(2018-09-06) Signatures
Summary: A brief interlude in which Callisto visits Daxton, and unfortunately discovers that Mommy Dearest has still been 'with him' all along.
Date: 2018-09-06
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NPCs: Heavy mention of Bainthauril Aine
Scene Runner: NA

Entry Way, Winbarry Estate
Thu Sep 06, 2018

Clean and spacious, the entrance foyer has a large staircase (Leading up) and many doors that lead off to all different directions of the house. The corner behind the door as a large cabinet with hooks for hats and jackets. Most of the jackets hanging are camo with Unit 23 patches on them. There's an oil painting on the wall, Bob Ross style, the frame slightly dinged up. The floors have been cleaned, but the repeated steps from speedsters in the house have spiderwebs cracks all over.

It is a summer evening. The weather is warm and fair.


Now in her senior year and of an age (lol) where she can work more, Callisto is adjusting to a whole new schedule. Her volunteer stint at the community centre has become a job and due to this, the fey girl has kicked Silver Fable to the curb to become devout pool jockey. Once her shift ended at 8pm-ish, Callisto texted Daxton to see if he wished to meet up for a bit before she had to pack it off to the school.

Which brings us to the present! It's just far easier to get around by way of speedster and there may or may not have been bribery involved. Callisto sure smells good and not due to dark fey mojo or being Callisto but like… because of food. When Daxton finds her, he will find her with a sack — a paper sack — filled with tacos and fixings from Tiki Taco. Enough to feed a family of four. She herself smells clean albeit vaguely of chlorine.

Upon reaching Winbarry she gives the entry foyer a rather fond glance. "I rather miss it here. The new place, t'is… intricate." Says the fey as she passes the bag (about the size and weight of a terrier) to Daxton. "You would enjoy it."

Taco's will certainly sway any speedster. "Yeah?" Dax is happy to take the offering and opens it as he heads towards the kitchen, "Inferno says it's pretty sweet. I'll have to run over and check it out at some point." Already a taco has disappeared, 'You liking your classes?"

The willowy girl isn't of a mind to eat any of the tacos. Notable, too: there's a mini cistern of the salsa tucked into the bag. c.c

Content in the speedster accepting the bag, Callisto pads along after him. She knows well how to navigate the smaller estate and her bluish-green eyes rove the kitchen as they step into it. The silver pendant remains suspended from around her neck; still very shiny. She must take a toothbrush to it nightly since it's not as easy to remove it now. Callisto turns her gaze right back to Daxton as they enter said kitchen, and her lips quirk at their corners as he packs one taco away already. She's missed him.

"T'is.. unlike that which came before. The one you graduated from. Plenty of light and air. Cliffs. Pathways." She explains avidly, moving to the fridge to seek out a cold drink while shrugging off her thin coat, clad now in dark yoga pants and a matching cross-back tanktop. "The classes are good. The change, the newness, seems to have buoyed even the teachers… though…" She peers over a shoulder at him. "I wonder if your Inferno is behind something that has come to pass, recently." Her expression is mischievous though.

Daxton grunts, nodding. "I'll have Inferno let them know I'm willing to run packages again. Maybe I can come see you there." He smiles at her, pulling out a second taco. There's rings underneath his eyes though, like he's tired. There's a shrug s he inhale she food and reaches for a third, "Maybe? What is it?"

Her half-smile falters some as she gets one good look at the boy's face in the light of the kitchen. Tired, tired; whyfor must one his age always be so tired? Dare she ask of his sleep again, if he's getting enough? Is it her place now to do so? Should she risk ruining this visit by asking?! She remembers well Daxton's reaction to her prying but maybe.. maybe now…

Then there's other ways to open up the floor for questions. The third taco goes to it's doom and Callisto finishes pouring a glass of water, eyes flitting back to him. "T'would be nice to see you there. I could show you around. Just do not go performing your parkour on the cliff faces." Damnit she may have given him an idea.

The circles though… Callisto undulates over, and now feels ballsy enough to quit with the pretense and press a kiss warmly to his cheekbone. "The girl whom Inferno used to pepper us with exploding pennies, that gym class? She is my roommate."

Beat. "How have you been?"

She totally did, by the smirk on his face. "That would be awesome." He dips his head slightly for the kiss, still chewing. But then laughs out loud when she says who her roomie is. " I don't think he cares enough to pulls stings for something like that." But wow, that's funny. He shrugs, reaching for the next taco, "I'm alright. Working a double tomorrow."

"No? T'is too convenient." Callisto doesn't seem near as put off as she SHOULD be though. She does concede next with: "The girl is not quite so bad. She hasn't been problematic but when I first heard, I just about fell through the floor," Said quietly as she draws deeply of the water glass, peering up at him from beneath her lashes. Another taco is chosen for doom. "A double." She tilts her head, leaving against the counter and holding the water glass in front of her body. She looks concerned. "I should like to see you catch a break. Perhaps, one weekend, should you and I be free.. would you like to join me again in Thunder Bay? I am.. I may have found a lead on some horse stables." Huh! Her eyes continue to watch him. "I should like to check it out. What say you of something; a true drama-free outing." She doesn't feel better, inwardly, though.. his tiredness speaks of something beyond work schedules.

Daxton still smirks, not really getting why Calli has such issues with the girl. "She's had a hard life, right? Maybe try being nice and helping her. Might do her some good." He snorts, "What a break?" But then he nods, "Yeah, we can go Thunder Bay it up, sure." Horses, huh? He did put in her mind. "No such thing as drama free, but yeah. I'll go race you, you can have a horse, I'll use my feet."

"A hard life, indeed." Callisto says quietly. "I can tell. I find myself… actually liking her company. T'is a sign of how I am progressing for my kind, we are typically vengeful." She drains the water slowly, heaving a little sigh through her nostrils. "MY only qualm is that she is akin to a little crow, creating a bower of the strangest, most mismatched things. T'is fine, so long as it does not fill the room." This isn't said anywhere near as aggressively as Callisto would have sounded weeks ago. She moves to the sink to diligently wash her glass.

"I shall not keep you late, lest I be drawn and quartered for getting back after hours. You do so look exhausted. Would you like to go relax for awhile?" Asked as she watches him and Callisto, bless her, just does not mask her happiness at Dax's conceding to join her in the big city again. Her smile is full again, braid hanging wetly between her shoulderblades. "Do not humor me. You shall beat the horse with but a jog."

Daxton gives her slight dubious look, "What do you have against her to be vengeful about?" He stops inhaling tacos long enough to get a soda. "Yeah. Wanna watch something for a bit? When's curfew again? I can run you home." Another smirk as he picks up the taco back, nodding about beating the horse, "I'm much more fun to ride too." *eyebrow waggle*

Callisto watches him. "T'is a trait of my people that I am not pleased about. There is a.. whole other side to that which I am that I am hard-pressed to even speak of, with how we act. When we feel slighted, by even so silly and harmless as exploding pennies… we… carry that anger far. For a time I indulged in it, not knowing any better… so much so as to create a construct in my mind of this child being an enemy." Callisto blushes, looks down at her hands. She wishes she were still holding the glass. "I should not say we anymore for I am not like them. Now, to live with her, I am understanding her better. But I am not proud of myself."

She looks back to him again, seeming to be a bit rueful after such an admission. Talking about her 'old' self is hard. "Curfew is ten o'clock, so in a couple of hours. I wish the time were not so short. T'would have to be a shorter movie—" She eyes him at his latter statement.

"Go on talking like that and I shan't pay attention to said movie."

Daxton just laughs and heads downstairs to where the TV is. "You miss me too much to watch a movie anyway." He doesn't address the 'racial' thing. She seems to have done it for him.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Callisto=Physical Vs Daxton=Physical
< Callisto: Failure Daxton: Great Success
< Net Result: Daxton wins - Crushing Victory

"I do not know, now you've taco breath." Callisto says haughtily.. nevermind she's the one who frickin' brought the things. She's clearly joking and taking enjoyment out of doing so. It's a refreshing behavior in comparison to the exchanges she's had at school recently. Save for the water she consumed Callisto takes nothing from the kitchen. She is no longer a student here and this fridge is no longer hers to pillage from. She no longer follows the tangent of dark faerie assholery because she is grateful for the topic change, dealt with true Daxton-tact. She makes her way toward the basement, and the closer she gets to that room where she used to hole away, yelling in Danish at her beloved Luigi in Mario Kart.. the more she seems to just relax.

So much so that once they're downstairs and reassured of there being nobody else present, Callisto practically tackles the speedster into a couch. Or tries to; he is stronger than her. c.c

Daxton may just sit on her and breath in her direction. He's a brat like that. He sees her coming and like the true speedster he is, makes sure the tacos are safe before using her momentum to twist and have her end up underneath him on the couch. He's facing her though, so it's not like he's just sitting on her. A soft smirk, "And what were you trying to do, Strawberry?"

Ugh, he would too.. breathe in her face. And damnit the bastard will have still piqued her interest with just a smile. But Callisto, in her moment of bravado (missing someone enough does that) will find out quickly that Daxton isn't one to be trifle-

… did he seriously just make sure the TACOS WERE SAFE?

It's all over in seconds. Callisto is flipped and laid out and she's peering up at him with a look of amusement and awe. "Accost you." Said simply.. hey, at least she's not coy about it. She's watching him in a way that is both wanting and challenging. To put her in proximity to him, touching him, also has the potential of exposing her to his mental energies.

"T'is still my intent to acquire some.. training in this vein. If you shall still have me." So many damned meanings.

Daxton's smirk grows, "Yeah…I think I'll mention it to Inferno. You broadcast your moves." Yup, he's critiquing her attack. There's a small shift so he's not crushing her, but he doesn't move off of her. Damn yoga pants. "And what were you going to get out of accosting me?"

<FS3> Callisto rolls Psychic: Good Success.

This wasn't her intent, honest; Callisto just wanted to snog the shit out of him and help them both to forget their woes. But in having traipsed Daxton's dreams she knows his mind. No no; she does not know all of it's nuances.. meaning, she recognizes it. He speaks of her broadcasting physical moves… his mind broadcasts to her. So as she stretches like a lazy cat, one hand moving to slide up along his forearm to clutch at a shoulder, this in-turn vaults Callisto's awareness into Daxton's mind.

He won't 'feel' a thing. No, she's not tracing his thoughts or the like; the subconscious mind is it's own universe, brought to the fore in slumber. It's always there. It's this portion of the boy's mind that the fey girl tunes into and she is aware of what has been happening to him. She recognizes the onslaught of the nightmares; recognizes that signature. Damnit Malachite. Damn you. She's still there.

Callisto's heart begins to thrum from that realization and his nearness. There's the other part of his dreaming mind — that teenage boy part *cough* — that calls to her. "What was I to get? Perhaps being manhandled for my error." A sly grin.. she has two emotions warring within now, both vastly different.

Daxton has no idea, assuming it's all him that's getting Calli flustered. "I think I can handle a little manhandling…" His strong hands roam her sides a moment before capturing her wrists over her head. Striking blue eyes look down at her a moment before his lips are suddenly pressing demandingly against hers.

The girl responds accordingly.. she's not shy. Her arms are easily eased up and over and her eyes do not leave his as he looks down at her. Again, like a cat responding happily to touch, she arches to press closer. It's funny how she went on to Ness just yesterday about eyes and what they can do. Case in point. Daxton's are just.. cripes. But there's the ring of tired beneath them and her stomach lurches.. easily mistaken for just one more lusty sigh. Hey, that's part of it too. Before she can say much else she's caught up in a kiss and Callisto, horrifically restrained for well over a week, pours every single bit of herself and all of her 'going without' into that gesture.

But there's something else at work here. «There are forces greater than you.» She calls out into her mindspace, unheard by the psychic-deadened Daxton but indeed fielded by 'someone else'. «You leave him be. He's mine. You leave him be or you die.» A whisper, barely longer than a breath.. then Callisto's pressing closer still and proving that she's no slouch in making out.

(FADE.. interrupted behind-the-scenes by Inferno calling in a mission. Womp womp. :D )

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