(2018-08-26) Gimme a Head with Hair
Gimme a Head with Hair
Summary: Syd has Sierra over to hang out, watch some antique tv, and they do each other's hair. Syd figures out a workaround for her "be your own costume" problems. Some metamorphs can just will what they want. Syd… not so much. Not yet, anyway.
Date: 2018.08.26
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Metis Room 100
This room is quite sizable as far as dorm room goes. It could probably fit three students comfortably with room to spare. Fortunately for the occupants there is only furnishings for two people. Two beds, desks, dressers and a double closet.


Sydney is, in fact, in her pajamas when she comes to the door. "Hi!" she grins. "We're not gonna get in trouble with Saoirse, are we?"

"Not if you keep your clothes on" Sierra grins before giving her friend a hug. "And I keep mine on too. Guess what, I brought marshmallows. Saoirse didn't take them all with her." Sierra's pajamas consist of leg warmers, shorts and a long t-shirt. "How are you?"

Sydney 's pajamas are basically an 80s style long t-shirt with big blocky letters on it and a picture of Bill the Cat. She chuckles, snaps her fingers in mock-disappointment, and hugs Sierra tight. "Getting used to this place. It's a lot less… homey, plus or minus the evil mad scientist lab under the back yard. The views are fantastic though. Pretty sure I'm not going to like being on lockdown after curfew. "

"Do you seriously think they could keep us locked up in here if we didn't want to be?" Sierra points out as she returns the hug. "Even if you didn't just knock the wall down, there are a few of us who can teleport anywhere they like. My new roomie for example. Unless they ward the room, she's going anywhere she likes. Any idea what happened with that lab?" A quick glance around. "No roommate?"

Sydney nods. "I have one. I know she's slept here while I was here because her bed got made, then unmade, then made again, but I haven't seen her yet. I um. Sleep pretty soundly, I guess. And no, haven't heard anything. I'll probably mention it to Inferno when I see him next time, make sure the Unit 23 gang is aware of it. Someone should probably find out what's in cryo down there. Preferably someone who can take off and nuke the site from orbit if need be. Could be captured superheroes or supervillians, or aliens, or diseases, or who knows? So are you enjoying your little buddy? Insert good head joke here."

"I only enjoy Saoirse" Sierra replies with a poke of her tongue. "Seriously, though, that Vanessa girl…my roommate…she is hounded by demons who want to kill and eat and…generally be pretty lewd. And they put her in a room with a girl with a blood drinking, sacrificing Aztec god inside her. If we haven't burned the school down by the end of the year, I will be very surprised. Maybe you should set up a camera in case your roomie is doing stuff to you when you're asleep…as a puddle."

Sydney laughs. "Vanessa? Oh yeah, I've met her. She reminded me a lot of you, to be honest. Only… less subtle. And less gleeful about it. I think she really hates how she is. And what would my roomie do? I mean… oh gasp she threw silverwear in me. So I ate breakfast in bed."

"I don't know what your roomie might do…which is why you need a camera. You met Vanessa? Great pair of tits, I'll give her that" Sierra smirks before turning a bit more serious. "I dunno. I think she doesn't enjoy it but then those demons seep into her head and she does. It must be tough but we're here to help her sort everything out." A little snort of amusement. "I dunno, she seemed gleeful about some things. How's Bryce?"

Sydney blushes a little. "Um… more disconnected from the net than even me, it turns out. Which probably saved me from doing something drastically stupid, to be honest, the more I think about it."

"The internet doesn't make you stupid" Sierra giggles, before her eyes narrow. "I can't believe I said that. Of course it does. Were you going to dress up like some anime hottie or something?" She plonks down on Sydney's bed and opens up the marshmallows. "I think people were having sex long before the internet, so what stupid were you going to do?"

Sydney blushes further. "Umm… kind of… not dressing up. Kind of the opposite, in fact. It's a thing I read about. Only… because he has no email address, no phone, and no computer, I had to just print the picture out and stick it in an envelope under his door."

Sierra bursts out laughing. "Madre Dios! You gave him a naked photo of yourself. You actually printed it out and slipped it under the door?" A shake of her head. "I love it." She shrugs. "I guess it is safer than the internet. I mean…there is only one copy." Sierra thinks for a moment. "Do we have a photocopier here? When I send pictures like that to Saoirse's phone, who knows who sees them."

Sydney blushes even further, trying not to picture that. Trying really hard. "You send her pictures of you?"

"Sure" Sierra shrugs. "She's on vacation with her sister and I have no idea how long she's going to be. I don't want her to find someone else, so I have to remind her of the goods waiting for her" she giggles. "If I know Saoirse, she probably shows them to her sister and says things like 'This is my girlfriend, I've done things down there'." Sierra was restraining her language a bit.

Sydney facepalms. *clang* "I hope they approve." Yeah, still blushing.

"If she comes back, I guess that means they approve" Sierra replies, her tone hopeful. "She has told me that they don't care that I'm a girl. Which is good, because I can't do much about that. Saoirse even suggested I go with her back to Ireland, get married, and get out of the superhero world completely. She's worried I'll get hurt…or worse. And I don't think her heart is in being a super-heroine."

Sydney shakes her head. "No, I don't think it is. She can do it, but I think she'd rather push marshmallows." She looks at Sierra. "What about you? Do you want to stay in it?

Sierra thinks on her reply for a moment before nodding. "Yeah…I think I do" she says softly, surprising herself as much as anyone. "I like helping people…and burning bad people to a crisp." A wink at that. "I hope she changes her mind…even if only to not be bothered that I do dangerous stuff. I'm pretty stuck on her, Sydney. I'd hate for this to drive us apart."

Sydney is lightly surprised when Sierra says yes. She smiles. Not so much at the 'burning bad guys to a crisp' part. "I guess compromise is part of the whole business.

"Yeah. Me and compromise…old friends" Sierra smirks. "We'll sort it out. Oh. do you want any of these marshmallows or is it pointless? What will we do tonight? I have not been to a pajama party before."

Sydney shakes her head. "It's pointless unless you want some. Like I said, sugar makes my insides sticky, which is not an improvement." Syd goes over to the futon to sit down. It's in sofa mode, owing to the lack of space to stretch it out. "Well… pretty much this. Sit around, talk about stuff… fuck around with hair and makeup… I dunno, I've only been to a few, and there were usually drugs involved. I came away with some pretty interesting hair once or twice. And by interesting I mean "how long is this going to take to grow out?"

"Did you want me to get some weed or peyote?" Sierra asks while following her friend to the futon and flopping herself down upon it. "Did people try and do things with your hair when it was metal? I could try and braid it…heat it up so it's more malleable?" The marshmallows are tucked away for now. "I don't really wear make-up. Not my kind of thing. I was never the pretty one in the family and I don't really do the princess kind of thing well. If I did your make-up, you'd end up looking like a clown. And not a good one."

Sydney laughs. "nooo no, this was back when I was still meat. My hair was like… super-dark brown, almost black. I didn't wear much makeup, just enough to cover zits and make my eyes a little more visible." She reaches out to take Sierra's hand if Sierra will let her, and draw it to her hair, which is a little wiry, but in no way inflexible or unmanageable. "I style it now all the time. I mean… I cheat. It's as long as I want it and moves how I want it, and this is the style it comes out unless I change it. Same reason I don't have to shave my armpits and legs. But it's not like a helmet or anything." She looks at Sierra. "And between you and me, I don't care what the rest of your family looked like. You are one of the pretty ones. Just so you know."

"You're sweet" Sierra blushes about the compliment from Sydney. "We'll see if you still feel that way if you ever meet any of them." She's happy to run her fingers through the wiry hair, seeing how flexible it is, gauging what she can do with it. "Okay, let's see if I can braid this mother. At least you don't have to worry about zits anymore. Wanna put a movie or some music on?"

Sydney smiles. "Sure. Lemme crank up Kodi and see what's on." She reaches over to the computer keyboard and types a few commands. A window pops open with a picture in it. "Oh! Right. I've been in touch with an old friend. His parents had a photo of me from before, in 1980, before I ran away." ((http://coralsprings.wikidot.com/local--files/sydney/syd1980.jpg)) She lets Sierra look for a minute or two before kicking Kodi into video mode. "Battlestar Galactica? Three Words: Female Viper Pilots."

Sierra peers at the picture. "Cute" she nods, "I can sort of see that in you still. Just less silver back then/ What kind of phone took that photo? Not a lot of pixels there." She leans back when the viewing choice is mad. "Yay for girl power. What does your old friend think of the new you?"

Sydney laughs. "Digital cameras only existed in NASA and spy satellites back then. And there were mobile phones, but actual cell service was years in the future. This was taken with a polaroid camera and scanned on a cheap scanner in the last few months." She thinks about it. "I'm not sure what he thinks of me, to be honest. He was my best friend's older brother. He's crowding 60 and has daughters who are fifteen and seventeen. It's… a little awkward, I guess. He hasn't said anything about the steel. Compared to seeing my face on milk cartons back in the day, the fact that I'm metal is less of a deal, I guess.

"He started having children late" Sierra muses. "If he was in my family, he's be a great grandfather by now.' She makes herself comfortable behind Sydney, though making sure she can see the show. "Okay, what shall we do with your hair tonight? Go the pigtails? Do you have a dress you can wear to go with them? Something Pippy Longstocking to get Bryce excited?"

Sydney blushes. "Bryce is pretty easy to get excited. I have my prom dress. That's pretty much it. Doesn't quite fit right anymore, either. It was set up to fit me before I started eating better. My strength's doubled and I've grown some hips since then. Bikini time gets him excited. Or no-kini time." Syd watches to see what Sierra's going to do. "Yeah, if you need part of it shorter, let me know. It's not sensitive until you try to cut it. Then it kind of wakes up."

"I won't cut it" Sierra promises, I only have my bare hands. For now she is simply running her fingers through the strands, checking the consistency and felxibility. "Wait. No-kini? Sydney! You total slut!" the Latina teases, giggling at little afterwards. "So, have you, you know. Done it with him? YOu sure the dress doesn't fit because someone else has been stretching it? Wandering hands can do that. I hear."

Sydney stiffens at that particular word. "Um. No. It was… complicated." Syd's hair is wiry, fairly course stranded, and has very little natural curl. It's also curiously warm, as though conducting heat from her skin directly.

"We're here to talk about everything and anything if you want. Girls hanging out" Sierra shrugs, "But if you don't want to talk about it, it's fine. Let's try the pigtails. I suppose you can just keep it where it is, right? No need for elastic bands or anything. Sort of, like, sculpting it into a shape. Like clay. If you know what I mean."

Sydney nods, distracted somewhat. "I… Look. He has photographic memory. He never forgets anything. If something comes along that the memory is hurting him, it goes on hurting him. I was trying to…change his focus. Fill his photographic memory with something else that would get his full and undivided attention. Naked me seemed like it would be effective, and it was… it's just… how do you hold someone in the shower, or hold them all night while they sleep for the first time in days… and not have feelings for them? That's kind of how we wound up together. So no. I haven't… well, I was going to say slept, but I guess I have to be more specific. I haven't had sex with him. Just some cuddling. I just felt safe holding him, in ways I haven't felt with guys much."

"That's sweet" Sierra smiles. "Sorry, didn't mean to make you upset. I'm glad you guys are working things out. Enjoying each other. Cuddling is pretty cool. This was after that mission he was on? I guess a photographic memory could be pretty sucky in some cases." A pause. "A lot of cases." She carefully sculpts one side of Sydney's hair into a pigtail. "Okay, can you hold that shape in your hair?"

Sydney nods, and holds it. She glances over her shoulder and weaves a few strands of hair around the rest of them, as though it's tied together. "Yeah. That. I mean… were my motives pure? I thought so at the time, but… it didn't work out that way." She pauses and twines a few more strands around, and they merge together into a reflective ring.

"There's nothing impure about liking someone and wanting to have fun with them" Sierra sighs. "Don't let the stuck up people have their way. You'll be miserable the rest of your life if you do that. No matter what happens, your intentions were pure. It takes two to tango. I should know." The other side of the head is now worked on, getting another pigtail organized.

Sydney leans her head back gently against Sierra's shoulder, if Sierra will let her. "Yeah…" She lengthens the hair on that side of her asymmetric bob a bit to make it easier to braid. "I'm still getting my head around that. The whole… you're a nice girl or a…dirty slut thing… was a lot bigger back in 1980. And nobody was ever honest about what they wanted, it seems like."

"The 80s might have had awesome music but could have done with some changes to attitudes. I mean, not that I know first hand. But it sounds like from what you tell me" Sierra replies, not bothered with the head on her shoulder at all. Fingers doing their best to get a pigtail out of Sydney's hair; her braiding skills aren't what they could be. A playful nudge of her friend. "Being called a slut just means others are jealous of you."

Sydney snorts, a sound that might have grown up to be a chuckle, but didn't make it. "Depends a lot on who's saying it." She looks over at Sierra. "I will say, once in a while I'm pretty jealous of Saoirse. You're so… Such a mix of hard and soft. And you're direct. I learned to like that along the way."

"Saoirse can be pretty direct too. Though I think it might be better described as 'literal'" Sierra smirks. "Most people just call me rude. I dunno, I can't be bothered lying about things. Nothing wrong with polite…I guess…but a whole lot wrong with bullshit. There, both sides done. Now, all we have to is get you into a school uniform. Oh…wait…we wear one every day."

Sydney laughs, and loops her hair around the other braid, and again merges the hairs into a reflective ring. "Are you willing to trust me with your hair? And yeah… but I don't think they're exactly the kind of school uniform you're picturing." She bobbles her head side to side and giggles, watching the braids.

"You can play with my hair if you like" Sierra shrugs. "Swap places!" Now it's the Latina's turn to be up front. She can see the screen better too. "I guess you can make your clothes into whatever you want them to. You still make them out of your metal? Saves on laundry." Sierra gives her long hair a shake and a quick fluff. "Met any of the new kids yet?"

Sydney shrugs. "I'm still…" she trails off. "Oh shit. I've been…" She laughs, feeling her hair, where the rings are still holding it. "I stopped thinking about those rings, and they're still there. I don't feel them unless I think about it." She laces her fingers through Sierra's hair a moment, then holds one arm out. Arm hair grows. Like… arm hair for Sasquatch. It keeps growing until her forearm looks like a giant gunmetal blue qtip with fingers, then it contracts around her hand. The hairs merge together into a glove, with a heavy metallic boss over the knuckles for punching. "Maybe…. maybe…" She draws her hand back to Sierra's hair and starts on both sides at once. If Sierra has the patience, she'll wind up with a long, graceful french braid. "I used to do…" Syd starts. "Damn, still thinking about it. I used to do my little sister's hair in these."

Sierra watches the hair trick with a furrowed brow. "Hmmm…you ever think about shaving a little more?" she teases. "So your clothes are made out of hair now? Bulletproof hair? Wish I could control my hair to make shapes like that." She seems content to let her hair be braided…it even feels nice. "What happened to your little sister?" Immediately she feels bad for asking. One, because she's probably already been told. Two, it might not be a happy story. "You don't have to tell me."

Sydney shakes her head. "No, not yet they're not… but that's the idea you gave me. That's what I'm testing. I mean feel it, this sleep shirt is made of cotton." She braids some more. "My problem is when I wear normal human clothes, I get into a fight, and I'm pretty much looking for a wardrobe failure. Like, I lost my fucking shirt when I sparred with Lazarus. He was nice about it and everything, just like you'd expect, but I've been experimenting with my 'fighting outfit' ever since. And it always feels weird. Like I'm naked and I've had really weird plastic surgery and parts of me are missing. My hair I can change and not think about." She blinks at Sierra's other question . "Oh. Well… she… died. Drug habits. Meth, in particular. Same with my brother."

"You know that the rest of us have the same problem, right? Any of us who get involved in fights or use our powers in 'normal' clothes will lose them pretty quick. When I ignite, it's not good for cotton. Even worse with polyester. That's why they give us tailored fancy supersuits." A little giggle. "My priest used to tell us about 'hair shirts'. You wore them to make sure you felt uncomfortable all the time, so you would know Christ's suffering and be humble and stuff. He was an idiot. I hope your hair shirt is more comfy." Her face screws up with guilt at what happened to Sydney's siblings. "Sorry. I didn't mean to bring anything bad back up. Okay, question, who is the hottest chick in Battlestar Galactica."

You say, "The old one or the new one? Bearing in mind I've seen like… half an episode of the new one.""

"The one we're watching" Sierra replies, gesturing at the screen. "You've only seen half an episode? Has Boomer even shown up? Damn that girl is hot. Not as hot as Saoirse…obviously."

Sydney chuckles. "Starbuck in the new one. Athena in the old one. 70s Farrah hair and all."

"I'd go with Athena in the old one too" Sierra nods sagely. "Cassiopeia didn't really do it for me. Or that cylon in the new one. Guess I don't like blondes…unless they're floating upside down and have a damn fine ass." A pause. "Did I just say that out loud?"

Sydney giggles and tries not to mess up Sierra's hair. "I'm pretty sure you did. So do you have anything to tie this with? I'm getting toward the end… and I like you lots, but if I start giving you rings made out of my body, Saoirse is probably going to have a problem with that. And she'd be able to tell."

"Hmmm…" Sierra glances around for a tie. "What about the tie of the marshmallow bag? I'll eat them before they dry out. I don't think she would have a problem with the ring though. She told me that it was perfectly normal for you two to be naked in a shower while she scrubbed your body. And it is."

Sydney blinks. "Um… Um. Yeah. Um. The marshmallow… tie should be fine. Shit, I completely forgot about that. It was a…de-rusting thing." Syd's blushing again.

"It's fine. Seriously" Sierra grins, handing Sydney the tie. "If you kissed me though…I would be dead meat. I have to prove how good I am. And how much she means to me. So, even though she will be gone for weeks, I am gonna be good. Nice job with the hair."

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