(2018-09-04) Orientating
Summary: The Headmaster meets with the students the day before classes begin for the new school year.
Date: 2018-09-04
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NPCs: The Headmaster
Scene Runner: Isis

Gym - Coral Springs

This is a full size gym, with basketball hoops along the walls ready for play. Climbing ropes hang from scaffolding near the ceiling, ready to be climbed, though they can be tied off to keep them out of the way. Exercise equipment and weights are off to the far end. The floor can be sectioned off for multiple team games to be played. There are locker rooms for girls and boys to one side of polished wood bleachers that can be pulled out if needed for spectators. Opposite the bleachers there is a rock climbing wall, that goes right up to the dome overhead. The dome itself is spectacular, made apparently of sickle shaped carved marble and brass leaves, it can nevertheless iris open to let the bracing sea air and sunlight in, as needed.

It is a summer evening. The weather is cool and stormy.

Before any classes were to start today there was to be an orientation assembly so the Headmaster could greet everyone and go over a few changes as well as announce who the team captains were for the next year. The biggest change and most noticeable one besides the new island and school was the size of the student body. There has to be at least 300 students now. The most they has ever been was 110, so this is a big jump in numbers. As the students arrive and take their place in the bleachers the teachers are already waiting, sitting at the bottom row near the end. The Headmaster isn't around yet though.

If Coral Springs had cheerleaders, they couldn't possibly be as enthusiastic as Kaylee. She's sitting down as far forward as she can, decked out in her Prometheus uniform, glowing a happy golden color and practically vibrating in her seat.

Ness is quick enough to clamber onto an upfront seat on the bottom bleachers on account of her height. Her phone is open to her text-to-speech program. Since it's some kind of assembly, though, she doesn't really expect to be speaking. She's certainly curious about the whole thing, though. She even managed to find a seat next to her Captain… whom she asks, via the tinny, neutral tones of her phone,"<Are you okay?>"

Orientation. Orientation? Buddy saw the notice about the meeting for students in the gym. Well, at least it was an easy enough place to find with the smell. It smelled like a gym. Buddy wasn't quite sure what orientation was about. Maybe it had something to do with bird migration? That should be interesting then. Slipping into a comfortable guise, a graceful tabby cat, Buddy softly pads up to the bleachers. Wow. There were a lot of people here. It made him feel a bit nervous but not as nervous as if there were rocking chairs. Phew. He finds an empty place to sit near a pretty girl on the front room. Boy, she looked excited. And excited people generally know what is going on.

Koga has made it to orientation, seated up near the front like a good Athenian more or less and a row behind Ness and Kaylee. And well… seeing Kaylee being a bit glowing and vibrating happy, he reaches over to tap her on the shoulder. Leaning down, Koga lowers his voice at least. "Kaylee?" He waits to see if she acknowledges him at least. Honestly, he has never seen Kaylee like this so… he's wary of setting off a light show at the moment.

Dylan got the distinct impression that orientation was not optional, so he might as well go. He doesn't walk in. Why walk across campus when you can just teleport. The boy suddenly appears on one of the bleachers, looking instantly bored at the idea of it. School is definitely not the boy's "thing", too bad that he doesn't really have much of a choice but to be here.

Erica skips into the gym and glances around. She is wearing school uniform and it has the signs that marks her as part of Ares. She glances around as she almost pretty much bounces over to the bleachers. She is humming to herself and waves to a few people that she recognizes. She is looking forward to school starting.

Bronwyn best come along and find out about the school since she has to be here for years…and years. The tall brunette strides in, looks around, and finds herself a place to sit. All the while talking on her phone. She is in her school uniform - Athena version - though she does tug at it a little. Still getting used to it all. "Some kind of assembly? Hmm? I don't know. I think there are people from everywhere, so why would we sing the American national anthem? There's a girl up the front who looks like she is having a fit." A shake of her head. "Nah, I'm sure it's perfectly normal around here. Oh, I sent you the vocal track, did you get it? Not sure about that second verse. Lyrics wise. I'm not ten anymore." A fingerwave for Erica. "I have to go, talk to you soon."

The Master twins sit together, with the usual suspects in thier vicinity, one of them Fiona, who is sitting on the other side of Rain. The female of the twins looks perfectly stoic, hardly any expression marring her countenance and of course her uniform with its red accents neat and tidy. "I wonder where they found all these students?" she asks, near enough to the others to be heard at least. There are a lot of people.

As the last of the students file in and takes a sit on the bleachers the Headmaster, looking more like a well dressed undertaker in his black suit, walks in, black wingtip shoes clicking against the wooden floor. Once he gets to the center the turns to the students and raises a hand for silence, waiting for a few moments as he scans the crowd "Welcome back to Coral Springs everyone." he starts out after quiet descends with his clipped British accent, "I hope you all have taken the time to get familiar with the school and island." his eyes move making eye contact here and there, hands clasped behind his back.

"Yeah, I'm super duper good!" Kaylee replies to Ness, grinning at her. And there's a kitteh! Patting her lap, Kaylee invites the furry friend for pets, if he can abide by the glowiness consuming him. If not, he'll still get skritches, because that's what kittehs get. "Shh, Koga, it's starting!" she whispers in response to Koga's question. And then, closing her eyes for a few seconds, she takes a few breaths and calms down a little, the glow fading away from her aura. Her eyes, however, are doing that Dune thing and she's grinning from ear to ear.

Erica is finding it hard to sit still from where she chose to sit. She is fidgeting and bouncing just a little where she sits. She glances around a bit, and then watches as the headmaster comes in and listens to what he has to say.

Ness tucks one leg under the other in a sort of half-lotus sit, and rests her hands on either knee with a dubious look at the way Kaylee is glowing. She shades her eyes with one hand, and then turns her eyes back to view the Headmaster as well. Since it's hard to regulate the volume on her phone, she merely shrugs, and waits quietly.

The Buddy-kitty looks up at the glowing Kaylee with eyes a twinkle. She is glowing? Wow. He doesn't notice Dylan's entrance though he turns his head back to meow three times at Koga. For some reason, the three times seems significant. Erica and Bronwyn both get a meow when he sees them. He starts to crawl up in Kaylee's lap as she starts to pet him. He pauses too look at the girl with the talking phone and gives her a questioning mewl sound. Only then does he end up crawling up on Kaylee's lap fully to listen to the headmaster.

Koga just blinks a few times. Looks at Kaylee, then shrugs when the glow goes down. He looks to the Headmaster sa if to wonder… and then he hears a three times meow that has Koga looking at the kitty in his lap. Koga just resists the urge to face palm. Shrugging, he goes back to looking towards the Headmaster patiently. Mentally taking what notes he can as he seems to be studying just how in the world a man can look like an undertaker and run a school at times.

Dylan smirks as he sees his arch-nemesis and a empty spot just behind her. He blinks from his previous position to appear sitting on the bleacher behind Bronwyn. He leans forward, whispering to her, "Look, Besa said that I should be nicer to you, so I just wanted to say sorry if you were offended by what I said." Not that he is sorry for saying them.

Bronwyn lets out a cry of surprise…a loud one…as Dylan suddenly appears and whispers into her ear. Composure quickly recovered, of course, chin raised before she whispers back to him. "You were pretty rude" she points out. "He also said I should be nicer to you so I guess I can forgive you…for Besa's sake." She peers over her shoulder. "Clean slate?" Her hand is offered. "I mean, what you said didn't bother me, but it would be good to ignore it happened."

The Headmaster continues, not bothering to chastise the few talkers since they aren't being disruptive just yet. Well except the cat, the barest frown cracks his face and his eyes lock on the tabby cat "Mr. Jones, as long as you are in class or assemblies such as this one you will take the form of a human animal, unless otherwise directed by faculty." there is another long, hard look at the cat before he continues. "As the former students are aware each team has a senior captain and a junior co-captain." he then lists the captains and co-captains for each team, one male and one female on each "For Prometheus, Kaylee Blake as head captain and her co-captain is Jeff Carbase. And for Ares, Kelly Washington as captain and Schuyler Masters as co-captain."

When the headmaster addresses the cat in her lap, Kaylee blinks and looks down. It's … NOT a kitteh?! Visibly dejected, Kaylee's bottom lip juts out as she pouts and shoos the cat from her lap. "And here I thought the school got a kitty," she says quietly to no one in particular. But then the headmaster is saying her name and she looks back up and smiles, holding her hand up to wave it at the other students! She closes one eye for a second, and then some very brief, very small fireworks go off over both her and Jeff's heads. No noise, though, just little poofs of light.

Ness offers a sort of dazed applause on behalf of her team captain, eyes quenching a little at the plethora of fireworks going off overhead. She lets her head craaaane back to the cat in question, and generally manages to look all sorts of bewildered. She mouths the words 'what' silently, and mostly accomplishes looking lost.

Erica cocks her head to the side as she listens. She will have to make sure she knows who the two are that were named for her team. She remembers meeting one of them, briefly.. She glances over at the other students and then back to the headmaster.

That has Koga giving a grimace, then looking at Buddy. He leans over a bit to say towards the kitty. "I would do as he says, Buddy. You do not want to be on his bad side." A look is given to Kaylee, then Ness with a small grin. "Shapeshifter." He mentions before leaning back and well… yeah, expect Kaylee to do fireworks. Maybe. That was a bit interesting as he hides his eyes after the first one. The poofs at least aren't bright. That does have him giving a small, low laugh. "Show off."

The Buddy-cat looks at the Headmaster when he calls for Mr. Jones. He looks around for a bit and then remembers that is him. He drops his head down at having been called out and then really sulks when Kaylee pouts and shoos him away. She shooed him! Thankfully the shooing wasn't with a shoe. He climbs down off of her lap onto the beach next to her. He gives her a little space and then shakes his body some. In less than a second, the shaking is done, and there sits a little teenage boy. He is wearing the metis uniform though badly. The tie is crooked; the shirt is misbuttoned; and his shoes are untied. He sits as dejected looking at the kitty did.

Dylan accepts the offered hand, as he looks at the creepy headmaster. His dark blue eyes flicker back towards Bronwyn, "I can try to nice, if you can." He grins, trying to joke. "Yeah, water under the bridge." Oh, Besa should be so proud of him. He's trying, he really is. He looks over and grins at Buddy. He can't help but to wonder how much of that doe-eyed innocence is just a play to play the cute card. He can certainly see where it could work. Hell, he's curled up in the lap of a senior girl, damn right it works.

"I don't need to try to be nice" Bronwyn points out with something approaching a smug smile. "It comes naturally." She is trying too…honest. "The trouble with water under the bridge is that is where everyone drowns." It must be an Italian saying that has been lost in translation. Her brow furrows as she looks at Kaylee. "Is that girl on fire? Oh…there's Buddy." A wave to the shifter before she smiles back at Dylan. "We should seal this pact with dinner this weekend. You can take me out to a restaurant on shore. Do we need our passport to go there?"

Nothing in the Headmaster's demeanor is warm and the way he smiles just isn't right. Yes, creepy is an appropriate descriptor. The black suit doesn't help. He continues to speak. But not without a "Miss. Blake, please save your pyrotechnics for your between class break." first. He is than explaining how they are borrowing various concepts from other cultures. The school will have no real janitorial staff so the students will be responsible for keeping the dorms, bathrooms and classrooms clean. The exception being the gym and cafeteria which will have a minimal staff that will be fleshed out with those students serving detention.

Furthermore he goes on to explain the merit system, which for anyone who has read the Harry Potter books sounds very familiar. And he stresses that the merit system in private schools has been around for over a century and even longer in various military academies. Ending that subject is the announcement that the team with the most points at the end of the school year gets a trip.

Whaaaat!? SCOLDED BY THE HEADMASTER!? If this were an anime, Kaylee would suddenly lose all color before flopping flat on her face as her spirit escapes her body. Instead, she immediately ceases her lights and folds her hands in her lap, curling in on herself and decidedly NOT glowing anymore. She looks almost like he reached out and slapped her, but then, she's not known for her subtle reactions to things.

Captains? Merits? The poor Buddy looks lost. Thankfully, he catches the wave of Bronwyn and turns to offer her a big wave back, but, worrying that he would get in trouble, just does a little finger wave at her. He then notices Dylan and gives him a short quick wave before turning back around to try and pay attention. He hopes someone will translate all this later. He nods silently at Koga about his advice though, having followed it, he decides not to comment on it. Boy, it is hard to sit still.

Koga blinks a few times. A trip? Uh-oh. Koga hums at the idea of the merit system, however, and looks curious at it. Otherwise, he looks to be mostly putting all of his attention on the Headmaster right now. Although… Buddy waving at someone? That does have him briefly turning to look. And he blinks a few times as he sees Dylan up there. Then he turns back to look at the Headmaster and makes a bit of a face.

Erica just tries to sit still. It isn't working really, as she is fidgeting and trying to keep from bouncing in her seat. Her hand taps on her lap as she listens to what is said and she shakes her head at some of the things she notices.

Dylan arches a brow, "Um… sorry, no can do. I already have a date for this weekend. And while he's pretty open-minded, I don't think he's that open-minded." He grins, "But we can seal it with me giving you your cellphone back." He concentrates as it materializes in his hand. He waggles his brows slightly, before offering it back, with no pretense of keeping it what-so-ever. He is halfway listening to what all Mister Creepy is saying.

Bronwyn glowers at Dylan as she takes her phone back. "Thief" she pouts, not quite sure what she is getting out of having her stolen item returned. "You two have fun then" she shrugs. "Hmmm…I'm usually pretty popular with LGBTPQSMTV so he /might/ want to have me along. Maybe you should ask him?" Is the headmaster talking? Oh…he seems to be, better pay a little attention…while checking her phone for viruses…and texting…and checking if there is a Pokemon on the school grounds; she still plays it every now and then.

There area few more housekeeping things that the Headmaster discusses. Curfews, not leaving the island during the week unless employed at a legitimate business in town and the dress code policy. Uniforms are required during school hours Monday - Thursday but the casual Friday will continue to be allowed as long as students are tasteful in their apparal. After all that is said he gives the students a looking over "Let's have a wonderful school year. Dismissed." he then heads out along with a majority of the faculty.

Koga huhs. Hums a bit, then shrugs and gets up to begin wandering out of the gym. He's rubbing his chin in thought as if trying to figure out something. At least it's the opposite way from the teachers and headmaster! But clearly, the mystic warrior guy's lost in some thought of his own.

For the rest of the speech, Kaylee sits, silently, looking down and holding her hands in her lap. Penitent Kaylee is penitent! When the headmaster finishes, she moves to start applauding, but … nobody else does. So, her claps must look really out of place. Aaaand there's more reasons for her to mope! Boy, this day is just not going her way. Quietly, she rises and begins looking about, waiting to see if anyone needs more direction or if everybody's just gonna leave on their own.

Erica is up quickly and gets down out of the stands. "Was going to lose it, if had to sit still any longer. How am I going to survive at classes?" she mutters and shakes her head, "Guess will have to go running or flying first thing in the morning, burn off some energy." she shakes her head and looks around.

Oh, he had to bring up curfew again. Buddy is clearly bothered by the word. He looks up at the clapping Kaylee and leans over to her. "Why are we clapping? Oh, I'm Buddy! You are pretty. You have really nice eyes. Did you do the thing with the lights? That was cool." He talks very fast and full of energy. Even though he is sitting, he starts to bounce on his bottom. He glances over at Erica and asks, "Why do we have to sit still? My ears work even if the rest of me is moving." He can sympathize even if he can't spell the word.

Dylan scrunches his nose as he shakes his head, "Nah.. I don't think I need to ask to know the answer to the question." Especially since it would be their first date, "I'm sure that there are plenty of other guys that would be happy to take you out to dinner."

"Oooh…already deciding for your date, Dylan? Such a domineering boyfriend" Bronwyn teases before offering him a wink. "It's fine. And of course there are plenty of guys who would take me out. Probably even some girls. I hope they can handle paparazzi." She barely notices that the headmaster has stopped talking, probably because she wasn't really listening. "Are we done?" she asks the assembled before spotting the tall Kaylee. "Is that Kaylee…the girl who was on fire? I'm supposed to talk to her about basketball. Hmm…she doesn't look very happy. Maybe later."

Ness stands up after a moment, stretches, and starts turns on the text-to-speech function her phone. She asks Kaylee via her tinny-voiced phone,"<So… we're essentially at Superhero Hogwarts now? I can't decide if that's awesome or not.>" She points at Bronwyn and Dylan, then, and offers,"<Are those two, like, into each other or something?>"

Sydney sneaks in quietly, hoping nobody notices she's late.

Erica shakes her head to Buddy, "Oh not that, I just…don't like to sit still for a while, and classes are long." she chuckles, "Will be the first time in a school setting." she shakes her head a bit more." she shrugs a little, "Though if I go flying before school, I should get rid of some of the energy. Shifting and flying does that."

Dylan shakes his head, "No deciding for him… I just know the answer…" He pauses, "And I'm not going to have a discussion about my sex life with you… We may not be enemies, but we're not besties either… " He looks in the direction of Kaylee. "Yeah, you go do that."

"Um … kinda?" Kaylee responds to Ness, making a face. She shrugs, collecting her stuff. "And, normally, you would clap after someone gives a speech. So, I thought we were gonna clap. Guess not," she explains to Buddy. Then, she looks around a little, watching the students start to make their way out of the gym. "Well! I'm not gonna let mister fuddlesticks ruin my day. Anybody wanna help me decorate the dorm lounge? It's still pretty plain!" Yes, nothing can cheer Kaylee up faster than applying glitter to paper and paper to walls.

Buddy looks at the girl with the talking phone. "Do hogs really have warts? I've never been one before. I think frogs have them though." He glances back to Erica and says, "Or, if I have to be still, why can't I be a bunny? I'm really good at being still as a bunny." It is Kaylee's comments about decorating that gets Buddy's wavering attention, "Oh, I know where there are some great leaves out in the woods. And I can get you some of the best twigs you've ever seen. I found a bunch of them for my nest! Hi, Shiny Girl!" He waves over at Sydney. Being that shiny and sparkly it is hard to not spot her.

Erica cocks her head to the side, "I would offer to help decorate, but I am in a different dorm." she offers to Kaylee and then giggles a bit at Buddy. She glances around a little, she is still fidgeting a bit.

"We will be besties soon" Bronwyn promises Dylan. Threatens? "You can tell me how the date goes later. Maybe I can get Besa to come out on a date?" Then she is jogging down the bleachers and heading for Kaylee and the throng around her. "Hey, Erica, cute as always" she waves. "Hey, Buddy." Since Kaylee seems to be holding court, Bronwyn barges her way through. "Are you Kaylee? Hi, I'm Bronwyn. Bronwyn Argento." A smile and a nod. "Yeah, /the/ Bronwyn Argento. I was told you know all about a basketball team I could join."

Ness shrugs helplessly at Buddy. "<I dunno. Do they? I am not a pig expert.>" She looks back to Kaylee, then and offers,"<I suppose I can help you decorate, but I can't reach much, and I won't be able to talk while my hands are occupied.>" She looks over at Bronwyn, and then holds up her phone, directing at her,"<You should probably get in there now. There's like two or three people taking Besa out. Why are you so set on going on dates, anyway? The school year just started.>"

Sydney waves at Buddy. "Hi Buddy." She smiles at him. She also waves at Ness, and was going to wave at Kaylee, but sees the tall woman is now busy. She mutters to herself, "man, I have got to work on my attitude."

Blinking a little at Buddy's idea of decorating, Kaylee smiles plaintively. "Alright, Buddy. If that's what you want to decorate with, I'm sure we can find a place for them," she offers. "And no, I don't think hogs have warts. Hogwarts is a place that's in a book. It's a school for magical children, kinda like we're a school for super-powered kids. And there were several similarities with some of what the headmaster said," she explains to the boy. She then crinkles her nose in a smile at Erica and shrugs. "You could decorate yours, though!" And then Bronwyn is inserting herself into the conversation. Kaylee blinks at her in surprise, and then cants an eyebrow way up. "… THE Bronwyn Argento? … as opposed to the NOT Bronwyn Argento?" she asks. Her brow furrows for a minute, and then she grimaces and shakes her head. "Hey, I'm sorry. Since I've been volunteering off-campus, I haven't been doing tours or getting new student info, so I'm really sorry I don't recognize your name. But … if they meant the Thunder Bay team … well … you've already missed tryouts for them. We had our first tournament a couple weeks ago …. But, I can get you the information for the team so you can try out next year?" she offers.

Dylan watches the gathering around Kaylee. Okay, enough of the high school after school special. Just like he arrived, the teleporter just blinks out of existence to destination unknown.

Erica cocks her head to the side and then steps a way a bit herself. While there are lots of people there, she doesn't really know a lot of them. She nods, "I am sure that we will." she smiles to Sydney, "Hi." she offers.

Buddy enthusiastically says to Ness, "I don't know either." He smiles as though it is a wonderful thing. "I'll find out and let you know." He looks pleased and happy that Kaylee accepted his offer. Most people don't accept his help even though he plans on being so helpful. He looks over at Bronwyn and says, "I know you." He met her the other day. "I'm the Buddy." He says that so innocently that he doesn't seem to be making fun of her at all. "I'll go get you some amazing leaves, Bright Eyes. Just you wait." He suddenly bounds up and starts running up the bleachers. When he reaches the top, he jumps off of them and turns into a bright goldfinch midair.

Bronwyn is getting used to not being recognized. Savages. Does no one check Italian music charts? Or Bulgarian ones? A sigh before things get even worse. "What? I have to wait another year to play? No way. Doesn't the school have a team?" Arms are folded as she gets into pout mode. "Not playing for a year is unacceptable. I shall have to go and see this Thunder Bay team and get them to change this. Assuming they actually want to win something."

"Oh, hey, Buddy. How've you been?" But then he is off…and did he just call Kaylee 'Bright Eyes'? Bronwyn looks at Ness and her phone and snorts with bemusement. "I better not ask him out then. Are /you/ on the list? Oh, I'm Bronwyn." No point being disappointed again by her full name not being known. "I'm in no hurry to date anyone" she sniffs. "I have way too much to do anyway."

Ness holds up her phone, and offers the girl, after tapping out,"<I have no idea who you are. Dad was never posted in Italy. I'm Ness, since I haven't properly met… any of you. And yeah, I asked him out. He's already going on a date with some dude, though, so I suspect I'm going to get, at most, a fun dinner out of it. He was nice, though, and complaining that girls don't like him, so I offered. Plus, he's not nearly as much taller than me than most, which is nice on occasion.>" The girl holds out a hand to shake with Kaylee and Bronwyn both… then stares at the fleeing bird Buddy has transformed into.

Sydney slinks back out as subtly as she came in. She's got the slow fade mastered. Move a little when nobody's watching, mill when other people mill, just that every movement takes her closer to a door…which she slips out of without ceremony. Yep. One of her school skills from the old days still works.

Kaylee reaches out and shakes Ness's hand, smiling. That is, until Bronwyn badmouths the Thunder Bay team. That causes her to fold her arms across her chest and frown at the girl. "Okay, so, first of all, you can knock it off with the attitude. We've done just fine without you and it's not OUR fault you missed tryouts. Besides, you'd have to get permission from the school in the first place and be in good academic standing before you'd be allowed to travel. So, if you'd like, I can get you the information and you can try out. NEXT. YEAR. And the school only has one sport: Arena Fetch."

"Besa is gay too? Just like Dylan? Maybe they should get together some time" Bronwyn shrugs before waving off some of Ness's words. "Don't worry about not knowing who I am. No one does. Luckily, I am not easily upset so I can handle the ignorance." She looks down on the Asian girl as she takes the offered hand. "Size isn't everything" she assures Ness.

Is Kaylee getting all up in Bronwyn's face? Dueling arm folding! "Yes, you should knock it off with the attitude. The headmaster already commented on it. And it's not MY fault that team only has tryouts at one time. Seems pretty inflexible to me. Maybe this team is a bit too…old-fashioned. And you don't have to worry about MY academic standing." Finger snaps are close but Bronwyn manages to restrain herself. "I'll get in this Arena Fetch team then. Thanks for your help." There may have been some sarcasm in that thank you.

Ness blinks several times at Bronwyn. Her eyes are wide like saucers. She points at the girl. Then at Kaylee, finger tracing back and forth between them. Then she's typing furiously on my phone,"<I don't… I have no idea what just happened. Did… did I just get called short? I don't understand.>"

Kaylee blinks at Bronwyn, then her frown deepens. She's about to say something, but stops herself, shaking her head. Instead, she forces herself to smile and nods. "You're totally welcome. Tryouts for Arena Fetch are in a week, but each team has their own squad for arena fetch, so you'll wanna ask your team captain for more details." She then turns and smirks at Ness, her nose wrinkling with her smile again. "Just think of it as 'fun-sized, Ness!"

"No, you're not short" Bronwyn says to Ness with a shake of her head. "Totally cute" she smiles before a stiff nod in Kaylee's direction. "I can do that. Maybe I'll see you out there?" She's actually not sure what this Arena Fetch is played on. "I'll leave you to your decorating."

The girl stomps her foot when both people reassure her she's not short. She just feels patronized now. Okay, and she's blushing because someone called her cute. So there's that. She turns and stomps off in the direction of the exit. "<I'm just a late bloomer.>" She'd be shouting if she didn't have voice powers. The phone's tinny, neutral tones will have to do.

Kaylee shakes her head to Bronwyn. "No, arena fetch really isn't my thing. But best of luck to you. And if you want the information for tryouts for next year, just let me know," she says. And there goes Ness, stomping off towards the exit. Kaylee heads after her, grimacing and calling out. "Don't feel too bad! I was a late bloomer, too, just not in my height! … are you still gonna help decorate?" Because THAT is the important thing.

Now that Bronwyn seems to have (accidentally) insulted everyone in the room, time for her to go as well. High school was never meant to be easy. She takes out her phone, jabs it once, and is then talking. "Are you sure there isn't one of these schools closer to home?"

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