(2018-09-01) Seashells by the Seashore
Seashells by the Seashore
Summary: Callisto and Ness meet, and chat while beachcombing. Sydney joins them before long.
Date: 2018-09-01
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Path, Coral Springs
Sat Sep 01 2018

This path runs along the periphery of the island heading southeast and around. It goes through knee high beach grass and there is a combination of sand and soil underneath. On one side waves crash against a rocky shore where large boulders causes waves to soar upwards and shower down onto the sand below. On the other are sparse stubby trees, with equally sparse grass and shrubs around them.

It is a summer evening. The weather is warm and clear.


The countdown is on. In just two short days orientation will be underway; after that? Classes. It's hard to face down a year of classes after what felt like a blessedly 'free', monumental sort of summer but there you have it. As a result a one Callisto Aine has deigned to be outdoors and out of the school proper as much as possible until her fate is sealed. Case in point this evening.

As September greets the world, the sun seems to be receding bit by bit, everyday, to warrant earlier sunsets. Therefore at this moment, roundabouts 7:30pm in the evening and long after suppertime, the evening sky appears as a rich tapestry of indigo, purple and orange, shot through with golden scraps of clouds as the sun eases itself downwards into the horizon. The ocean, content in this arrangement, heaves and sighs restlessly at the edges of sand and sparse, tall grasslands.

It's not hard to miss Callisto, clad elegantly in a pale lavender maxi dress, hair long and loose and lashing whitely in the tepid breeze. She appears to be beachcombing and moving not too far off from where the newly-minted docks of Coral Springs High extend themselves toward the sea, awaiting ferries.

Okay. This is the second time in nearly as many days that she's had to be around preternaturally attractive and charismatic people. At this rate, it's going to give her kind of a complex. She's not usually self-conscious about her appearance. Usually. Right now, she's feeling a mix of feelings right now that are WAY too confusing for her to really deal with. At this rate, the dysphoria she worked so hard to put aside is going to come back full blast.

She pushes that aside for the moment, toes curling into the sand as she approaches Callisto. She's got her cellphone out, the text to speech function enabled now. It's tinny, neutral voice sounds out for her,"<Hello there. Hunting for treasure?>" It loses something since she can't inject emotion into her phone's speech function. Still, the sky is pretty enough, and even if she came out for some quiet, she's too social, and too pretty to be grumpy with a fellow night-owl. Right now, her clothes are a dark black crop top and a black mini-skirt of sorts. Not used to the heat, really, she still went with black lipstick and heavy eye shadow. Gotta goth it up, right?

Hey, Callisto will be the first to admit that when people Goth things up and do it right, she will indeed compliment. She is just craning her willowy frame over a portion of shore where the beach grass meets craggy rock. She is looking for something in particular. However this search is momentarily paused as she swiftly realizes that she is not alone here; that this aforementioned person, outfitted in dark clothing and makeup, is there with her. Callisto lifts her head slowly — nothing about her movements speak of a spastic nature — and she watches Ness thoughtfully, some manner of silver jewelry at her neckline winking in the waning sunlight. Callisto is too far off, for now, for this to be discerned easily.

"Oh," Exhaled in time with the waves. Callisto had to realize from where this 'voice' resonated! The fey girl observes Ness with obvious interest, not recognizing her. "Good evening," Offered pleasantly.. "I am, yes; t'is difficult when you approach the ocean with a degree of pickiness. But it is relaxing too. New student?" Asked as she crouches to sift through some sand.

Attraction? Jealousy? Difficult to nail down what it is she's actually feeling, truth be told, though the discomfort intensifies as she draws closer. Thankfully, she lacks the icky testosterone that would make the whole encounter incredibly awkward for her. She'll compartmentalize the feelings, put them on a shelf, and then examine them later so she can unpack them in a healthy, or at least non-embarrassing manner. For now, she carefully places her feet. They are NOT protected against things like sharp or hard objects, so she's careful with how she walks,"<Good evening. I think my grandfather does the same thing, though he uses a metal detector.>" She shakes her head ruefully.

"<Yes. I'm new.>" She taps the side of her collar. "<I'd speak normally, but my natural voice has this trouble with ensnaring minds. So… I use my phone.>" No, the woman didn't ask. But most people do. And she doesn't want the other girl to think she's being rude by typing on her phone while they're conversing. She fishes into her pocket, pulling out a long-ish piece of relatively clear fulgurite and says,"<This is the only thing I've found, so far.>"

<FS3> Callisto rolls Psychic: Good Success.

Luckily for Ness, Callisto isn't an Empath persay. She cannot sense and manifest emotions in their entirety. But emotions stem from thought and if the fey senses anything… it's the barest, most superficial version of what the slight Goth is feeling in this instance. Callisto needn't be a genius to surmise that Ness is uncomfortable. "Careful now, the rocks are merciless. I very nearly lost me…. t'is.. what is it called, then? Baby toe? Yes," Callisto offers. Surprisingly, English is her second language. She would prefer people not know what her racial language is.

"Metal detector…? T'is cheating.. but effective." She smiles slightly.. the beach seems to bring out the typically aloof fey's gregarious nature. "T'would not aide me in what I seek most, here. I may be in the wrong part of the beach to even have hope of finding it." Is admitted next with a gentle sigh.

Cerulean eyes observe Ness' indication of the collar.. immediately she feels an inward thrum of something at the mention of mind 'ensnaring'. "Ah.. are you Metis, then?" Asks the white-haired girl thoughtfully. she does not look intimidated a the prospect, though her eyes round themselves at Ness' report of what she has found. "Ah, may I see?"

Thankfully, Ness has never let discomfort dictate her actions. And she LIKES making friends, as well. "<Well, on the upside, if you lost it, it's only the baby toe, and you'd fit into smaller shoes. Plus, I bet someone here could put it back on or grow a new one. This place seems to have a little bit of… everything.>" The girl draws near, a toothy smile finding her,"<Is there a specific thing you search for? Maybe I could help you find it?>" The phone frustrates her since she can't put the sort of intonation she would want into it. "<I can't say I have any special expertise to add to that, but I do have two working eyes.>" The girl combs some of her hair back with her fingers.

She does offer the fulgurite out to the other girl though,"<Call me Ness. No, I'm in Prometheus, surprisingly. Here, you can have this. I already have one from Korea. Closest most people will ever get to holding lightning in their hands.>" Ness draws near, taking in the girl's appearance more fully. Jealousy seems to be spiking a little as she does so. It's quickly pushed down. Her thoughts are chaotic, though. Rushing and bouncing and changing direction all over the place. ADD is a hell of a thing, and she's having a lot of trouble just keeping her brain on task. "<Is that what you're in? Metis?>" Then she just decides to broach the subject, finally,"<I'm a little jealous. You're pretty in a way I'm genuinely envious of. There's a lot of girls here like that. I worry it'll give me a complex.>"

The fey girl tosses her head back in laughter, "Hah, yes. I've no regeneration to my name," Surprisingly. "But surely there is somebody out there who could fix it for me. But I am moreso about preventative measures." Callisto admits, her search bearing no fruit and she simply stands slowly. Something in Ness' behavior seems to touch Callisto and she tilts her head slightly, "I seek… larger sea shells. Conches. But I fear these types of waters may not be… conducive to that which I seek." Seeing as how conch-style shells — like Lord-of-the-Flies-OH-GOD-POOR-SIMON — sorts of shells.. are easier to find in places like Florida.

Someone whom I am.. close to.. favors such things." Callisto offers with a mysterious smile, but her glacial-blue gaze takes in the other student thoughtfully. "Ah, but I wish I could pull off black. I simply look washed out.. but it surely suits you. I rather like your top." The fey girl offers honestly.. she does! There is a degree of 'chaos' to how Ness' mind processes the moment. Again, Callisto can only field the footnotes and thanks to her recent 3/4 of a year at Coral Springs, she has the patience and altruism to do so. Then.. Ness outright gets to the kernel of the matter.

Callisto, still kneeling, looks up at her as she moves closer and offers the fulgurite. Callisto holds it, but watches Ness' face. "You needn't be jealous of me. I am truly a bit boring, Ness.. I do not change much. And if I were to wear black I would not look as striking as you, for black makes me out to be a wet noodle." A half-smile. "Tell me of yourself then. Korea, yet? What brought you here? Come here then and help me look for a conch, and talk to me." OK she sounds a bit archaic, but she means well.

The girl's eyes lift a little bit there, then a sort of smile escapes her as she pokes around with her toe a little bit when she sees flashes of shell here and there. Her cheeks suffuse with a sort of blush, but an altogether sedate one,"<You're too kind. Still, that envy has a complication to it.>" She takes a moment to kneel down, poking around with her fingers among the sand, driftwood, etc,"<You're attractive, which is confusing enough, but possible to deal with. The real problem is, that envy comes pointed with dysphoria. I don't usually feel that way. It isn't your fault, but beauty like yours reminds me more of how I fall short due to the circumstances of my birth. I am, in fact, partially AT this school because of those circumstances. I'd never have the courage to wear stuff like what you wear. Or the figure for that matter.>" There's a slight scowl on her face as she finishes typing this, fingers flexing a little bit. It's a lot to type with just one hand.

"<I can search. I can converse. Unless you're immune to mind control, though, I can't really DO both at the same time. Still, thank you. It helps to have outside input that I don't need to give up and start wearing a bag just yet.>" Ness sets her phone down on a piece of drift wood now, so she can use both hands. She finds a few smaller shells as her attention flits around. Actually rather well-suited towards this sort of thing. After her hand has uncramped a little, she reclaims her phone to finish explaining,"<My mother is Korean, my father is American. I've never lived in the same place more than three years at a time. As for what brought me here.>" Her face and mood darken. There's some rather savage mental imagery that follows of the event,"<There was a boy. Things were going… well between us. Then I disclosed the circumstances of my birth and he acted poorly. So I told him to go f*** himself. And he tried to. Very earnestly. And he nearly died. I didn't know I had powers before that. Growing powers.>"

<FS3> Callisto rolls Mind: Success.
<FS3> Callisto rolls Psychic: Good Success.

The good thing about being as adept a 'dreamweaver' as Callisto is a stron mental foothold in the mind 'at work'. For isn't the dreaming mind that of a waking one, at night and apparent rest, 'defragmenting' itself? Therefore the chaotic imagery in Ness' mind, however brief — seconds long actually — does not go unnoticed by Callisto. Long fingers move amidst the soggy depths of another portion of water and sand. She finds numerous uninteresting, small shells. "Dysphoria… t'is…" Her mind is working. Anyone with a handle on the mental condition will feel it as Callisto seeks to equate a meaning to a thought. "The opposite of that which is known as euphoria. A difficult, problematic emotion." She recites, turning her sleek head to watch Ness levelly. She's really taking her in now.

"Speak to me more, then, and help me understand. For if I am one who strums these chords, would it be beneficial for me to understand more of where you come from?" Asked earnestly as she plucks forth a seashell, tosses it back to the depths. If Callisto is fielding something else, she is not immediately letting on.

"I am not immune to mind control, but I can fight it. I, too, walk the trajectories of the mind, Ness. I haven't given my name and for that I apologize. You may call me Callisto." A beat, she continues. "So when you told this boy to go f'k himself, he literally had done so? T'was a completely involuntary 'push' on your part?" Asked with no judgement whatsoever, trying to understand.

<FS3> Ness rolls Mind Control: Success.

Yep. This girl's really out there. Still, the woman has said she can fight it. So with a deep, silent sigh, the girl presses her finger to the button on her collar. When her voice comes forth, it's laden with honey. Sweet, but as heavy as a sledgehammer to the face in terms of the compulsion to PAY ATTENTION and to please its owner by doing what she says. Without a powerful mind, one might almost feel it was speaking from every corner of the listener's universe. The actual voice, stripped of its enchanting nature is on the slightly masculine side of androgynous. Effeminate, rather than exactly entirely feminine. "Dysphoria. To use your… poetic method of speech, relates to a mismatch between my body and my mind. I am a woman, but the common, though innacurate way of saying it, is that though I am a woman, I was born equipped with what more properly belongs 'twixt the legs of a boy. I'm transgender." She somewhat mimics the flowery speech of the other girl in the next breath, though her eyes watch Callisto carefully for any signs of enthrallment.

"Dysphoria is, for women like myself, then, taken to mean the utter psychological pain and despair caused by the mismatch between the body I do have, and the body I dream of having, the once I conceptualize as more feminine, more normal, more beautiful. Much of my physical femininity is obtained through medicine and artifice, rather than… nature's inclination." As she speaks, the feelings, and the imagery, this time of her own body and its physical state, grow more and more powerfuly strong. It is a growing pain, and despair, previously a candle. Now a roaring fire since she has begun to pay attention to it. A curious thing, then, that the girl has trouble even meeting Callisto's eyes as she speaks, though her face is perfectly placid and calm.

She goes back to her story,"That's a good name, Callisto. Yes. And the truth is, I have to, even now, be exceedingly careful with my language. Accuracy is best. My voice may twist my own mind as easily as it twists others. The boy was rude for the hurtful names he called me. He did not deserve the possibly permanent mutilation he received. If it weren't for such healers as exist here out in the greater world, my trespass would've had… irrevocable consequences." She finds a hermit crab, and, actually smiling, genuinely, holds the little beast up and out to the woman.

<FS3> Callisto rolls Psychic: Good Success.

There is a look, now, upon Callisto's patrician features. Not a terrible look or an unhappy one but merely the look of a girl who understands that she must concentrate and weather certain 'influences' to better speak of her own volition. She watches Ness then as the collar is toggled and the girl's voice springs forth, bearing a provocative and powerful undercurrent to every word. Callisto meant what she had said. Her pupils dilate in her bluish-green eyes and rather than supplicate she merely bows her heads briefly, acknowledging but not crumbling to Ness' powerful sway. "Ah, impressive." Says the fey girl, silver-white hair trembling at her neck in a breeze that is growing cooler as she pulls her fingers out of the briny mulch of seaweed and rocks.

Then, defenses up, she //listens/.

"Are we not who we are in our minds and hearts? That which we have," Callisto indicates her bosom, hips.. she feels as if she is taking a potshot at the entirety of her awful lineage in understanding and reassuring. "This flesh. It is but that. It does not determine who you are. For if you are a woman in your mind, in your heart… t'is simply that."

A pregnant pause, Callisto stands. She is tall, just under six feet. A hand extends to accept the hermit crab and she smiles at it, "T'is hard to hold away over the pathways of the mind. It is dangerous. To resist the pull, the desire to abuse such speaks of an astounding strength. You can boast such."

The other girl's mind is strong indeed. Ness' voice, sweet as it may be, is an assault And a constant, unending one when she speaks, at that. The power doesn't stop until she is silent, and renews the moment she begins speaking again. If she was not used to her own voice, she might very well crumble under the weight of it as well. It perhaps helps a tad that to her own standards, she's currently speaking of more weighty things. "I'm still mortal, though. You are not wrong, that what is here-" She taps her head,"-is more important, by far. And most days I carry that with me effortlessly. Nearly painlessly. For all that, though, this body holding me reminds me of how much of the world views me and interacts with me. It colors how I'll express love physically. How others approach me and interact with me. And because I am mortal, how I am viewed can still wound my mind and heart. As well, in the end, occasionally seeing great beauty, through no fault of their own, can remind me of the fact that when I look unclothed in the mirror, or a little too closely even without, how wrong, how foul it looks to me. A body is still a very personal thing, and… I felt betrayed by mine from the beginning. I am… usually more comfortable than this with my circumstances. Being here has made me… a little raw." Indeed, contemplating her physical appearance now, she is struggling to shove the foul wrongness she feels deep underneath the welter of thoughts.

"I have resisted up until now. Past performance and intention are not necessarily the best indicators of future success. Still, you are kind. It's why I did not object when they put this collar on my neck. It makes everyone feel safer, I think, including me. I take it by your words you feel similar… temptations?" She kneels so that her eyes are about level with the crab Callisto now holds,"I like Hermit Crabs. They often hide, but they wear their shell everywhere, taking their home with them. And when it no longer suits them, they cast it off and get another one. I like to think I am the same. Who knows, though?" Ness rises, then, since the other girl is already a foot taller than her. She picks up her phone, flicking through it for a moment, before saying,"You know conches aren't usually found here. Your man… woman… significant other may be more easily served by ordering one online. Unless it's the personal touch you wish to achieve by finding one yourself."

It's taking a lot of Callisto's mental resolve to not cave. Funny thing is, when faced with this psychic power, she revels in the challenge. It speaks to Callisto of there being forces out there in the world at large, to counter the Terrible Things that she hails from. But somehow, every bit of Ness' process feels, to the faerie, like a struggle; a constant balance. Even as Callisto looks upon a stubborn hermit crab, she is working inwardly to protect herself. "Being here.." Callsito echoes, watching Ness. For all appearances, Ness — to Callisto — is a she. "In this place, with all manner of.. students. You spoke of some being almost obnoxiously feminine." She tactfully does not include herself but will not take offense should Ness indicate her.

"So what exists in this world to make what is truly female, locked within the body of a male, into a.. woman? Forgive me for the world is new to me, by certain turns. For you appear to me, Miss Ness, as absolute female." Says Callisto, stepping aside to observe something glistening in shallow tidepool. A sand dollar. Not a conch. Not that which she seeks to gift to Daxton. "Is there anything that I can do, to help you feel more liek yourself..?" Asks the fey, as she considers Ness' words. Callisto smiles sadly.

"I am of a species that is not accustomed to being kind. This is new to me. But no less heartfelt."

"Very little to nothing. Some surgeries of dubious quality. Perhaps a rare power or magic to change the shape. It may seem counter-intuitive, but the thing between my legs, I mostly ignore the way one might ignore a somewhat unsightly mole. No one besides me sees it, and I do not spend a great amount of time viewing it, either, despite its attachment. No, for me it's little things. The length of my fingers in relation to one another. The sound of my voice. The curve of my jaw. The barest tracheal bulge. The thrice-daily need to shave my face, and the daily need to do so with my chest. And of course, my lack of curves. As much as I complain, though… I don't mind, so very much, being as small as I am." She looks up at Callisto, once more cataloguing bits and pieces of her appearance. "Still, you offer the greatest kindness anyway. Taking me as I see myself without prompting, and without any real attempt to… what's the archaic phrase? 'Guild the lily'? Doing as you have already done is really the most I could hope for. It's one thing I like here. For once in my life, I'm one of the most normal seeming people here."

"So unless you've access to some otherworldly powers that can change the outward presentation of a person, I think perhaps you should content yourself with working the kind of magic only words can… That is, simple affirmation." Ness smiles another toothy smile, and scoots over to crouch next to the tide pool. She crouches there,"A sand dollar. I usually only see these as corpses, not as living creatures." A pause. "You appear mostly human, but for the ears. I'll not insult you by trying to guess. Still, you're doing rather well at kindness. Why, I even found you here on a mission of kindness." The tumult under her thoughts begins to calm, and her patterns begin to resolve into the usual rumble of benign chaos. "And you seem to be pursuing it with an impressive amount of focus."

Unfortunately Callisto knows herself only as she's ever been for the past 100+ years. This notion of 'different souls'; of a true being stuck in the body of another, is 'new' to her. As in: the awareness is new. The fey girl cannot quite offer much to contest or reassure that which is literally there: that which a woman, trapped in the body of a man, must deal with. "For all appearances, all I see is a girl." Callisto offers, and she says so so simply and so easily that one cannot help but hone their truth upon it. "I wish you the best; I wish there were more I could do to help you. But you are in good company, in understanding company, yes? There are those who can help you, as you shall see. For I myself have been helped." Said next. More truth.

Callisto, following the observance of the sand dollar, lowers the bounty back into the water and deposits it there. "I am pleased to offer earnest kindness. T'is a new lesson, I am embarrassed to say. But I value the chance to offer it." She says as she once again stands to unfold herself from her crouched position.

"Have other students been kind, and helpful? Whom have you met thus far?"

The girl smiles widely again,"Probably because you see the truth, even if some of the… supporting information conflicts." She shifts to yet another tidepool, and drags her fingers over an anemone there,"Have you seen an anemone before? They have stinging cells… nematocysts. This breed, however, doesn't have them in high enough concentrations to penetrate human flesh. Or maybe they're absent? I'm not sure. I just know they don't sting." She grins a little bit at that. "Anyway, good company is a greater boon than can be delivered with any regularity anyway. I DO count myself lucky to have it. You make excellent company. I do wish I could find that conch for your beau for you, though. Doing a kindness makes ME feel better about myself."

"I've met… Sydney, who was nice. Schuyler who… wasn't nice, but was genuine, and Vanessa, who is… strange. Friendly enough, though. Oh, and Erica. I find her passing strange, but not bad for all that. I haven't… needed help all that much, and some do offer help on a level that it becomes… cloying. I try not to hold it against, them though." She drums fingers on her collar, a sort of distracted gesture, as she speaks of it,"I do hope I receive the sort of help you speak of sometime. It's hard not to see all the things the students and staff accomplish and want it a bit for myself. Selfish, I know, but real."

"T'is alright. We've a year ahead to canvasse these shores. I am in no rush to find a shell.. though t'would be luck on my part to do so." Callisto smirks, watching with interest Ness' interaction with and description of the anemone. "I should not like to experience their sting. You may not believe so but I am not one for pain." The fey folds her arms at her chest, watches the horizon. Her search this evening may very well be close to an end. She turns her head back 'round to watch Ness with a kind — by Callisto standards — smile. "I thank you, though, for your intent. I know naught if he is to be considered a… beau, persay."

Moving on! O_O

Callisto and Ness, to be seen from the vicinity of the docks where ferries are received to the school, are currently beachcombing. The hour wanes toward true twilight, the skies now the dark color of bluish beachglass in the watery depths. It's a peaceful, pensive sort of evening. "Sydney is indeed preferential to have in one's company; I know naught of Vanessa. Schuyler, I… know enough about so as to respect his tact. His honesty is a huge boon." Said with a thoughtful smile.

The girl seems to relax a little at that as she settles on a rock, poking her toes into the water of a little tidepool now. Gothified miniskirt and croptop, and a bare set of feet, the girl is dressed a little more for comfort than fashion, though all that black CAN'T be super-comfy in this heat… even with the sun going down. "I never assume anyone is a masochist until they tell me. I dated this guy one time, for example… I just assumed if I skipped shaving he'd be totally grossed out. I was sick once, though, looked really awful, hadn't shaved. He came over to check on me, kissed me, though, and he just BREAKS OUT LAUGHING. Like it was no big deal. When I ask him why he was laughing, he said 'your stubble tickled me'. Stuff like that teaches you not to take things for granted. Besides, a lot of people don't LIKE pain. Most people avoid it."

The girl has the silencing effect of her collar off right now. The honey-sweet, sledgehammer-heavy enthralling effect of her androgynous voice is therefore on full display at the moment. They seem to be discussing rather affably, though, for all that,"Then you probably can also tell me who I should watch out for? There are some in every class. In every school. I met a lot of them. My father is a military man, you see." Then she is turning to look right back at Callisto, one eye narrowed in consideration,"Do you exchange words of affection, and even light physical intimacy like kisses? If so, he's definitely your beau. You don't actually have to answer that question though."

Sydney watches the waves crashing into the beach, reflected stars and spray. It's like watching fireworks, when your eyes finally adjust to it. She stares in wonder at the titanic forces at work, breathing in the saturated air. Probably rusting a bit, although she's got a good coat of oil. It seems to make her relax, and it's probably about now that the beachcombers come within earshot of her. She turns toward them and begins walking their way, hoping it's not a date or something. "Hey."

The white-haired girl listens as she pushes her fingers upwards nudging said strands of hair behind one ear. Did not shave? So this earlier talk of the modern means to release the soul within, does that mean… personal upkeep? Medications? Alongside surgery? Callisto wears the question upon her face and is about to legit ask until there is a new arrival to their duo. Speak of the devil! It is actually the reflection of the dying light upon the metal of Sydney's body that catches the corner of the fey girl's eye and she cranes her neck to observe the metal girl's approach.

"Good evening, Sydney," Callisto offers but rest assured, she hadn't missed Ness' query.. promise! Callisto looks to be truly reflecting.. "I've not personally encountered any one student or teacher who has…. set me off, persay. And—" Blink. B'uh? Words of affection? Callisto has the grace to pinken and she shakes her head gently. "Ah, no.. but we've…. spoken by way of physicality, here and there. I suspect that counts?"

<FS3> Ness rolls Mind Control+mind: Good Success.

It's kind of a reflex, when she says it. Her voice, as observed before, is about as subtle with its enthrallment and compulsion as a sledgehammer to the face. "Sydney! It's good to see you! Join us, have a seat, what's going? Callisto, it totally counts-" And then Ness' eyes go wide and she's desperately turning her collar back on by pressing the button on it again, a sort of desperate expression on her face, as the other hand claps over her mouth.

She fumbles for her phone, bringing up the text to speech app,"<I'm so sorry. I forgot I had it off there, for a second.>" She looks over at Callisto, thoughts a-jumble, and manages an embarrassed question,"<Did I say anything that could cause trouble, you think, if followed?>" Another moment, and she's typing out furiously,"<I'm so sorry, forgive me?>"

<FS3> Ness rolls Mind Control+mind Vs Sydney=mind: Good Success.

Sydney dutifully goes over and has a seat. She looks at Ness with a slightly puzzled expression, wondering why she's gesturing and making apologetic motions, when it dawns upon her. "You have a nice voice, Ness. Did you just compel me to sit here?" Syd tries to get up experimentally and finds that… she can't. "I don't suppose you'd consider releasing me."

Now the willowy fey girl understand what's going on here, as Ness hastens to activate the collar and subdue that astoundingly powerful voice. She remembers, too, Sydney's previous response to her (Callisto's) poking into her mind and the Metis girl looks on with understanding. "One step at a time. Mental abilities are…. tremendously difficult to restrain." She admits, looking between the two. Her slender fingers splay to wipe sea water into the folds of the dress. "Forgive me, for I must take my leave." Admits Callisto with what is obviously earnest regret. "Time has escaped me and I've a call to make. I will be seeing you both in coming days, yes?"

Then she goes and does the most Callisto-ish thing possible: she goes and bows her upper body into a movement of deference that smacks of the 1800s.. her hair swaying in the sea breeze. "Do take care." Bids the fey as she makes toward the pier.

The girl looks at Sydney, looking a little pained, but taps her collar and issues the NEXT order. "Of course, you should do whatever you want." Which is probably a bad thing to tell any teenager, really. Still, she finds herself asking, as she waves to Callisto,"Good night! Did I just get bowed to by, like… an elvish princess or something? She's REALLY cool and-" She swears under her breath and turns the collar off again. Then her phone is scrambled for, and she says to Sydney, apologetically, via the device,"<I'm sorry. This is why I keep the collar on. Um… Yes. I can totally reverse whatever I do.>"

Sydney watches Callisto go and then… the new command comes down. She has a moment to think 'that's probably a really bad idea' and then glances over at Ness. She stands up with alacrity and walks over, reaching out to grab the other woman by the shoulders. Is she angry? Is she going to tear Ness's arms off? Well… no. She does pull the other girl in, as irresistibly as only a 600 pound steel girl who can lift 55 tons can be, and try to kiss her on the mouth.

Okay. So. Ness isn't big on the best of days. So when the girl is grabbed by the shoulders, she's expecting a good slap, at a minimum. Considering the order, though, she's now figuring that she might get decapitated by a girl-of-steel level punch against her tiny, fragile, squishy human body. What she was NOT expecting is to find her mouth covered by another girl's. What? Aaand… it's not ending. Nope. Still going. And since she needs said mouth to issue new orders, she just sort of sits there. At first. Then there's tongue! And then Ness' head gets a little fuzzy and forgetful for the next while…

Sydney draws back and looks at Ness, with a 'what the hell am I doing?' expression. "I want to stay with Bryce. She looks at Ness. "Repeat after me. Sydney, I release you from any orders or compulsions I have given you." And then she pushes Ness's talk button.

"I release you from any orders or compulsions I have given you. You should probably talk about what that's all about though? But you don't have to! I'm just hit this button now." She taps the talk button off, and then, cheeks a bright pink, snatches up her phone and types out very quickly now,"<I am super-sorry! Please forgive me! I… we can talk about it, or I can just go and stay away from you… I'm so sorry!>" A pause follows, and then Ness shares,"<There's nothing to be embarrassed about.>"

Sydney shivers and wraps her arms around herself. "You turned me into a sociopath." She shakes her head. "Jesus Christ, what if I'd been pissed? I want to tear people's arms off from time to time." Syd turns away, and wipes her mouth, then turns back to wave her finger in Ness's face. "Never EVER give me permission to do whatever I want. The fact that most of the time I hold back is why I'm safe to be around, and you don't know what's in here." Now she's angry. And scared. It doesn't take a mind reader to see all this, it's written on her face, carved into her voice, burned into her body language. Also, she's yelling, which makes it pretty apparent.

The girl's face undergoes an… Interesting shade. She looks… angry. "<I get the seriousness of things right now. But I need you to lower your voice, and take your finger out of my face. Your feelings are valid, but you are MUCH larger than I am, and that makes what you're doing right now, very terrifying.>" Which is probably why her finger is hanging out near the button on her collar without realizing it. "<What happened was an accident Which is what the collar was here to help with. Doesn't negate your right to be upset, but it was an ACCIDENT. And for someone with my experience, having someone large, and strong waving their fingers and hands near my face, shouting is utterly terrifying. It would be terrifying even if you couldn't rip me in half like a badly made action figure.>"

Sydney squeezes her eyes shut. "I'm not gonna hurt you. I'm hurt. I'm scared, and I'm mad, because for about three minutes, all my demons were free to cut loose. We're both lucky I thought you were that adorable." She takes a step back. "What if I'd raped you? Fuck… I'd have probably gone and drowned myself."

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Sydney squeezes her eyes shut. "I'm not gonna hurt you. I'm hurt. I'm scared, and I'm mad, because for about three minutes, all my demons were free to cut loose. We're both lucky I thought you were that adorable." She takes a step back. "What if I'd raped you? Fuck… I'd have probably gone and drowned myself." Sydney 's eyes are growing wet, and tears are beginning to creep out.

The girl raises her eyebrows a little bit,"<Raped me? I don't imagine you're easily equipped to accomplish it. I mean, I suppose it's possible, but I don't really get THOSE kind of physical reactions anymore. Wait, are you trans, too? I'd have been… absolutely broken, but… I also know what my powers do. If I'd caused you that kind of anguish, I wouldn't even consider making you live with the memory.>" This is not usually how this kind of conversation goes. Still, Ness bites her lower lip, then her eyebrows raise, and she types… in classic teenage girl fashion,"<You think I'm adorable?>" She's blushing for a hot moment, then she smacks her forehead. "<Sorry, lost focus. I can make you forget the whole episode if you want. I could even the scales? You should be able to handle me for three minutes, right?>" This is almost 'you can totally kick me in the groin if you want to logic'.

Sydney blinks, confused now. "Trans? You're like… transgendered?" Syd looks down. "Rape has a pretty broad definition these days. Tearing your clothes off and… well…" she scratches behind her head. "Well it would… depend on what's…down there, I guess… I…" Syd sighs and shakes her head, then looks at Ness. "Yes. You are adorable. Right that moment, what I wanted was you. In the most carnal sense imaginable. And I'd have tried to take it from you, is what I'm getting at. And no, wiping my memory of it would probably screw other things up. I don't think…I've been…I couldn't be someone who did that. I don't know if you could erase enough without making me into someone else." She thinks about it. "Even the… geez, now you sound like… well… me."

"<It's not a verb. Transgender. I'm transgender. A transwoman. I was born 'assigned male at birth'.>" Ness stands, looking a little unsteady. Whatever she's contemplating, there's a small seed of… fear there. Ness watches the young woman for a moment, then tilts her head slightly so her shoulder presses up against her button, while her hands come up to cover Sydney's ears. Why? So she doesn't get caught up in Ness dropping a big ol' mind control bomb on her own self,"Do whatever you want, but make it easy on her and do what you're told, too, willingly." Because if Sydney has to physically restrain her, this is going to get all kinds of f'ed up, very quickly. Still, mere moments later, and the shorter, older girl is plastering herself against the other girl's side like a particularly large, oddly shaped cat. Yep. Teenagers are stupid.

Sydney blinks and curls her arm around Ness, pretty much automatically. "What did you just do? Did you just… you did, didn't you?" Syd looks at her, puzzled. "Why…" She closes her eyes. "Evening the scales. Oh geez, you just gave yourself permission to do what you want, didn't you? Look. It was a mistake. That's why I wasn't mad. But taking away someone's conscience is never a good idea." She pets Ness's hair out of her face gently, searching it, as though trying to read Ness's mind. She doesn't succeed, of course. "How much do you hold back? Your voice… and…" she looks at Ness. "Tell me. Well. Type it so I don't act it out, I guess."

The shorter girl is rubbing her cheek against the other girl's side, eyes closed, a dreamy smile on her face. When Ness' hair is pulled back, she opens her eyes, and there's a sort of… pleading look there. Desire, sure, but also a burning need, more than anything, to feel validation. She opens her mouth to answer, when the girl clarifies typing it out. She smiles when she is told to type it out, all too willing to do so, and takes out her phone,"<Wow, your voice is so beautiful. I get angry sometimes. About what nature denied me, about what other girls have. And wow, I LOVE having a guy inside me, but it hurts and I can't really finish that way, either, though they say you mostly just need practice to make it better. Really, though, it's about the validation for me. I love how during sex, I feel pretty for a little while, and wanted. Guys, girls, doesn't matter. I'd sleep with them all, just to feel that. It wouldn't be real if I used the power to make them want me. Also, since coming here, I think I may be a little gay. Sometimes I think about all the people who've called me dirty words like 'tranny' or 'fag' and I want to make them like me, but I don't because using this power to get even, it DESTROYS people. It's one thing to do self-defense, but I'm a potential identity-nuke and I don't want that for others. I just want everything to be nice, and normal, for everyone to be friends and treat each other right, and for noone to smoke…>" Yeah, she's just going to keep typing in there until her phone wears out or she's told to stop.

You say, "Okay, you can stop, you can stop…" She figures she knows what all else Ness put in that little logic bomb. She blushes and her eyes grow wet again as Ness pretty much spills her guts. She speaks carefully, like the old D&D hand she is, wording a geas or a wish. You never know when a D&D skill will be useful. "I give you permission to feel pretty. I give you permission to like yourself, whether anyone else validates you or not. I have a lot more to say, but before I do, I want you to cover my ears again, and release yourself from… the compulsion you gave yourself last time you covered my ears."

The girl's fingers had begun to creep towards the top hem of Sydney's blouse- When she gets the next order. She leans up, placing her hands on either of the girl's ears, and even leans a little further up to TRY to brush her lips against Sydney's right cheek. Then she speaks the words,"Cancel the last orders." Thankfully, she didn't interpret that SUPER literally. The girl quickly yanks her hands away, taps the button on her collar, and turns away to break eye contact while she types,"<Sorry. Are we even? I'm.>" A pause. "<I'm. Sorry I probably fucked your day up. I hope I don't come off like a creeper.>"

Sydney hasn't let go of Ness. "Did you ever see that Star Trek episode 'The Naked Time?' where everyone's… innermost fantasies get revealed? It was like that." She sighs gently. "You told me what your power does. You're here to learn to control it. I don't think… any permanent harm was done. I was gonna order you to release yourself from all the compulsions you'd ever given yourself…but that didn't seem wise when I thought about it for a second." She holds Ness, tears still falling, though more slowly. "My shrink once compared my body issues with someone who was trans. Like… how being any shape other than this…feels wrong. Super-wrong. I can shapeshift into…other things, maybe other steel people… but… I have to fight to do it. I need to be me. I need to be anatomically correct, at least…where I can see or feel. I get it, at least a little. And I've been called some pretty nasty things too… so I get that… and… used like kleenex… and yeah… validation. Caring. Feeling pretty… God, I've been there. At least a little. It's different, I'm sure, but… different battle. Same war."

Well. Looks like she won't be turning. It's… surprisingly… comfortable. The kind of strength (and moreso) she's used to having from men. "<I don't really… watch Star Trek.>" She actually sounds embarrassed. Still, Ness slowly begins to relax her body into that hold. Even if she's not used to this kind of physical contact from other women… It's comfortable. Familiar. Surprisingly… safe? She closes her eyes for a few seconds, before she opens them again,"<That was the first time I knowingly compelled myself to do anything. If there's any others, it was by accident.>" The girl sighs, her toes curling ever so slightly in the sand. "<It's… not the same at all. I think it's a similar experience, though. The way enbies have a similar experience to transwomen. I think, though, the main difference is, I'll never have the curves, the looks, the voice that I truly need to feel right. I'm told overy time, it'll get better. It just won't get GOOD.>" She thinks over the things she remembers saying. Because her ability doesn't wipe memories unless she specifies it should. "<I could totally do it, you know? Wipe out my dysphoria, for example. I worry that that CHEAPENS it. The journey, I mean. You're gorgeous for what it's worth, in your own literally unique way. I'm… a little surprised you're kind of gay. I thought people from the eighties were all straight.>"

You say, "Yeah. The fact that I can make it go away… mostly… usually… means it's different. I wasn't born like this. I just… wound up this way." She nods to Ness's statement about not using her gift on herself. "Good. I think taking away your own choice is almost as bad as taking away someone else's. But seriously, I'm not blowing smoke up your skirt. I really… hadn't thought of you as anything but female until you mentioned it. As for nobody in the 80s being gay… well. It was strongly discouraged. Guys definitely. I'm sure girls were too, but I didn't even know lesbians existed, or at least never met any that I knew about. I met one here. She's a good friend now. She kissed me once, because I asked what it was like, and it's like… 'oh shit. That went all the way to my toes…' and I had a lot of rethinking to do." Syd looks at Ness. "Also… what's an enbee?""

The girl shrugs a little bit, though does not seem inclined to physical disengage,"<I tried dating a little after I got my power, while they were trying to decide what to do with me. All the boys wanted me to 'take control' and do really… bossy things. I didn't mind using it to fool around a little or anything, but it got to a point where… I'm a girl, you know? It's important to me to make love like one.>" She makes a face. "<You go too far with people, they stop seeing you as a girl or even a person, and start seeing you as an… object, I guess?>" She rubs her face a little bit. "<Being trans, you get a lot of questions, like about your genitals. Often from people you JUST met. They all wanna know if you still have your factory parts, like it's acceptable to just ask people about their junk.>" She makes a face at that, then flexes her hands, as if working out the kinks in them. Once they've relaxed a little bit, she smiles and goes back to typing,"<That's a very pretty story. How come you two didn't get together then?>" She tilts her head up curiously, then, before answering,"<Enbee. Like N-B. Non-binary gendered person. Maybe they're both, or neither of the two binary genders.>"

Sydney blinks. "Oh." She blows out her cheeks. "I didn't even know that…existed. More reading for me…" Syd thinks about it. "I had a discussion with Besa this afternoon. People ask me that kind of question too, because I'm different. Are you a robot? no. Is this just your skin? no, it goes all the way through. Are you anatomically correct? yes. And he was kind of shocked that people would do that." Syd looks down at the question about her friend. "She was already seeing someone else. Another friend of mine, who did not take it kindly when I tried to balance the scales by kissing her too. My friends are patient with me. We're all good now. And yeah. Trust me. I know all about not being seen as a human being." She taps her chest. "I bloomed early, and big. Like… by sixth grade I was wearing a bigger bra than most of my teachers. People look at you different. Like you said. You stop being human." She thinks about boys and 'bossy things,' and shrugs. "I wouldn't know about being dominant. No-one ever asked me to when I was meat. And I haven't been with anyone since I went metal.

The girl streeeetches a little as she listens, wriggling a little bit. She lifts a shoulder, and offers,"<Your skin has some give to it. I remember, you showed me that. Still, I imagine it's not easy. You're big and heavy. To give you a… good workout, you probably need really strong, tough guys. Give it a try sometime if you get yourself a boyfriend. Boys like that kind of stuff. I personally prefer to be on the receiving end of all that dominance.>" She sticks her tongue out in the air for some reason. "<Weird for someone with a power like mine, I know. Anyway, screw those guys. Of course you're anatomically correct. You feel right like this, so whatever your arrangement is, it's correct.>" She snorts a puff of air, though,"<I'm sure given time, you'll find a girlfriend or a boyfriend. Especially with your." She looks where the girl taps,"<talents. Someone who sees you for you. Instead of some weird fetish or mountain to climb. Still, I'd love to have a chest like yours. Though on my frame, I'd probably look more like a creepy porn starlet. So… maybe a bit smaller than you?>"

Sydney blushes. Ness's questions are pretty…direct. "Um. I don't know. Well I mean… I'm pretty sure I wouldn't… maim the guy. My boyfriend is kinda… smallish, not super-masculine… very sweet… A lot of time, when you try and push my flesh around, you're getting power assist. It doesn't cancel the inertia of this or that, but… makes things easier. My body's pretty obsessive about emulating how it used to be. I still grow… I have to exercise to get stronger… and even though you didn't ask, I'm pretty much garden variety girl anywhere you can get to without needing tools. Except for being made of metal." She laughs about her 'talents.' "They're way, way overrated. They make clothes-buying a pain in the ass, and if I had to buy bras they'd cost me a fortune. I mean yeah… they get me attention, and I have more of a clue how to manage that now, but… I dunno. You can buy whatever size you want. It's your body. That's the bottom line. Nobody else gets a say. If I looked like you do? Slender…Asian… I'd be tempted to stay small. But I guess I can see why you might want a bigger look. Everything about a person sends little signals. Breasts send signals. I mean… fertility, age, how well you eat, how healthy you are, whether you've had children, um… ok, I've kind of studied the whole thing…

The girl lets out a soft 'aaah'. After a moment, Ness asks the girl, curiously,"<He SOUNDS super-sweet, but… Um… are you going to tell him you kissed me, or is that between us since you weren't in your right mind?>" A pause. "<By the way, you're a really sweet kisser.> After a few moments, she goes on,"<I don't really consider it any of my business whether you're 'garden variety' or not. You're SUPER pretty and you kinda made me feel… very awake inside. You're taken, though, and I'm not about to encourage you to ruin a good thing to fulfill my curiosity.>" She does smile a little, though,"I'm already pretty small. Which is probably part of why I don't get clocked as trans very often. Still, I'd like SOME curves. Even a B would look pretty good on me. I'll get surgeries eventually, but they'll never be as good as the real thing. All I see right now when I look in the mirror are all the little masculine features. At least I didn't have to relearn how to walk like some who started later.>" She's… surprisingly comfortable, it seems, with discussing her own personal business. "<My problem is that I have a common cup size, but with an uncommonly big strap size because of the width of my torso and shoulders. So… still have to order specialty bras.>"

Sydney nods. "Okay, I can see that would be a problem. I can just make my skin more rigid and be my own bra. I'm doing it now." She squeezes Ness gently. "You could also ask around. I wouldn't be surprised if someone's got like…fleshcrafting. That could be a game changer for you." Syd rests her chin on Ness's head, about the only person in the school she can do that to. "As for Bryce… I don't know whether I'll tell him or not. I mean… he'd probably understand, being a mentalist himself… but we're kind of in a possessive stage of things right now, and still working on it. Might be better to tell him later." Syd thinks some more. "Is the fact that you're trans a secret, or something you'd prefer to tell people yourself? I'm asking because I don't know. My gut instinct is that it's not my secret to tell, regardless of whether you wear it printed on a t-shirt or whatever.

The girl actually giggles silently as the chin finds the top of her head, so she reaches for one of the girl's hands so she can examine her fingers bit by bit. She uses her free hand to operate her phone. "<That's pretty, if you'll forgive the pun, metal.>" Apparently she's impressed by the bra idea. A real game changer. "<That totally could be a game changer for me, this 'fleshcrafting'. Still, I'd have to trust someone to alter me. What if they made them bigger or something weird? It's hard not to want to take advantage of such things, but… People aren't just favor dispensers, either, just because they have a power you really wanna use.>" Ness taps away on her phone, thoughts intent,"<It's up to you. I won't say anything, but I should maybe avoid him since I'm such a shitty liar.>" As for her trans status,"<Maybe don't go run around saying 'hey, did you know she's trans'? It's not a secret though, and I don't want you to lie or be evasive if it comes up naturally.>"

Sydney hugs Ness gently. "Let's treat what happened between us the same way." Syd sighs. "I'm really glad I didn't rip your arms off. I wouldn't have gotten to know who you really are. I have a lot to think about, and I'm not going to kid you, it's gonna take me a while to get my head around…having a friend who's trans. The whole idea of 'gender fluidity' that I keep reading about just became a lot more real. I'm also going to learn some damn sign, you're going to wear your thumbs off to a nub with that thing." She takes a breath and wipes her eyes, which are rimmed with a little tiny bit of rust now. "For now, I should probably go to bed. You probably should too, before we're marked missing and land ourselves in detention.

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