(2018-08-26) Kodachrome Moment
Kodachrome Moment
Summary: She may be made of steel and have a pretty level head on her shoulders, but Syd is still in her mid-teens, and sometimes talks herself into doing dumb things. Especially when she's trying to embrace the trends of modern teens. Fortunately, Bryce's near-total disconnect from the Internet limited the damage to one one photo, and a printout at that, delivered under Bryce's door (and not discovered by his roomie, thankfully) in an envelope.
Date: 2018.08.26
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With uniforms and school emblem clothing linging the glass walls looking out, a lot of the room is full of books needed for the classes here at Coral Springs. The wall near the register has supplies such as pens and pencils and erasers. Though there are a few more items than a normal school commissary, including snacks and drinks ranging from soda to energy to teas and water. This is built up as a one-stop shop for all school needs and school spirit.


It's a rainy, cool day. Syd's least favorite kind. For the eighth time today, she questions whether there wasn't a school in the desert where it's dry. Las Vegas, maybe. Phoenix. Albuquerque. But instead she's here, off the coast of New Hamphsire, wearing her rain poncho so she doesn't get as wet and rust as fast. She wanders into the Commissary to get actual school supplies. Pens, paper (some of us still use pens and paper, after all), some more uniform pieces, and like that. She waves at Bryce when she sees him, but now she's blushing.

Bryce has been spending many hours a day at the commissary wanting to get everything learned and practiced before the school started. He figured that once the classes started that he wouldn't have nearly as much time. Plus, he also assumed that there would be more people shopping for school supplies now. He is helping one of the many school mates that he doesn't know. She asks him, "Size 12, why do you ask?" Bryce swallows hard and says, "Um, well, I, there is one in your, your size and color." He points down the aisle and says, "On the left, second rack from the top." The girl looks surprised and says, "You are kidding me, aren't you." Bryce notices the wave and waves back to Sydney. His face flushes too when he sees her blush though he speaks to the girl, "No, I, I didn't, I mean, I won't."

Sydney holds a uniform blouse up against her, checks the size tag, and mutters something about tailoring while Bryce deals with a customer. "Hey," she says. "How's the job going?"

The girl customer shakes her head and says, "There is no way that you would know that." Bryce looks at the blouse that Sydney is holding up. "What was, uh…" He looks back to the girl. "I'm, one of th-the things that I can, uh, do. I remember, uh, things." The girl says, "You remember -uh- things?" She shakes her head and clearly thinks that Bryce is putting her on. "S-Sydney, pl-please let, tell her."

Sydney nods. "He has a perfect memory. It's kind of a pain in the ass sometimes. I'm his girlfriend. I know these things." She smiles.

The girl looks at the Sydney and then Bryce. She sighs and does the 'whatever' gesture. She walks off. Bryce looks a bit exasperated. When he looks back to Sydney, his face blushes again. "She doesn't, people don't believe when … that happens…er.. I, I got your, your letter, well, not so much a l-letter, but you know what, what it was."

Sydney slips her arms around Bryce and gives him a quick kiss. "I was um. Thinking of you. And I read that people sometimes send… like… photos of each other to each other's phones. Only I couldn't find your phone number or your email address or anything. Paper might have been better anyway. At least I know how many copies there are."

Bryce starts to smile when Sydney kisses his cheek and covers his smile with his left hand. "I'm, I, I liked it, I mean, you. It was very, very nice. I don't, uh, know what to, to do with it so I, I hid it." He pauses a moment. "I found it! No way!" comes the girl's voice from the previously indicated aisle. "I, uh, didn't want anyone else to find, uh, it, you. Plus I don't have a, a phone or email or, er, things like that."

Sydney gently raises a finger to move Bryce's hand away from his smile. She blushes a little. "Yeah… probably a good idea." She's saved from further awkwardness by the woman's discovery of her size, exactly where Bryce said it was. "Told ya…" she says back. She looks at Bryce. "No phone? Not even email? Do you have a computer, or even the school iPad?"

Bryce looks down the aisle and then back to Sydney. "Pe-people never believe. I, I just memorize the, the inventory." He makes it sound like it is no big deal. "I don't have, have any of them. Never had the, uh, money." He is stammering more since they are in public than he does when they are in private. "All th-that my mother and her, her, er, uh, teacher?, gave all they had for the, the tuition. I could have, have anything tech-wise from my, my d-father, but that would, er, require contacting him."

Sydney frowns a little. "Tuition's free this year. The school issues the iPads 'cause that's what our textbooks are on. And Gmail accounts are free. Or you could use one of the computers in the computer lab." Syd scratches her head. "How do you write papers without a computer? Just recite them from memory?

Bryce nods his head a bit excited about the money issue. "That is, is good news for them. My, my mom is going to try and, and send me some money. I wanted to, that is why, I got this job. I wanted a, a bit of spending money, but, but, uh … not to mainly buy, er, stuff for me. I wanted to, uh, I have someone I, I want to, er, … spend money on." He stammers more and blushes a bit looking down. "I don't tend to use computers because, uh, they are a, a bit slow for me. I do type up my, er, papers on the school, er, computers. I tried playing a, a game a few times."

Sydney slips her arms around Bryce. "If that someone is me and not your mom… please don't. You don't have to buy me gifts. You don't have to take me to expensive places. Fancy restaurants are wasted on me. You and I have to get through school, and we don't have a lot of parental support for that. If it means our dates are all like the last one, that's more than ok. I had a great time just hanging out on the island with you. Okay? If it's your mom, you should totally spend money on her." Syd grins.

Bryce drops his head a bit and then looks back up to her. "I, I don't feel that I, er, have to. But, but I want to get you, uh, something. It, getting you something, it means a lot to me." Bryce then quickly adds, "Oh, and I want to get, er, something for my mother and, er, uh, Jazmira something too. I don't think that, er, they would like books as much as I do, but, …. " He fades off stopping there.

Sydney thinks about it. "Okay. How about we do birthdays and Christmas? that'll keep us from going broke buying gifts for each other. How about that? When's your birthday?"

Bryce thinks for a moment and says, "Well, my, my birthday is easy to, er, remember. My birthday is the, the same of the country: Ju-july 04, 2003. When, when is your birthday?" He looks over at one of the customers who are off shopping near the writing implements. "Oh, you said, er, something about iPads?"

You say, "November fourth. I'll be fifteen. I'll probably pick you up a late birthday gift, because now I have something in mind, and some cash from working this summer. But I'm serious. I don't want to find out you're…skimping on warm clothes or something to get me stuff, ok? I will be pissed if I find out you're doing that, because I'd feel really guilty. Ok?""

Bryce shrugs a bit and says, "I, I tend to just wear, uh, my school uni-uniform most of the time." He knows that she knows about his clothing since she took him shopping once. "I, I kind of like wearing, er, them because then I don't, er, have to worry about what to, to wear. I also, don't get too cold since I, er, found out that my, my armor keeps me pretty warm, well, when I remember to use it."

Sydney nods. "Okay, it was a bad example. I know how you are about clothes. You're a guy. If you're not naked or cold, you're good." She smiles affectionately. "But yeah. Having set times we spend money on each other gives us a chance to save up, do research, and all that kinda thing. I'd love to shower you with gifts too, you know. You'd look awesome in a tailored suit. But unless we find the right one at the thrift store, that's going to be out of my reach for a long time. Meantime, yeah, about the iPads. You should have gotten one with your pamphlet and rulebook and all that when you got here. You didn't tell them you weren't computer-compatible, did you?

Bryce shakes his head at the thought of a suit. "I'm, I'm not sure that I, I could wear a, a suit. My, er, my father wears them, er, a lot and so did, did the sc-scientists." The ones who studied him. "I don't think I, er, told them about, uh, that. I did say that, well, I didn't really like, er, using them because, because books were, well, are better and faster. They, they acted like that was, well, weird until they saw me, they saw me read."

Sydney nods. "Ok. No suit. It was just an example." She thinks about it some more. "It's just… there's a whole world out there that if you don't have something… you miss. I mean it's like having the world's largest reference library in your room with you and you can search it in your pajamas. In case you wear pajamas.

Bryce relaxes a bit when she said it was just an example. "Even, even the school uniform was, er, a bit too suit-like for me, well, at first." He swallows a bit and then says, "I've, I've tried to read on the, the computer, but, I tend to, to scroll really, er, fast. The computers tend to, er, blur the text when I scroll as fast as, as I want to which makes it hard to read. So while they can tech-technically display things faster, they lose resolution."

Sydney nods. "I understand. It's just some stuff isn't available on paper. It's digital or do without. Plus… email, being able to call someone and have the phone ring in their pocket… it's not like there are payphones anymore. I've had this thing…" she fishes out a Tracfone flipphone "…pretty much since my foster parents took me in. It's taken some getting used to."

Bryce nods his head about the stuff not on the paper. "I wonder if," he stops as clearly his mind is running far faster than his mouth can keep up with. "Oh, that, that is an, well, it might not, but if it did, the combination would be, he would be, but not if he doesn't know." He then sees her phone and says, "The design of that phone was based off the Star Trek communicators used by Captain James T. Kirk."

Sydney curls a smile and flips the phone open with the characteristic gesture. "Somehow you think that after watching Trek from the time I was six until I went into the freezer that I missed that? Anyway. I should let you get back to work so you still have a job."

Bryce nods his head when she mentions getting back to work. "I, I don't want to get into er, trouble." Not that he normally gets into any. "I did inventory, er, something on aisle 5, section 3, left side, middle shelf that, er, I thought you would, uh, like." It was bottle of oil with a lavender scent to it. "I'll see you, er, after work."

Sydney nods. "I'll check it out. Just come on up to my room when you're done, or we can meet up at dinner. It does, Syd reflects, really put a damper on naughtiness to have a roomie. She wonders if that's the idea. And yes, she does buy a small bottle of the oil.

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