(2018-09-05) Ultimate Girl
Ultimate Girl
Summary: During a break between classes, Ness and Callisto talk at length about a few things. The tension is strong with this one!
Date: 2018-09-05
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NPCs: Heavy mention of Oridove Aine
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English Room, Coral Springs
Wed Sep 05, 2018

This small classroom is cozy. With enough seats for the students and possibly a few extra. An open air environment. There is a modern whiteboard on one end, attached to equipment to project from a computer and even an somewhat old digital overhead display. The inner walls are lined with book shelves, this room is designed for teaching English. Several window with white trim aline the brick and old concrete outer wall of the fort here, giving a look out over the ocean.

It is a summer day. The weather is hot and fair.


It's summer's last hurrah, and it's coming in hot and heavy. Seated close to one of the white-trimmed windows set into the old brick wall (a throwback to this location's previous life, maybe? or something built to be artfully old?) … Callisto appears to be off with the faeries, so to speak. Harr harr.

This had been her chosen seat for the first official day of classes, and the introductory course to literature has since ended and most students — teacher included — have filed out. The completed class tapers off into a late morning break so it is perfectly reasonable that this graceful girl be by her lonesome, taking in the view and thinking hard. You can tell by her profile; there's something going on there as one hand lifts to idly toy with a strange pendant hanging 'round her neck.

Even being in the uniform, which Callisto loathes … doesn't seem to be bothering her much. Her hair, which hung and swayed like quicksilver throughout the summer, has been intricately woven into a thick and manageable braid. Accents of green, in her smart uniform, mark her as a very ponderous Metis. She sits there still, motionless, eyes locked on something beyond the window and out toward the sea.

With those strange, dueling feelings she has towards the other girl, her interaction, at least internally, with Callisto is always a little complicated. Still, the girl manages to sit through an english class, one of many that she has trouble fully participating in when there's so much out loud reading, and with how long a response can take to type out. Really, being asked deliver answers publicly feels a little like humiliation most of the time. So it is, that she spent most of the class sort of staring at Callisto, curious about the woman's distraction. When the class is over, and most of the others have filed out, she moves.

When she depresses the button, she has just taken a seat behind Callisto, trying to find out where her gaze has landed. She no longer worries about the other girl's ability to resist the lure of her abilities, so she pitches her voice softly, at a volume meant only for the other girl's ears. It's no less potent despite its lack of full volume,"You look distracted. Tell me what's wrong? You listened to me a while ago, and I'd like to return the favor. Or do you just hate being inside that much?"

<FS3> Callisto rolls Psychic: Good Success.
<FS3> Ness rolls Mind Control: Success.

Despite distraction, the fey girl's mind is in good order.. strength-wise anyway. There are some defenses that she can boast, but the ability to withstand one's spoken words and how they can grip her mind and direct her…? She's on point today. However Callisto is not immune and when Ness comes to join her, the girl's timbre quickly and easily pulls the mentalist's attention from whatever it is she is gawking at, out to sea.. and over to Ness proper. Callisto blinks blearily for half a second and comes to her senses. Had she been aware of Ness' attention throughout the class? Perhaps; surely. Callisto simply assumed it had been nervousness at this very first day of classes.

"Good morning, Ness," Callisto offers kindly enough. A 'kind' Callisto greeting is not bubbly and effervescent, no matter how much she likes a person; it is more of a peaceful thing. Hard to explain! Cerulean eyes blink as she looks momentarily rueful, "Ah… I pray the instructor hadn't noticed and thought me negligent." A tiny smirk; she kept up in the class but yet appeared… distant. Callisto eases back in her chair and folds one long leg over the other, watches Ness. "T'is strange to be here.. I do not like being stuck indoors but I do enjoy this new facility. Conflict, I shall say. T'is better than the original school. I've much on my mind but I wish not to add to your own stress today."

She tilts her silver-white head, "Is everything alright with you, today?"

The girl makes a little bit of a face when the conversation is redirected to her. She keeps her tone posed low, at least. "I'm almost certain he did, unni." The last word doesn't SOUND english. No framework matching of the other girl's speech pattern this time either. No. Instead, it's direct. A slight accent showing through this time. Does she feel comfortable enough to talk without artifice now,"I'm pretty sure he thinks you're just distracted because it's the first day." A pause and she taps her chin in thought. "Come to think of it, I was looking at you so much, he probably things I'm nursing a crush." She sounds vaguely irritated.

The girl waves her hand off dismissively though, crossing one leg over the other. "I'm… actually sort of used to this sort of thing. So… this doesn't feel much different, except, I don't really feel like people are staring at me here, which is nice. I like it. A lot. Still, I don't mind you unloading a little. That's what friends are for, at least in part, right?" She smiles gently at Callisto, head lolling back over the headrest of her seat. "Hah. Speaking of which. Last time we talked, after you left, a girl kissed me. Now I think I'm a little gay. I don't even know what to do with THAT. How does one even… you know… with a… I mean, if I weren't on hormones, and I enjoyed doing things that way, it'd probably be simple… Aaagh. Sorry. It's probably not going to happen again. I don't know why this even bothers me. Trans and maybe bi shouldn't be that different from trans and straight… right?"

The fey girl absolutely loves languages; the more the better. Though she herself knows of a handful, to hear new ones fascinate her. Seeing as how Ness has Korean heritage, could that (unni) have been a Korean word? She simply watches Ness, content in the other girl feeling comfortable (she assumes) enough around her to actually speak. Callisto, shielded behind her strong mind, actually has the privilege to enjoy Ness' voice. Though something the much shorter girl says to her catches Callisto off-guard. "A.. crush?" She tilts her head, soon understanding. A slow smirk, "Ah.. yes. Well, it cannot always be easy, being a teacher. Let the assumption color his thoughts awhile, if that is his… bag." Said with mischief. Easy as that; no fluster whatsoever.

Still, Callisto looks touched. "Forgive me for having not noticed.. it simply shows how far away I was. I pray you were not in need of my attention then with a question or the like.. but…" Blink. A beat. Callisto is not used to someone caring! About what is eating at her!? Her features soften a touch, "I appreciate the concern. I leave behind a few things in town that I am chafing at being unable to see as often, but t'is the way of life for now, yes? I am also… annoyed at having not heard from my sister for many moons." Venting does feel kinda good. Though when Ness gets to describing what happened after their meeting, Callisto's lips twitch and curve into a languid smile. "Sydney joined us. Was the kiss shared with her?" Asks the faerie, reading between the lines. "T'is nothing wrong with being a little bit gay… or bi, is that what it is called? But it can be problematic if it complicates your thoughts. Though…" Speaking of complicated..

"What does 'unni' mean?" Ah, there it is.

The girl makes a face,"It's not THAT Silly. Looking at you brings up… difficult to sort feelings. Friendship is just the sort of thing that's easiest to understand. You're a nice person, and I find you… calming." Even if the whole attraction/envy dichotomy is still a little unsettling. She's not confused about the friendship part, at least. "Did you want to ditch class and go get what you left behind? I don't imagine we can just… call up your sister, though that's a guess. Did you want to send her a message maybe? I'll help if she can?" It never occurs to her NOT to help, after all.

Ness blows a hair out of her face that has escaped its bundle. "She kissed me. In part due to an accidental use of my powers. I tried to free her, told her 'do whatever you want'. So she stood up, and kissed me. And then there was a lot of scary yelling. For a few seconds, I felt… really… kind of melty inside. Very… uh… bedroom-appropriate in terms of my feelings. It's good it ended when it did. Like I said. I wouldn't know WHAT to do if things had ended up that way. Loving men isn't exactly a mystery to me. Women…" She shrugs helplessly. "Sex is already complicated for me." She offers a helpless shrug.

Then the woman asks about that word, and the girl suddenly laughs. Not in a derisive way, but more a… delighted way. It's clarion tinkle of bells couched in androgynous warmth,"It doesn't have an english, translation. It's a mode of addressing an older female in Korean."

"They're often meant to be endearing."

The willowy girl chuckles, "T'is alright… I was not making an assumption. And even if it were I shan't take offense. I'm expanding upon what our poor teacher must have thought. I just pray that the blend of feelings that looking upon me, wallowing away like that, consists of more good than difficult. And—" Beat. Callisto softens considerably when 'friendship' is mentioned and her vague smile becomes earnest. "Thank you for that. It means much to me to know that I am capable of.. forging such feelings. I am yet learning how to return them and fancy myself successful.. t'was a different situation many years ago." How many is she talking? A decade? Marking her (Callisto) as a preteen..? Hah!

Ness' flurry of suggestions — the need to help — softens the fey girl once more. "T'is alright… I shall be going into Shady Cove when I work some evenings, and on weekends… no need to 'ditch' anything. And—-" Callisto tilts her head, "I.. wish it were that easy to contact her. We.. communicate through here," She points to her temple with one lithe finger and finally has the grace to blush. "She has been silent, in telepathy and dreaming."

She listens, though, when talk veer toward other things. "Ah.. I know of Sydney, as I mentioned. She is wrestling with her own degrees of.. finding herself, and what she likes. Your permission left her to act on that which she is already contending with. Are you both on good terms, or did it become strained?" Asks Callisto, looking pleased when the sun angles itself through the window and places it's warmth moreso upon the both of them. "I've made love to only men, but I've… I know of others of my kind.. my female kin.. who favor women. This sister of whom I speak, in fact, prefers such an orientation." Is admitted next. But a brief digression; Callisto looks pleased. "What would I call you, in your language, when addressing you? One younger than myself?"

Ness chews on this for a moment, and decides to answer her friend's last question first. "English is actually my first language. I grew up in a bilingual household. Dad usually spoke english. Mom spoke mostly only Korean. Still, in Korean, you would probably just call me by name, since honorifics are generally applied to people possessing some social superiority, such as greater age. Socially, you'd have the right to address any younger woman by name. For both genders, though, there is an honorific for younger girls. Dongseng." She idly pulls out a piece of paper from her supplies and writes each of the words used so far in Korean characters, with english phonetic spelling next to them.

"You sound like but for your sister, you were alone for a long time. Not… necessarily physically alone. More… emotionally, if that makes sense?" The girl holds up a hand. "Stop me if I'm wrong, of course." She sighs,"I suspect I wrestle with it less than her. It's just… I thought I really knew myself. I mean… I was right, I like men too. Except, now, since that kiss, it's getting harder to ignore other girls. Like… their shoulders. Why on earth should women's shoulders be sexy to me?" She heaves an annoyed sigh. "Well, if your sister ever comes to visit, she can probably answer my questions. I'm sure she's okay, though, if she's anything like you. At least men are… easy. You catch their attention, and just touch them until they do their thing, and then you're done. And there's just something about a strong jaw on a guy…" Okay, she's getting a little lost now. She shakes her head,"Sorry. Sorry. Is there ANYTHING I could do to help?"

"Dong…" Blink. The foreign word on Callisto's tongue — her accent can be pegged as 'Northern'; some manner of Danish with something altogether different swirled in — sounds peculiar. "Dongseng." A soft humm, "Hn. I shall stick with calling you Ness." A little upturn of the lips and her fingers just barely touch the edge of the paper upon which the other girl had written. "May I have this?" Asked gently.

Callisto then goes on to listen to the younger mentalist's thoughts, not moving to stop or otherwise interrupt her when, sadly, Ness' words re: Callisto's sisterhood paint a different ideal of the reality. It's a nice thought though. Ness surely cannot know. There's the barest flash of wistfulness in the fey's gaze. "None of us, in my.. lineage.. are close. T'is very strange to those who do not know of what we are." Said as she pushes hair behind a tapered elf-like ear, "Most of us are alone, for we set out alone at a rather.. early age. I have been emotionally and physically alone for awhile, and have spoken to this kin out of necessity." The explanation is given frankly before she listens onwards to Ness' plight.

"Sure, shoulders can be a draw. Even speaking from my standpoint, there is something to be said about the smoothness of a woman's shoulders compared to those of a man's. T'is all about softness, yes?" She tilts her head.. Oridove would indeed have much more to say on the matter. Callisto seems content to follow this tangent, "For men, to me.. t'is the neck. The hollow, here," She indicates that part of her own neck, between the collarbones. "And eyes." She better stop before SHE gets lost.

Callisto reaches forth to gently touch Ness' wrist, "What harm shall there be in you simply exploring more? So long as the other.. parties are ok with it?" Consent: a new thing for dark fae.. and why Callisto is apart. "You are becoming your true self. Whose to say her preferences are a set, linear thing?"

The girl nods to Callisto, a wide smile on her face,"Korean doesn't use an alphabet. It uses a lexicon of characters, which means the written form is WAY more complicated. Doesn't directly correspond to the spoken language, either, unlike English and most other western languages." She pushes the paper towards Callisto, though pauses,"What meaning does your name have?"

As for Callisto's explanation,"That sounds very difficult. You don't have to be alone anymore, though. I don't drop friends easily. It's hard to make them. I've been moving around every two or three years since I was born. It's not the same as your deal, but it makes forming deep connections with people… difficult. Still, I always had my family, and my parents there with me. They were loving. Most girls like me have the opposite problem. They never questioned my identity, or who I was, at least never in my hearing." And then, Callisto begins to do THAT.

Her eyes follow the woman's hands as the indicate on herself. The speech of the softness. The lust swarms to the forefront of her chaotic mind, which is soon smothered by discomfort, and shame. Stop eyeballing your new friend and get your mind out of the gutter. When her hand is touched, after a brief mental stutter, and a deep blush, she forces her brain back onto a sane track. She's at least used to the vagaries of hormones, so she can actually force herself to pay attention at times. "Mmm… Boys used to use ME to explore their sexuality. The idea of using someone else that way leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Besides, she's in a monogamous relationship with a boy. I think it was a one-time thing. You're not… wrong, though. It makes sense that who you are can change. I suppose that has to, by default, apply to one's… preferences as well."

<FS3> Callisto rolls Calligraphy: Failure.

When asked to spell out her name, Callisto must hastily find a foothold on how. Anyone hinged onto her mind at the moment may feel a great lurch of activity, sudden and brilliant as a flare, only to immediately drop into that ponderous thrum. What name shall she give? What language? Surely she cannot scrawl Unseelie (so many dialects and branches) … how could she hope to make the various inflections translate onto paper? So many swirls and dots and.. yeah no.

She could write in Danish, but that simply would not be interesting. Maybe if she just—-yeah no. Wrong writing utensil; her meaning in her head just isn't congruent to what her hand wants to do. Ink blots the paper in an unattractive way and all Callisto can do is write her 'name' in English.. though her cursive IS nice. 'Callisto'.

"Callisto is a moniker, as my true name is just too.. archaic. I chose it for it is a direct metaphor to how my family works. My.. mother.." Ugh. "Governs us. T'is a matriarchy. Those of us who have struck out to live by our own means.. have chosen similar. For Callisto is a moon that orbits a vast, monstrous planet. Or there is the mythology route… t'is a complicated, unfortunate story. The moon metaphor is better." Said with a light snort.. it troubles her briefly to not have a set, solid meaning to base her nickname upon. But at least she wrote it prettily.

By then she went on with the neck, shoulders and eyes chat and the massive bout of mental activity stemming from Ness makes the fey girl pay attention. The stutter and blush, typically displays which amuse haughty members of her ilk greatly, instead worry Callisto. "Forgiveness if I've discomforted you. Never should you allow anyone to use you, ever again. T'is a different way of doing things now, for you are in a safe place. Are there any male students whom you have met, yet, who appeal to you?" Asked conspiratorially as she leans forth to keep their discussion private. Downside to this? Callisto smells nice. Poor Ness. c.c

<FS3> Ness rolls Mental Fortitude: Success.

It at least gives Ness a moment's worth of distraction. Watching the woman try to write her name. Her own handwriting isn't great, and so, next to the other girl's name, she draws a character, then writes three letters: Dal. "It doesn't… translate well… Your name. That means moon, though, sort of. So if I call you 'Dal', that means I'm talking to you. I've told you the name I answer to. Mom gave me a Korean name, too, though she's the only one who uses it. Bong-Cha. It's… kind of silly, but it's flattering in a very mom way. Means 'Ultimate Girl'. I think she meant it as an affirmation. Sounds little grandiose to me. Anyway, your given name is… actually really pretty already. It sounds… strong… and bright. Then again, if your society is matriarchal, that's probably why. The moon has, in many cultures, been linked to women."

And then? Well, then, Callisto decides to go ahead and make it worse. Talking about it makes it worse. Watching her hand and listening to her talk about neck, and shoulders, and eyes… That makes it worse. She offers in a sort of distant, distracted manner,"I asked Besa out on a date. He's… handsome, and interesting, and nice. But also… pretty. I… no. Don't ask me for forgiveness. Um… it's just… I find you very attractive. And I'm having a little trouble keeping my mind off that, especially when you say I should explore…" The girl DID warn Callisto, once, that her power has the capability to work on her own mind. What with all the interaction going on right now, and that… lovely smell, she'd be thinking about it anyway. One can see as much as read it in her mind when she makes the decision to lean forward and kiss her friend who is oh-so-achingly close. Lips open slightly, the girl leans forward…

And like a train being ripped off the tracks, stands up, and decides to pace in place in a jittery manner as she wrestles her mind into some more sane, less hormone-and-mind-control sodden tracks, attempt aborted.. And cue the rather unsubtle subject change as she moves to go fish a water bottle out of her backpack so she can chug it. Quickly. "I want some water."

Before Callisto — as Dax would put it — 'went for the jugular' with the question about appealing men, she was once again suitably touched by how she went from lonesome moon and stricken Greek mythology to something… well, she much prefers the name 'Dal'. Callisto, after conceding to being called such, will have brightened considerably at this glimpse into the relationship that Ness has with her mother. Thank Goodness for all of those amazing mothers out there.

Then, as noted and bringing us back to this exact moment, Callisto had to go and make it awkward! She can feel those tides shifting on the mental 'landscape' as well. But unlike some who would balk at Ness' process and what she has to counter and work against, Callisto does not think ill of her. Words die on the dark fey's lips, even the first syllables of such, as Ness gets a look on her face after admitting to a few things. Callisto is held rapt and thoughtful, not even able to nod in understanding. No, she is simply watching to see what Ness will do, if she will fight the compunction.. and Callisto, to her credit, will carefully break the pull if she sees that Ness cannot pull back herself.

There, right there, Ness catches it and derails. Callisto's cerulean eyes follow the girl's slight frame as she rises to get a drink. "Would you like to go for a walk?" For that often helps to get out of funks.. especially lascivious ones! Lord knows Callisto had to take many walks with Daxton. c.c

Callisto, seeing the struggle, stands slowly. "Come, walk. It helps."

The girl looks at Callisto with a slightly strained smile. "I… don't… know. I don't… You're my friend. I'm not… crushing or anything. I just… I Don't know. Physically… I want…" She shakes her hands, then takes up her bottle and swllows most of it in several long pulls. The physical distance, at least seems to be clearing her head a little. "… that must be irritating for you. Do people act that way towards you a lot? I… please let me assure you, your value to me is in your companionship, not… that." She gestures to Callisto's torso. "I like you. As a friend." And also lusts after her in a 'fevered teenage dream' manner. Hormones are weird. Ironically, Callisto seems almost blase` about it.

"Ugh. I feel a little like a dog. Are you sure this is a good idea?" She does shoulder her backpack though, and pull out her phone. There's a regretful look at the door, and then she's tapping the button on her collar, silencing her voice. She has to go back to using her phone's tinny, neutral voice if they're going to step outside. "<Ugh. Maybe I need to just go on that date with Besa. He's a VERY pretty man. Maybe that would work off a little energy. I don't want to blow the poor boy's mind, though.>" If she were in a better mood, some crude innuendo would probably follow this statement. "<Really, I'm horribly sorry.>"

"I understand." Callisto offers.. and she does. She does! She watches and listens to Ness' turmoil now, standing there as she does at just under six feet in height, head tilted just so. "It appears that this is a great display of mutual trust on both of our parts, you see. T'is important to me in fact." The fey girl inhales slowly through her nostrils, silver lashes flitting once. "I do not think ill of you, whatsoever; for you to loosen your voice around me is a grand, important thing. I shall insist that you not apologize so profusely to me and think ill of yourself, for I understand." All too well the act of going against a strong, strong behavior.. be it racial or hormonal or, God help us all.. both. Callisto smiles earnestly.

"I wish to help you, but not discomfort you. If there is but anything I say or do that makes it difficult for you, do tell me. But—" A beat, and she nods slowly. "I tend to get this reaction often. I differ from my ilk in that I do not capitalize on it. T'is cruel." Said as she gathers up her books and slides them into her bag, soon looping the whole thing over one shoulder.

A little bit of surprise at the switch from spoken word to artificial voice, but Callisto understands that too. "Besa agreed to a date? Well… by all means. He is kind, and.." Callisto does not mention wisdom as bestowed by many years alive. Nor does she remark on the other complicated matter of Dylan and Besa.. how could she know what's transpired with them as of late? THe fey girl simply lets things be. "Go enjoy a moment out.. just take care and heavens, Ness.. there is no need to apologize to me." Said with a slightly snarky smile.

She makes to depart the room, every step measured and graceful.. the invitation is still there to walk with but never pushed. ".. ah, another disagreement. Do not call yourself a dog. For you are an Ultimate Girl." A profound compliment, and Callisto makes to leave the room.

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