(2018-08-26) Marigold's Gift
Marigold's Gift
Summary: Brier (and his mom) get Callisto right in the feels.
Date: 2018-08-26
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Metis/Prometheus Lobby, Coral Springs
Sun Aug 26, 2018

This is the lobby of the Metis/Promethius residence hall. The walls are nearly 2 meters (6 feet) thick, and that there are no windows wider than 10cm (about 4 inches). For all that, it's cheery and bright inside, lit with high-quality LED lighting. The travertine floor is covered with warm rugs, there's a fireplace with holographic fire when it's on, surrounded by comfortable La-Z-boy overstuffed sofas. At the other end of the room is a hallway leading to the girls' halls, and stairs and an elevator leading to the boys' halls upstairs. There's also a counter, staffed 24x7 and post office boxes. The defensive turrets in the room are carefully hidden, as are the blast doors that can close to protect the residents. There are rumors of defensive turrets, too, but if they're there, they're cunningly hidden. The lobby's cream paint is accented with Metis green and Prometheus yellow trim, and the emblems of both teams are prominently emblazoned on the wall.

It is a summer evening. The weather is hot and overcast.


It had been an exciting day! First with Brier going into town and turning in applications, to coming back and finding a care package from home. The resident hippie currently sits cross legged on one of the sofas, a decent sized box on his lap as he works on opening it. His long blonde hair is pulled back into two french style braids, the teen wearing his usual attire except for being barefoot now that he was in the comfort of their lobby. It was shortly after dinner and traffic in the lobby was light as people were still out enjoying their weekend.

If Callisto's not out wandering the grounds or holed up in the library, she's actually — egads — in the Metis/Prometheus commons! How times have changed!

She's there right now in fact, folded into one of the overstuffed sofas, long legs curled lotus-style beneath her body. Seeing as how it's a bit cooler indoors, the fey girl has donned black tights with a loose off-the-shoulder black and powder-blue top. This is as casual as Callisto gets but… wait, she ain't looking casual. She was just nestled off to the farthest edge of the lobby when Brier initially arrived and settled down, in a far better mood than she. Callisto, still giving her loose white-silver hair a few vengeful swipes of her hairbrush, perks as she realizes she is not alone here! Between Brier's excitement at his parcel and Callisto being tucked away, perhaps back to him, she is only just noticing her friend! Maybe some time spend with the hippie will improve her mood and, lowering her weapon—brush, Callisto stands and pads barefoot over in his direction.

"Good eve', Brier," Callisto offers, not finding it hard to inject pleasantry into her voice despite feeling a bit cruddy.

Between his excitement over the day's possibilities and finding out he had mail, Brier had apparently completely missed somebody else being in the lobby! When Callisto makes herself known by approaching him, he looks up and pauses from opening the package a moment. "Oh hey, Callisto!" The blonde says with a wide grin. Yep, mom mail was a happy occasion! "How are you doing?" He asks before continuing to remove the tape holding the box closed, then opening the flaps to reveal packaging inside. Brown paper was stuffed inside to protect whatever was there, an envelope on top of it all with the hippie's name written in a delicate cursive script.

It's hard to be grumpy when Brier is around. Her pale eyes flit from the package in the boy's lap to his face, and the question can be seen in her expression before she even has to lend voice to it. "I am alright," Mostly truth. "Adjusting." Complete truth. "But.. t'is a fascinating space, yes? So very much unlike what came before. It's just a lot to get used to." Is admitted next; she sees fit not to admit to what is giving her grief: whom she has been saddled with as a roomie! But she won't bring that negativity here. She looks, again, to the hippie's parcel. Unable to help herself, Callisto lowers herself to sit gently alongside him.

"What have you, there?" Is asked in her graceful way before she catches herself, unable to help her curiosity.

Brier grins "Definitely a lot. This place is huge! It's exciting though. An adjustment for sure, but I can't wait to see what all we learn in classes…and with our powers." His tone possibly betrayed a bit of his nervousness with that idea, but the excitement was still genuine and present. As for the next question, he looks into the package and pulls out the envelope. "Care package from mom!" Opening the envelope he pulls out the letter, reading it silently for a moment before a grin spreads onto his face. "Wanna hear what she wrote? I think you'll like it…"

The girl suspects it's not a private matter, if Brier is hunkered down here in a common area. That and really, Brier just doesn't seem the secretive, avoidant sort. So really? Callisto won't feel bad about tucking her arse down alongside him to see (and hear, it seems!) what has been sent to him. But, first things' first: "You shall do fine. Create a benchmark in your mind of whom you happen to be, in this moment, and look back upon it in a few months' time. A year's time. T'is a fascinating thing to do." Callisto's attempt at being reassuring; she can't quite do it like the hippie can. But she tried!

Though, even the deepest doldrum is alleviated by something… like this. Her eyes round themselves in her features at the explanation; Callisto tilts her head. "Are you certain it shall not infringe upon.. I mean… are you sure?" It would be nice to hear proper words from a real mother!

Callisto watches, raptly.

"That's a great idea. I'll keep a journal too!" Brier says with excitement, looking over to the other student. "Thanks, Calli." It'd definitely be awesome to look back and see his growth, or be able to better see areas he needed to improve. When she's worried about bothering him, the hippie shakes his head "I'm sure! You're my friend!" With that he holds the letter out in front of himself.

"She says how she's excited about me starting classes…and is proud of us for helping the cats and hopes they're doing good." His eyes scan down the letter a little more "Telling me to make sure and study hard. To keep her updated. She hopes to come visit soon…and that she included some stuff from home in the meantime. THEN she says…"

With that he clears his throat, a smirk spreading as he reads from the letter itself. "Make sure you tell Callisto how much I appreciate her being such a good friend to my son. She sounds like a lovely girl with a beautiful spirit and I look forward to meeting her when I come to see you." Brier hands Callisto the letter so she can see for herself, then starting to pull the brown paper out from the box. It doesn't take long to uncover some of the goodies packed underneath. "Oh hey! Body scrub!"

There is a definite degree of pleasure that infuses the girl's expression then as Brier verbally confirms what she has suspected. Not only can she simply see what this lovely woman has sent, but she can be privy to the young hippie's reaction. IT's… heartwarming. Callisto is silent, watchful and attentive as Brier goes on to read the letter, and it's as sweet as she could have expected of a single mom looking after her only boy. One brow quirks, followed by it's twin as 'talk' (er, writing) points toward a visit from said Mom! Callisto can't help it, her lips curve into a smile at what she assumes is the culmination of the letter. "That is.. t'is lovely. What a wonderful thing to look forward to, yes..?" Said with honest happiness for her friend.

But then.. there's more..?

Callisto blinks once, twice; blinks hard as she feels a bit of itchiness in her throat. "She.." she trails off. She wrote about her? Callisto? Whenever did Callisto become worthy of a mother's acclaim and kindness? The girl seems to sink somewhat shyly back into the cushions, eyes wide in her face as the letter is handed to her. There, she can read the words.

Brier digs into the parcel and Callisto sits, astounded, her lips pressed together and eyes a bit shiny. "I cannot quite believe that someone would write such a thing about.. about me." A whisper.

Brier pulls out the body scrub and a few other containers, all various products from his mom's shop. "She's only saying the truth." Brier looks to Callisto and gives her a kind smile. "I can't wait for you to meet her…and for her to meet you. You guys will get along great." Looking back to the box then he rummages through more of the brown paper, tossing it aside…tossing a piece at Callisto for good fun. "Oh hey! See! It was fate!" He'd then pull out a white gift bag, done up with curled strands of ribbon and the same cursive writing on the front of the bag. However, this time the writing spelled out 'Callisto'. The hippie hands the gift over to his friend.

The girl is hearing everything Brier is saying, and acknowledging it, but she is fighting an even greater force at work here. Callisto was already on-edge at having received news of her chosen roommate; but this? It's a sharp swinging in another direction; a pleasant one. Unheard of. Were Malachite to send anything to Callisto, it would be to harm her… cripes, her damned mother figure sent a murderous sister/peer who would have succeeded had she not had her stinkin' neck broken. Damned Nesialora. For Callisto to read this heartfelt note and—-

She's about to playfully bat the piece of paper back in Brier's direction (the one he tossed at her) when something is… handed to her?

Callisto looks at Brier, unsure; she looks down at the gift bag with a profound look of awe writ across her elegant features. Her fingers, equally graceful and deft, accept the bag a bit shakily. "For me..?" Asked incredulously.

Seeing her name .. HER name.. so beautifully written is what does it. Callisto is at a loss for words, her features crumple (somehow still prettily) and tears streak down her cheeks and jawline.

The hippie knew enough of Callisto's circumstances to know affirmation or affection from a parental unit was something foreign to the other student. So her reaction to getting the gift may not have been expect, but it also didn't take Brier completely off guard either. Instead, he just looks to his friend and offers a small smile. "I hope you don't mind, but…she asked me to do some research for her…look in the bag." He had been tasked with finding out Calli's favorite scents. It was an easy enough topic to fall into if you talked with the hippie for any length of time.

Brier could easily talk about his mother's work as an herbalist or his own interest in various scents and aromatherapy aids. However, his conversations of this nature with Callisto had led to this…she now had three containers. One of honeysuckle body scrub, one of honeysuckle lotion and one of honeysuckle body wash. The containers were stacked neatly in the bag, with an extra treat nestled beside them in the bag. Two meditation stones. One, a Unakite, to promote self awareness and self love. The other, Hematite, for courage and strength.

The girl, though teary-eyed, is inwardly grateful that Brier is one to let himself and others simply 'be' in their emotions. Callisto isn't a very huggy-cuddly sort; she finds herself confounded when she must bring comfort. For her, to be comforted, is to simply be understood and left to weather it. Her hand lifts to, at first, swipe at the tears as if they were an unwelcome intruder. But to see her name penned like that and eventually to smell the glorious solutions.. well, they just won't stop. She looks up with a wet, glittering gaze to Brier. The look itself says: 'you knew', regarding the chosen scent. Indeed one of Callisto's favorites.

Her lips press together and tremble again. Tears drop from the fine point of her chin, dappling the bag. Note: she does not hitch or sob, simply weeps quietly. "T'is beautiful—" She starts huskily and this time, does herself the kindness of gently swabbing away moisture with the heel of her palm.

Then, the stones. Callisto gently lays aside the scrub, wash and lotion and reaches for the two meditation stones. "What.. are these known as?"

While Brier was definitely the sort to enjoy giving or receiving a good hug, he also was a good enough read of people and situations to know when to just let things be too. Though when her tears start falling more readily, it's admittedly a bit harder to restrain the urge to comfort. Still, the restraint is maintained! Instead, he just keeps that same kind and understanding smile as he looks to his friend. "She wanted to do something nice for you. Both as a thank you for being my friend, but so you also have a reminder that…well that you're loved and stuff…by both of us." He figured that wouldn't be too weird for her to hear.

There wasn't a romance attached to it. It was just a friendship love and support, from both the hippie and now his mom. "So the lotions and stuff are from her. Those…" He points to the stones "are from me…it was just easier for her to find them back home." He then identifies each one individually "The kind of brown green one is Unakite. It's used for promoting self awareness and self love. The black one is Hematite…and it's for courage and strength. They're meditation stones. You use them to channel your focus and like…help bring those things into your daily life."

Two things decide Callisto's further actions: Brier's words, and the actions entailed in those words. How long has it been since Callisto was told she was 'loved'? Not even in a familial sense, or romantic or… cripes. When was it, 1969? 1970? Petal said it and go figure it's another flower child to say such a thing to her. Though a vastly different direction: Petal was romantic love; Brier is as close to familial as Callisto could ever hope to get. Heaven help her to seek the same from her current kin; the last ones to admit such emotions were slaughtered. But here..

Callisto closes the two stones into one palm and finds herself, now, with three talisman: the gorgon pendant, soldered indefinitely upon her being; two meditation stones. All she can do is watch Brier for half a minute.

"Thank you." Whispers the girl, pinkening in her cheeks, all the way to the tips of her tapered ears. Then, taking care not to drop any of these precious gifts, she leans in to be the one to enfold Brier in a hug! Callisto, surprisingly, gives good hugs.

Brier doesn't say anything, letting Callisto process everything and look at her gifts. When she looks to him, he again stays quiet, letting her work out her reply. With the thanks, he just grins "You're welcome." He is then admittedly taken off guard by the hug, but he doesn't tense or jerk back in alarm. Instead, he meets her embrace with one of his own and returns the hug. Unsurprisingly, the hippie gives very good hugs. "I'm glad we're friends, Calli." Such a simple statement, yet such a profound meaning to the words.

"I most certainly am too. I truly, truly am." Callisto says as she pulls back to look at him, and that right there can be taken to the bank. A little smile then as she reaches up to wipe her eyes following the firm hug, soon reaching to uncap the lotion and sniff it again. A dollop; she's rubbing it into her forearms and leaning forth to sniff those too, to see how it interacts with her skin. It's as pleasant as one might expect. "Mmm.." Callisto exhales, looking profoundly pleased.

"Forgive me my outburst.. I meant not to detract from your moment with your Mother. She mentioned an intention to come visit, in the very near future?" The fey girl asks gently, looking composed. One pushing of a hank of hair behind and ear and save for a touch of pinkness, she seems alright.

Damn Callisto and her non-ugly-crying.

"Thank you, once again. I needed that. Please tell me if there is anything I can do for you to help make the beginning of this new year easier for you."

When the hug breaks, Brier watches as Callisto applies the lotion and enjoys it's scent. "My mom knows her stuff!" He says proudly. Then she's apologizing? Why? A shake of the hippie's head "You're fine. I'm glad you like the presents." As for the visit, that brings another grin to his features. "Hopefully in the next month!" The final offer and thanks has Brier giving a nod "I'll be sure to let you know. Honest. Right now I'm not really sure what to expect though honestly…"

"I shall look forward to meeting her." Callisto says, and means it. She turns one of the bottles over in a hand and looks at the label, seeming to appreciate every little thing about the products that Brier's mother sent. "Your mother Marigold." She reiterates.. she remembered her name, she did! Callisto's lashes flutter once as she lifts one arm to sniff the lotion. All defenses are down now; she looks softer, relaxed. Nowhere near as unhinged as she had been when Brier arrived. So much so that she didn't even see him at first.

"For what it is worth, when I started here last year, t'was in November. Things were already underway and I hadn't been present for the true start of the year. So.." She looks up at the kind-hearted boy, ".. we shall be, in a way, starting this new thing together. T'is important to be in good company for new experiences, correct?" She eases back.

"Now, I need to recompose myself. Show me some of the things that she has sent you." Said with earnest, carefree interest. Even the thought of Boomie as her roommate goes forgotten.. for now.

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