(2018-09-01) A Slice of Advice
A Slice of Advice
Summary: Dylan and Sky actually have a conversation…about Besa.
Date: 2018-09-01)
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Saturday afternoon means that a lot of the students are off the island. Luckily for Dylan, he's not dependent on some ferry to shuttle him back and forth from the island. Out of nowhere, the young teleporter appears with a shopping bag in one hand and a medium hot pizza in his hand, having left the oven only minutes before. Being the weekend, Dylan is wearing a pair of jeans and a faded tee shirt.

Schuyler is going to be milking the lack of a dress code for as long as possible. Maybe they'll keep the 'casual fridays' even at the new school…it's a hope. Sky slept in but seems like he may going to meet his twin in town later after her work-shift is over. He's dressed in his usual black, goth/punk-style and his hair has been recently pouffed and styled. He steps out of his room and wrinkles his nose at the scent of pizza before he catches sight of the cause. «The food downstairs not good enough for you?»

Dylan startles just slightly, unused to having someone else's thoughts in his head. He glances over at Schuyler, "So far, it's been fine. I was just in the mood for pizza." He cocks his head slightly, "Don't you ever get a craving for something in particular?" He gestures the box ever so slightly towards Sky, "Want a slice?"

When he was a Freshman, he warned people before speaking in their minds. Now? Not so much. It's more fun this way. His eyes narrow slightly at the question, «Sure, but I don't always act on it.» Depending, of course. The invitation is considered, as if he's trying to see what an ulterior motive might be. «What kind?»

Dylan smirks slightly, "Oh, I don't always act on it…. I lost track of time and missed lunch, so I went and got pizza. Oh, it's loaded… pepperoni, sausage, ham, bacon.. onion and bell pepper… " He cocks his head, "Look, we didn't exactly make the best first impressions the other night.. "

Sky wrinkles his nose at the mention of the loaded pizza but it might be the next statement that has him agreeing. «All right.» But that other statement has him peering at the kid, «You lied about your name to Besa. He's…very trusting. His last relationship took advantage of that and I don't want to see him hurt again.»

Dylan opens the lid of the box. There is already one slice missing. "I didn't lie. I told him that my name is Dylan, and that my friends call me Tom. He chose to continue to call me Tom." He pauses for a moment. "Look, I won't promise that he won't get hurt… hell, I can't even promise that I won't hurt him… but I don't plan on hurting him."

«What do you plan on doing with him?» is asked before he gestures for Dylan to head down into the common rooms since they probably don't want to eat the pizza standing in the hallway. «What's your story then?» Does he know that the Masters may be sponsoring his attendance at the school? «And I don't really care what your powers are, so you don't need to show those off.»

Before heading down to the common room, he opens his dorm room door and tosses the plastic bag into the room. From the sound of it, it ended up on the floor, which doesn't seem to really bother the boy too much. Once he gets to the common room, he takes a slice, folding it in half before biting off the tip. "I don't really have any plans, other than getting to know him and see where things go." He shrugs, "I told him that I don't know him well enough to know whether or not I wanted any kind of relationship beyond being friends…" He frowns slightly, "My story… not really one worth telling too much."

Schuyler takes a piece of the pizza and starts to pick off the ingredients he doesn't want, placing them neatly on a napkin. «Do you really think that's going to get a relationship going? 'Sure, I'm interested in you, but I'm not going to share anything about myself'. Not really fair, is it?» Not that he wants a relationship with Sky. «You're here on scholarship.» Not that it's a bad thing, just a statement.

Dylan lets out a long breath, "Like what do you want to know? I mean, I'm pretty sure that you know the most important part, being that I am a criminal and that's what got me here… well, pretty much." He snorts slightly, "Actually mostly because Besa decided that I needed to be and harrassed me into agreeeing to give it a shot."

«Besa didn't tell me anything. Why are you a criminal?» All he knows his that his parents were contacted about being sponsors. «The school doesn't tend to take criminals because it's not a school for rehabilitation. It's been made quite clear that counselling isn't their strong suit.»

Dylan blinks slightly and is surprised that Besa hadn't told Sky about him. He shrugs, "Well, let's see… my parents died when I was little… after that I lived with my ami sani.. My mom's mom… and when my grandmother got sick, the state decided that she couldn't be responsible for me.. so I was taken away from my family and put into foster care… " He tenses slightly, "After bouncing from house to house, I got put in with a … well, let's just say a not nice family, who wanted a foster kid just for the benefits, not because they wanted another kind in their lives… so I ended up with a bad crowd… that's how I ended up with Marko and his crew… My gifts makes me a good thief… I can help get people in and out of places too… " He sits down, using the pizza as a distraction while he eats another mouthful. "Anyway, I was told that if I left the crew that they would hurt my ami sani. We were suppose to hit an armored car here in town.. but before that.. I screwed up and ended up helping this guy named Daxton… half of the crew got arrested.. the other half are still out and kind of pissed off at me… I think Besa talked to your folks about getting the school as my new foster home… at least until someone figures out that it was some kind of mistake and kick me out."

Schuyler was told nothing. He eats the pizza and 'listens'. He finally offers, «They won't kick you out if you don't give them reason to do so. I know Daxton, he used to go to the school. There are a few other students who are wards of the school…it usually means you're stuck here for vacations. You might want to look into getting a job to get spending money and the like.» Again, there is no judgement. «Do you -want- to stop doing these crimes? Because I don't want Besa to get caught up in that.»

Dylan smirks, "I'm rarely stuck anywhere… " In fact, he almost has a psychological fear of being stuck anywhere. "I'm fine wiht that, as long as they let me go visit my grandmother…. She's the only family I got… " He pauses, "I don't really want to be a crook, if that's what you're wantin' to know… I was doing it because I didn't have a choice… "
«Everyone has a choice,» Sky offers a little smugly before he finishes off the one slice of pizza and reaches for another. «So that's the grandmother Besa healed. Is she doing all right now?» He just knows when Besa came back looking a bit drained. «They won't prevent you visiting as long as you don't do it when you're supposed to be at school.»

Dylan's jaw tenses, "No, sometimes you don't have a choice… I don't know about you, but letting someone you love getting hurt or help someone into a place so that they don't hurt someone just to get in… not really a choice there." He frowns slightly, "And yeah, that would be the grandmother that Besa healed. " He shrugs slightly, "She feels great, but the doctor keeps insisting that she continues to take a bunch of pills which seem to make her feel bad."

«Are these people here? Are they going to continue to come after you…or your grandmother? Or Besa?» They might be able to take care of that…or try. «Can she just not take the pills? And I don't know your grandmother, but I don't want her to get hurt.» He's not entirely heartless. «What happens if they find you in this town? We've…had a lot of people trying to get their hands on Besa…or others and Besa risks his life for them. He goes all in.» He picks off a few more ingredients. «No one's perfect and this school is a good way to get a second chance. Just…don't throw it away.»

One of the slices disappears from the box and reappears in Dylan's hand. He isn't trying to show off; he just uses his power without thinking. He acts like it is as normal as him reaching and grabbing. "Two of them have already come after me… not here at the school but in town. That is how Cocoa got hurt last week. Things escalated quickly because Besa and two other students got involved when Rex grabbed me." Lifting the kid off the ground by a couple of feet, while holding him by the throat is intervening worthy.

«And Cocoa was apparently attacked the other day, too,» which was when the two found Besa so upset. «What are you going to do about them?» Sky watches the other teen rather closely when he asks that question.

Dylan uses the mouthful of pizza as a chance to formulate his thoughts. "I honestly don't know. I mean, I don't think breaking Marko and Carl out of jail is the right thing, but that's what David said it would take for them to leave me alone.. " He nods, "Yeah, I was there when Buddy and Cocoa got into it… I think Besa freaked out and overreacted a little bit… I mean I can understand it, but still.. the whole thing was kind of crazy."

Schuyler's eyebrows lift, «Buddy? -Buddy- attacked Cocoa? What the hell…why?» That's definitely the first question. «Do -not- break them out of jail. For one, the school may not be able to protect you if you do that and…how old are you? You might not get tried as a juvenile. We can help you deal with them.» He then takes a bite of his own slice.

Dylan sighs, "Buddy was a tiger… he was being playful to start… so he pounced at me, jokingly.. I was petting him.. which now that I say it kind of sounds a little sketchy… but Besa and Cocoa came out… she saw a tiger and started barking… apparently it provoked Buddy.. he charged and turned into a dog halfway there… Besa chunked Coca behind him and started yelling at everyone." He shrugs, "I'll be fifteen in November… and I wasn't really planning on it.. If Marko doesn't kill me himself, Karl will as soon as they can…" He pauses, "Oh and sorry, got distracted.. as far as my grandmother just not taking the meds… she's still in the assisted living apartment… the nurse makes her take them… shoves them in her mouth if she doesn't… "

«You should go to the police. You know their names and they're probably wanted. That way, they get caught and go to prison and you don't have to worry. Because they may or may not try you as an adult and if they do, then like I said, the school may not be able to help. And if these people -are- murderous, a group of 'plucky kids' shouldn't be the ones to take them down, I don't care what they can do.» Sky says that rather matter-of-factly. «And a lot of these kids at this school think that because they have powers, that they're invulnerable.» Another bite of the pizza. «Buddy strikes me as an idiot.»

Dylan frowns, "Thing is… I did help them with other crimes… I mean hell, we hit a jewelry store here as a test run to see the police response to things… so I'm afraid that if I go to the cops, that they will put me in jail too… "

Schuyler tilts his head at the younger teen, «Don't you watch the Crime TV movies? If you turn in the names you might be able to get a plea deal. If you lead them to the others to arrest them, you might get a slap on the wrist.» There's another bite of the pizza, «We can probably get you a lawyer.»

Dylan shrugs slightly, "Um.. not really no… things like tv hasn't really been part of my life since I was taken away from my grandmother…" His brow furrows as he contemplates it. "I'll have to think about all of this.. Though I guess I always knew that I was going to pay for it in the end… somehow…" He sighs, "You can have the rest of the pizza… I.. I'm not hungry any more…."

Schuyler sits up some, «Dylan…Tom…whomever you are. We can help you, ok? But you have to let us. If you don't want us to, that's fine too, but don't drag Besa into this. He'll say he wants to help and he'll put his life at risk.» He glances at the pizza when it's offered, «But we can probably get you a lawyer to help. But it goes both ways.» He shakes his head then and gets to his feet, «I'm good, thanks. Thanks for the pizza. And the talk. You're not alone anymore, unless you want to be.»

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