(2018-08-28) Happiness
Summary: Dylan and Callisto reunite, and discuss some Heavy Things.
Date: 2018-08-28
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Woody Area, Coral Springs
Tue Aug 28, 2018

It would be easy for new students to mistake the island for a tropical one. In the summer, the climate is indeed similar. However, if nothing else broke that impression, then surely this small forest of sugar maples, birches, chestnut trees, and white ash would. They stretch high into the sky, providing shade and cool in the summer, shelter from the cold wind in the winter, and lavish reds, golds, and browns in the fall as their leaves change. The ground beneath is soft underfoot in summer, the quiet broken only by the rolling seas, the wind, and the occasional quiet buzz of a security drone overhead.

It is a summer evening. The weather is warm and overcast.


<FS3> Callisto rolls Yoga: Good Success.

As summer begins to gradually ease off, the glaring heat has lessened into more of a comfortable warmth. Oh, it'd still very much summer-like, given the nature of this island, but it's just not as… potent. It's early evening on the Coral Springs grounds, after suppertime, and it's with full bellies and anticipation that many students have either staked out onto the grounds or found nooks and crannies in the new facility to lounge, digest and fret / speculate on the year ahead.

Callisto, however, has gone outdoors. The dwindling sun plays peek-a-boo through the trees, a warm breeze sighing through the long-reaching sentinels and setting their various leaves to trembling. And there, clad in a white-and-aquamarine-colored set of yoga tights and top… is Callisto. Arched into an upward facing two-foot staff pose, eyes closed as her head hangs between her shoulders and her frame forms what is essentially a 'U' shape, torso facing outward. It looks painful.. but it actually feels nice. Silvery hair trembles and sways in the breeze.

Show off. c.c

Dylan has a lot on his mind right now, especially after his conversation with Besa. The heat is nothing to him, especially after growing up in a desert. The boy is wearing a pair of shorts made from cut-up jeans, and from the looks of it, he did it with a knife himself. He is also wearing a shirt that is a little too big for him. He sees Callisto and pauses, not sure if he would be interrupting or not, so he just leans against the tree.

She will maintain this posture until she feels something give in her body: specifically, her hips. There is a satisfying popping of vertebrae and Callisto makes not a sound, even, at such relief. Just a sharper exhalation through her nostrils. Carefully, she eases out of the awkward position and prepares to do something more forward facing until—-

She is facing Dylan's direction and Callisto isn't sure what startles her most: someone being there? Dylan being there?

"Coyote?" The girl asks simply, eyes widening slightly in her features as she pulls her knees beneath her body to kneel upon them, watching him outright as the tree boughs sway sleepily. She is clearly confused.

Dylan steps forward. He looks way more pensive than normal. Being on the run from police did not worry him, but something is really bothering him. "Hey Callisto… Sorry, I didn't want to disturb you… Guess I probably should have just skipped somewhere… just not sure where to go right now." He reaches up and rubs the back of his neck as he walks towards the silver haired fae.

"T'is alright," She still looks perplexed. Callisto has been out of the loop, perhaps of her own doing. So she may as well outright ask: "What brings you to this place? Have you enrolled, then?" The willowy fey asks as she reaches back to collect her hair into both hands, hastily weaving and winding it up into a loose knot at the base of her bare neck, getting it all out of her way. Her eyes do not leave Dylan the whole while. He moves to join her and Callisto indicates a handy-dandy patch of soft grass. "Sit, if you will." She suggests.. something seems settled about her in this wooded grove; kindly even.

"I fear I may have missed some happenings. Do catch me up."

Dylan sighs softly, "It's kind of a long story… but yeah… Besa… I don't know if you know him or not, but he spoke to someone who apparently is pretty powerful and now the school is my foster home, so I don't have much choice about it… Especially after Rex nearly killed me on the beach for what happened with Daxton and Marko." He looks really hurt by the thought that crosses his mind, but then he tries to cover it up with a forced smile. "So yeah.. guess I'm going to school here.. at least until they decide to throw me out."

The fey listens attentively, still settled atop her folded knees, hands resting in her lap. The gorgon pendant winks in the light, made stark as the sun sets. Her pensive look hardens at mention of Dylan nearly being killed. "What happened to this Rex, did he steal away or was he taken into custody?" Callisto makes to ask, but softens.. she saw the look of hurt on the boy's face and damned if it doesn't make her feel badly for him. "I am sorry.. about all of this. Truly." She offers, meaning every word. Brier's way is rubbing off on her!

Sorry buddy, that forced smile doesn't get past Callisto.

"Welcome to Coral Springs, then." Callisto smiles lightly, but her gaze is still perplexed. "You wear a look of poignant, troubled thought. Is there anything else going on for you? Do you need help?"

Dylan leans back against a tree, as he shakes his head, "Rex got away… David was there and interfered, but not after Rex broke several of my ribs and hurt Besa's dog." He sighs, "Rex was my friend… He was the only one that was actually nice to me, so to see him like that… " He lets the thought go unfinished. He looks down as Callisto pries a little, "Um.. yeah, I'm kind of confused about a few things… Well, not so much confused, but things are a little complicated… and getting more complicated by the minutes."

The mentalist goes on listening… she sure is good at that. She's not a fidgety sort either while hearing others out… her attention is very much assured. This can be intriguing or intimidating. Though her own emotions play acutely across patrician features as Dylan expands more upon the situation. She is not the sort to pad her responses with flowery, gushy words… she acknowledges pain. "I am sorry. Know that you are safe here, that nobody shall let you come to further harm. But there is still the reality of a friend having turned foe for the greater good of that which you were a part of. Surely that hurts moreso than broken bones."

The girl decides to lay back in the grass, propping the back of her head against her arms as they curve up and behind. Maybe her not outright gawking at him will make Dylan feel not quite so analyzed. Though she turns to look at him again (however not so directly) at the mention of complications. "Hah, I know well the nature of.. complication… is it along the lines of the misunderstanding with the cultist, and thrown punches? Or beyond that?"

Dylan nods slightly, "Yeah… I'd rather be kicked in the balls than see the look in Rex's eyes ever again." He moves to the before suggested spot of soft grass. He chuckles at the thought of Besa's sucker punch. Whatever the boy is thinking certainly bring a bit of a grin to his lips for a moment. "How did you know it was about Besa?" No, she didn't actually suggest it was about Besa, but apparently someone's mind is right there.

Kicked in the balls? Ugh, so much tact. Callisto suspects a solid shot to the 'balls' to be an awful situation in it's own right… so to choose THAT over seeing the look on his ex-friend's face? Callisto understands. Callisto smiles sympathetically at the boy as he joins her proper, and the topic switches over to Besa in earnest. "I have bore witness to the other side of it all. To Besa lamenting throwing punches and upsetting you and not knowing what to do next. I have a strong hunch that this confusion surrounds our mutual friend." The faerie explains, turning her head slightly to gaze skyward.

She does not speak further on reading between the lines on what happened with Rex; that Besa was there, his beloved Cocoa injured. The two (Besa and Dylan) must still be crossing paths. That and Callisto wasn't born yesterday. (she truly wasn't)

"And.. call it a wild guess." Callisto flutters her lashes with a blink. "So, as you all like to say this day and age… what's up?"

Dylan hangs his head a bit and shakes it. "I honestly have no clue anymore… " He looks up through the mop of hair, "He flirted with me… I flirted back.. That seems like it should be pretty simple, right? Well, I flirted harder, he flirted back.. I left plenty of openings… but he never took up on any of them… so in an attempt to change the topic about an annoying bitch that also goes to school here, who thinks that she's God's gift to the world, and to give him a hint that no one could possibly miss, I stripped down and hit him in the head with my shorts." He sighs, "After this… he said that he wasn't good at this and that he pretty much can't be happy with someone, and kept spouting reasons not to date, even after admitting that he liked me and that he liked what he saw." He looks up grinning, "And trust me, he got a good look at what I had to offer."

The faerie lies supine as she listens, silvery lashes splayed downwards toward her cheekbones as she hears out Dylan's plight. Her nose wrinkles as a small butter-yellow butterfly alights upon her nose. Before this can get too Disney Princessy the white-haired girl swats the thing away. That tickled and Callisto does NOT like being tickled.

And God bless her, she barely even flinches or dusts a blush at the details of shorts being removed and flung and goods being bared. As far as Callisto is concerned, to be forthright in intentions is natural and normal. But perhaps for poor Besa…

Cerulean eyes open and flit over into the boy's direction. "Besa has to be the youngest old soul whom I have come into contact with. And I hail from a lineage that is known for them." Callisto offers, watching him as she rubs at the tip of her nose where the winged insect fluttered. "He is so very set in his ways, I believe, of not being permitted to enjoy himself. Whereas I am of a mind to tell him to simply do it. To hell with those who say otherwise. He said that he liked you, enjoyed what you revealed to him? He wants to but is conditioned to believe that t'is bad."

A sad sigh, and a little smirk as she turns back to Dylan. "Perhaps you shall have to hold off on the peep shows a bit from hereon, but mayhaps… keep trying? Gently? He needs to see that the world shall not shatter and he shall not be struck down if he is to be happy." Or so she assumes. "Ask him what he wants, as if none of these apparent barriers existed."

The dark blue eyes of the boy are almost black. Dylan rakes his fingers through the chaos that is his hair. "You know, I asked him that very same thing… and he said that he liked me and implied that he wanted more, but then went right back into how he hurts everyone and why would anyone want to be with him because of the hurt." He leans back, propping on his hands as they are placed behind him. He takes a moment to look straight up to the darkening sky. He cranes his head back to look at the faerie, "I tried telling him that he should just enjoy what time he had at hand and not worry about what may or may not be, but it's like he is using this whole past of his as a reason not to take any chances." He suddenly quiets as his thoughts start to creep back into his head, as the thing with Besa isn't the only thing bothering him.

The mentalist doesn't miss a beat, watching Dylan's hand lash through his (rather befitting) hair. "The only one who can decide who is to be hurt here is you. For you are able to recognize when something hurts, yes? You are strong enough to bear it, given that which you've been through. T'is not up to Besa to decide how you handle the fallout." Callisto explains. "Yes? Do you agree?" Her pale eyes meet his dark ones, holds the gaze if Dylan allows it.

"You and I are of a similar mindset, Coyote. Take the moment, seize it, enjoy it. You may never know when an evil matriarch shall come along to fry your mind, or former friends will attack you. Besa has not been given much opportunity to enjoy himself and sadly, t'is due to his own personal restrictions."

She stretches, continues, "I should like very much to see him happy, for he has been nothing but kind to me. I would be among the first to strike down whomever would harm him. But I have come to enjoy that whom you are too, and I want to see you happy too."

A pregnant pause, "Do not give up. Talk to him again. Say what you want, that you are not afraid of what could happen."

The young teleporter swallows, as he listens. His chest rises and falls for a long moment before he speaks. And though some might be wary to hold the gaze of a faerie with their own, Dylan isn't - be it because he trusts Callisto or that he is just not wise enough to know better. "Well, that's the thing… I'm not really sure what I want.. I… I haven't really thought that anything but the misery of the Johnsons or being part of Marko's crew was in store for me… No, I'm not afraid to be in a relationship with Besa or anyone really ideally… I'm just afraid that when he learns more about me that he'll toss me away like a used and broken toy, like everyone else."

Worry not Dylan, no contracts in place here. Callisto's look is simply that: a look. She will not hold Dylan to anything beyond hearing her out. There are others in her family, sadly, who would act otherwise, who would act on those stipulations. But not this one.

"Well you are now in a place where you are safe and able to weigh that which you desire. And pray, take the time to think and decide for yourself. You've no ham-fisted guardian," Pure assumption, this.. the Johnsons strike Callisto as a punchy, punishment-oriented sort. ".. or anyone to tell you otherwise. I can assure you, too, that Besa shall not see fit to discard you. As a potential interest, or friend… t'would be vastly unlike him to discard anyone. His only problem is that he becomes vastly troubled when he cannot help or heal."

A soft sigh, in tune with the sighing breeze. "There are some here, Coyote, who shaln't throw you aside. So consider your own happiness and future, too."

Dylan cocks his head slightly, "But I don't know if I belong here… I mean this place trains kids to be heroes. I'm not a hero. " Despite the fact that he risked everything and saved Daxton's life without even thinking, just instinctively acting. "I'm sure that the school will figure that out and hand me back over to the Johnsons, then I'll be back to where I was." He honestly believes it.

The boy looks back up at the sky again, "So enough about me and my whining.. what's up with you? And how is Mister Quickie? I haven't seen him for a while now… " He doesn't want to admit it but he is rather fond of both Callisto and Daxton.

This is enough to make the girl sit up again, looking to the younger boy rather frankly. "You are not a hero? Nor am I, Coyote. I hail from a race that takes pleasure in ruining the lives of others and controlling them. So you mustn't tell me that you do not belong here." A pause, her tone softens. "I am not making light of what you've been through and how you've been conditioned to survive. But.. t'is a common misconception that heroes are meant to be pure, and just and…" Her nose wrinkles prettily. "… flat out boring. Are not anti-heroes the very best? Are we not a pair of anti-heroes?" Callisto pushes her hair back behind an ear.

"You belong here." Said simply. Meaningfully.

Then talk goes to Dax and the corner of Callisto's lips curve upwards in a little smile. "I am well. Adjusting. Missing Mister Quickie. He has been doing alright, perhaps grateful that we've all departed that mansion. But.. we've agreed to keep up with one another. To date proper." Ahem. There's the blush.

Dylan swallows again, as he looks down. He shrugs slightly, "If you say so… " He doesn't really sound like he believes it though. He grins at the boring remark, "Well, nothing but vanilla does get boring… " He cocks his head, "You would really compare yourself to someone like me? I mean, you're cool.. I'm just me…" The talk about her and Dax, however, does smile slightly. "Wait, you all were living in a mansion? You mean I could have like harassed him like all the times? Damn.. I really missed out."

"Precisely." Callisto says with a slow smile. Though the smile falters, shortly after her remark. "Cool…? I am behind on the times, more often than not.. surely I am not cool. Does cool not mean 'with it'? With the times? T'is you, Coyote. I am an old fogey." The fey laughs; hers is a pleasant laugh. She pushes herself up to stand and stretches languidly. She is about to mention the need to take her leave — she has a meeting to attend, in the school, but Dylan's latter remark brings forth trilling laughter.

She watches him with dark fae mischief in her eyes, "I shall visit him on weekends. Whose to say you cannot tag along on occasion to make up for lost time?"

Dylan shakes his head, "You might be an old fogey… but I guess I'm kind of beginning to think of you as kind of like an older sister that I never had.. " He does not want to meet her gaze this time. "I hope you don't mind me saying that… " He grins, "I'd like that… " He sighs slightly, "I'm sorry I shouldn't have said that.. Look… I got to go.. " Like he does, he runs and with a blink he's gone.

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