(2018-08-29) Rowdy Revolting Robots
Rowdy Revolting Robots
Summary: A robotics company new production lines of defensive robots run amuck requiring the students to end the rampage with a curse.
Date: 2018-08-29
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Scene Runner: Bryce

Advanced Security Protection Corporation is a new company that has recently been founded in Shady Cove. What is going on inside the protected facility has been left a rather large secret. The security company has a high level of security itself. However, a loud klaxon sounds across the facitilty. Red flashing strobe lights send bright beams of light across several parts of the compound both inside and outside. The security force at the gate receive an emergency phone call. "Get help. Any help. This is a level 4 emergency." The two security guards immediately get on their phones and computers putting out a request for assistance. A level 4 is definitely higher than they can cover. They are just responsible for keeping people out.

Hearing about the emergency, Koga wasted no time in getting a map and looking over where things where nearest to the site of that emergency. Afterwards, he put in a call to whoever was in charge of sending students to help that he was about to make a portal to there as he made his way to the administration building. Once there, he transformed and waited for his signal to go ahead with what he needed to do as he drew a quick series of symbols in the air with his spear/staff to faciliate things.

His newest ability was still in the beginning stages, but transformed as he is… well, he has one hell of a pair of agile hands whenever he does put his mind to it. And he is certainly doing so extensively at the moment. By the time anyone has arrived to tag along, he has the open door frame covered in the odd symbols of his magic, and a blue and green swirling portal that fills the door frame itself is in place.

Placing the unbladed end of his spear on the ground, Koga steps aside in full armor to let faculty and students through as needed. He probably has to be the last one.

As for the other end? It surprisingly is the guard house itself. Said door is literally forced open by the spell to allow another portal to apppear and let others out. This is probably way above any guards paygrade, of course.

Ashton's grandfather is showing his version of grandfatherly love by adding more money onto Ashton's debit card and telling the boy to go buy something nice for himself to celebrate going back to school, so Ashton happened to be in the neighborhood of the electronics company when chaos seemed to erupt from it. The young dark haired sorcerer heard the cries for help and, possibly despite better judgement, rushed that way to see what was going on. Even though he may be Metis now his Ares roots are still there, as he rushes that way without a second thought.

The Masters girl drive now and has a cute little Fiat convertible so they are heading down the road in it, top down and listening to whatever Besa wanted to. Sure he was shotgun but Rain has nice like that. To him at least. As they passed the high tech facility the klaxons started going off and the lights flashing, causing the girl to quickly pull over her car "What do you think that is all about Besa?" she asks him as she pops the trunk with the handy button and gets out of her car.

Besa is a nervous wreck riding in Rain's car. The poor cursed dude is basically sitting his his hands jammed into the pockets of a hoodie, just to be safe. "I do not know…" Seeing her get out, "Do you wish to see if we can be of assistance?"

Bryce makes his way to the administration complex when he received the announcment of a group of students needed to help an unknown situation in town. Seeing Koga there, he pauses and takes a deep breath before stepping through his portal. Just as he passes through, a flash of light on his circlet indicates the formation of his under armor which causes his clothing to tighten. He emerges on the outside near the security gate clearly surprised to see other students from the school arriving.

One of the security officers who has been scrambling to contact help waves down the arriving students. He is glad to see help arriving though he didn't expect the help to be so young. He was hoping for more along the lines of SWAT or the National Guard. His boss gave him the impression that the help would arrive unexpectantly and would be a surprise. Well, bonus points for the boss. He was right. "Hey. Kids. Come over here."
By this time, smoke is leaking out from the metal plates that slammed down over the windows when the alarms went off. The smell of fire can be picked up as well though it is faint at the moment.

Moving through since there was not that many, Koga comes out in well… yeah. His Brave form looks to the guard as he says something and the portal closes behind him. The green eyes dim for a second, then light back up as he moves over towards the guards. The spear is kept in hand as he walks over to speak with them. "Are you the security that asked for help?" His distorted voice asks from in the armor.

The sight of the closed windows has Koga glancing to the guards with a growl sounding from his helmet. "Is there people trapped inside?" He asks in a quick follow up, almost looking ready to head for the building itself. He might be able to pry those shutters off, after all, if people are inside still. But he wants to know if there are indeed people still inside first.

Ashton rushes up to the gate, especially seeing Koga and Bryce portalling in. Okay, that definitely means that he might indeed be needed. So, he didn't arrive through a magic portal, but he is about the same age. "Koga! What's going on?" He sees the smoke coming through the windows and looks at the security guard, "What is going on?" The boy is wearing jeans and a short sleeved tee shirt, with his olive green canvas messenger bag slung over his shoulder.

"Yes." Rain keeps the answer short as she moves to get her truncheons from her trunk "Do you smell smoke?" she is starting to sound concerned. Smoke, klaxons, flashing red alert lights. Its a trifecta. She worries toward the gate where she sees the rest of the calvary "Did the call the school for help?" she ponders, mostly outloud but the answer that that one is obvious. Why would the others be here if that weren't the case. She came up in time to heard Ashton ask the important questions, do she doesn't repeat it.

Besa frowns and follows Rain while sniffing the air. Seeing the other students he tries to get closer to everyone, just so he can be of assistance if this goes badly. He echos Ashton as he starts to dig into his pockets for soemthing, "What has happened?" The runes stay in his hands in his pocket, ready to be crushed.

Bryce walks up behind Koga and Ashton. Ashton gets a nod as do Rain and Besa as they show up. He doesn't want to interrupt. Also, he doesn't want to talk because it takes him too long to say anything and speed seems to be important. He is clearly relieved to see Rain here.

The guard says, "Yes, there are people on the main floor and a few people in the offices." The other guard says, "Our boss will explain." The second guard presses a button on one of his consoles which causes a nearby monitor to flicker to life. On the monitor is a middle aged man with some grey just above his ears. He is wearing a pair of progressive glasses and is dressed in a tan suit. In a normal situation, he would be pleasant enough looking man, but this is not a normal situation. The stress of the emergency is visible on his face. He coughs once from the smoke and says, "Ah, exactly the type of help I expected and was trying to avoid. There isn't much time to explain. We are a robotics company that is producing robots to end the need for your assistance. We have strict protocols that prevent the robots from escaping their programming and going on the offensive. It is impossible. Unfortunately, they have done just that. The system is producing robots at an increasing rate and they are growing more dangerous by the line. Please, you must stop them before they destroy the facility, kill the staff and move out into the city."
A driveway leads from the gate to the double doors which have also been sealed with a large metal bulkhead, most likely in an attempt to keep the robots inside.

Koga's green eyes blink a few times. Then he looks to the other students before looking back to the monitor. "You have never seen the Terminator, have you?" He shakes his head before looking to the others. "I believe we need to contain this as much as possible." A glance is given towards the monitor. "In the mean time, I need to know two things, sir. Are these robots protected against electrical attacks, and how do we cut the power to the system to stop this?"

Koga, meanwhile, is a bit curious how in the hell he can match up against robots. That is vastly different than anything else. He is glad he has that magic spear out, at least, because this is about to get well… awkward if the robots are immune to being overloaded.

Ashton sighs, "So great.. what you're telling us is that you have killer robots, self-reproducing, on a rampage… And we really don't have time to argue about industrial secrets and things like that… We need to know what can be done to stop them to save your people." Apparently, this small, boy seems to think that he can take on killer robots with a little, ornate dagger, because that is what he pulls out of his bag. He gives a slight nod to the other students there.

"If that is the case why are we standing out here and not in there helping people already?" Rain knows all the needs to know of the situation. There is a flick of wrists and the truncheons snap out with a satisfying metal and clicking noise as the lock into place. Without any furter hesitation from her she heads into the "Come on Besa. For once," more than that actually "Your anti-tech magic is going to come in handy."

Besa's face falls. This is …not going to be good. Instead of crushing the runes in and he leaves them in his pocket and starts to draw the rune on his leg to summon his khophesh. "We must get me to the system that is crating the robots… The curse should stop it." And leave him vulnerable, but still! He swipes at his leg, but nothing happens. He frowns looking down and flexing his hand. That's not a good sign. But he'll nod and follow after Rain, looking over his shoulder at the others, "If anyone is hurt, let me know!"

Bryce turns to head to look at the facility. Those plate bulkheads covering the doors and windows look pretty solid. They will have to get through those. "Per-perhaps we should have our, uh, best fighters fight and, well, uh, contain the robots while others try to rescue people and shut of the, er, system?" As soon as Rain starts towards the facility, Bryce follows along. "If we can, um, open those windows, maybe I can get people out that way."

The man on the display says to Koga, "The initial models are not. What the future models will be capable of is anyone's guess. The system is designed to adjust to threats. As for stopping this, if I knew how, I would have done so already. I have a master control override command that I've activated on multiple occasions." Suddenly the man's face disappears from the monitor as though he suddenly dropped out of the camera's sight. The image itself starts to shimmer as though something or someone is altering the feed.

Koga looks at the camera feed, then to the others. Looking to the guards, he asks the obvious question, "What is happening?" Koga turns his head to keep an eye on the facility just in case. No telling what robots might try to do. Like bust out a wall at any moment. He looks to the others. "I think this might be a lot bigger than just us now. Should we try to call in more from the school?"

Ashton sighs, "I cannot believe someone could be this stupid…" He looks at Koga, "We probably should, but I don't think we have the luxury of waiting. There are lives at stake." He mumbles under his breath about the carelessness of idiots messing with things that they have no business messing with.

The facility seems to be locked down pretty tight with no obvious ways to get in as far as Rain can see "You could try calling that Unit 23, but wouldn't they already be here if they were available?" she glances to Koga and the others "Koga can you pry one of these open?" there is a gesture to the door "Or can you create something to smash through?" she asks of Bryce

Besa shakes his hand, like he's trying to warm it up, but his gaze his scanning the area, trying to understand what's going on. Robots are beyond him.

Bryce looks to Rain and says, "I can, er, try." He lifts one hand towards the door and a beam of energy emerges from his head. It snakes out in front of him and begins to form the large version of the arcade claw that he has become rather skilled with recently. This time, he brings the tips of the claws together to a point and presses it into the seem. The claws then begin trying to open forming a version of the jaws of life. Once the edge begins to crinkle and turn, the claw is able to grab that and start to pry the bucklehead open. Right now there is no smoke coming from the ever growing opening; however, the sounds of machines moving and people screaming can now be heard from inside.

Koga was about to head for one of the doors, but Bryce beat him to it. Nodding at Bryce, he heads for the new opening. The spear is kept in two hands as he moves to step right into the danger, trusting in the fact that he is pretty much a magically enhanced super warrior type of guy to withstand possible robot mayhem. His armored head gives a growl, as if to say that he doesn't like this but well… of those there, he's probably the toughest one at the moment. And a robot is probably going to be something like an overgrown marine zombie crab thing, anyways. Just… more deadly. Once inside, Koga scans the area with his head turning both ways before continuing in further.

Before the summer, the sounds of the screams would have been enough to send Ashton running head first without a second thought, now he moves at a hastened pace, but he is still slower in his approach. His hands tighten around the dagger, to the point of his knuckles whitening. Well, there is only one choice, into the breech.

Unlike a majority of the students at the school, Rain is loath to use her main power. Especially after what she learned about it just recently. But if things are that dire in the factory they are going to need all the help they can get and while Legion can be flightly, in Rain's opinion at least, she is also quite fighty. And they may need that. There is a moment of concentration, where she seems to blur out of focus before her duplicate steps away from her, matching truncheons in her own hands. "How we gonna do this people?" is her immediate question. "Half of us take this floor, the other half go to another floor?"

Besides knowing it's robots and they're birthing more robots (?) , Besa's at a lose. "Someone get me to the creation center!" Because he doesn't know what to look for! He starts to frantically draw a run on his leg again, he needs his weapon! And there it is! Out from his thigh he seems to pull a rather large , white , curved sword. It looks too big for the small student to weird, but he is.

Bryce allows the claw to fade away and steps into the facility wondering what is behind those doors. He looks to Rain and says, "If, if they are re, replicating, we should er, stop that or we, well, will lose by attrition." He is definitely glad they are fighting robots so he doesn't have to worry about what happened last time he fought people. He nods to Besa and says, "May, maybe Besa and I go find the s-source?"

The inside of the facility is divided into three floors. The main floor and the second floor are rather open spaces with a few large conveyor belts. These seem to be where the robots or robot components emerge for testing. Around each area are stations set up to test the next feature. The final stage for contrustion is far to the left. The third floor is where the office areas are kept. Right now there are three robots with tank treads for mobility and a single vertical support for the main torso. Two arms on each side are designed for combat: the left is a claw like device while the right one is just ends with a large cylinder with a hole in the middle of it. One of the robots is herding several of the work force into a back corner while the second one is examining some of the equipment. The last robot turns and notices the door being forced open. "Warning. Intruders. Your presense is not desired. Depart or face deletion."

"So much for negotiations." He comments to the others. "I will handle them." He moves forward, spinning the spear in one hand before crouching and leaping forward horizontally in a leap that is enough for dust on the floor to be swept to the sides in his wake. The mystically charged teen goes for robot that addressed them quickly and actually comes to skid to a stop as he brings his spear back, then swings around.

The good news, his spear is pretty much as strong as his armor probably! So this won't have much of a chance of breaking it. The bad news for the robot?

"FOOOOOOUR!" Koga tries to swing it around by said spear off it's treads and send it flying into the second robot bodily.

People might just be underestimating how strong Koga's Brave form is, but Koga is certainly about to cut loose on the inanimate objects of apparent death and destruction being created. Yep.

For Ashton the robot leading the workers to whatever fate that awaits them is the focus of his concern and his attention. His eyes go dark as he starts speaking in a dark, gritty tonuge that man was never meant to speak. His words faltering slightly as he hesitates every once in a while. At least this time he boy does not draw the blade across his own flesh. He however using the dagger as a focus for the wild, entropic energies that he channels at the robot.

Rain and Legion exchange a glance as some unspoken communication passes between them. A nod as a quick decision is made "I'll go with you two." one of them says to Besa and Bryce as the other goes to help Koga and Ashton with the three robots that have threatened them. She swings the truncheons at the third robot, the metal of her weapons ringing against the metal of the robots but doing little damage as of yet.

Besa's own grip tightens on his bald when Ashton's words are heard. "Lead me there, Bryce!" Rain is given a glance, but now that there's two, he just nods, she's a better warrior than he is, they'll be fine. He hopes. But it looks like he's got one anyway, so that's good. He swings his Kophesh to try to keep a robot away, and he barely does so. "I must touch the birthing pad!" He really doesn't understand what is going on!

easier. He also isn't quite sure that birthing pad is quite what the term would be but also doesn't think this is the right time to worry about such things. Calling back to Besa and whichever Rain is coming, he says, "It might be up, er, upstairs. The hierarchy might wish, uh, to be closer to the, the source." He begins heading for the stairs. Up on the second floor, two robots are in the process of being formed with one watching over the process. The large construction arms are quickly trying to assemble the much larger versions of the robots down below.

With Koga's display, the number of robots drop from 3 to 2 though the resulting scream from the work force echoes in the chamber. Ashton's dark energies seem to have no effect on the robot except to get its attention. The robot turns and fires an energy bolt from its cylindrical arm at Ashton while the one fighting Rain misses completely with it's attack.

Ashton dodges past the energy blast that the robot shot in his direction. At least the thing has its attention on him and not the workers. It is almost like he is fencing with the dagger from across the room. Once again he speaks the dark incantation and thrusts the entropic energy at the robot. Once the spell is unleashed. The young sorcerer yells out to the workers, "Come on, people! We're here to help! Make for the exit!"

Koga takes off again with his robot apparently down, he tries to impose himself between the robot and the workers to get them out of there, his spear coming down at the robot in question as he attempts to cut off the arm of the robot itself. This time he seems to be a bit more sloppy, but he does echo the yell out to the workers, "Get to the doors! We are here to help! Do not stop, just go! We will cover you!"

Unfortunately, he is having to turn away from his fight to yell at the workers. And well… he looks like a freaking crazy armored dragon man thing in this form. That probably does not say 'help' more than anything else right now, does it?

People that are familiar with Rain and know her quirks can tell her apart from Legion, at least after interacting with both of them a few times. That is not the case now. This isn't sparring they are doing so both Rain and Legion fight with grim determination. No telling them apart now so it is probably unclear who went with which group.

The one downstairs, continues to bash away at the robot with her weapons with little effect so far. She's going to need to get stronger weapons, or maybe she should or grapped her swords instead.

The teen upstairs seems to have a bit better luck as she dashes forward weapons flashing as she goes for what she hopes are vulnerable spots on the robot. "Besa go. We'll cover you." We being Bryce and herself.

Once he gets up the stairs Besa blinks, "is…is that it?" He wasn't sure what to expect. A pad or platform or….something. "Is it the computer tower thing?" Gah. He needs to learn these things, but not right now. He darts forward, sword in hand, dodging the robotic arms before dropping to his knees to touch the pad and tower. It's a bit of a stretch, leaving the teen open prone. But he's doing what he said he'd do. Touch things.

Bryce lifts a hand as he sees Besa move towards the servers. He cannot let those construction arms get to him. The sharp psychic katana appears just hovering in the air several feet in front of Bryce. It goes to work trying to make julienne fries out of the arms, but the metal is too tough. However, the arms have to actively defend themselves from the blade which prevents them from getting to Besa.

The people really don't care who these crazy people are. All they know is that there are fewer robots around and an open pathway to the door. They run towards the opening that Bryce made in the door trying to be careful not not trip on the debris caused by Koga's initial attack. This final robot remaining on the ground floor does not seem to turn its attack on the trio of students but aims its weapon at the fleeing workers. Only Rain's attack disrupts it from killing the defenseless people.
Meanwhile, the arms on the second floor go into overdrive trying to finish one of the larger robots before these pesky organics can get in its way. The Rain/Legion teen upstairs lands a series of amazing hits on the larger robot. Perhaps its size, while giving it greater strength, also made it a bigger target. The blows devastate the mechnical monster leaving it struggling to move. The moment Besa touches the server tower, all the lights flicker off. The remaining robots stop moving instantly as though frozen in place. The modern tech stopped by an ancient curse.

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