(2018-09-01) Wisdom Beyond Years
Wisdom Beyond Years
Summary: Syd chats with Besa at some length. A number of subjects are covered.
Date: 2018.09.01
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Metis/Prometheus Rooftop
The rooftop of the dorm has been nicely designed with hanging out in mind. There is all weather furnishings under a gazebo style anchored awning as well as a few patio table and chairs for eating at.

Surrounding the area is a waist high ledge to prevent accidently falling. There is also a clear area for any flyers that want to land on the roof.


The days grow shorter and less hot, and the nights are occasionally cool enough to suggest that winter might be coming. The most sensitive of trees are beginning to show a little color other than green. Summer, like youth, is to be savored to its last moment, but like youth, when you're caught up in it, it's easy to forget. Syd has not forgotten. She's coming up to the roof with a bottle of lavender scented mineral oil and a towel, and the inevitable sunglasses. Alistair's friendship bracelet around her right wrist is looking a little frayed. She waves at Besa when she sees him. "Heya."

Besa's had youth for so long, he's definitely over it. Ah to be middle aged! He's sitting on the ledge that goes around the roof, proubably not the most safe place to sit, but there he is. Cocoa is with him, bit not on the ledge, as her falling would be way more traumatic than him in his mind. Her tail thumps a few times on th rooftop when she sees Sydney, but she doesn't leave the spot she's at. Pretty hair sways as the ancient teen turns and offers the metal girl a smile, "Hello Sydney. Are you having a nice day?" He sounds tired, although that seems to be his new attire lately.

Sydney nods and smiles. "Yeah, and you and Cocoa are here, so it just got better. I'm getting used to being around people again, and I like it." She spreads out her towel, then undoes and wriggles out of her cutoffs, revealing the bottoms of her bikini. She's pretty sure Besa's not into girls, so it's no big deal, right? She settles down on the towel, and shortly lies down and stretches out. "How about you?"

That makes him smile more. Besa likes that his friend is doing well. He blinks and then glances away while she gets herself situated. Indeed he is into girls. "I am uninjured." That's na odd thing to say, but he's sticking with it. "Are you ready for school to begin?"

Sydney nods. "I think so. Got my books downloaded, uniforms washed and ready to go, um… library employee orientation… haven't had my meeting with the headmaster yet, but the paperwork says I'm all signed up. I also need to meet my roomie still. Our schedules don't seem to overlap much." Syd opens the bottle of oil and sniffs it. She smiles and pours a bit into her hand and rubs it along her other arm. It makes her shinier, and smell like lavender.

Besa glances over, getting a whiff of the oils, "Who is your room mate? I am with RJ, but he seems to never be there." To be fair, Besa's been fairly busy as well. "I believe I am ready as well. I am hoping this year will have some new things to learn." To be fair, he's been tutored up to this age many times before. It get boring. "That smells nice."

You say, "RJ's a good guy. I'm with Madison. Who I have yet to actually meet. I've seen her in the hall once in a while, but that's it. We're not on the same schedule." She smiles at Besa. "Yeah, Bryce found this for me. It's the first time I've used it.""

Besa nods, "I have talked to him. Few times." Two lost souls. "I do not know Madison." He smiles when she smiles, glad her and Bryce are working out, "You are happy then, my friend?"

Sydney smiles a soft smile. "Yeahh… so far so good… He's a sweetie. And I feel safe with him. "All I know about Madison is that so far she's not a slob." Syd shrugs and smiles at Besa. "And I'm happy to be your friend, thank you."

Besa nods, glances back out towards the ocean, "Feeling safe is important. I am Happy for you." He chuckles softly, "Being not a slob is an important quality in a roommate, yes." At the thanks he looks back and chuckles, "I have found having friends is better than not." Such a simple, but true statement!

Sydney nods solumnly to that, "It so totally is. It's… weird how disconnected you feel when you don't know anyone in the world. Or you don't think you do.

Besa chews on his lower lip a moment before he nods, glancing down at his arm, "It is abuse to your soul to not allow that connect, yes?" Huh. Well, damn. Maybe he is in an abusive relationship, just with himself. He takes a deep breath, his chest has been behaving today to allow that, "I am hopeful that this will be a good year for everyone."

Sydney nods, thinking about it. "That's a good way to put it, yeah. I tried being stand-offish, but… I kept running into nice people I wanted to keep with me."

Another nod, "There are many nice people here. I was very fortunate to find my family." Else he's probably be back with the priests. Besa swings around to face Syd more, his legs dangling towards the rooftop instead of the ground. "As a junior, I must start to think of my future, but it is strange. I have never had one before."

Sydney thinks about it. "That's kind of… funny. Here you are pretty much… well at least ageless, if not immortal, but you didn't have a future. I think I know the feeling. When I was with Iron Fist, it was just a matter of putting off dying as long as I could. And now it's like "holy shit, I might live to be an adult." It's like I'd given up and now all of a sudden… it's possible again. Are you going to go on doing the hero thing when you graduate, do you think?"

Besa raises an eyebrow, "I think it is more ironic than funny…" But maybe that's just him. "He'll then offer, "I age." Just in case she thinks he's always 14. He's just mostly 14, sigh. "I …do not know? I will fight Alraxmargoth'ha's Brood when ever I can, but I do not think that makes me a hero. I would like to continue healing. And making pottery." He's so weird.

You say, "What would you call someone who seeks out demons and their minions and fights them, if not a hero? What would you call someone who heals total strangers even though it costs him his own blood, if not a hero? What do you call someone who makes pottery if not… uh. A potter?" Syd pauses. Her soliloquy ran off the rails somewhere. "Anyway. You may be right, that it's better to let others say you're a hero than to choose it as a vocation. But I gotta tell you. I like it. It makes my fucked up life seem more worthwhile when I can help others. People want to call that being a hero, I'm good with that."

Besa's head tilts, those perfect bangs fall over an eye, "I am only doing what anyone would in my position." He nods, a soft smile, "There is nothing wrong with liking to help others. The world would eb better if more people found themselves in that position." His short legs kick gently, letting his heels bounce off the ledge's side.

Sydney nods. "I do it because I can. I tell myself that too sometimes." She watches Besa's hair a moment. "I mean, you could go off and be a hair model, and sell healing only to the very rich and make a lot of money. I could… and I have… hired myself out to replace power equipment or whole teams of workers. That was my summer job. Mostly ripping out fence posts. I did it because I needed money. We do the other things, that don't pay because we can, yes. But also because of who we are. That we can't imagine being able to help someone and not doing it."

There's a moment of confusing for Besa, but then he laughs, "A hair model? That is funny." Maybe he doesn't think that's a thing? But then he shakes his head, "It would be wrong to take money for a healing." He'll stick to making pottery for money! "I thought of making a place for people to come to be healed, but I fear it would be overrun. I may be a nomad and go to where I am most needed." Who needs a house?

Sydney grins. "Dude, your hair is awesome." She nods to the overrun thing. "Yeah, I could see that happening. And it'd be hard to say "No. I need to sleep. I need to eat. I need some blood for myself. Damn it, I need to use the bathroom, I'll heal you tomorrow." She thinks about the house. "I dunno about that. I can't have children… at least not with anyone I'd considering having them with… so… do I need a house? I don't know. I don't even know how to really think about it yet. That's kind of what I'm hoping to learn here. And what would I do for college? Not a clue. What about you? Have you thought about college?"

"Thank you?" He still doesn't understand, but let's it go. "Yes, I think going to people would be better. I went to a home for the elderly. That was nice." Strangely they were all feeling much better when he left. "You do not have to birth children to have them." He shakes his head again, "yes, no college for me. I have had enough school."

Sydney nods. "I dunno. I used to think that in Junior High. Then I couldn't go for two years after Iron Fist and I went metal. Now it's like "Ok. I don't know everything. There's a whole world out there." She glances over to Besa. "I'm looking forward to starting school like you wouldn't believe." She looks at Besa, perhaps thinking over the 'you don't have to birth children to have them' comment, and after a moment to smile at the mental image of Besa in the nursing home. "Yeah… a nursing home. I could see that being someplace everyone would be really happy to see you."

Besa sighs softly, "I understand. And I think it would be good for you." Just not for him. He needs to learn world stuff, not book stuff. "Perhaps I will go back later." He can't help a small smiles and looks down at his arm before touching a scar, "It is always nicer when it is appreciated. And it was nice to talk to all fo them. I have missed so much life… To speak to elders who have been through so much….It is good."

Sydney nods. Her needs are different. She's had a heapin' helpin' of the world, for better and much worse, and has a better understanding of what she needs to thrive in it. Unlike most people who are almost 15, she knows just how much she doesn't know. She nods to Besa. "Yeah… yeah it is." She curls a MonaLisa smile. One might wonder what elders she's thinking of. She goes quiet as she applies more oil to her skin, getting her stomach and going over the full length of each leg, all the way down to the tips of her toes. "Life is good."

Besa's eyes dart away when she starts rubbing more oil, trying to be polite. Also, he doesn't need more confusion with his hormones. "Yes. It is. And we must always strive to make it better for those around us." Gross, is he really that much a Promethean?

You say, "And sometimes we have to be sneaky about it so we don't get nailed to something rigid," she says simply. She's not sure it nutshells the Metis as well as what Besa said nutshells the Prometheans… but she had to say something.

Besa turns back, a questioning look, "What do you mean?" Gauntlet thrown! Not really, but he's patiently waiting for an example. His heels bounce off the wall move, it makes him look younger that the 14 years his body is.

Sydney ponders. "Sometimes the best thing for people is screamingly obvious to everyone except them. Like… 'really, if you burn those tires, you'll pollute the air all of us have to breathe.' You start looking into why they're burning them, and what their interests are, you figure out alternatives, and then figure out how to make those alternatives solve the problem for the tire burners. Force is a last resort, really. If you can get people to want to do what you think they should do, they do the work for you. The mafia kept it simple. 'We'll pay you if you do this. We'll break your legs if you don't.""

Besa's eyes widen, her logic is sound, although the end part seems unnecessary. "Please do not break people's legs. I will have enough healing I will need to do." He takes a deep breath, lifting his hand to rub his gently, "I agree with educating people though. To help them."

Sydney nods. "I don't intend to, unless they richly deserve it. Iron Fist was a mafia enforcer. I was the final test subject for making him. I learned a lot from him. Not all of it good. He knew about violence and its uses in ways most people don't. And he liked me, so he told me about what he knew." She considers Besa's turn away from her a moment. Maybe he does like girls. Or, like so many people, maybe he's just curious because she's so… different. "I know it makes a lot of women uncomfortable to look at them…we start to wonder 'have I sent some signal to this guy that he's paying me so much attention? What's he going to do?' But I have the luxury of being stronger than most and nearly indestructible. Besides. I trust you. So if you want to look, go ahead."

Besa 's hand drops from his chest, not liking the talk of violence. "I know it can be what is needed, but I do not like it." He does get it, he has a damn sword stuck in his leg for when Demons show up. He gets it. His eyes widen again and this time his cheeks flush, "What?" Did his voice just squeak? (Yes, a little bit) "No, it is not…I am not…" That perfect hair flails with his head shake, and thankfully falling into his eyes, not covering his blush, but he can hide behind those bangs at least, "No. I respect you, Sydney, I was not…looking/." Well, not looking looking. Gah. He does not need things to get more complicated! A nervous swallow and he hopes off the ledge next to Cocoa. "You are very pretty, but I would not do that to you. Or Bryce."

Sydney blushes at Besa's embarassment. "Sorry. I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable. Some people are just curious about me. You know… am I like this all the way through, yes. Am I anatomically correct? Yes. Are you really seeing pores in your metal skin? yes. I'm trying to… be comfortable with that by giving them permission to look." She nods at the compliment. "Thank you though." Not do that to Bryce? Look at her? here she is, running into that again, in virtually the same terms.

Besa says, "That is…no one else's business but yours. I am sorry people ask you such things!" Besa clears his throat, the embarrassment settles, but still, his cheeks are flushed and now he's really not looking at her. He moves to tuck his hair behind an ear and Cocoa moves to lean against his leg."

Sydney shrugs. "I guess I'd rather people were honest and asked questions than made assumptions. I dunno." She reaches out to pat Besa's shoulder, then stops. Then reaches down to pet the dog, but stops. Cocoa is a service dog. On duty. Oops. She finally just draws her hand back. "You're a very decent guy Besa. You respect me, and it seems like you respect almost everyone. I do appreciate it.

Besa starts to tense, ready to pull back, but Syd remembers. He smiles the he sees the stop for Cocoa as well, "You may pet her. I am alright for now." As for him being a decent person, "I do not think I would be me if I was not."

Sydney 's watch beeps and she looks at it, then stares at the sky. "Fuck, that's today?" She gets up, finally. "I need to head out, Besa. But thanks for talking to me. You have a lot of wise things to say. She pets the dog gently for a few moments and is gone after that.

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