(2018-08-29) Cocoa is a Traitor
Cocoa is a Traitor
Summary: Besa and Dylan share thoughts and feelings on the edge of a cliff.
Date: 2018-08-29
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Cliff - Coral Springs

As though the entire island were carved in one titanic blow from a greater landmass, the cliff drops nearly vertically down to the rocky beach below, and thence to the restless blue-green sea. Greenery clings to the cliff where it can, and cliff swallows make their homes in any crags large enough to support their gourd shaped mud nests. There is no safety rail. There are no stairs. What students do about that is up to them.

It is a summer evening. The weather is hot and clear.

Besa has been exploring the island , trying to find the right places for mediation. That's not what he's doing now. Instead the teen is sitting on the edge of the cliff, feet dangling as he sketches in his book. It's not runes, or plans for defeating demons. Just trees and waves and sky. Cocoa is laying next to the ancient teen, eyes closed as her boy relaxes. He missed lunch, but that's ok, he's not very hungry lately. He knows he'll not get away with that once Rain's around and not working. And Sky's not cared (Or doesn't really talk to him to know) for a while now. His heels bounce against the cliff wall as his pencil moves. A soft humming can be heard for the teen, some ancient lost melody .

Dylan's head is filled to the brim and ready to burst. First his conversation with Besa, then running into Callisto. The speedster is trying to find a place to just clear his head and not think. And with just his luck, he happens to stumble upon one of the causes of his frustration. He stops abruptly, almost to a skidding stop. He holds his breath; maybe neither Besa nor Cocoa has noticed him there.

Cocoa's ears twitch. Once, twice, and then she lifts her head to look in Dylan's direction. Her tail thumps a few times, which is what alerts Besa. He looks down at her, and the follows her gaze to Dylan. An eyebrow raises slightly, Dylan looks like he's been caught steal, which seems to always be a possibility with Dylan. "Are you well, Tom?"

Dylan looks at the dog, almost like he is silently calling the dog a traitor, even if she is actually serving her master. He reaches up and rubs the back of his neck, "Um.. oh hey, Besa… yeah.. just fine. Why?" He flashes the Egyptian boy a grin - like everything is all peachy.

Cocoa's tail just keeps wagging, either she's oblivious to Dylan's glare, or she thinks it's funny. Besa though tilts his head, pretty hair hanging over one eye, "Because you look surprised…" The smile confusing, Dylan keeps ending all these mixed signals, "Where you expecting someone else? Or wanting to be alone?" He doesn't move yet, but he'll leave if the Ares needs the cliff. His drawing is just alright, nothing he'll be able to do anything else with.

Dylan shakes his head, "No, you're fine… and the only person that I was hoping to find here was maybe me… " He lets out a slight breath, "And no, that isn't a hint for you to leave… though it does look like a reasonable place to jump off of and just end everything, so I hope that isn't what you were doing here."

It takes him a minute to realize what Dylan means, "Oh…no. It would not do me much good." Suicide isn't a viable option. Maybe he's tried? He says seated, watching the taller boy. "I was just….drawing." The sketchbook is still in his lap and the pencil in his hand. "Do you need to talk?'

Dylan sucks in his lower lip slightly. "Need to?" Probably. "I did not know if you wanted to talk to me… you know after our conversation the other night.." He looks at Besa through the tendrils of his hair. Where Besa's hair is perfect, his is perfectly imperfect - something that Callisto might have noticed herself the other night.

Besa's head tilts a little more, maybe to get that lock of hair from his eyes. There's a hint of worry in his voice, "Are we still not friends?" The sketchbook is closed, giving Dylan his full attention, "I should not have said anything. I never meant to upset you…I am sorry."

Dylan looks at Besa, "Are you really this stupid? Why would I not be your friend, because of what you said to me? Yes, we're still friends. You didn't say anything to me that upset me… I figured that you might have finally come to your senses and realized that I'm more trouble than I'm worth."

Besa frowns, "You are the one that just said you didn't know if I wanted to talk to you!" Why is everyone's default to say he's stupid? "I was asking because unless you had decided we were no longer friends, of course I wanted to talk to you." He sighs, looking towards the ocean a moment as he slips the pencil into the spin of his sketch book, "You are not trouble. But you can be difficult." Ha, kettle, meet pot! Cocoa looks between both boys, but doesn't move from Besa's side.

Dylan frowns, "Maybe I should be the one thinking about jumping off the cliff…. " He shakes, "I have a feeling that you would try to talk to me even if I had decided we weren't friends… " He shoves his hands into his pockets. The tension is apparent in his shoulders. "I'd say maybe the question should be if I'm the one that is stupid, but we both already know the answer to that one is yes… so no point asking the obvious." He shrugs slightly, looking less confident than he normally armors himself with. "I'm both… trouble and difficult… or difficult trouble… " He walks closer to the edge, looking down its length.

Besa's frown stays, unsure if Dylan meant that as an insult or what. "Tom. If you do not wish to speak to me, I will leave." The frown slips into something more worried, "Has something new happened, you…you were not this….distraught when I saw you last…" Or did he make up his mind? And he just doesn't want to tell Besa no thanks, he doesn't like like him. With him at the edge, and Besa sitting at the edge, he has to look up at the tall teen. "I do care about you, even if this is what we are." This meaning hopefully friends. "Please talk to me?"

Dylan looks at Besa, kind of a surprised look on his face. "What? Why would you think that? I just said that we were still friends, didn't I?" He shakes his head slightly, "Nothing happened… except that my brain caught up with my mouth… It's always a few laps behind… " He leans a little farther over. He even kicks a rock off the edge, letting it fall. "And no, I'm meant what I said… maybe not how I said it, meaning with my shorts upside your head. Sorry about that… Sometimes I act without thinking… well.. without thinking about the consequences… " He sighs, "I'm probably not being clear… "

Besa now looks baffled, "You are sending the mixed signals, Tom." As he watches the Ares be all, well, Ares, the Guardian sighs softly. "I have been hit with worse things." He then smiles softly, "Come sit?' That might be a subtle way of him asking Dylan to please not fall. "I know I am not…easy to always be around. I am stubborn." He glances again out to the ocean, fingers tightening around his book. If Dylan sat next to him, he'll tune to look at him, if not he'll look up again at the teen. "You are being clear. I can wait."

Dylan sits down next to Besa, though his eyes are turned a bit away at least at first. He sighs softly, "It's not that I don't like you… cause I do… I don't know what you want? I'm not sure that you know what you want? And I don't want to push you into something that you may not want… I wasn't thinking about you… I was just thinking about what I wanted."

Besa watches Dylan, that head tilting making him look younger than his thousands of years. "I …you…" He sighs, taking in the Ares student's profile. "You have decided if you like like me then?" Because that's really the first thing they need to figure out. What Besa wants? "I do not know. Are you asking me if I want to date you, or something else?" His eyebrow raises and he finally offers a soft smile, "I know everyone believes I am a push over, but I will not do something I do not wish to." He switches his book to the opposite hand and reaches over to touch Dylan's forearm, "What do you want?"

Dylan shakes his head, "No, I don't know if I like you or not.. just like you couldn't possibly know if you like me… " He looks at Besa, "We don't really know each other… but I know that I want to get to know you more and see if I do in fact like you, like that… I mean beyond the whole teenage hormone thing." He pauses, "I know I like you.. I just don't know if I like, like you… but I certainly would like to try to figure that out."

Besa takes a deep breath, he's not going to argue the semantics of like liking someone. He nods, hair bouncing as he looks to the ocean. Echoes of things that Whitley said to him echo in his head, but he tries to ignore that. "Then we will be friends, and see." Oh teenage hormones, they may be the death of Besa. He needs to not ever die again, he can't keep going through this. His hand goes back to his sketchbook, his heels bouncing gently against the cliff's wall. "What would you like to know about me?"

Dylan hangs his feet off the edge as well. He is close enough to Besa that their shoulders and legs are almost touching. "Well, I know you're past, but I really don't know your present. I mean what do you like? What do you like to do, to eat, music, movies, books? Who are your friends? I mean other than Cocoa. You mentioned the Masters, who are they and what's up with them…"

Besa nods, he can d this. "I like to throw clay. I play a hand drum, but I am not very good at it." His hand raises to rub his chest gently, "I do not know many of the new books and music. I have a few records, but they do not do me much good since my record player was ruined when the old school flooded." He wets his lips, his feet gently bouncing, "Tabitha used to go to the school, she bought me a record a month club….but I have it halted as I cannot play them." As for his friends he turns to look at Dylan, I have many. There are only a few people I do not get along with." Speaking of, "Schuyler was my very first friend." Ever. "He and his sister Rain have taken me into their family. She wrote my name in their family book." Apparently they is a big deal. "Circle is my baby sister. I have pictures of her up in my room of you would like to see." There's the smallest puffing of his chest, he's very proud of Circe. "What of you? Besides having many names, what do you like?"

Dylan listens to Besa talk. The corners of his lips turns upwards as Besa talks about Circe, "Should have paid more attention the night I slept in there… " He grins and leans just slightly towards Besa, "I guess you'll just have to sneak me back into your room so I can see it." Of course, he could just skip back into it, if he wanted. "Well, I'm about to tell you one of my biggest secrets… I'm a big fantasy and scifi geek. That's what I was doing in the bookstore that day was getting a couple of books to read." He grins, "And I only have a couple of names… Dylan Lee Sawyer, my fake id, which is Thomas Wayne Sawyer, hence Tom Sawyer… also Thomas Wayne is the name of Batman's dad… Calli and my ami sani called me, Coyote… well, Calli calls me Coyote, ami sani calls me 'her little coyote'… and Rex would call me Blink, since that's how he described my Skipping."

Sometimes Besa's slow, "I will not have to sneak you, I am sure RJ would eb fine with me having a friend in the room." So oblivious! He smiles warmly, "She is very sweet. She calls me Bey-Bey." It's the only nickname he's ever had besides 'The Sacrifice' or 'The Undying One'. "She is going blind." Obviously he's not smiling now, "I hear her eyes when I can." He listens to the big secret and then grins, "The is swords and dragons, yes?" A fake ID? "I have an ID. It is for…travel." And other things. Besa's got records n most countries, being immortal and a healer. Not that he knows that. "May I see you fake ID?" Batman? "That is a movie, yes?" Dark eyes study Dylan before he nods, "Coyote suits you, I think."

Dylan smirks and just shakes his head, not bothering to point out the difference. "I understand some roommates have that type of arrangement. Socks on the door when you have company, that sort of thing…" His smile fades as well. "Is there nothing that can be done? Gee.. I'm sorry…." He leans up and pulls out his wallet. He pulls out a driver's license with the name Thomas Wayne Sawyer on it. There is another id card below it. Dylan cocks his head, as he hands it over. "Is what a movie?" He grins, "I'm not clever enough to be Coyote."

Socks? He blinks, "What?" But talk of Circe takes precedence. "No, it is do to her power. We are…" Besa searches for the right word, "bypassing it by me healing her sight." And he doesn't care, he's going to heal her, damn it all. The id is studied, it looks very different than the international one he has. He flips it over to look at the back before looking at the birthdate listed. "Is this your birthday?" He hands it back, "The Batman and his father." Dark eyes lift to the messy hair and he can't help but smile, "Are you sure? You have a tuft as Coyote might."

Dylan listens, but he really has nothing to remark about Circe or her power. He knows nothing of such things. As far as the question about the birthday on the card. "The day and month are… I'm actually only 14, not 16… But New Mexico doesn't give driver's license to 14 year olds…" He then looks and gasps! "Oh Besa.. I'm sorry, but I cannot possibly date anyone who does not know that Batman is the best comic book ever made!" He also has a pretty good idea that Besa will take him seriously. He looks at the Egyptian teen, "I'm joking about that… not about Batman being the best comic ever.. but not being able to date you."

Besa assumes the year was wrong. There's a strange age gap between them just with their grades. His eyes widen , but then he shakes his head smiling, "I think you are just considering dating me so you can tease me." He is aware he's an easy target. "I will teach you to play Mancala. And then you will not be so braggish." He smiles up at teen though, no real challenge in his voice, "Or will can wrestle and then you will be sad because such a small old man has beaten you."

Dylan chuckles, "Nah, I'd tease you, whether dating was on the table or not." He cocks his head, "What's mancala? Is that some kind of instrument or something… you said you play a drum… " He grins, "Oh, we can wrestle all you want… I don't mind rubbing and grinding my body against yours."

Besa smirks, looking down at the sketchbook in his hand. His hair falls forward covering his eyes. "Mancalla is a board game I have played for many lifetimes. I have a board, I will teach you." Another laugh and he looks back, cheeks a little pink, "Rubbing and grinding is not wrestling." Well, not the type he was talking about. "You will have to wait for that for if we date." No previews, apparently!

With a slight nod, Dylan says, "Okay… I'll try to learn… no promises there…" Dimples forms framing his lips as he grins tightly. "Oh it's my type of wrestling… and I'm pretty good at it… " He looks mocked hurt, "What? Wait? Why? There is no need for waiting for a little fun."

Now Besa's wondering what's getting himself into! "I do not think you are the one that is supposed to say that. Should it not be your 'wrestling' partner?" But that does bring up something Besa probably should say, "I have only…kissed two people. I ma not as…versed." For having dark skin, his cheeks blush a lot. At least around Dylan they do! "Well, unless one would could kisses on the cheeks. Girls like to do that a lot." He'll smile playfully back at Dylan though, "You do not think sitting here talking to be is a little fun?"

Dylan leans a little forcefully against Besa, to nudge him. "I told you that I find getting your flustered to be fun… that's all I'm doing… I'm not that um.. practiced either… " He grins, "But I have to say that I am enjoying watching you blush to easily…" His bravado is mostly an act and a way to divert the attention away from the real Dylan, even if he does it subconsciously.

Besa lets the nudge sway him. "So then yes. This is a little fun." He supposes that's a good thing. He'll admit with a slightly embarrassed laugh, "One of the kisses I initiated by accident. I did not know that chocolate had such an effect on Taka's people." His free hand rises to tuck his hair behind his ear. "It is not too easily. It is warm out." He's lying, and is terrible at it, but he's not trying to hide that fact. "One day I will get you flustered and then you will see how it feels."

Dylan blinks a few times, "Um.. I don't understand… I mean it's chocolate, it's not like it's some super special delicacy that's worth its weight in gold on something… what kind of effect can it have to initiate it by accident?" Clearly, he does not know who or what Taka is. Once again there's that mischievous grin. "Is that what it takes for me to see how it feels is for you to get me flustered?"

Besa smiles, realizing Dylan's not met Taka yet, "Taka is not of this world. It does have that effect on his people." He clears his throat, "It was…nice. But not expected." He blinks, is that challenge? While Besa's not a competitor, he's still teen boy. His head tilts and he grows quiet, studying Dylan's face. Dark eyes longer a moment on his lips before the ancient teen reaches up and tucks a lock of Dylan's hair behind one of his ears. "You are very attractive." And then he smiles turning back to look at the ocean. Even if it didn't have the effect Besa wanted, he got to touch the other's hair and tell him he was pretty. That's nice.

Dylan raises an eyebrow as he listens to Besa explain the experience with Taka. "Oh.. well, I'll try to remember that one… " As Besa makes a move, but then fails on the follow through. He watches with keen attention, but when that's all Besa does, he leans over and whispers in the ancient teen's ear. "That is what they call a missed opportunity… You could have experienced your third kiss, right then, had you wanted… ." He makes sure to let out a slow, warm breath doesn Besa's neck, before he leans back.

Gah! The poor Guardian tenses turning wide eyed to semi glare at the Ares, "I was not trying to kiss you, I was tying to fluster you!" He gives Dylan a small playful shove, not enough to accidentally make him tumble off the cliff, "I have had more than 2 kisses, I meant partners!" Cocoa is sitting on the outre side of Besa, just watching both boys. He starts to scoot backwards, pulling his legs up finally. "It is not fair if this is one sided."

Dylan grins slightly, "I'm sorry that I'm just so very unflusterable… I'll try to be better about being flustered." He chuckles, "Two kisses.. two partners, the point is still the same."

Besa rolls his eyes as he starts to gather his feet underneath his to stand. H very much doubts Dylan will try to be more flustered. "The point is not the same. I am not going to kiss you unless you like me." He'll clarify, "Like like me." Cocoa stands next to the flustered teen, "So….figure it out." It's not really an order, but not quite a plea either. He can see the amusement in the situation, but he's also flustered and doesn't want to be the only one.

Dylan just watches Besa stand up. "Okay I see how it is… " He remains sitting on the cliff's edge. He reaches over to get a quick pet on Cocoa. "Well… I'll take the quick way back. See you tomorrow, Besa." He grins up at the boy and jumps off the edge of the cliff, disappearing only a few feet from the edge.

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