(2018-08-29) Dragons of Summer's Night
Dragons of Summer's Night
Summary: Syd meets Erica, a warm person in all senses of the word. Oh, and she's a dragon sometimes. As an old school D&Der, this is dear to Syd's heart. Also, look for Syd's new costume. There's a photo link in the descs section.
Date: 2018.08.29
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Coral Springs Courtyard
The path leads up the hill and into a large cobblestoned courtyard surrounded by four buildings. In the center of the courtyard is a greenspace, landscaped with flowers that spell out Coral Springs. In the center of the greenspace is a large statue, a memorial to the lives that were lost during the attack on the previous school. In the distance the tip of a lighthouse can ben seen. Between the buildings is a view of the ocean. It seems the school has been built on the tallest cliff of the island and has a lovely view of the open ocean to the southeast.

With the view between the buildings it almost seems like you can take to the skies and FLY. Maybe if you had wings, or some other way to FLY you could.


Sydney wanders out into the courtyard sporting her brand new, third generation fighting togs. "Well damn," she mutters to herself. "If I'd known it was this simple, I'd have done this a long time ago." Then, of course, she notes she's not alone. She looks over at the tall(er) woman and smiles. "Oh hi. Um. Um…" She snaps her fingers, trying to recall Erica's name. "Well, I give up, I don't think I've actually met you before. I'm Sydney. Call me Syd."

Erica is breathing a bit heavily, maybe she had just been jogging or something. She turns and smiles a bit, "Hi." she says and bounces over towards her, "I am Erica," she offers a hand, and seems to rarely be holding still.

Sydney smiles and shakes Erica's hand. The armored fist is gentle around what is (at least possibly) Erica's flesh and blood hand. A warm squeeze, probably softer-skinned than one might expect, and she lets go. "Erica. Very cool. Nice to meet you, Erica. Nice night for a jog, huh?" She takes a guess, at least. She smiles at the constant movement. Energetic people usually make her smile. Syd, herself, tends to move a little more slowly, as though she weighs a lot and has a lot of power to move it with.

Erica smiles and then shakes her head a bit, "Was actually just getting back from flying." she says and flushes just a bit, "Nice to meet you too, Syd." she says and then shakes her head. She is bobbing a little on the balls of her feet.

Sydney blinks and glances upward, almost involuntarily. "Flying? Oh cool. What do you do that lets you fly? I mean… energy blast, shapeshift, telekinetic… umm… really bad gas?" Syd giggles. She's in that kind of mood tonight. The energy becomes contagious, which is why Syd likes energetic folks so much. She rolls up onto the balls of her feet a little more lightly than she was walking earlier. Not quite bobbing yet.

Erica giggles a bit and then shakes her head, "No I shapeshift guess you can say." she holds up her arms, showing the fancy dragon bracelets around each wrist. "I summon Lexi and then we fuse and I get…well I turn into what I been calling a dragon girl." she flushes just a bit.

You say, "Ooooo… nice. I'm a brick. I'm made of metal. I break things, basically. I have a little shapeshifting capability, so my big accomplishment for the day is finding an easier way to make clothes out of me. I was making it out of my skin, which feels really weird, and bugged me, so it was distracting, among other things. This…feels like wearing clothes.""

Erica nods and smiles a bit, "I bet that can feel weird." she says and shakes her head a bit. "I just turn into a girl with wings, scales, spikes, horns, and breathes fire."

Sydney grins. "Nice. Is that embarrassing to do? I mean…" She holds out one arm, and the armored glove breaks up into filaments that look remarkably like her hair, and retract into her arm. She wiggles her fingers and reactivates the glove, sprouting massive amounts of hair on her forearm, that swiftly lies down and merges into the glove. "I'd show you the whole thing, but I'm not actually wearing anything else."

Erica shakes her head, "Not really, I get to keep my clothes, and my new form is wearing at least a loincloth and bikini top." she doesn't comment that they are like chainmail though, "My body is covered with scales though, so.." she shrugs.

Sydney nods. "Nice. Some time, if you don't mind, I'd like to see that. It sounds really cool. Awesome, if people still use that word sincerely. I'm an old school D&D geek, so a dragon girl is just… adorable, at least the way I'm imagining it.

Erica smiles a little, "I have time if you want, I can't maintain it for long, since I just did a bunch of flying, but I can change."

Sydney nods. "If you don't mind. I mean, I know this stuff can be pretty personal. I get all kinds of questions. I usually don't mind though.

Erica shakes her head and smiles, "I don't mind." she says and then backs up a bit. "Lexi, come forth." she calls out and the bracelets start to glow and turn into glowing orbs which float up to just in front of Erica and form into one and then swell with light. When it fades there is a cat sized dragon flying just in front of Erica. Erica smiles and holds out her arms, "Lexi, Ruby Dragon Fusion!" she calls out and the little dragon flies into Erica's arms. Once she is hugging the dragon, both of them start to glow brightly, the glow covering their form and hiding it from view. The glow seems to get bigger, taller. It swells bright a moment and then fades. Leaving a new bigger dragon girl in its place.

This creature stands over seven feet in height. Dark crimson skin covers what are obviously feminine curves. A close look at the skin shows it to actually be small scales. Long fiery orange locks cascade down to the middle of her back. Where her hair slides back from her brow, thick ebony horns emerge. Those horns run back almost framing her hair and stick out behind her. There are a few more smaller horns, more spikes that run across her brow. Her face extends out, a lizard like muzzle with pronounced nostrils. Small wafts of smoke drift up from the nostrils. Rows of sharp teeth line the muzzle like mouth. A pair of ruby like faceted eyes dart about to take in the details of her surroundings. There are a few more spikes along her shoulders, and a long black one that extends out from each elbow. Her fingers end in sharp black claws. There is a sharp spike on each of her knees as well. And each foot ends in black talons. A pair of thick leathery crimson wings emerge from her back. She probably has an easy ten to fifteen foot wingspan when they are extended, and look almost like a cloak when folded against her back. She seems to be wearing what looks like a chainmail loincloth and a matching chainmail bra-like top. Sneaking out from the loincloth in the back is a matching tail. It is thick up near her rear though it thins out as it stretches behind her. There are a couple wicked looking spikes near the tip. There is a faint reddish glow about her body.

Sydney whistles. "Okay, cute is the wrong word, definitely. That's… stunning… exotic… dangerous looking. If I didn't know you were friendly, you'd be fairly terrifying. But wow… you're totally a dragon."

Erica growls a little and gives a chuckle, "Breathesss fire, and flame aurraaas." she rumbles out, harder to form the words with her new muzzle. She extends out her wings, flexing them a few times before folding them back up, her tail swishing from side to side.

Sydney reaches out, then hesitates. "Wow… three extra limbs, too. Does that mess with your head sometimes? And… can I touch one of your wings?

Erica nods her head and extends the wings again so that she can come touch them, "At first yes, but it feels so natural, like this is what I was truly meant to be." the words are slurred a bit, hard to understand but she speaks slowly to get them out.

Sydney brushes metal fingertips over Erika's wing. "And you're beautiful either way." She smiles. "Thanks. That's a really cool power. What team are you joining?"

Erica smiles, "I joined Aresss." she says and there is a bit of a smile. She preens a little, apparently liking the compliments.

Sydney nods and brushes fingertips over some scales on Erika-dragon's arm. "So in… like the Pern books, they were always oiling dragons' scales. Is that a thing, or not? I never actually read a whole one…they kind of left me cold."

Erica shakes her head a bit, "No I haven't had to, but that might change as I can spend more time in my dragon form." she says and shivers just a little at the touch to her arm.

Sydney draws her hand back. "Sorry. I should have asked before I did that. Listen if you need oil… I'm all about scented mineral oils. They help keep me from rusting."

Erica shakes her head, "Nothing to be sorry for." she would be blushing if she could. "I will keep that in mind if I need it." it might be noted as well, that the air around her is warmer right next to her.

Sydney resists the temptation to cuddle up to the dragon girl. "You're warm, too." She smiles, and blushes into the golden straw colors. She steps back and runs her fingers through her hair. "Um. Steel girl gets cold easily when it's cold out. I'm just sayin' if I get obnoxious about hugging you come winter… tell me to go pound sand, or whatever."

Erica rumbles a little, obviously laughing, "I can turn it up to where it burns." she shakes her head a bit and then looks at the other girl for a moment, "Never turn down hugs." she offers.

Sydney slips her arms around Erika, trying not to get tangled in the wings. Syd is warm to the touch, evenly so, as though her body is a huge heat sink. Which is exactly what's going on. "That's pretty hot, for me. Cold though… cool me below 40 and I solidify and my metabolism stops. It starts right up when I warm up, but I spent something like 35 years in a walk-in freezer *stopped*.

Erica shakes her head a bit, "That sounds awful." she says and folds her wings up to make it easier and then does slip her own arms around to hug back, "Hopefully that won't happen again."

Sydney nods. "Yeah. Amen to that." She smiles and does eventually let go of Erica. "All this and you're nice, too. I should… probably let you go do whatever it was you were planning to do…

Erica smiles and after the hug is over she steps back and then glows and she and the little dragon reappear. She hugs the dragon one more time and then it turns into two orbs that return to bracelets around her wrists. "Well had been working out and a bit, "Had no big plans."

Sydney looks out into the dark. "I was going to go for a run, make sure this…" she gestures toward her outfit "…is stable. Probably do that tomorrow though. Definitely see you around…"

Erica nods, "I am in the Ares Dorm, not hard to find me." she says and waves to her.

Sydney nods. "I'm in the Metis dorm. Room 100." She pauses. "Oh! Do you have your phone? I never think of this in time normally."

Erica nods and pulls her phone out.

Sydney finds the "contact card" app on hers. "I just got this thing. My last phone was a flip phone…" It takes a couple tries to send the contact to Erica. As though Syd has never actually done it before.

Erica nods and takes smiles a little, "I didn't really have a phone till recently. Um, dad never let me out of the property without him till recently."

Sydney whistles. "Wow. Lot of that going around. Well… we're out now." Syd grins. "Look out world. Here we come, right?"

Erica smiles, "Well he had reasons." she says and then nods and waves as she starts towards the dorms.

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