(2018-08-27) Wet Denim is Uncomfortable
Wet Denim is Uncomfortable
Summary: Buddy hurts himself and Dylan hurts Besa's head on the beach.
Date: 2018-08-27
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Beach - Coral Springs

The trees given way to tall beach grasses, which give way to white sand and then crashing waves as the surf rolls onto the beach. Small birds can be found darting through the foamy waves as they search out food. Above larger seabirds fly and dive into the waves for similiar purpose. In the really early morning otters and seals can be found playing in the waves or sunning themselves on the sandy shore.

It is a summer evening. The weather is hot and overcast.

It is late afternoon. The summer day is already starting to cool off, but is still quite warm. Warm enough for Dylan to have been enjoying a nice cool swim in the water. The water still having a coolness to it that never seems to really warm up completely, but that's okay. It makes it a little exhilerating. Dylan comes out of the water moving towards the small bundle of clothes and towel that is set on a small throw blanket that is spread out on the sand. Wearing only a pair of shorts made from a pair of cut-off jeans. He shakes the water from his hair, leaving it all spikey.

High overhead a black form can be seen moving across the sky. It is soaring rather high and would take a pretty keen eye to tell any details beyond that it is a bird of prey of some sort. They way it moves out over the water, makes it clear that is looking for something. It's sharp vision scanning the waters.

Besa promised Cocoa a walk, and she got one! They've been out for a few hours, and now Besa wants to test and see how she does on the beach. His hair is wind blow, or maybe it never recovered from the mussing Dylan gave it earlier. Either way here come Besa with the good hair from the woods. Cocoa actually has a stick in her mouth as she walks next to him, proud with her find. He spots Dylan and raises a hand before calling out, "Hello Tom."

Dylan is actually watching the hunting bird. He grins over at Besa and Cocoa, as he reaches for the towel. He drapes it around his neck. Depending on the angle that he approached he might notice that Dylan has the tattoo of a coyote on his left shoulder. "Hey, Besa… Hey, Cocoa.. how's my good girl? So what're you up to?"

The bird either hasn't noticed or isn't distracted by the two on the beach. Suddenly, and silently, he dives down towards the ocean. It picks up tremendous speed and then makes a maneuver trying to skim the surface of the water. It misses the sharpness of the turn and splash into the water diving under the surface.

Besa motions to the dog, "I have attempted to tire her out. I think I have failed and I am the one that needs sleep now." He glances to whatever Dylan was looking at, oh! A bird. "How was your grandmother? She is doing well, yes? I was thinking I-" He stops, eyes widening before he winces in sympathy as the bird crashes into the water, "Oh…that did not look pleasant…" Dark eyes stay in the area where it crashed. Hitting the water that hard can break bones, poor thing. It may be shark food….not that Besa thinks there's harks around here. But maybe the seals. Do seals eat birds?

Dylan chuckles and shakes his head, "Well, at least you'll sleep well tonight… " He gestures at the blanket, "Feel free to sit down.. I don't mind sharing a blanket, especially since it's one of the ones you brought me out at the train station…" He flinches himself at the bird's crash. "Maybe that is one of those diving birds you see on National Geographic… " He looks back over at Besa, "Oh, my grandmother is doing well… The doctor is positive that she is still diabetic that it is just her responding to the meds he's giving her."

Seconds pass. Then minutes but the bird never resurfaces. However, after about three minutes, a rather unhappy looking sea lion gingerly makes it to shore with much effort. It waddles a few inches onto the beach and collaspes looking rather sore and bruised. Right before it closes his eyes, one might notices that one is blue and the other is green.

Besa can't help it, he keeps his eyes on where the bird went under. It's in his nature to fret, even if it's nature. "Thank you." About sitting. He will pause in his scan of the water to roll his eyes, "Do I need to go explain to her doctor? Sometimes they need to be shown." He sighs, deciding the bird is a goner before looking at Dylan, "I do have the ability to make believers out of doctors." Although that's backfired on him in the past. A soft smile starts to form, but then there's a sound of pain coming down the beach….from a sea lion? "That…does not seem right…" Head tilted he starts to take a few steps in that direction.

"Yeah you might… he's insisting that she takes her meds… I don't know if that is hurting her or not…" Dylan says, then his eyes widen. "Is that a seal? I've never actually seen a seal before.. I mean not in real life… not a lot of seals in New Mexico."

Hearing the talking and hearing the footsteps, the sea lion lifts up his head to look at Besa and Dylan. He gives a little snort and then sighs. He lowers his head back down as though just wanting to rest for a bit. However, with his eyes open again, the two colored eyes are more noticeable. "Obbbw" the sea lion says.

Besa frowns, "No….that is not right. I will talk to Rain about going down and talking to him…Show him what he needs to see." Cocoa's tail stops wagging as they start to approach the injured creature. "It is hurt…" But then when they are closer Besa sees the two colored eyes, "Buddy?" Picking up the pace Besa runs the rest of the way, no wariness in his step now, "Buddy, how hurt are you? Can you change to human?" He can't tell if the sea lion is just bruised or what, the creature is just too big, too many layers of blubber for the ancient teen to decipher it's health. He'll end up on his knees next to Buddy.

"Buddy?" Dylan asks. His dark blue eyes widen. He blinks from where he was standing and disappears off of the beach.

Buddy-sea lion lifts his head once more looking like all he wants to do is just lay there and sleep. When Besa asks him if he can change to human, he tilts his head. Now? He wants him to change again, now? Buddy thinks about it nods. He will try. The sea lion seems to be gathering his strength and tenses all at once. As he releases, a ripple rolls over him converting him to a bruised and sore teenage boy. He is still laying on the beach and puts his head back down instantly.

Besa doesn't notice Dylan's disappearing act as he's focused on the seal-Buddy. Now the Buddy-Buddy. "Buddy….is anything broken?" Besa's not seeing anything as he gently touches the boy to check, "Are you in terrible pain? Do you wish me to heal you?" He's been getting better about asking for just bruising, but he saw the impact, it looked like it hurt.

Buddy doesn't even bother lifting his head this time. Though, being human, he can at least talk easier. "Only thing broken is my appetite. Missed the fish." Buddy sighs a bit and nods when asked if in terrible pain. "I'll get better in a day or two. At least no Shocky Shock." He then realizes something. "Mr. Suity Man will get mad though as I won't make cur-few. Healing? What is it like?"

Besa's not sure how to respond so he lays his hand on the teen's side in comfort. "You will make curfew." Or Besa's missing it too! "I can heal illness or injuries. It is one of my powers. But I must only use it if it's needed. Do you need it?"

Buddy doesn't know what to do, but that doesn't stop him from talking. "I don't know. I can't move for a while, but I'm not use to getting help either. When animals like me get hurt, we just have to try and take care of ourselves and wait. Well, unless we are part of a pack and other pack members can care for us, but I've never been part of a pack before." Even as a human, he feels he is more animal and doesn't even consider the time before when his parents took care of him.

Besa's hand is gentle as he keeps contact with Buddy's side, "You are part of the school now. We will take care of you, Buddy." Cocoa , being the good girl she is, crouches down and starts to lick Buddy's face and nosing him to try to lay next to him. Besa scoots a bit to give her rom. Sometimes she's a better healer than he is.

Buddy accepts both the hand from Besa and the licking and nosing from Cocoa. He forces himself to move to make it possible for her to lay down next to him. He then rests against her wishing he would have turned into a dog but not feeling like changing again so quickly. "Thank you."

Besa glances around, suddenly realizing that Dylan just….left. Huh. "We will stay with you, and then walk you back to your room." There a pause and he smiles, "If you would like, Cocoa can stay with you tonight. I will be okay one night without her." Maybe.

Suddenly Dylan reappears on the beach, moving at a bit of a run. He skids to a stop, as he realizes that he, in fact, was planning on going, unlike the last time. He is panting just slightly, "So, um… everything okay?"

Buddy gives a thumbs-up to Dylan though the thumb isn't exactly up nor fully believable. But he isn't a complainer. "No, no, that's okay. If I can make it to my nest, I can probably sleep most of it off and get some food in the morning. Though I think I'll just attack a nice blade of grass as a bunny." He chuckles a little bit and regrets it holding his side. That nest does sound good though. He realizes that if he changes to something small, there will be less of him to hurt. He turns to one of his familiar and easier to change into forms: the goldfinch. With a subtle movement, bruised flesh is covered in yellow feathers.

Dylan is given a weird look, like Besa's not sure where he's been. Which he isn't. Scooping up Buddy, Besa moves to stand but then Cocoa is gently pawing the ground next to Besa's food. She doesn't stop till Besa carefully sets Buddy on Cocao's back and the dog starts to make her way back to the dorm buildings. The Promethean blinks, realizes he's just been cut out of the caregiving, "Stay with him Cocoa till I come get you." The tiny teen stays where he is watching his security blanket walk away with a bird-buddy. He takes a deep breath and then looks at Dylan, "Where did you go?'

Dylan chews on his lower lip. "Gee… " He looks over at Besa with a questioning glance, as he watches Besa cart off the little bird Buddy. He reaches up and rubs the back of his neck, "Um.. let's just say there are some places that you don't really want to show up, half naked. Actually, not a place that you would want to show up under any circumstances…."

Besa's eyes narrow, head tilted in confusion. He never knows if it's his lack of understanding modern language, or if people just say weird things to him. "Are you well?" He doesn't look hurt, does he? He sighs, running a hand through his hair, making it go every which way. This is definitely not the stress release he was hoping for. And now Cocoa's gone. "Do you need help gathering your things?"

Dylan smirks and shakes his head. "Um… you haven't ever seen me do anything but skipping, huh?" He holds out his hands as his clothes just suddenly appears. "There's a reason why I'm such a good thief." He waggles his eyebrows, "And those aren't my only talents…" He chuckles softly, "Nah, I'm okay, no one got a hold of me… So is Buddy gonna be okay?"

Besa studies the appeared clothing, "I…think you did that with your soda drink when we first met…" But honestly Besa forgot about that till this moment. The taller boy is glanced up to, the guardians head still tilted, "Were you with the t-rex?" Or was it the old foster family? "He will be, he is just bruise…a lot. I gave him the option of healing, but…I do not know that he fully understood it." He wets his lips nervously, glancing in the direction of th dorms, "I…told him he could sleep with Cocoa tonight…" Is there nerves in his voice? Yes, yes it is.

Dylan cocks his head, thinking back. He nods, "Yeah I guess I did… I had completely forgotten about it." He shakes his head, "Nah… not with T'Rex… I appeared in the middle of a bar that was one of Marko's hangouts… They are not a very.. um.. liberal group of individuals, you could say. And without being their with Marko or Rex, I didn't exactly have anyone to keep the hounds off." No, had it been the Johnsons, he would not be in any sort of shape to joke about anything.

Besa doesn't follow, brow furrowing, "Are you hurt?" His gaze now very obvious goes over what he can see of Dylan, "Did they bite you?" Were there actual hounds? His fingers twitch but he doesn't move beyond that.

Well, the only part that isn't completely exposed are waist, groin, and very upper thighs, and there is no sign of injury. Dylan blinks and looks at Besa, before he shakes his head, "No, man, not literal hounds… I just appeared in the middle of a skin-head biker bar looking like a twink in the middle of gay pride. Not to mention, I'm pretty sure word has spread about Marko's arrest and me not being."

That's a lot of words that don't make sense in the sentence Dylan just said, "Skin head….do you mean bald?" Twink is beyond him, but he knows gay, "Gay pride is a ….festival, yes?" He can understand the last bit though, "Why did you go there?" Maybe that's why he's so confused?

Dylan face palms and shakes his head. "Skinheads are hate-filled assholes who believe in racial purity… they hurt people who are different than them… " He grins, "Yeah, I guess you could say that it is a festival… that's not a bad description." Shrugging slightly, Dylan looks away, "Sometimes when I'm not really focusing I go places that I don't intend to."

Besa frowns harder, but he'll nod. Not going to ask the obvious question of why they are called that. He'll just accept it as a bad thing. "I have met people like that….and they do not like people who go to the gay pride festival?" And this people look like Dylan? Trying to make Dylan feel a little. Better, "Sometimes my runes do not always work."

Dylan shakes his head, "No, they don't like people who go to gay pride festival. Have you heard of the Nazis for World War II? Skinheads like to call themselves Neo-Nazis… so pretty much anything that the Nazis didn't like, neither do they." He nods slightly, "Well, we're still young… I'm sure that as time goes we'll get better.. I mean, I have only been skipping for a little bit."

Besa's heard enough of Nazis and WW2. He sighs, almost disappointed in the news, but nods in understanding. "What terrible people. I am sorry you had to deal with them, Tom." But then soemthing makes Best smile and look away towards the water. "Yes. We will get better." But Besa isn't younger, per say. "When did you start?"

Dylan tenses up a bit. "It was after I was placed with the Johnsons… Let's just say I kept wishing that I was anywhere but there and how I wished I was with my grandmother… then one day I was."

Besa feels a little bit bad, seeing Dylan tense up. He reaches a hand out to touch Dylan's arm, "I am sorry. But I am glad that your powers helped you." He'll offer his own experience, maybe that will distract, "I did not know of the power of my blood till after I unwrapped the first time. And the rune magic….I learn that from watching my priests. They did not wish for me to learn it, but I saw so much of it that I picked it up." He smirks some, "Both have served me better than the priest."

Dylan's eyes have a slightly long away look to them for a moment, but then he looks back to Besa. "That sucks… but at least you got something out of it, huh?" He quickly looks out at the water for a moment, "Sun's starting to go down, you wanna head back towards the school with me?"

Besa glances down at his arm, his expression hard to read, but he nods, "Yes. I did." But what? "Okay." He's quieter than usual on the way back. Maybe lost in his thoughts maybe lost in some past memories. Finally he'll offer, "I am sorry if I upset you with my questions. I should know to not ask such private things."

Dylan snorts as he looks at Besa. "Nah, that's alright.. If I don't want to talk about something, then I'll tell you. And that wasn't a personal question… just a personal answer." He offers the other boy a wide smile as if he was over whatever malaise that had previous befallen him. "Come on, I want to get out of these wet shorts and I don't expect the school would appreciate me just walking in the buff." He grins at Besa, "Or do you think they wouldn't mind?"

Besa looks unsure , but smiles softly at Dylan. "Okay. You may give Bronwyn a heart attack if she sees you in little clothing." He will offer, "I can cast drying rune, if you would like?"

Dylan smirks, "So are you trying to talk me out of my clothes? 'Cause giving that uptight narcissist a heart attack sounds like a pretty good idea."

Besa snorts, although his dark cheek do go a little pink, "If I was trying to talk you out of your clothing, I should hope I would not be using Bronwyn as an excuse!" But then Dylan goes and is being mean, "She is just nervous, you should try to be kinder to her." Almost exactly why he said to her about Dylan!

Dylan raises an eyebrow, as he cocks his head at the blush? "Really, exactly how would you then?" He looks a touch scolded. He frowns slightly, "Um… well, she started it by being nasty to me first." He says it a bit like a petulant child.

Besa takes a deep breath, assuming Dylan's just talking, "I have not had much success with the dating. It turns out the thing that makes me a good Promethean makes me a bad boyfriend." He's not looking at Dylan, eyes on the school, "I was forbidden from even having friends for so long, much less courting anyone…I am not good with any of that. It is why after Whitley…." There‚Äôs another head shake and he goes back to the Bronwyn part of the conversation, "You were both unkind. The world needs less of that. She is scared in a new country. She thought he thing that make her popular other there wold do the same and it is not. She is lonely and is just…behaving poorly." He finally gives Dylan a pointed look, "You are a better person than to hold a grudge. Especially for something so minor."

With Besa staring so intently at the school, he would have no warning that the pair of wet denim shorts were so shortly aimed at his head. At least until the landed on it. A wicked grin stretches across Dylan's face. "I didn't say anything about dating, but if you can muster up the courage to ask me." His voice drops some, "You think this is familiar ground for me… and I'm not sure that I am…"

Wet shorts to the head isn't the way Besa thought he'd be taken out, but here he is. With another boys wet shorts sliding down the back of his head. His eyes are wide in surprise, maybe he cold, maybe the fact he's never had anyone throw their clothing at him. He's not shocked by Dylan's nakedness, although the pink definitely stays on his cheeks. "You are very willing, Tom….I do not think I had to talk you into being naked at all!" His gaze doesn't linger south, but he's definitely gotten an eyeful. With the otters teen's shorts in hand, "I think you are much more adaptable." Nakedness in point, "And you have me, she has no one." Well, now she kinda has Besa, they're friends now. He swallows and the takes a small step closer to Dylan before offering him back his shorts, "You are very attractive. But you know it."

Dylan smirks, as he takes back his shorts. "Doesn't change the fact that you have wanted to flirt, you just haven't really mustered up the courage to do so." He shrugs, "I grew up swimming naked with all the other boys on the res… nudity doesn't really bother me… Don't really see a reason to get all worked up over it in itself." He has yet to put the shorts back on. "But if it bothers you, then I can put them back on right now." He is watching Besa trying to actually judge what the other boy is thinking. "And we're talking about us… I'd rather not talk about Bronwyn…"

Besa actually rolls his eyes, suddenly looking very much like a normal 14 year old flustered boy. He completely ignores the first part of what Dylan says, as it's best in his mind to just ignore that! Instead, "Nudity does not bother me. I grew up in ancient Egypt. I did not wear much clothing at all. It is when it is used as…" He doesn't want to say a weapon… "Leverage to fluster me." Us? There's an us? He swallows, confusion clear, "I am not good at this, Tom." Clearly. He'll also add, "And you should be nicer to her." Just because!

Dylan slides the shorts on. "I was _not_ using it as leverage.. I was using it to get your attention. And I think it did." He shrugs, "And I'm nothing special to look at… not like some of the other students around here." He reaches down and picks up his shirt and slides it on, without drying off - because the towel was in his hand when he disappeared and not when he reappeared, so it clings to him. He looks at Besa, "No one is good at anything without learning how… If you don't ever try, then how will you ever get good at this?" He raises an eyebrow, "You've lectured… not. talking. about. Bronwyn."

Poor Besa's cheeks are still pink, he's feeling foolish, although he maybe shouldn't be? This is all confusing. "Tom. You have had my attention!" Gah, he huffs, frustrated that he even said that. "I…" A hand nervously raise to run through that perfect hair, "I should not be looking at all! I am not meant for courting!" His accent is a getting a little thicker as he talks, "I am not good for this, I hurt Whitley. I…even Sky is broken because of me. He can not trust me, because of the wrapping and things that are into in my control, but-" He stops himself, none of this is helpful. His lips press together and he glances at the waves, not that they are being of any help. Fidgeting with his left forearm, he rubs the scars, "The priests have always been right. I am not meant to be loved, I am meant to be used." At least he drops the Bronwyn thread.

Dylan puts his hands on his hips. "Okay, first… I'm not talking about courting.. I'm not a hundred years old… kids our age date… they don't court… and we aren't even dating… " He shrugs, "That's not off the books, just takes more than me getting naked to be dating." He pauses, "Okay that wasn't what I meant. I'm not like a ho or something.. but.. the point is still the same… " He frowns as his brow furrows. "That is fucking bullshit. Separating someone from friends and loved ones, isolating themselves from everyone else… is like one of the first steps of an abusive relationship… if you had friends to care about.. if you had someone to love.. then you'd be less likely to be a willing sacrifice.. that is it. End of subject. You're bad at this because you have in your head that you can't do this for some bullshit reason… if that's what you want, then that's fine… but just remember that you're the one making that choice now, not some abusive fucks who don't matter now."

Besa feels like he's had versions of this argument so many times, not even in past lives this time! Both hands raise and he rubs his face, "Courting is dating." Seriously, what do modern people think the end result of dating is? What the purpose of it is? "I am. Over hundreds of years old." So there's that. Thin fingers drop as an eyebrow raises, although Dylan clarifies. But still! "I am not in an abusive relationship!" Well, not anymore! "I had to be the sacrifice!" Why does he always end up defending his choices, "Even you said so! That it was my destiny!" There's a clear struggle going on in the ancient teen, his hand raises to press against his chest, that anxiety starting to build. "Bullshit reason?" He sounds hurt by that, but also, like it's an old hurt. "Do you know how many time I have died since coming to Coral Springs? How many times I have wrapped? I do not get peace, Tom! I leave people, hurt them!"

Dylan smirks, "Courting is more serious than dating… dating can be just for fun… not because there is an expected end result." He shakes his head, "I am not saying that you didn't have to be the sacrifice, but didn't you say that you killed the demon.. you don't have to be the sacrifice any longer… also, just because you know that you are going to have to die, does not mean that you have to give up on life. That's like being told that you have cancer and maybe five years left to live so you tell your friends and family to not bother caring anymore… Yeah, you had to die for the good of everyone else.. but you come back… why does that mean that you can't love between sacrifices or even pick back up after you … what do you call it wrap?"

Maybe that's why he has such. Hard time with it? He has other expectations than others. "There are other demons, Tom. They are after me. It is not over." Now he just sounds tired. His hand presses into his chest harder. "I…I am trying, Tom. I am. This is very hard to just….do." Life is hard. No, living is hard. He finally looks back at Dylan, "Every time I have come back, people are mad. Or sad , or behave like I am not me." To be fair, his memory is sometimes scrambled. "Sky told me I was his brother, but then morned me by growing his hair out while I was wrapped. When I returned…he still grew it, because I was not the same. And now all he does is belittle my choices. He told me that in helping you, I was opening myself up to be murdered. And that he did not wish to find me dead again." Again? "I am just….unsure what to do anymore. All I ever seem to do is upset those I care for."

Dylan looks at Besa, taking in everything he is saying or at least honestly trying to. "I am honestly not belittling what you have been through… You have had centuries of experience, that I have only had three years of bad experiences… but, everyone has history, everyone has baggage, everyone has issues… Do you like watching the ones you care about get hurt? Think about how your friends feel about watching you get hurt… it goes both ways.. I can't imagine honestly… I don't really want to imagine it either. And he's right, being around me can mean that you can get hurt. The other day on the beach should have proved that." He takes a long look at Besa, his dark eyes trying to find the other boy's dark eyes. "The question you need to think about is what do you want, Besa?"

Besa listens, not making eye contact at first. He // knows// this sucks for everyone, he does! "That is…the crux, yes? No one should ever want to imagine it." He finally glances up, "So why would anyone wish to be with me when they know there is pain?" His eyebrows pull together as he shakes his head, hello beautiful hair having at Dylan! "No, he meant that you were leading me to be taken or murdered. That you were with one of the cults…" More head shaking, "The beach was not your fault. I chose to jump in, to help you. Because I wished to." His right hand trembles slightly against his chest, but he'll manage to make eye contact, "I…" Wants and responsibilities never seem to be on the same side do they? "I like you." There, he said it, happy? "I do not know what that even means anymore. I do not even know if you like me back, or are just being kind or…or if you think this is funny to fluster me or…" He shakes his head, looking away again.

Dylan sighs, "Because some people don't care about the pain enough to let it take away from the good times. Yes, pain sucks.." He smirks, "I wish that I could be that devious and connected, but I'm just a pathetic little thief that gets caught up in bad situation after bad situation… " He looks at Besa, "Well, it is fun to fluster you, not funny… " He grins slightly, then he cocks his head, "I like you… I don't know you enough to say that I like, like you… But that doesn't mean that I'm not willing to get to know you… "

Besa's expression is hard to read, it's clear he's smoothing his face on purpose. "I am well aquatinted with pain." If the scars on his arm mean anything. "We are friends, yes? That is…. enough for now." No use setting himself up if this is going to be a Whitley situation, if Dylan isn't sure. Maybe he's reading this wrong, but….his chest hurts and Cocoa's not here and Dylan just admitted to finding enjoyment out of flustering him. It's a lot to take in. "And you are not pathetic. Do not say that about yourself."

"Yes, Besa. We are friends, as long as you want to be." Dylan looks at him through his almost laughably insane hair all spikey from the waater still. "If you get to know me, you probably won't want to be… I'm not the person you think I am… You have this image of me that is.. well, I think kind of unrealistic… Like I said, we all have our baggage… " He then pauses, "So if you're over a hundred years old… does that mean that it would be like some old dude dating and putting the moves on some kid?" He grins, "Never thought you were a pervert before." His tone is clearly teasing and not serious.

"Do not tell me what I think of you. You do not know my thoughts." That's said firmly, not sharply, but firmly. The ancient teen is tired of everyone telling him what he means or thinks. "Yes, you have much baggage. As you said, everyone does. We will get beer and compare badges if that will make you feel better." Besa drinks beer? His head tilts and he sighs, "Yes, I am a very old pervert. You should skip away and never return. I am collecting young peoples. I am truly the demon in my one life. Be warned." There's another eye roll, but this time there's a little bit of amusement.

Dylan shakes his head "I'm not telling you what to think.. I'm just saying that when you get to know me… you might not like me that much." He slides his hands into his pockets, "I just think that you think I'm a better person than I am… that's all." His joking mood seems to have thinned out, quite a bit. His smile does, however, return slightly, "Nah.. there's a difference from being a perv and being a monster… I'm a perv… why should I hold that against you?

Besa doubts that. But that's not really up for argument right now. There's a moment and then Best smirks back, "Is that not the point of being a pervert, to hold things against people?" Oh! He's so close to being funny! "Come, let us get back. I need to find Cocoa." There's no way he's going to be able to sleep alone tonight, not with his chest giving him so much trouble.

Dylan looks at Besa, "holdings thing against people… that can be part of it… close against with lots of friction…" He grins at the Egyptian boy with a raised eyebrow. But then he pauses and nods, "Yeah, and we probably should check and make sure Buddy is okay too…" For the rest of the walk home, though, despite his teasing and flirting, Dylan remains fairly quite, thinking about things himself.

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