(2018-09-03) Pool and pre-dates
Pool and pre-dates
Summary: Besa talks of dating while Dylan teaches him how to play pool.
Date: 2018-09-03
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Game Room - Coral Springs

This large open area is a game room. A variety of both retro and modern arcade games fill the area. The lighting is subdued so that lights from the various games make the most impact and so there isn't any glare on the screens. The center of the floor is translucent glass. Thick and frosty so no details can be seen in the study area below. Among the electric games are also a few non-tech ones. Two pool tables, a foosball table and air hockey. Curved stairs lead down.

It is a summer evening. The weather is hot and drizzling.

Besa's on a mission. But finding a teleporter can be difficult, as they can be anywhere. He didn't want to resort to runes, so he's spent most of the day searching. He stumbled upon the gaming room. Few days ago, but after peaking his head in, he decided it was too perilous to chance with his curse. But now he edges in careful, hands carefully jammed into the pockets of his shorts just to be safe. Cocoa is right next to him, per usual. He stands there a moment, trying to let his dark eyes adjust to the flickering lights to be able to see if anyone is in here.

Dylan is not playing one of the arcade games, but a pool table. He is by himself and seems to be enjoying playing against himself quite well. He's not particularly good, but when the cue ball ends up in one of the pockets after a bad shot, he sighs softly, before rotating his hand to palm up. As he does so, the white ball appears in his hand. It is at this time, he notices the nervous Besa. A tight, little grin eases onto his lips. "Oh, hey, Besa… "

Besa smiles, while he's nervous about being in the room, the smile is genuine, "Hello Tom. How are you?" He steps closer to the pool table. He's never played, so he's trying to make sure it's not electronic. "This is billiard, yes?"

Dylan shrugs slightly, "I guess some people call it that…. " He strikes the cue ball sending it to force a the number six ball into the side pocket. "I always heard it called pool, so that's what I know it as… I think it's like the difference between fiddle and violin… one is for rich people, the other is for everyone else."
You paged Quinn with 'Today's been a rough one… with the tropical storm coming in, the weather is playing havoc with my head.'

Besa's hands stay in his pockets, so he doesn't short or the room, but he toes the ground as he watches the 6 ball disappear. "Is it…electronic at all?" He wets his lips, glancing up at the taller teen, "I think here is a difference in the bridge." Of a violin and fiddle. He thinks. He could be wrong. "Are you well today?"

Dylan shrugs. "I wouldn't know… about the bridge thing.. " He cocks his head, "No, a pool table isn't electronic, why?" That aspect of Besa's curse hasn't really been relevant to their interactions really so far. "I'm doing pretty good… How about you?" He then greets the other person in the room, "Hey Cocoa… how's my girl today?"

Besa steps closer and removes a hand to carefully touch the table, "I am cursed, remember? I can not touch electronic things." The table doesn't do anything so he nods, a soft smile. He likes it when he finds things that he can participate in. "Will you teach me?" He shoulder shrugs, walking around the table like he's trying to understand it. "I am well. I had some revelations in the past few days." Cocoa's tail thumps, while she's still wearing her vest, she seems content to leave Besa's side and move over to give Dylan a sniff and allow him to pet her. No choice, she gets pet.

Dylan blinks, "Oh… Um… I must have missed the part about electronics… that must make life pretty difficult… just about everything is electronic… " The grin on his lips spreads, "Sure… Though it's not like I'm all that good myself. I just enjoy it, generally playing by myself… " He pauses, "Or with friends…" He abandons the current game. As he walks around the backside of the table, he grins and pets the insitent pup. He pulls out the triangle and focuses, calling all the balls to his hands, as he starts setting up for the break.

Besa starts to back peddle, "Oh…if it is a one person game, may I watching. You do not have to stop…" Blinking he watches as Dylan starts to wrack up the balls. Cocoa , happy with her pets, moves to find a place near by so she can lay down. The ancient boy gives her a glance, maybe for courage before looking back, "There are many new students, yes? I have talked to many people. One is my new friend Vanessa. She …is very smart about things." Why is he nervous now?

Dylan shakes his head, "Oh, no.. it's not really a one person game… in fact, it is meant for two people… " He gives Besa a simple explanation of the game. "I just suck at it, so it's like practice… it can actually be kind of .. I guess.. like meditation… helps forget about all the clutter and let's you get your head back in place." He chuckles and looks down at himself, "Yeah, I guess there are.. but isn't that the way a school year normally starts off, with new blood every year?" He grins, "Like me… " He looks over at Besa. "Let me guess… You realized that you got feelings for this Vanessa too… so now you're not so sure about whether or not you like, like me…" He frowns slightly, "I get it… It's not like I'm really that good of a catch… I'd probably throw me back too."

Besa eyes the pockets, "I can see that. Anything that makes you focus on something else can help." He tilts his head, smirking slightly, "She did ask me on a date. But then she said something that made sense. That we should go on a predate first." His finger stays on the pool table. "She said to become friends first. To see if she would even like me that way." Sound familiar? "So I thought…perhaps we could….go on a predate?" He looks hopeful as he watches Dylan.

"Predate?" Dylan says the word with a mild bit of distaste. "I kind of thought that's what dating was about… predate sounds like a way of saying, hey.. let's date, but if it doesn't work out, then I can just brush off my ego and say that it's okay, 'cause we weren't dating in the first place." He looks over at Besa, "I have no problem going on a date with you, to get to know you… but let's call it what it is though.. a date and just toss the predate out the window." He says it with a friendly and slightly joking grin on his lips. Then the smile fades a bit, "So, are you two going on a predate?"

Besa's confused now, he was so proud of the find of a predate! "I…thought you did not wish to date me without getting to know me better…" He just watches Dylan, head tilted. "What do you wish?" Thin fingers stay on the table, feeling the material, but his eyes stay on the Ares, "I do not know. She is very forward. I am sure we will be friends, but I do not know that we are meant to be more than that."

Dylan frowns as he furrows his brows. "Yeah, I guess I can see where what I said could have come across like that… " He shakes his head, "I'm not good with words… I meant.. well what I meant was that I don't know if I like you, you know romantically and stuff… but I want to find out… you do that by getting to know each other… that's like hanging out and yeah dates… Does that make more sense?" When Besa says that he doesn't know about whether or not he's going to predate Vanessa, he scratches, sending the cue ball into the corner pocket instead of its intended mark. "Oh… well, you gotta do what you gotta do, I guess."

"No?" Because it's not clear to the ancient teen. "So now you wish to date me, but do not know if you wish to date me?" His lips press together, fingers twitching against the table a moment, "I…" No, whatever he's mentally wrestling with, it seems to win. Or he gives up. A soft sigh, "I suppose…I do." But what is that, exactly?

Dylan sighs himself. "I want to go on a date with you.. I just don't know if I like you the way that boyfriends should…" He doesn't sound completely confident on the 'boyfriends' part. "I mean, yeah… I am physically attracted to you… Like you said to me, you're cute and you know it…. but if you just want to fool around, I guess I'm game with that… I just got the feeling that you were wanting something like deeper and more serious… that's what I'm not sure about…"

Besa blinks, his stomach tightening in confusion. "I do not know what I am supposed to do, Tom. You are giving many different signals, and…I am not going to just…." He huffs, glancing away, "It does not matter I suppose." Something Ness said rings in his ears and he seems to deflate. Apparently he's good for fooling around, but not dating. A deep breath and he'll try to change the subject, feeling foolish about the whole thing, So…pool. Teach me, yes?" He leans over to touch the balls wracked in the triangle.

Dylan isn't going to let Besa change the subject that easily. "I'm sorry.. I'm not trying to. How about I just put it like this. I want to get to know you by dating you. Does that work better?" He looks over questioningly at Besa, as he props himself up slightly with the cue stick.

The balls spin gently in the wrack under Besa's fingers. "Sure. We can try a date." He's torn between worrying that this is going to go the way of Whitley with never knowing where he stands, or now just wanting to be physical with nothing else. His nails are painted (That should have been noted earlier) in a. Strange black crackle. It's pretty, but a little goth. He wets his lips, "Whenever you wish."

Dylan grins slightly, "First thing about pool is that you find a stick that is straight and feels comfortable in your hand." Perhaps it was the fact that Besa completely destroyed his concentration when mentioning possibly going out with someone else, but he just notices the nail polish. He raises his eyebrows, "That's new, ain't it?" He gestures with his fingers to indicate the nails. "And no, it's not just when I wish.. It's a two way thing… but what do you think about sometime this weekend, since we're not supposed to leave the island during the week?"

Besa glance around, looking for a stick. Assuming there's a few on the wall to choose from he'll go over and hefta. Few different one to try to find the right one. His gave looks to see what Dylan is motioning to, "I like having my nails painted. It was a luxury when I was younger." His fingers flex gently, studying them, "It was generally red or blank…but this is new." The crackle is. "I used to wear kohl on my eyes as well." Besa's got the kinda face that could be really nice with make up. "This weekend would be fine." A stick is chosen and Besa walks over.

Dylan cocks his head, "Like in.. like back in Egypt? I didn't know that the ancient Egyptians had nail polish." He cannot help but to do the old let me help you line up ma move. "Come over here and I'll show you how to break…" He grins and cocks his head slightly, "If you like doing your nails, then you really should do them more ofen."

Besa nods, "We did. Very much so." Not knowing it's a 'move' he nods and moves over to Dylan for him to show him how to break. "I do not do them. Usually Rain does." Usually. Not this time though.

Dylan moves up around behind Besa, wrapping his hands over the Egyptian boy's, pressing his front to Besa's backside. He helps the boy strike the cue, all the time actually talking the boy through it to the best of his capabilities. "So when am I going to get to meet your sister, seeing that I have now met Schuyler…." He sighs, "who thinks that I need to go to the police and try to work out a deal for me by turning on Rex and David and testifying against Marko and Carl."

Besa stills as soon as he's being pressed against. He wasn't expecting that. He looks over his shoulder at Dylan, eyes wide. He lets the teen guide him in the motion, trying to concentrate on what is happening, with the stick and otherwise. "You wish to meet Rain? She is nice. You will like her." Now, if Rain will like hi, that's another question. "Schuyler is a good person. He is just…rough sometimes." Another look behind his shoulder, eyes locking with Dylan’s, "It is not a terrible idea. When you are ready."

Dylan's hands linger a little bit after the shot is made. "I might as well, if we're going to be dating. Hell even if we just are good friends, I'd like to know more about you. That includes your family." He sighs, "Yeah, he and I met and shared a pizza. We talked… I apologized for being a bit of a dick when we first met."

Besa doesn't move away. His skin is soft, from the clay work. "There are many siblings in the Masters Family, but I am closest to the twins. And Circe." He looks surprised at the notion that Dylan and Sky shared a pizza, "Oh! That is…good!" Sky's not friendly with anyone! That's actually great news! Mayeb they can all be friends. There's no argument about whether or not Dylan was a dick, he and Sky both kinda were, but Best honestly doesn't remember much of that night. "I am very glad that you are getting along with him. He was my very first friend ever." He's said that before. The ancient teen doesn't move from whatever position Dylan put him in for the opening shot, instead he stays there, waiting for more instruction. Hormones maybe urging hm to stay there for more touching of hands.

Dylan turns and leans against the pool table, next to Besa. He cocks his head as he listens. "I actually did not know that there were more than just the twins and Circe." He nods, "I get the feeling that he thought that I was just some scum bag out to just use you for something… " He pauses, "Not sure he doesn't think that I might still be, but I think that we have a better understanding now though."

Besa finally lifts a hand to brush that pretty hair out of his eyes, "Schuyler is just very protective. We have been through much together." Death, Hell, Murder Alts. He chuckles softly, "They have many children. I think that is why is is not a bother when I am there." Just one more person in the house! "It is nice. I have never experienced anything like it before. The priests were not always the most…kind of people."

Dylan frowns slightly, as his eyes gets a slight far off look, "Um yeah… that must have sucked.." He's fairly quiet after that, as his own thoughts drift into his head slightly. "Glad you have a good family now…. " He gives a couple pointers on pool, almost like a distraction to himself.

Besa frowns as well, trying to go over his head what he said that upset Dylan. He tries to follow instructions, but as this is his priest time, He's not very good at it at all. "I am very lucky. I know this." Maybe Dylan is upset that Besa found a good home when he has not. The room is given a glance to, he's surrounded by a world he can' participate in and he sighs, trying to line up another shot.

Dylan doesn't seem to be upset at Besa, merely upset. In fact, he is quite complimentary. "Not bad… Watch where the cue stick makes contact on the cue ball… the angle of contact, whether or not the stick is twisting when it makes contact, this all affects how the balls interact… It's all a matter of geometry." He smirks, "Just wish I had listened to my math teacher more when she went over that stuff."

Besa's sure there's a dirty joke in there somewhere , asking him to watch balls. But he's not got the kind of mind to really find it. Or say ti out loud if he did stumble on it. Instead he nods, bending at his waist over the table some to try to watch where the stick will stick the cue ball. "Math is in many things…" Unfortunately, it's not in this pool game, as the ball Besa hits goes wide, bouncing off of all four sides without actually striking about ball.

Dylan snatches the cue ball and places it back in the same spot as it had previuosly had been. "Okay, try that shot again… " He runs his fingers over the side of the pool table… "Look at the sides of the table… See the little diamonds… those aren't just some decoration… they are for you to have a point to line up against, to set your angles. Look down the stick and see where it ends up. " Even with his coaching, the look in his eyes have not faded much.

Besa tries, he does. Mayeb if he can do this it'll make Dylan feel better. He takes a deep breath, unconsciously setting himself like he would in archery. At least until he bend over and tries again. While he doesn't completely miss all the balls, he doesn't hit the one intended. But he hit something, that counts….right? Eyes wide he looks back at Dylan, "Perhaps I am just not meant to play this game. You are much better. I can just watch you?"

Dylan takes his tern, chalking up the tip of the cue stick. He strikes the ball, which glides down the table's length, sending the intended ball into the hole. "You cannot expect to be good the first time you try something. It takes practice… sometimes lots and lots of practice." He grins, "If you enjoy it.. I'd be happy to play with you as often as you like.. " He grins mischievously, "As long as it takes, until you're tired of handling your stick…"

Besa is so painfully oblivious sometimes. He glances to the pool stick, "It seems smooth enough. I do not think I will tire of it." Not realizing it should still be Dylan's turn he moves around to try another shot. "Perhaps this can be our date?" How exciting! But hen he clarifies, "If there is somewhere in town to play such a game, that is." A soft smile is offered to Dylan and he shoot, not thinking about it so much. And of course, that's when he strikes the ball solidly and it rolls. The ball teeters on the edge of the pocket before tipping and Besa jumps in excitement, "Did you see, Tom? Did you see?!?! I did it!" Sometimes he is very much. 14 year old teen and an ancient wise man.

Dylan grins widely, truly happy for the other boy's excitement. "Yeah! I did! See, I told you could do it. You just need to have faith in yourself." He is almost as excited as Besa is about his success. Dylan reaches up and combs his fingers through his perfect chaos that is the rat's nest of hair. He chuckles. "If that's what you want… I figured that we could discuss it during the week… I thought maybe dinner and a movie or something… See… I don't even really know what you like to do.. What sounds good to you?" He grins, "Go ahead, when you sink a ball, it remains your turn, until you miss or scratch, which is when the white ball goes into one of the holes."

Besa excitedly lines up another shot, "I like to eat." That's so helpful. "And I watch movies, slough I do not like ones about war….no museums." That seems an odd statement. "I like ice cream." And the he shoots and makes another shot, "Oh! Tom! You are a good teacher!" He bounces slightly on his feet grinning at the Ares. "I like this game." Of course he does. "What do you like to do on dates, Tom?" He just assumes Tom's been on more dates than he has.

As Besa sinks another, the speedster's grin widens even further. "You're a good student. Natural talent goes a long way." He chuckles slightly at Besa's enthusiastic bouncing. The boy nods as he listens to the minimally helpful list of things. At the question, Dylan cocks his head slightly, then finally shrugs, "Wouldn't know… never actually been on a date before."

Besa stops bouncing, head tilted, "You have not?" Oh, then…that changes things, "Then I will plan it all." Oh no. "You do not have to worry about anything, yes? I will find a place for us to eat and something to do. It will be the fun." He's totally going to make Rain help him plan this. He smiles warmly , cheeks a little pink and then goes back to try to hit another ball in. He does not succeed.

Dylan arches his eyebrows at Besa's offer. "You really don't have to do that, Besa…" He looks at the ancient teen and sees the look on the other boy's face. He nods after a brief moment. "Alright… If you want to plan it all out, but I get to plan our second date." Apparently Dylan is already expecting there to be more than just one. That's a good sign right? For the rest of the game, Dylan continues coaching Besa, giving him pointers here and there, and even helping him with one or two of the more tricky shots, by molding his body against Besa's to help with the line up. In the end, despite the fact that Dylan has much more experience with the game, Besa ends up winning the game, whether by luck, by an unknown talent, or Dylan's manipulation.

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