(2018-09-03) 20 Questions
20 Questions
Summary: Syd can't sleep, so she heads over to visit Ness. They talk.
Date: 2018.09.03
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Prometheus Room 101
This room is quite sizable as far as dorm room goes. It could probably fit three students comfortably with room to spare. Fortunately for the occupants there is only furnishings for two people. Two beds, desks, dressers and a double closet.


It's almost bedtime, alright. So the girl is pretty much undressed for bed. When she gets the knock on her door, she rises to her feet, and throws on a pair of super-short cut-offs and some sort of cut-off, belly-baring black shirt that hangs off one shoulder. Very ironically eighties style but for the conjoined male/female symbol some people use as the symbol for transgender people. When she answers the door, she's covering her yawning mouth with the back of a hand, a sleepy smile on her face. She steps aside a moment later, and gestures one hand into the room now, wordlessly.

Sydney wanders in. She's also dressed in her pajamas, 80s style - a big t-shirt that hangs almost to her knees, and slippers. "Heya. I heard you moving around, so I figured you were still awake. Couldn't sleep." Syd shrugs, as though it's not that unusual an occurrence. "How're things?

The girl nods and pads over to her bed, sitting on it in a cross-legged position on it, she leans over to her nightstand and begins to fumble through it until she finds a notepad to begin writing on it. Ness doesn't feel like cramping her thumbs, right now,"<Things are well. I'm in good spirits. Feeling good about myself. Getting a little more comfortable in this setting. It's nice. Can I get you anything? I think I have vanilla soda.>"

Sydney shakes her head. "No thanks, I'm good. Sugar makes me sticky inside, and not in a good way." She holds up a bottle of water. "But if you're thirsty, go for it." Syd finds a clear spot of floor near the bed and sits down. "I'm glad you're more comfortable. Hopefully I didn't make things worse last night.

The girl raises an eyebrow as the girl sits on the floor. One hand is held out questioningly, while Ness pats a spot on the foot of her bed. And then she writes out probably the worst response to these sorts of questions,"<How would last night make things worse? Sure, things got a little odd. That happens though. It's life. It happens. It gets awkward for a little and then you move on. There are seriously worst reasons for it.>"

Sydney nods. "Okay. And I'm sitting on the floor so I don't wreck your bed. I weigh six hundred pounds and change. It's not personal. My futon is strong enough to park cars on, at least in theory." Syd sighs a little. "I've been studying sign on one of those free sign language lesson sites. It's kind of a slog."

Ness offers a pretty universal sign: OK. She finally sighs and fumbles to get her phone, finding the whole notepad exercise actually MORE threatening,"<Should I be signing to help you practice, or just let you do it on your own. I'd offer to assist you with my stuff, but I think we've both had enough of my power for now.>" She scoots to the end of her bed, now with her phone in tow, and lets her feet dangle off the edge. They don't quite reach the floor. "<It's good you're learning. It'll expand your mind. Or… I feel like it did mine.>"

Sydney nods. "Yeah, I haven't learned a new language since I learned Spanish. I kinda just jumped in. My best friend came from a Spanish speaking family, so I hung out there and just… picked it up."

Ness flops back on the bed at that cue, and holds her hands up to begin signing in the air at this point,"<Immersion is usually the easiest way to learn any new language. They say babies tend to pick up sign earlier than they can pick up verbal languages, in fact. It's not my first language, though. Actually, it's not my second language, either.>"

Sydney ponders and thinks about it. "So does your power work if I don't understand the language?"

Ness presses the tips of her thumb, forefinger, and middle finger together in an emphatic 'no' as she lays there. Then her hands pause, and she tries again,"<Well. Not exactly. You'll be able to feel it, and maybe react to the tone in my voice, but if you can't understand me, you can't be told what to do. You'll, at most, do what you think I want to do. I could say something in Korean if you're that curious, but the answer is basically done.>"

Sydney ponders. "What about if you talked to me on the phone? Would that work? I mean, is it your voice itself?"

Ness considers, for a moment, before her hands begin to move around,"<I… think it would. I never really tried since my power first activated. Didn't want to risk it. Since it's based on being able to PHYSICALLY hear my voice, though, the power is definitely my voice itself.>"

You say, "So even a whisper, huh? But like… Sky could read your lips and even if he wasn't a mentalist, he'd be safe?"

Ness nods to that, hands waving around in the air,"<If you can hear me, it can work. A good pair of sound-canceling earbuds, though, is enough to block it, yeah. Really loud music, too, I suspect. So if I were shouting next to a jet engine, it probably wouldn't do anything.>"

Sydney nods. "With round the world range to anyone you can telephone. Damn, girl." Syd grins. "If it works with recordings, you could get embarrassingly rich pretty quickly. Legally… maybe not. But quickly." She reaches out to pat Ness's foot, since it's all she can reach from the floor. She fingerspells slowly, "Sory… sorry for questions." She goes on, speaking. "I'm a brick. I break things. My body's really a non-newtonian fluid that I control the surface tension of. I usually sleep in a cement mixing trough as a puddle of silver goo. Ummm…" She thinks about it. "Not much more to tell. I can lift 55 tons as of Friday, which is more than twice what I could lift when first came to the school… I have approximately zero defense against mentalists, and if you lower my temperature below 40 degrees, I solidify and my metabolism shuts down and stays down until I warm up again. I think I told you that part already.

Ness lifts a shoulder to that. "<I don't really CARE about that. I don't particularly WANT to use my abilities, unless it's to make people happy, like my friends.>" She wiggles her toes when her foot is patted, laughter bubbling up inside of her. "<I prefer to know people based on their personality, rather than their abilities, personally. All that is very impressive, but it doesn't tell me much about YOU as a person, really. What you like, dislike, how you became the person you are, that sort of thing.>"

Sydney nods. "I know. I just figured I was nosing around about your powers, it was only fair. Balancing the scales, yanno?" She reaches out to Ness's foot again and tries to tickle the sole."

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