(2018-09-05) New Classes, New Faceplants
New Classes, New Faceplants
Summary: It's the first day of classes in the new school! Iain makes some new acquaintances.
Date: 2018-09-05
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Academic Building, Coral Springs
Wed Sep 05, 2018

This four floored building is where all the classes take place. The lobby is sparsely furnished to prevent loitering between classes. There are stairs and an elevator that takes students to the various floors.

(OOC Note: Though we have only built one of each classroom, IC<ly> there are multiples ones divided amoung the four floors that make up the building. The exception being the art room. There is only one of those. It's on the second floor. There are also other non-specific classrooms and a classroom designed for teaching life skills i.e cooking, sewing, etc)

It is a summer day. The weather is hot and fair.


Ah the first day of classes. As if all the other recent changes in Iain's life hadn't been chaotic enough, now he was the new kid in a new school (literally)…in a new country! If he had another person ask him 'You're not from here are you?!' or even worse 'Are you from Ireland!?' he might scream. So it came as a relief when he had a break in classes. It is still a bit before lunch and the Scottish cousin of one Fionnuala Reid is walking down the hallway, more like ambling back and forth, backpack over one shoulder as he looks at an open notebook held in his other hand…trying to make sense of the notes from his last class.

He's had time to explore the new school so he's not too lost…and as a Junior, he's feeling rather 'high and mighty'…more than usual. Perhaps it's why, between the break in the classes, Schuyler is loitering in one of the hallways, a messenger bag at his side, and a lollipop stick hanging out of his mouth. He knew that there would be more new kids so his grey eyes watch the kid who seems to be a little lost in his notes before offering, mentally, «You lost or just haven't dealt with a Private School before? They tend to jump right in, whether or not you're prepared.»

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Solarkinesis: Great Success.

Herein lies a sort of dilemma for Fionnuala: she has to attend her own set of classes and be caught up on details she missed, but also she is hard-pressed to leave Iain's side as he, surely, is taken through his own process of getting set up with the school… all the logistics such as team information sessions, figuring out a timetable… all that it takes to move from one life to another. Add in the factor of Iain not being one to be coddled and she doesn't know what to do with herself. So a good compromise: Fee will have checked in with her cousin here-and-there to make sure he's still ok.

With the break in classes underway, Fee is looking for Iain. It is to be noted that with all of the windows and open air, she has been taking on a LOT of sunlight and her glow precedes her as she makes her way into the academic building. Wings are out, dusted and pulsing with solar energy; she looks cute in her uniform though it's already begun to wilt some (too much fidgeting with buttons and pleats) … she sees Iain and Schuyler and hastens to make her way toward them.

Koga was well… looking at a handy map he had drawn on paper of all things. And his schedule. Which he was making a bit of a face at. "Anthropology next? Ugh…" His first day of classes was not kind to him so far it seemed. He does look up as he sees a hurrying Fee out of the corner of his eye. Uh-oh. His eyebrows raise as he notes that, and her rather hurrying pace. Turning to head over that way and see just what has one of the usually hyper ones being well… in a hurry.

Iain looks up from his notebook with a start, mainly because he hears Schuyler in his head before he sees him. "Da many people at this school make a habit o pokin around in heads without permission?" The accent is heavy Scottish, since unlike his cousin he had lived there his whole life. It isn't said with cruelty, just a defensiveness…because well not only did he not know Schuyler's circumstances, but also regardless of that it is still invasive. As for the question about being lost or Private School and whatnot, it doesn't get answered because he sees his cousin heading down the hall towards them. "Fee…Ah told ye not tae worry about me. A'm fine. Ye should be enjoyin' yer first day o school." Especially given the recent circumstances, as hard as they were are for him, he knew it had impacted his cousin heavily as well and he wanted her to have fun reuniting with her friends and getting back to her normal cheery self.

«No, just me.» There's no real apology, either. Do people apologize for speaking to one another? Sky pulls out the lollipop for a moment to give his teeth a little break even as he watches others come into the hallway. «Did everyone just not look at their schedule until this morning?» Fee's arrival gets a glance and a little chuff of amusement even as he arches an eyebrow at Koga, «We have Anthropology?»

Yeah we don't blame you there Koga, because to generally see Fee 'hurrying' can mean a great many things. But worry not, she's just worrying again about how things are going for her recently-transplanted relative! But Fee running is a bad thing for other reasons because all of the grace given to her at birth went toward two things: her wings, and her hands. There's a reason as to why Fee just should. not. run.

Tic-tic-tic-tic, quick little footfalls; one wing sways just a bit too far to the right, catches the railing of one of the stairwells, and… she's off! We have lift off! Fionnuala trips! Actually gets air!

She's a hot mess, but she's a cute one at least.

Koga was coming behind Fee… and well… yeah. You see someone about to take a dive. Koga's way out of position to help on that one. Even with magic. Although his fingers do start to trail some blue light for a second before he sighs and just hides his eyes so he doesn't see anything really awkward from someone he considers a friend while he continues heading over. He does answer Sky, however. "We do. I took it because it looked helpful. I plan on using some off times to go and see if I can not find any others like myself. Eventually. It was either that or see how badly the Japanese language courses are, I suppose."

Turning to look /after/ the collision and such, Koga looks to Iain and Fee. "That is one way to make a new friend, Fee. Are you hurt?" He asks. Koga looks more than a little amused, but well… nope. No laughing at Fee's predicament. Nope.

<FS3> Iain rolls Reaction: Success.

"…Why?" Sure people speak to each other every day, but some type of warning would be nice when it involves getting in your head! The question is asked with a genuine curiosity though, suggesting that if there is actually a good reason Iain will be more receptive. Iain wasn't an asshole, but he was dealing with a lot himself too and last thing he needed was to think somebody was going around in his thoughts. Then his cousin's every present grace (ie lack thereof) presents itself and he rushes forward, managing to at least steady her balance and help her get back on both feet.

"Honestly, Fee. Even wit' two wings AND two feet yer still tha most gravity challenged person ah know." A glance back to Koga then as he notices the other student now, "I'm takin' it yer friends with Fee?" Since he was following her. "I'm her cousin'. Iain's the name." Then he remembers Fee had a boyfriend here somewhere! He eyes Yoga more steadily…before he looks to Fee.

«Because most people don't know sign language,» Sky blinks blandly at the question. He asked, so there's the answer. Even if he's picking up surface thoughts, he won't comment on them…yet. This new kid isn't the only one who has been wary about Sky's communication methods. The lollipop goes back in his mouth as he watches Fee nearly fall over herself, only to be righted by the one who introduces himself as her cousin. He will point out, however, that, «Not that one. He graduated.»

There's a blink at Koga, «Why would Anthropology be able to help you find more people like you with powers? I mean…isn't it either the study of ancient people or the study of society? Also, it's a High School course. Just what methods are you actually expecting?»

Worry not also, Fee's Scooby Doo undies beneath that skirt won't dawn like the eye of Sauron upon the lobby. Before she can eat the floor in earnest Iain catches the winged girl and her tumble turns into a stumble. She straightens and has the grace to blush, though it's with a big grin. "Heh, sorry guys. I have to get used to the new layout here. There's so many rooms to trip and fall in! I'd better be careful up on those rooftops!" A giggle; it's just Fee's way to airily make light out of what would be terribly embarrassing. Iain's comment warrants laughter and she gives the boy a squeeze to his elbow in thanks before dancing back a bit. "Thanks Iain.. how's your morning been? Mine's been ok.. just about had my first faceplant of the day."

She turns next to smile at Sky, and Koga; her eyes the very same blue as the boy alongside her. Yet, why is she the only winged one?

She furthers Sky's answer, "You'll meet Ollie soon, he's in town .. graduated last year. But these guys are pretty awesome too. And—" She brightens at Koga, "Oh, you can laugh… it's ok. I'm ok. And hey, I have a map too!" Exclaims the quirky little crow, extending one fair wrist to reveal what is literally a series of lines and scrawls etched hastily onto her skin. c.c;

Koga blinks, then looks at Sky. "I kinda need some better leads. So, in a way, I am studying behavior. My own and past ones from tales, legends, and the like. Besides, it helps out a bit. I hope to be able to work at telling when people are about to start shooting at the big blue dragon guy or run away screaming with the way it studies behaviors. Plus, it is pretty fun."

Looking back towards Iain and Fee, Koga smiles. "A cousin? Cool!" Koga steps up, shifting his books under one hand and offering a hand towards Iain. Then he realizes the meaning of the comments. Koga laughs and shakes his head. "Oh, Kami. That is rich. But no, I am not her boyfriend. More like the friend she tries to make sure I have a cool head half the time."

"Well there ya go." There was still a better way of introducing the communication method to people, but he wasn't going to press it. Iain had enough on his plate. He had the reason and he accepted it. Then, he looks back to his cousin to make sure she's okay before stepping back more to give her space again. He doesn't comment as a question he didn't even ask is answered for him. Fee didn't need the added stress of that situation. His form tenses a bit though as he just offers Fee a nod "Good. I can't wait ta meet him. And mah day is goin' good…thanks." He then looks between Koga and Sky "So…I'm wagerin' you two got names?"

Schuyler just sort of rolls his eyes at Koga's explanation. Fee's making fun of herself gets a little smirk and he points out, «At least if you trip off the rooftops, those wings should come in handy.» He would hope. «Don't go hurting yourself though, or Rain might blame me.» If she's speaking to him yet. She may not be. The thought brings a brief grimace before he looks again to Iain, «Cousin, huh?» The new kid gets a long look then before he offers, «Schuyler Masters, but everyone calls me 'Sky'.» Almost everyone.

The girl watches, grateful for it to have been Koga and Sky that Iain encounter initially. Though she should have forewarned her cousin of Sky's methods of communication.. there's nobody really struggling here so Iain must have taken it well enough. Fee makes a mental footnote to expand upon this 'later', while maintaining discretion out of respect for Sky. Fee doesn't like to give other peoples details' out at length. Koga's comment warrants some bell-like laughter, "You're doing better." She remarks fondly to her fellow Mystic. "Compared to when I first met you." Makes sense though! Fee smiles at the boy before sliding her gaze over to Sky. She blushes, feels briefly embarrassed. "Sorry, I should have made the introductions.. but sometimes it's nice to let others do their thing. That way you can inject your own level of mystique..! Give yourself a title! Say it in a dramatic voice." She whispers, waggles her fingers.

But politely, silences to allow actual introductions to be made. Though, seeing as how she looked at Sky briefly, she did catch that quick grimace. One brow quirks, "I think Rain knows that I'm clumsy as an ox.. I'll be sure to keep your name clear though just in case! Is everything alright with you both?"

Rain DID seem rather put-off that morning in the art room with the piano and all, not long before Fee had to flee to Scotland.

Koga gives a bit of a traditional asian bow. Just a bit of a bend at the waist. "Koga Yamamoto. Nice to meet you." Straightening himself from the bow, Koga looks to Sky. "Why the surprise on anthropology? I just found it on the elective courses when I was deciding what to do for them."

Then he snaps his fingers as he remembers something, looking to Fee. "Oh! Before I forget, remember that idea of getting around faster? I can… somewhat do it. Mystic portals are surprisingly not that complicated. Mostly. I just have trouble with the distances."

Iain gives Sky and Koga a nod at their introductions "Sky…Koga. Nice ta meet ye both." See, Fee? He was doing fine! He was meeting people and smiling even! He lets Fee talk with her two friends a moment as he looks back to his notebook. While things weren't entirely different between the two education systems, there was still a certain level of adjustment that was needed. Ah well, he'd do his best…if nothing else for Fee and Bal's sakes.

Schuyler shrugs first at Fee's question about Rain, «She's mad at me.» Which isn't always a new thing, but this is lasting for a bit. «She's shut me out.» Which is a little more alarming. Koga's question is more readily addressed, however. «Anthropology isn't a typical High School class from what I understand. It's interesting that they'd offer it here. But at least they've brought electives back so I won't complain too much.» Iain's greeting gets a nod. «You never answered. Are you lost?»

The girl is quiet to let the three make acquaintance and answer questions, though when Koga speaks to Fee directly she looks to him and listens with a look of open curiosity upon her face. "Oh—oh!" She perks, beaming. She loves hearing about peoples' ins and outs of building upon skills! The girl, too, recalls Koga's desire to expand upon such things and when it appears that he's succeeded, the shifter is genuinely excited for him. "How cool! If anyone can pull it off, you can.." Think of the madness if SHE were to try! Stick to healing, Fee. She watches Koga outright, fingers drumming along the strap of her messenger bag that her player has forgotten to mention because she's a derp.

I need to get over to the English room next. Think maybe you can send me over there when we're all done here?" How's that for trust!? Her smile continues to beam upon Koga, imploringly. Though Iain and Sky aren't overlooked either and her dark-haired head turns to look firstly to her cousin and back to the Masters boy.

"Oh no.. is there anything I can do to help? Would she talk to me maybe? Only in you want me to.. I don't wanna overstep anything but I really don't like the thought of you two not talking.." She looks hurt by it, too. Proof of how much time she's spent with them. Fee blinks at Sky's query to Iain and she, too, looks to the Scottish boy.

Koga smiles, then nods. "Oh, that one is fairly easy, but well… I have to transform to do it, too. I think it uses a lot more power than anything else I have at the moment."

He shakes his head. "I believe the Anthropology class is pretty close, however… oh, and the teachers said not to do it into the school unless I had one around, too." That has Koga make a bit of a face, then he shrugs.

Iain looks up from his notebook again to Sky, seeing Fee's look towards him as well and he just smirks. "Ah'm a Scottish transplant who's been in America less than a week…so guess it's fair ta' say Ah'm a bit lost. As far as school goes though, I'm belter…but thanks for the concern." He shifts his backpack some on his shoulder, motioning to Fee then with a nod of his head. "She took me ta a candy shop. What was the name of it, Fee? Everything there was quality!"

Schuyler gives another shrug at Fee's concern, «I don't know. If you want to talk to her, that's fine, but I don't know if it will help.» He knows the reason, but not why Rain is so upset! It seems so small. He works at the lollipop some before crunching part of it between his teeth. «It happens. Siblings and all that.» The lollipop is then finished off as he just blinks at Koga's explanation to Fee.

Grey eyes flicker over to Iain, «Cocoa Loco? That's where my sister works. They're stuff is pretty good for what it is.» Despite munching on a lollipop is he insinuating that he's not a fan of candy? «If you need help acclimating, feel free to ask questions. Technically, I'm not American either.»

The dark-haired girl nods quickly to Koga, "Oh! In that case, it's totally fine.. don't worry. But maybe when we're out of the building.. I don't want you to get in trouble." Or expel too much energy. Fee handwaves with that same sunny smile, "I can just as well walk.. on my perilous journey." Said with a giggle… what, with how she initially arrived on the scene. "Congrats though, Koga, in figuring it out.. it must have been one of the very best EUREKA moments!" She observes next, looking rather proud of her friend.

Iain's words, with his heavy Scots brogue, catch Fee's attention next. "You found a new stronghold for your sweet tooth. You must be half batty at our house where there's more savory stuff than sweet. I figured Cocoa Loco was a good sanity-saver." She pauses as Sky supplies more details, one detail being Very Important… and Fee colors with pleasure. "Yeah! Rain is there, too… have you been there when she was on shift, Iain? Really pretty, blonde, gray eyes." A nod to Sky, "Sky's sister." A little smile as she echoes the mentalist's explanation to a degree. Fee pauses to check the time on her phone and looks briefly startled. "Agh! I have to run… I don't want to be late for anything."

An eyebrow is raised towards Iain. "Japan born and raised." He mentions, then shrugs. "I went through the same thing last year. It is not easy, but worth it." Oh yes. Sympathy there from Koga. The horrors of different school systems! Then he looks to Fee. And well, he looks embarrassed.

"Ah… actually, I tried it to Japan the first time it worked. Um… I kinda knocked myself out doing it." Then he blinks. "Oh, shoot!" He shakes his head. "I need to go, too! Nice to meet you, Iain! Later, Sky!" He waves at the two before he takes off with his own books in hand.

Then Koga takes off after goodbyes are said. English is roughly on the same area as Anthropology, right? He's looking at his map as he goes, too, and weaving in and out of students at that! Dang it all new school layout be confusing!

Iain grins "Cocoa Loco! That's it!" The explanation about Rain working there and her relation to Sky has the Scottish lad shaking his head. "Only time Ah've been is with ye, Fee. Ah'll have ta meet her though!" The talk of candy seemed to get him in better spirits. Most tourists or foreigners often complained that American food was too sweet. Not Iain. While he still enjoyed other flavors, he definitely had a sweet tooth. He then gives a grateful nod between Sky and Koga "Thanks for tha' support. Ah'll keep it in mind."

Schuyler lifts a hand to wave to Fee and Koga as they depart before he looks back to Iain. «She may only be working on the weekends now that we're back in school. She's friendlier than I am. Sometimes.» At least he's being honest. «You'll be fine. Just try not to get into the 'My powers are better than your's' crowd and you should be just fine.»

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