to look at both boys, it's clear the smile isn't reaching her eyes. She almost looks upset, like she's trying to hide it with the smile. The other fairies are starting to pass around the hat, encouraging people to help get Lady Lillygrass Moonshore some new clothing. Leaning forward the old woman loses the accent and softly says, "I'm so sorry….I don't know where it is you're afraid to go, but you have to. You won't be alone though, if that helps." She'll reach out to try to gently pat his free hand.

Dylan isn't listening in case whatever the woman has to say is private, but still being close enough to teleport him and Besa away if things become obviously sketchy. He keeps a hold of Besa's hand, occasionally flexing to remind the other boy of his presence.

Besa just stills, a weird look on his face before he nods stiffly. Her hand is looked at, like he's not really comprehending and turns and walks away. Hopefully with Dylan, but he needs to walk away from this woman now. Nothing is said till he rounds the corner, now their back by the food again. "I….sorry." He shivers despite the warm weather, "I am not going to…." No this isn't the place and he shakes his head, taking a deep breath and forcing a smile at Dylan. "W-would you like a turkey leg? I hear that is the thing we should get while here." Look at Besa, ignoring the predictions of doom!

Dylan may not have been listening, but he was paying attention. He doesn't ask any questions. When they finally get around the corner, the only thing he does ask is, "Are you okay?" He nods, "Well, if it is the thing we should get, then I guess we have no choice but to get one, right?" He offers the Egyptian teen a wide grin.

Besa quirks a smile, it's a little stressed, but he nods, "It is just how my life is." Fingers are tightened though, like he's afraid Dylan's going to let go. "If you have a camera on your phone you should take a picture so I can show Rain of the festival. She wants to come here at some point. I think she wishes to buy a green dress." He'll move them to get into the turkey leg line, still holding onto Dylan's hand like a life line.

Dylan looks at Besa about to ask a question, then stops, "Oh yeah.. technology and curse… that's right. Yeah, sure, I can take pics." He doesn't mention the elephant in the room, until they are a bit away and with turkey legs in hand. "Okay, you want to tell me what that was all about? And I don't just mean by the creepy old lady spouting off things she shouldn't know about… but more about what she was talking about… it seems to have really freaked you out."

Besa's dark eyes focus on the giant turkey leg in hand. It rally is large, he can't remember ever eating one bigger. He picks at it a moment, before sighing, "It is…." He shifts, biting his lower lip, "I told you of how I was sacrificed, yes? It is just….about that. There is nothing to be done about it." That's all, move on, next subject! "I am sorry, I will not be freaked out." He looks up, trying to find something else to point out to talk about. "There is a mud show."

Dark blue eyes fix on Besa for a moment, before Dylan simply nods. Unlike Besa, Dylan just tears into the turkey leg. Who cares if turkeys are new world birds that were unknown to medieval Europe, they're freakin' fantastic. With a mouthful of half-masticated turkey, "Sure… ooh wait, hold up first." He quickly slings his arm around Besa's neck, pressing his cheek up next to the other boy's and clicks a few selfies. He makes sure to catch Besa before the boy gets a chance to fully compose himself in the first couple of shots.

Dylan asks, "What the hell is a mud show, anyway?"

Besa isn't sure that it's a good sign that Dylan just nods, but for the moment he's thankful. He looks surprised in the first few pics, eyes on Dylan in the first one and then the camera. There is a smile in the last, he knows what selfies are thanks to Rain. A soft chuckle, he seems to but putting whatever was said in the back of his mind. He doesn't think he's going to be sacrificed today, might as well enjoy the festival. Even his priests tried to instill that in him. "Perhaps it is throwing clay?" Well, it's throwing something.

Neither of the boys are truly prepared for the mud show. Dylan laughs at the performance, but like Besa, the "old faerie's" words are weighing on his thoughts, even if he tries to not let the solemn not of the woman bring the day down. Though, he is determined to try to get a picture of her before they leave the faire. Maybe Calli knows her.

Besa's eyes are wide. It's just adults playing in the mud?!?! Rain would be modified. But that makes him laugh. He relaxes some, although seems to be tying to be physically closer to Dylan now, almost how he is with Cocoa when he's nervous. The old woman is easily found at another show later in the day, although the actors playing the other fey do not tie ribbons around the two boys again. In fact they're not even acknowledged if they even get close enough to the show. Besa would rather not. "Please Tom…. She said good things for you yes? Let us be happy with that."

Dylan doesn't want to get particularly close to the woman himself. He shakes his head, "I'm not sure I'd say that it was good things… Just told me to do something that I was thinking about… but that isn't necessarily good.. just better, maybe." He watches the faerie performers, "I just want to get some pictures to show Calli… she said that faeries aren't always nice… actually got the feeling that they are mostly not, so I just wanted to check.. in case whatever she said is likea trap or something." He grins, "Come on, let's see if we can catch either the joust or the birds of prey show and not just them in cages."

Well, it's better than what Besa got! "Better is good, yes?" The ancient teen gives a shiver, turning away from the old woman. He'll not stop Dylan from taking the pic, but will hurry he away once it's done. "Yes…the joust or birds would be nice. Then we must finish finding something for your grandmother…" They can find seats for the joust, although after a small bit Besa studies Dylan more than the actual performance. It's hard to enjoy the reenactment when he remembers seeing real ones. And they were terrible to watch. So many injuries!

But that is why Besa should be able to enjoy this, as there are no injuries, or really risk of injuries, as it is all well choreographed and rehearsed. Dylan enjoys it even if Besa doesn't as much. Once the joust is over, Dylan pulls the Egyptian boy to his feet. "Not having a good time?" He shoulder checks the other boy. "Come on. Let's go find something to change your mood… or we can do some therapy shopping."

Besa blinks and then stumbles slightly, not expecting going on a date with Dylan to be so much bumping. "It was enjoyable." He smiles, hands going up to defend himself if there's another shoulder check coming his way. "I am enjoying being here, I promise." But he also seems to be willing to allow Dylan to try to change his mood. "What else would you like to go see?" And then he laughs, "You sound like Rain. She likes to shop. When I first came to Coral Springs I felt like a doll, she would make me go shopping and just pick out outfits for me to wear." He's not upset about it, shaking his head and smiling at the memory. "She was very upset when I insisted on buying my own winter coat." Man, he misses that coat!

Dylan smirks at the image of it. "Not really… I don't particularly like shopping… just most people do. Growing up, there wasn't much money… but there was enough. I don't really remember wanting much… then I got put in the system and then it was like there was never anything… " He shrugs, "Then after that.. it was just a matter of learning to take what you need to survive." He looks at the shops. "There isn't a single thing here, that I couldn't just call to my hand from this place… kind of loses a lot of the fun of it. you know?" He pauses, "As far was what to see… this kind of thing is all new to me… so I'm cool just walking around for now… and just stopping at whatever catches either of our attention."

Besa's smile fades, but h listens as Dylan tells him of his childhood. "I am sorry. If it is not appealing, we will just get more food. You said you thought your grandmother wold like the roasted nuts, yes?" That perfect hair bounces as he nods, catching in the sunlight just perfect. It really must be another super power! "Yes, let us walk." His fingers flex, but he doesn't reach for Dylan's hand again. He doesn't want the other to feel pressured. He knows he can be clingy.

Dylan shrugs, "Nothing for you to be sorry about. It is what it is, and what was is water under the bridge." He offers a half-hearted grin, "You know… you don't have to be worried about holding my hand. I don't mind. If you recall, I have taken yours a couple of times already." With that, he pulls Besa a little to get them walking, talking about anything and nothing in particular, just enjoying each other's company.

Besa nods, he can respect the 'it is what it is' mentality. Isn't that what he just told Dylan about the sacrifices? He glances down at Dylan's hand and then takes it, "I did not wish to push myself on you…" Isn't this a test anyway to see if there's like like, right? He lets Dylan lead, both is walking and conversation. He only stops to get his grandmother the largest cone of roasted nuts he can purchase, "Does she like the cashews and pecans or almonds?" Besa's going to have to make a lot of mugs to replenish his wallet after this date!

Dylan chuckles and shakes his head, "No, I don't feel like you were pushing yourself on me… " He looks at Besa and shrugs, "I think she kind of likes all of them…" He looks at the vendor, "Can we get like a mix?" He looks over at Besa, "So what about you? Don't you want some kind of souvenir of the day?"

Besa nods in agreement, a mixture would be best then! As they wait for the man to get them their nuts (ha), the ancient teen looks up at Dylan and smiles, "Will you print me out one of the pictures of us?" B's hope is that the souvenir he gets from this date is to date Dylan, but if that doesn't happen, a picture would be nice.

Dylan looks at Besa, "No, dude, I mean yes.. I will print you a picture.. but you need something silly or something… You bought my ami sani a treat, I'll buy you something. I insist… " He smirks, "Maybe I should get something for Rain, so that at least one of your siblings might start off liking me."

Besa's brow starts to furrow, looking slightly chastised before Dylan corrects his statement and says he'll print off the picture. "Oh…then….oaky. Let us look, yes?" The idea of Dylan getting Rain something makes him smile, "She is very hard to buy for. …and I thought you said that your and Schuyler made seem kind of amends?" He adjust his fingers around Dylan, liking the connection.

Dylan chuckles. "Great, just my luck… Oh, and to an extent… but I still don't think that he really likes or trusts me… just that he trusts me more than he did… Which I suppose is a good thing, since he's one of my captain things for Ares… guess that means he could make my life hell…"

Besa chuckles back, "I will help you pick something for Rain. It will be fine." The bigger problem will be to find something affordable for Rain. "If it helps, Schuyler doe into like many people. It takes him time to allow anyone close." Sometimes even Best doesn't think Sky trusts him! He shakes his head, smiling again as he looks to the next vender after they get the nuts, "I was very surprised he went for the position."

Dylan cocks his head, "Why were you surprised? He seems like the kind to like to be in charge, but that could just be my one meeting with him coloring my opinion of him. He certainly seemed to be expressing his alpha dog-ness." He chuckles, "I'm exaggerating… a bit." He nods slightly, "Okay, so let's go get ripped off by these people selling stuff for five times what you would pay for the same stuff anywhere else."

"Schuyler tends to have issue with authority." Besa thinks about the alpha dog comment. Maybe. A soft chuckle, "They are trying to make a living, Tom. They are not ripping us off…" Maybe that's the artisan in Besa talking. "I am glad you are having a nice time…I am too."

Dylan looks at Besa and smiles, "I'm having a great time, Besa. Thank you. Best time I have had in a long time, actually." He loops his arm around the other teen and drags him into one of the shops, where he ends up buying a rose made out of burnished copper in a little vase made of Chinese jade. The boy doesn't even really seem to blink when he pulls out a hundred dollar bill to pay for it. "Okay, one down… now what about you… what would you like to remember your trip to the past with? I figure you'd probably not want anything that is attempted Egyptian… So anything strike your fancy?"

Besa's not even paying with hundred dollar bills. He doesn't say anything, but he suspects that's stolen money. Or money from pawned stolen things. "Yes, no Egyptian things please. Everyone thinks it is nice, but it is usually just insulting." He's thinking of you, Mr King Tut Pop figure. Ugh. "I went to a. Museum once that had an exhibit. That was ….painful." He touches his chest where his heart is. "It was so disrespectful." He keeps being drawn over to the leather booths, glancing at the pouches. "I have never worked with leather before. It always seems to nice…"

Dylan watches Besa and his glancing at the pouches. They are nice, but not normally very practical outside of an environment like this. However, a little further on the wall are some messenger bag sized wares. He looks around and plucks a golden brown bag with tooled Celtic hounds on it. "Besa, head's up!" As soon as the boy turns, Dylan throws the bag at him, "Catch!" He's already pulled the tag off and handed it over to the merchant.

Besa is a warrior. He truly is, but it's hard to believe when he fumbles with the large bag thrown at him. "Ah! Tom!" He doesn't notice the price take being off, instead he's smiling down at the image. Hounds. Besa has several connections to the beasts. And he likes the color. "This is very nice Tom, I-" he stops when he looks up and sees what's happening. There's a small internal war, let him spend the money he stole on B, or have him spend it somewhere else. He's fairly certain Dylan wouldn't be bale to return it. He chews his lip and then nods gently, "Thank you." Now he has to step up his game, somehow the flashy date he presented to Dylan is being outdone! Oh noes! He moves close, maybe being a little nosy to try to see the price.

Dylan smirks, "Hey, Besa… would you do me a favor and maybe go grab us something to drink? It's getting a little hot, don't you think?" Oh, he knows what Besa is trying to do. "I'm thinking about getting a wallet… so I'll be right here until you get back." He flashes a wide smile at the other boy. Dylan can be quite the charmer when the situation calls for it.

Besa's dark eyes narrow, he sees that charmer smile! But he's also a sucker for such things and nods. He come back with a large Mountain Dew for Dylan and a bottle of water for himself. He's going to have to get ammun to that pretty quickly. Or become a charmer himself. "I hope this is alright." As he hands over the drink. "What wallet did you get?"

Dylan smiles as he takes the Mt. Dew from Besa. "Thanks." He wasn't lying when he said that he was thinking about getting a wallet. He reaches into his front left pocket and pulls out a black leather wallet. It has a generic Celtic knot tooled into it. "I don't know if it means anything… I just thought it looked cool. Certainly beats the one that I have." The old stained canvas wallet is already emptied and abandoned in the trash. "Okay, any suggestions on something to help get on Rain's good side?" He pauses, "Without looking like I'm /just/ trying to get on her good side…"

Besa steps closer to look won at the wallet, a soft smile and he nods approvingly. "It does look very nice, yes." Besa's already slung his bag over his shoulder, and he offers to put the cone of nuts for grandma in it so they can have more free hands. "Rain likes some candies. We will need to be careful though, she worked at a chocolate shop over the summer… So she is…particular." He will add, "She does like coconut and almonds." He changes the water bottle to his other hand so he can reach for Dylan's. "She was talking about the braiding she saw online, but that would be difficult to buy for her." Unless someone as selling a how to book!

Dylan gladly lets Besa put the nuts and rose in his bag. "Well, I guess we could get some of the candied almonds for her… Does she like anything in particular? You know things like flowers, fairies, cats, crystals… Even if it is a 'just thinkin' about you' kind of gift like one of the faire tee shirts or goblets? Nah, never mind… that sounds too cheesy. What about a little silver charm or something?"

Besa closes the bag, patting it to make sure it's secure. "She likes….swords?" That's not helpful. "She might like that, yes. Or there's a candy shop, I think…" There's a rather quick shake of his head and then he laughs, "I do not know that she even wears tee shirts except when practicing or in gym." Even then, it's usually designer ones. "Maybe a charm of a sword? I can help pick it out?" And then she'll have to like it, cause B will tell her he picked it out! The ancient teen can be a little devious , when it's for his friends benefit. The old woman's creepy words are ignored, shoved to the back of his mind for now. He's having a nice day. A soft, almost shy smile tugs at his mouth and he glances away, towards some random vendors.

Dylan nods, "Then either sword earrings or a necklace or both… think that might work?" Yeah, he actually seems a little concerned about trying to impress her. That's a good sign right? He takes a big gulp of the soda. He wasn't lying about that either. It's timing was just convenient.

Besa shakes his head, "She does not have her ears pierced, I believe. But she does wear necklaces." That shy smile increases, he thinks the fact he's worried about Rain is a good thing. Whit never was, so…there's that. "She likes clothing, but this is all very…specific. She wishes to come at some point." There's a moment and then he ads, "I think Schuyler wished to go too? He is harder to tell, sometimes."

Dylan nods. "No pierced ears… got it.. so that makes it easier…. just gotta find a nice sword necklace… I've seen a few here and there… As far as clothing, I'd have no clue as to that. My idea of what's in style is whether or not I bought it off the rack instead of getting it at Goodwill." He nods, "I think you should come back and bring them with you. I'm sure they would enjoy coming to it with you. That's what families do, right?" He's not making a point, but asking a legitimate question.

Besa runs his thumb over Dylan's knuckles as they walk, "I think a sword necklace would be nice, yes. She likes green too. It is her favorite color." A soft chuckle, "I feel the same way. What I know as fashionable is not in style ever." A gentle tugging of Dylan's hand when he sees a shop that may have jewelry. "I do not mind shopping at the goodwills. It is where I got my first coat from…" He sighs softly, "I miss that coat. It was warm." Turning back to look at the Ares, "I believe so, yes. We went on vacation last year. That as fun till we were attacked. I do not think that would happen here."

Dylan lets Besa guide him to a shop with jewelry. At the description of the vacation, Dylan looks at him. "Why would you even say something like that? That's like asking Coyote or another trickster to come and make trouble." He is grinning as he says it, hoping that this is not the case. He doesn't know a lot about the Egyptian gods, but surely they have to have a trickster too.

Besa smiles back but offers, "I do not need a trickster in my life. I have you." And he has cultists, that counts, right? He explains, "They took me to Egypt. We ran into some of Sobek's followers, but they had lost their way. They were connected to the ones that stole the sliver of my heart." The poor vender. He steps up to start to tell them of his wares, but then his eyes widen as Besa talks and he wisely shuts up and takes a step back. He'll let the boys ask him questions, if needed. B doesn't seem to notice, "We believe they have been dissolved." Hopefully he doesn't mean literally. "Oh look, here are sword necklaces."

Dylan grins kind of proudly at that. "Well, thank you. Coyote is my spirit animal." He just shakes his head, "You don't do anything halfway do you… or easy… Maybe next time, you can go to like Disney World or something. I have always wanted to go there… " He looks over at the poor merchant and offers him a smile. He starts looking through the necklaces. "Okay, which style do you think she would like?"

Besa blinks, head tilting in confusion, "I do what I do, nothing more?" He smiles back, "I have been told that Disney World would be fun." He has no real concept of modern day cash, "Perhaps we can go sometime?" You know, randomly go to Disney world like one does. Looking own he starts studying the necklaces, "One with a green gem…" He then chuckles pointing out one with a curved blade, "That looks like my khophesh."

Dylan grins, "Just a saying… never mind… I'm not really sure I know how to express exactly what I mean… " He cocks his head, "Yeah.. just let me rob a bank or something, then I can handle going… From what I understand, Disney costs a fortunate." He reaches and grabs both the necklaces that Besa pointed out. "Okay, then it's settled."

Besa gives Dylan a moment to explain…and then doesn't. "Okay." But then he frowns, "No. Do not do that. I will sell more mugs." Clearly he has no grasp of modern money. "Wait! No." He laughs, placing a hand onto Dylan's hand and the necklace, "She does not use a khophesh. A rapier is what she uses most. Let us find one with a green stone." His fingers curl around Dylan's, he seems happy that the teen is excited about making Rain happy.

Dylan shakes his head. "Sorry.. I'm just sure how to talk good like everyone else at the school… " He chuckles. "I was joking about robbing a bank… I was so not serious. It is really expensive though. " He grins, "I realize that she doesn't… I just think it's kind of cool. I'm buying it for me." His eyes flicker to hand, smiling a touch. "Anything that I could get Schuyler that might make things easier between him and me… maybe a carton of cigarettes or something?"

Besa blinks, "Oh." His cheeks dust pink and he smiles before looking back down at the necklaces. "You speak fine, Tom. I like it." He quickly finds a rapier with a. Green stone, "This one." As for Sky? "I wish he would smoke better tobacco. Perhaps a pipe. The ones he used now are all…" He nose wrinkles and hone he sighs, "It is better than before, but I know Rain does not like it."

Dylan chuckles, "Okay, scratch the tobacco then… no use getting on his good side, if it means pissing Rain off at the same time… So does that mean I shouldn't smoke around her? Granted, not like we can really smoke at school." Not that it really stops Sky that much.

Besa tries to not show his disappointment if finding out Dylan smokes, "It would be best not to around Rain, yes." Hopefully he smokes better things than Sky does. "He may like one of those hand made sketch books…" The vender gets a smile from B, who will sip on his water bottle as he lets Dylan pay. Maybe he'll just talk to Ryan about going to Disney World.

Dylan pays the man and nods, "Okay… I can do that… the sketch book… and the not smoking… I really only do it when I'm feeling really, really stressed… or when it is required for sacred rite." He says this with a total sincerity to that latter part. "Let's go find a sketch book for your brother… "

Besa relaxes, "I assume that that tobacco would be better smelling." Reaching for Dylan'a hand, "We will have to find other ways for you to be not stressed, yes?" He has no idea the double entendre he just said. "He will like the sketch book I think very much. He likes red and black…" Such a goth!

He looks over at Besa, "I only smoke traditional Indian tobacco… it has minimal additives.. " Dylan raises an eyebrow, "Really… And what exactly do you have in mind?" He smiles slightly, "I can think a few things.. but they don't really work in public."

Besa assumes that it would be better, "That sounds nice." Not that he would ask to, but he might even try that. He's not a complete stick in the mud! Glancing over he smiles sweetly, "We could meditate, that helps me when I am stressed. Or I can teach you to throw clay. Creating things is good." His thumb rubs over Dylan's knuckles, he likes the way they feel. "Or going for walks, sometimes tiring out the body can help the mind." He then laughs, "Or you can borrow Cocoa!"

Dylan smirks, "There's one way to find out for sure…" His smile is full of swagger, but his eyes suggest quite the opposite. "Um… I have a feeling that I'll have to find something else.. I don't think meditating is really going to work for me.. doubt I could do it right anyway.. probably the same for throwing clay… I think the only way that I could throw clay is like a baseball." He smirks, mildly amused at his own humor. He shakes his head, "Nah.. I get the feeling that she's a one guy kind of dog." Once they get to one of the shops with the handmade sketch books, Dylan finds one that is a dark, almost blood red leather.

Besa blinks, head tilting in confusion. Did he say something wrong? "I could teach you, if you wish." That percent hair waves at Dylan as he shakes his head, "Cocoa likes you. She would be sad if you were stressed out." He quiets, letting the Ares look but nods in approval at his choice, "He will like that very much."

Dylan looks over at Besa, "Okay, she may like me, but she likes you more… and you need her more than I do." Dylan was meaning that he needed to find something other than meditating or throwing clay. He watches the crowd, "Tomorrow, after our date is over… I kind of want to talk to you about something not as fun as us… something that might not turn out okay…"

Besa moves again to take Dylan's hand. "I do not mind sharing." Yikes. His smile fades, "I….did I do something wrong?" Not turn out ok? Shifting to be in front of the Ares. "Is your grandmother ok?"

Dylan's eyes widen as he looks at Besa, "What?" He shakes his head, "No.. you didn't do anything wrong… and nothing is wrong with ami sani, thanks to you… " He sighs, "No… I just am thinking about consequences… and something that your brother talked to me about." He smiles slightly, "Sorry that I said anything… I really should have just waited until tomorrow to mention it… " He smiles, "I just … I was just thinking how nice this has been and really glad that we did it."

Besa looks slightly distraught. Did Sky sabotage this relationship? "Consequences? I…" He does understand, "I do not know why that woman says that, Tom. I am not planning on ever being sacrificed again!" His voice cracks slightly , he's clearly upset, his hand letting go of Dylan's to grasp at the strap of his new bag. "I do not wish to die ever again." He swallows, "I…I should have said something before, please do not be angry…"

Dylan looks utterly confused. He then shakes his head, "My consequences… Monday, I think I am going to go to the police, like Schuyler said that I should do. I think that is the deal that the old woman was talking about." He sighs, "But you do realize that if I do… then I could be going to prison too… potentially for a long time." He reaches up and places the palm of his hand on Besa's cheek. "I'm not angry with you… but I think I could possibly be asking the same of you… don't be mad at me, if in two days, I'm not around anymore."

The worry Besa has shifts, and he kinda feels like a camel ass now. Instead of saying anything he steps closer and wraps his arms around the taller boy's torso and hugs him. For such. Little guy, he's pretty strong! He mumbles, "I would never be mad at you for doing the right thing, Tom."

Unprepared for the embrace, Dylan freezes. Besa can probably feel the slight battle waging within Dylan fighting a panic attack from setting in. Ultimately he manages to regain control, before it actually sets in. "Still not sure it's the right thing… but I think… it's the only choice… I got."

Feeling him tense, Besa starts to pull away, "Oh…I….I did not mean…" No, he clearly meant to hug him. He just thought….well, it doesn't matter what he thought. He takes a step backwards to straighten his new bag, pull on the corner of his shirt, not look at Dylan cause how embarrassing is that now? Besa really needs to learn to read people better he thinks. "I think it is the right choice. The Masters will help you."

Dylan is still recovering his nerves. "It wasn't you, Besa. I just wasn't expecting… It's … " He shakes his head. Then his demeanor suddenly shift. "It's nothing. I promise. I'm sorry." He frowns, "Some day I .. just not right now." He can't even get a full thought out. He looks over at Besa, "Guess we'll see about that.. Not really sure why they would."

If it's nothing, why does Besa feel so bad about it. He leaves his hands where they are, hooked on the bag's strap. A deep breath and he glancing up at the sun, they have spent most fo the day here it seems. "It is alright. I should not have touched you without permission. It is my fault." He forces himself to take a deep breath, and then forces himself to look at Dylan, "They would because they offered it already. And because I asked them to." Duh. "Come, let us get something else to eat before we must leave. I wish to buy more of the roasted nuts, your grandmothers smell too good to not want some for the way home." Is he still upset about upsetting Dylan? Absolutely. But he's smiles, trying to salvage the rest of the date.

Dylan reaches over and grabs one of Besa's hands. "I don't have a problem with you hugging me… I just … I wasn't expecting it… and not that I wasn't expecting it from you… I wasn't ready for it from anyone… " He sighs, "I know that sounds stupid and doesn't make any sense… just believe me when I say it has nothing to do with you hugging me. Okay?" He smiles, "And yeah, we can get something to eat and some nuts too."

Besa hesitates briefly but then let's his hand relax into Dylan's. He'll nod slowly, 'Okay." Man this kid has amazing hair. Hello Dylan, from Besa's hair! He'll trying to buy the rest for the food for the day, a silent apology for startling him. A shepherd's pie, fired veggies, and of course, some fudge. The nuts are for later, and he manages to snag a few business cards to show Rain, mostly from places with pretty dresses.

Dylan is a little on the quiet side for the rest of the evening. Despite that, he seems relaxed and happy to be in Besa's company, as they eat their dinner, while watching one last show, as the end of their time at the faire rapidly approaches. As they sit watching one of the musical groups, Dylan leans over against Besa, "Thank you…. for today… making me feel like everything is like you know normal and stuff."

For whatever reason, the last songs at Ren Faire are always a little sad. They pluck at heart strings and so Besa sits and listens, feeling more melancholy that he wants to on a date. But he'll turn towards Dylan leaning in to hear his whisper. "I am glad it made you happy." Somewhat. Is making someone feel normal a good date? He doesn't know. But for now he'll take it as a partial win. Once the show is over they'll head out with the rest of the crowd. The car is waiting for them, and the drive home is uneventful besides a rest room stop, because who wants to use the restrooms at a Ren Faire?!?

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