(2018-08-30) Who's The Animal Now?
Who's The Animal Now?
Summary: Buddy is practicing with new animal forms and almost gets into a fight with Cocoa.
Date: 2018-08-30
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The sun slowly approaches the horizon with the gathering clouds threatening to block it. A faint drizzle combines with the heat of the day to create a nice level of humidity. The field is pretty silent with very little going on; however, a large figure moves from the woody area. A tiger is silently padding his way into the field. The faint drizzle isn't bothering the large predator.

The rain, even when it is just a dizzle, isn't Dylan's favorite type of weather. Mainly because in the desert, a little bit of rain generally means a flood somewhere. But despite that, every once in a while, a summer rain is just simply irresistable. By this point, the teleporter is soaking wet, but doesn't really care. In fact, he doesn't really care about anything, at least until he sees the tiger stalking out of the woods. He strains to see if the cat has two different colored eyes, but from the distance, he can't make it out. He calls out, hoping that he is right. "Buddy? Is that you Buddy?"

The tiger spots the movement of the wet teenager as he enters the field. The tiger starts to alter the pathway of stalking towards Dylan. Then, with little to know warning, the tiger starts charging towards Dylan. The muscles of tiger ripple as he charges. About halfway there, he lets out a roar which isn't quite as full as a lion's but as threatening enough. As he charges closer, it is easier to see the two colored eyes unique to Buddy: blue and green. The tiger finally stops and looks at Dylan with an odd expression. "Burrrdy," he says trying to say his name.

As the tiger suddenly charges, Dylan starts back pedalling until he happens to notice the blue and green eyes. He holds his hands up, not knowing whether or not the shapeshifter loses his self to the animal when he changes. "Buddy.. It's me, Dylan.. you're friend… You don't want to eat me.. My meat would be bitter and nasty, I swear!" When the tiger finally stops, Dylan's breathing is a bit more exaggerated than it normally is. "Buddy?"

Buddy-tiger sniffs Dylan a then starts to make an odd sort of roaring sound. The big head drops and moves up and down some in sync with the odd roaring. After a bit, it seems like the tiger is .. laughing. When Dylan asks his name again, Buddy nods his head. He tries to talk but it is more difficult in some forms than others. "Drrryan."

Dylan looks deadpanned at the tiger. "You're just messing with me, weren't you… " He grins and is almsot chuckling. "That was not funny… " snicker "Okay, maybe a little …" He reaches a tentative hand, "Is it alright to touch you? I've never touched a tiger before…"

Buddy-tiger looks up with big tiger eyes which unfortunately do not have the same effect as puppy eyes. When Dylan asks if he can pet him, the large tiger head moves up and down and. He then takes a step closer so the youth doesn't have to reach so far. "Sorrrrrrr," whatever the word was supposed to be ends up just as a growl.

Dylan is standing next to a large tiger. He reaches out and slowly pets the tiger. The mock scolding look on his face, which was already falling apart before, completely disappears as his hand moves over the creatures damp fur. "It's alright… I'm just not used to this place… I wasn't sure at first that it was you… I guess I should just assume that all animals other than Cocoa are you from now on."

The tiger shakes his head as Dylan asks that question of him. He looks at the nearby woody area as though indicating something about the woods pertains to the question just asked. He then says, "Orrter, grrrr." He shakes his head again though this time it is due to the rain.

Besa is having a fine day. He spent most of it with Rain. They got coffee and saw whales and hd some nice, general sibling time not mentioning Sky. But that means Cocoa was wanting Besa time now, so he took her for a walk. Not prepared for the rain, they took shelter in the woods. Now that it's over they're on their way back to the school. Out from the trees comes the duo. Best is smiling as Cocoa runs around him. He stops, blinking at the sight in front of him. Dylan with a tiger. Oh dear. The fact that Dylan isn't being eaten by said tiger makes him assume it's Buddy. But that doesn't convince Cocoa immediately drops low, growling softly. Instead of waving the students, Best crouches down to try and calm the dog down. She's not having any of it, trying to nudge her boy away from th predator.

Dylan cocks his head, "I'm sorry… I didn't catch that one… kind of hard to understand you with all those pointy teeth." Yeah, that's the reason why. "I'm taking it that you are okay after your swan dive, or hawk dive into the ocean the other day? Besa and I were kind of worried about you…"

Buddy-tiger nods his head at Dylan whether he is saying he is better or that he is hard to understand isn't clear. The growling of Cocoa gets his attention immediately. Buddy, first and foremost, thinks of himself as an animal. He also carries the instincts of the animals he becomes. On top of that, he was just starting to think that Cocoa liked him. His head drops low and he lets out a deep and menancing growl of his own. Those two colored eyes looking at Cocoa and then ancient teen.

Cocoa's teeth bare, another growl! Her hackles are raised and her tail lowers, it's not quite submission, as she's ready to lunge in protection of Besa if nessicary. She did it with the T-rex! She keeps trying to move in front of Besa, who's trying to get between her and Buddy, "No Cocoa…it is Buddy…" And then ironically, "No Buddy! No growling, that is not helping!" The small teen looks unsure what to do. "We will go….Sorry…" No the hard part of trying to drag cocoa away.

Dylan takes a slight step back from the growling tiger and growling dog. He looks over at Besa offering the boy a slight smile though concern for the situation overriding it. "Um… " He then can't help it and says in a bad southern drawl "What we have here… Is a .. failure to communicate.."

The baring of Cocoa's teeth only seems to make it worse. Her entire body language is screaming that she wants to fight and hurt the tiger, so Buddy-tiger roars in response. He turns from Dylan and points his body at the boy and his dog. Finally, he starts to charge at them; however, somehow Buddy, even in this state, realizes that it isn't a fair fight, shifts to his german shephard guise about halfway though he keeps running at Besa and Cocoa.

Besa's eyes widen. Well….crap. His hand slams down on the pocket of the jeans he's wearing, crushing the clay disks he was carrying. His magic isn't flashy, there's no outward change to the tiny ancient teen. But what is strange is that he picks up Cocoa and tosses her behind him. Not high in the air, more like a bowling bowl. Thankfully they're in the field, so she just rolls a long way in the tall grass and flowers, yelping in surprise. Turning back Besa plants himself between the two animals, "STOP BUDDY!" He'd rather not hurt the Tig-no, dog? Either way.Buddy's not getting at his dog.

When Besa yells at Buddy-dog, the dog slams on his breaks and slides to a stop ending up just inches from the ancient teen. He sits down and flips his ears back and looks up at Besa with a guilty look on his face. He slowly lifts one paw up in the air and points it in Cocoa's direction.

Dylan realizing that Buddy-tiger is going after the barking Cocoa, the immediate thought is get the dog further away. The young teleporter suddenly appears beside Besa and the tossed Cocoa. Okay, that kind of works. He grabs Besa by the shoulder prepared to Skip the boy away, but then the tiger turns to a dog, and the dog skids to a scolded stop.

Besa is tense, clearly ready to engage the tiger. He has one hand out, not quite pointing in a scolding manner, but close. His chin comes up, not amused by Buddy's attempt t pass the buck. "No. You can not do that, Buddy." Dylan can feel there's a power to Besa's stance that's definitely not there usually. "You can not attack Cocoa." And he knows what's coming, "It does not matter that she growled at you first!" A tremor runs through him, not so much in fear of being attack, but of what might have happened to Cocoa, "If…if you do not have control…" Then what?

Buddy shakes his head that he wasn't about to do anything. He just sits there for a bit and whimpers. Finally, he shifts to a human and leaves his head down though he is sitting in an odd position for a person. More dog-like than anything else. "Not my fault. I was just practicing and Poofy Pop saw me so I ran up to him. He got scared at first. I tried to tell him it was me, but it's hard to talk like that. Then Cocoa came up and started picking a fight with me. You should have heard the things she said." He talks very quickly though he never looks up.

"Poofy Pop?" Dylan says with a bit of an amused grin, "I guess I could…" He pauses, "And have been called worse… " He looks over at Buddy, "Cocoa is a smart dog, but she is still just a dog. Just didn't know that it was you… she was reacting to what she thought was a real.. um.. another tiger by one of her peoples. I am one of her peoples, right?"

Besa's eyes narrow, "She was not picking a fight. She was clearly scared that there was a tiger and wanted to protect us." The name Buddy would be super funny if Besa wasn't starting to have a sharp panic attack. That hand that was out goes to his chest, pressing the necklace underneath his shirt against his heart. His eyes close. Cocoa sits up, but then drops her head, perhaps in a combination of fear of the tiger, where ever it went, and not wanting to get scolded by Besa. She'll start to belly crawl towards him, grass stick I her fur and a wild flower caught in her vest.

Buddy looks up finally at Dylan and says, "Yes, you were there -poof- gone. Then -pop- you were over here. Poofy Pop. Makes sense." Then when Dylan says that Cocoa is just a dog, Buddy says, "I'm an animal too!" He then looks up at Besa and says, "I was just practicing. I wasnt hurting anyone." He stands up and turns. At first, he just starts walking away clearly dejected. That walk turns to a run in a few steps and finally the boy becomes a little grey bunny darting across the field.

Dylan looks over at Buddy, "Buddy, you are a boy that can turn into an animal. You can think and understand things in ways that Cocoa can't." He really hopes that the dog can't understand him, somehow, and isn't offended. He looks over at the ancient teen. "Besa, calm down… he doesn't understand why you're upset… you're just upsetting him more… " He notices the dog, "Upsetting both of them…"

Cocoa 's tail is down along with her ears. He sole purpose now is to get to Besa. Anything Dylan's saying about her is ignore if she does understand it. Besa's watching Buddy and doesn't try to stop him when he shifts into a rabbit and runs. His chest is moving although it doesn't seem like he's taking in a lot of air. His head whips around, hair flailing dramatically a moment to give Dylan a hurt look. He's worried about Buddy being upset? Hand still shoved against his chest he shakes his head at Dylan now, disappointed before he walks towards Cocoa. His free hand dropped, but that's all the effort he can make to get Cocoa's attention, "Come."

Dylan watches the bunny disappear into the high grass and watches Besa turn and head off in a huff. "Well, shit." He watches the bunny and holds his hands out, concentrating, trying to teleport the bunny to his hands. When the rabbit just hops further off, he grumbles, "Well, fuck."

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