(2018-08-31) Standing Off
Standing Off
Summary: Syd and Bryce Spar. Also talk, flirt, and realize they're not on the same page about some things.
Date: 2018.08.31
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This is a full size gym, with basketball hoops along the walls ready for play. Climbing ropes hang from scaffolding near the ceiling, ready to be climbed, though they can be tied off to keep them out of the way. Exercise equipment and weights are off to the far end. The floor can be sectioned off for multiple team games to be played. There are locker rooms for girls and boys to one side of polished wood bleachers that can be pulled out if needed for spectators. Opposite the bleachers there is a rock climbing wall, that goes right up to the dome overhead. The dome itself is spectacular, made apparently of sickle shaped carved marble and brass leaves, it can nevertheless iris open to let the bracing sea air and sunlight in, as needed.


With the beginning of school approaching, Bryce has been working hard on memorizing the new school layout (required seeing a map once), learning the workings of the commissary and trying to keep up on his powers. In all of that, he has wanted to make sure to spend some time with Sydney so he slipped a note onto her chair at the library during one of her shifts. "Please meet me after work at the gym. Let's have some fun." It took him several times to write a letter with a single 'um' in it, but he finally got it down.

Sydney reads the note. She catches Bryce's eye and gives him thumbs up. She'll be there. And when he arrives, here she is, in her fighting togs. Show them off to her boyfriend? Why yes, that's exactly Syd's plan. She sets her gym bag on the ground next to the bleachers and stretches out. Not that she needs to, it's just for mental focus.

Bryce emerges from the boy's locker room in his school p.e. uniform. He figured that it was designed for this type of stuff so why not. Of course, he wasn't going to wear just that when going against Sydney. When he sees her stretching out, he freezes for a moment and his mouth drops open. He hasn't seen her wearing that before. Finally he walks up to her and says, "Um, ex-hi, Sydney." He waits until she isn't stretching to give her a hug.

Sydney is not in an especially dignified position when Bryce arrives, bent far back, arms straight up from her shoulders, stretching her abdominal muscles. She straightens up, hugs Bryce gently and gives him a quick kiss on the cheek. "Hey you. How's work treating you?"

Bryce enjoyed the view for a moment which is why his mouth dropped. He smiles a bit when she kisses his cheek and looks around to make sure no one saw it. "It, uh, it is going well. I'm trying to, er, learn all the, the stuff. The register is, well, easy, and the inventory is, uh, with my memory it is fine. It is hard dealing with all the, the people. How about the, the library for you?"

You say, "My training schedule doesn't start until next week. People are gonna need the commissary when they first get here. The library, not so much. Or they have their hands full training everyone else. Or something." Syd shrugs. "They told me to show up at x time and day, I show up then." She leans back a little, arms still draped around Bryce's neck. "I had kind of a breakthrough with my costume-made-out-of-me project."

That lean does give Bryce a chance to look down at her body. He swallows and nods clearly approving. "It is, is nice. So you make it, er, out of you so I guess it will, er, adjust to you and not, uh, rip or something." He places his hands on her hips.

Sydney nods. "Mmhmm. I've been tinkering with that for a while, but I always felt naked because I made it out of my skin. And then Sierra was over and we were doing each other's hair, and I started thinking about how changing my hair doesn't bother me, and I don't feel like my scalp is naked unless I go looking for it. So I grew some hair, merged it together and fused it with the skin underneath. It's still all me… I mean, if I puddle, it all turns silver, just like my hair does… so it's kind of a workaround… but hey. It works. Hopefully it's more stable than the silver one. Wardrobe failures with that tended to be catastrophic. And yeah. I'm really hard on clothes when I'm fighting. First time I sparred with Lazarus…" She blushes a little. "I wound up topless."

Bryce blinks a few times and says, "He saw your, your, I mean, them?" Bryce swallows not sure he likes other people seeing Sydney's body parts especially those even though he most likely saw them before they started dating. He is clearly seeing her more and more as his girlfriend with the emotional attachments that brings even if he has trouble showing it all the time. "I am glad they are more, uh, more stable. I want to be the only one seeing your - " he quickly realizes what he is saying and gets fluster, "I mean, not that I want to, er, I mean I do want to see, but not when other people, well, uh, I mean. …"

Sydney blinks, rather startled by this development. She raises an eyebrow. "You're jealous? Over me?" The very idea seems to baffle her. "He was a perfect gentleman about it, Bryce. It wasn't like that. Accidental boobs aren't as sexy." She hasn't let go of Bryce yet. She's not mad or anything.

Bryce lowers his head a bit though not to look more at her body, but when she uses the word jealous he feels a bit ashamed. "I'm, I'm sorry, I know it was, er, an accident." He looks at up her and says, "You, you said so, but, well, I think they … are … se…xy." His voice gets softer and softer until he is at a faint whisper.

Sydney leans her forehead toward Bryce's, intending to rest her head against his. "Thank you," she whispers. She gently brushes her lips to his. "I don't… make a habit of getting naked with other people…" she looks into his eyes. "…but I shower in a hall bathroom, I have… a doctor… and a roomie… and in times past I have been skinnidipping with friends… If you want us to be exclusive dating, we can talk about that, but I don't think I can promise nobody else will ever see. I don't think I'm comfortable promising that." She looks at Bryce, and that look is fear.

Bryce keeps his eyes cast downward as she tells him all this. "I'm not saying, er, that I think you go around, uh, n-naked all the time, but, uh, I just, well, like if I - " he cuts himself off and sighs. "If I, I don't know." He grows silent though his brain is anything but. "I don't know what I feel or what I think about, about this. Sorry. I've never, well, anything. Sorry."

Sydney reaches out to brush her fingertips over Bryce's ear. "You want me all to yourself. Is that it?"

Bryce just stands there for a while clearly lost in the depths of his thoughts. Then after a few seconds, he gently nods his head and says, "I, I think so." He looks up at her and says, "Is that bad? Am I, uh, wrong?" He quickly adds in his self-correcting way, "I am not trying to, er, control you or, um, that."

Sydney thinks about it a few seconds, her forehead still against Bryce's. "I don't know. I mean… it's… I guess good to be wanted that way…but it's kind of controlling too. I know that's not what you mean to do… I mean you like me more than that, I'm pretty sure." Syd sighs. "I dunno."

Bryce nods his head which makes his forehead rub against her. He tenses for a second worrying about the circlet, but it seems okay. "I never had a, a friend until a few, well, months ago, and I didn't even, er, realize it until recently. So there are a, a lot of things that I have to, to experience and feel and, well, understand." Bryce looks up again and says, "All, all I know is that I, uh, I like you and think you are, well, pretty. And I like, like looking at you."

Sydney kisses Bryce tenderly. "I understand. I'm kinda feeling my way through this too." She thinks about it a while. "I'm not that hung up on who sees who. I keep modest mostly because… I don't want to signal the wrong thing to the wrong people, and the way I'm shaped… well, it used to do that, I guess." Syd sighs a little. "I'm still thinking like I'm made of meat, I guess."

Bryce blushes at the kiss but does return it a bit after half a second. At least she doesn't seem angry at him. A kiss would be a very weird way of expressing anger. "At least you aren't made of, uh, cheese." Bryce's attempt at humor again. "And, well, when you are, er, na-naked, people will want to look because, well, because you are so pretty, but you are also, uh, very shiny so that makes people want to look more. I know I … er …do."

Sydney chuckles. "Not cheese. Cheesecake." She squeezes Bryce as tight as is safe. "Thanks." She blushes a little. "We um. We should make some time to do that some time soon." Syd lets go after a few moments. "So um… did you want to work out, or spar… or what?"

Her comment about making time to do that soon, makes Bryce raise his eyebrows in a confused manner. "Do cheese again soon…oh, you mean get, er, na-unclothed." He might have reached his quota on saying the word naked. He then nods as she brings up working out. "Well, I thought, um, I do that a lot, um, thinking that is, that, well, maybe it would be good for us to, er, well, practice together. If we are dating, I mean, since we are dating, if we end up going on a, a mission together, if we were practiced working together then, um, maybe we could make each other stronger, well, better. You are already really strong."

Sydney nods to answer Bryce's question. She nods to his thought. "Good point, yeah. What kind of practice do you have in mind? I mean… I pretty much just practice fighting…

Bryce shrugs and takes his hands off of her hips. "Well, maybe, I haven't seen you, er, fight. I'm not sure you have seen me, well, fight either. Maybe if we see each other, uh, fight we can learn and help each other. I can, can activate my full battle armor if you want so, so you don't have to worry as much about hurting me though, uh, normally I just do my under armor."

Sydney nods. "That sounds like a good plan. I haven't seen your full armor, I don't think. My usual rules for sparring are pretty simple… don't hold me under water. I can drown. If I puddle out, just keep me away from the drains." She grins. "You know all that."

<FS3> Bryce rolls Phsychic Defense: Success.

Bryce nods his head and says, "I don't think there is, uh, a drain around here, but, uh, I can block them….Bucket." Bryce's eyes light up for a moment. "I have something, er, new to work on. A bucket for you." He nods seeming pleased with this idea. He then closes his eyes for a brief moment and his circlet flashes. His psychic energy starts to roll over his body like a growing living liquid. It slowly forms into a solid armor that seems an odd combination of medieval armor and a futuristic cyber armor with a full helmet as well. It competely covers everything of his body leaving just a few slots for his vision and some holds for his breathing. "Like, uh, this."

Sydney laughs a little. "Is it weird that you making me a bucket makes me happy?" She watches Bryce's armor swallow him up. "Oh that's so cool." She grins. Then blushes. One wonders what's gone through her mind, but she doesn't say. She takes a couple steps back, assumes a boxing stance, and nods. "Okay… let's see what you've got."

Bryce's voice sounds hollow coming through the armor. "I think, uh, most of the things we do will be, er, well, seen as weird. You are a, a metal girl who is dating a, a guy who makes stuff with his, er, well, mind." When she blushes, he wonders at it and asks, "Wh-what? What are you, er, thinking?" Bryce sees her assume a boxing stance but instead of preparing to do a physical fight, he lifts his hand causing a blunted blade to appear in the air floating just in front of him.

Sydney chuckles. "Something to try another time." She nods at the blade. "Bring it…"

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Bryce=psychic Vs Sydney=physical
Bryce: Great Success Sydney: Great Success
Net Result: Sydney wins - Marginal Victory

Bryce moves his hand forward causing the psychic rod which is there instead of his normal psychic sword. The rod swings through the air at her trying to aim for her midsection. He knows that since her density is affected by the impact given, he figures this won't do much against her.

Sydney rotates, slamming her forearm into the pole to deflect it away from herself. She steps toward Bryce, but probably not close enough to lay a hand on him yet.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Bryce=psychic Vs Sydney=physical
Bryce: Failure Sydney: Good Success
Net Result: Sydney wins - Solid Victory

Bryce goes to swing the rod back at her again, but with her coming closer, there just isn't enough room for him to get a good swing in. He steps back to try and give himself some more room; however, as he goes to step back, he ends up tripping and landing on the ground with a solid thud.

Sydney takes the step forward to offer Bryce her hand to help him up. "Suggestion. If you're going to use stand-off capability against a brick like me…which is a really good idea… then you should stand off. Like, halfway across the room, at least. It gives you space and time to get out of the way if you don't one-shot me.

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