(2018-08-25) The Dragon and the Pop Star
The Dragon and the Pop Star
Summary: Bronwyn and Erica meet in the school courtyard
Date: 2018-08-25
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Bronwyn leans against the memorial statue in the center of the courtyard. The tall girl talking on her phone. She does that a lot. "Some of the people are okay" she says to whomever is on the other end of the line. "Some of them are, like, total dicks. Don't really know about the teachers yet." She nods to the words from the other end. "And everyone is so short." She is wearing gym shoes, jeans, and an Athena t-shirt. "Or is the problem I'm too tall? Am I a freak?"

Erica appears from over the dorms. Her leathery wings stroke through the air. She is glowing with a fiery aura and seems to be heading for the courtyard. The glow around her dims as she comes in for a landing, far enough away that she doesn't cause too much wind from the landing. The dragon girl looks around and spies the girl on the phone and gives a bit of a wave.

Bronwyn looks up to see a student flying down from the sky. With leathery wings…as opposed to the one she met earlier with feathered wings. "You won't believe this. There's another one with wings. No, a girl this time. Cute. Damn I feel ugly around here too. Talk to you later." She hangs up and offers a wave in return. "Hey. Nice landing. I'm Bronwyn. Bronwyn Argento." She's gives up on the possibility that anyone will know who she is.

The red scaled dragon girl looks at Bronwyn, "Hello Bronwyn." she says and there is a bit of a slur to her words but given the different shape of her muzzle. She flexes her wings and then they fold up against her back. "I should change back, easier not to hurt someone that way. Oh, I am Erica." she offers.

"Oh…you don't normally look like this?" Bronwyn frowns, "Let me guess, you look even prettier when you change. Nice to meet you, Erica. I'm just waiting on some pizza delivery. Finally found someone who would come to the island. Want to share it?"

Erica nods her head, "Pizza, sure." she says and then her body starts to glow. It gets a bit brighter and then she seems to shrink. As the glow fades, her true form is there, and she seems to be holding a cat sized dragon. She smiles, "Thanks Lexi." she says and then lets go of the dragon, it glows and turns into two balls of light that then flow down to Erica's wrists and wrap around them forming into a pair of dragon bracelets. She shakes her head and smiels, "Prettier?" she asks, "I don't think so, hard to beat looking like a weredragon." she says softly.

"Yeah…prettier" Bronwyn sighs with a little envy. "So that dragon is in your bracelets? Wow. I sort of have the same problem, but mine's buried in my brain. No getting that one out, but I guess you can just take those off. You like Supreme pizzas? I went with a couple of 'the lot' to see how they cooked each bit. Where are you from? I'm from Italy…and I guess you didn't recognize my name."

Erica smiles, "The Chicago area." she says and shakes her head, "And I didn't sorry, my adopted dad kept me pretty sheltered until I got to come here, so many things I was kept from knowing." she shakes her head a bit and then raises a brow and nods, "Lexi is part of me, as long as the bracelets are close, I can take…my other form, when we fuse." she raises a brow at the mention of buried in brain.

"Oh Chicago" A pause. "I don't know it" Bronwyn smiles sweetly. "Never been to the United States before coming here. And I think they picked the coldest place they could. I'm not used to this. You fuse with a dragon?" Another pause. "Are dragons common in Chicago? You didn't even have internet? Wow…how did you live? A phone?" Bronwyn has a building urge to take Erica under her wing and introduce her to the world.

Erica smiles, "I had the internet, but it was limited. Didn't need a phone, was home schooled, tutored, I read a lot, mythology, and I draw." she shakes her head and then looks at her for a moment, "As far as I know I was the only one. My mother could turn into a dragon, or something very similar. That is what my Adopted father told me. So I turn into one too. My powers are a little different, something was done to me when I was little, so is it a real dragon, or just something that looks like a dragon." she shrugs just a bit. "Chicago gets cold, no snow yet."

"Didn't. Need. A. Phone?" Bronwyn is flabbergasted. Never has her flabber been so gasted. "Okay. We need to bring you into the world. Have you got a phone now? You better, because you're putting my number in it." A beaming smile. "Do you want to draw me? You might be able to sell it for some bucks to my fans. Well…euros rather than bucks. So your mother was the same…sort of. But it sounds like you didn't know her. That's sad. Oh, God, it's gonna snow here, isn't it? Sheesh, it's not as we can go skiing on an island. My life sucks so hard."

Erica shrugs, "Not sure, haven't been here long." she smiles, "Didn't need a phone? I had no friends really, just my dad." she nods her head a bit and holds up her phone out of her pocket, "Yep I got one, my adopted dad calls me a lot, its the only number in there." she cocks her head to the side, "Put your number in it?" she asks and then blinks just a little, she has a lot of energy, but there is a little information overload for a moment. She giggles and shakes her head, "I could draw you, but I don't sell it."

"Then you can just draw me" Bronwyn shrugs. "You probably haven't had the chance to draw famous people before" she smiles, as if doing Erica a huge favor. "Now you will have two numbers." Bronwyn holds out her hand for the phone. "What team are you in? I'm in Athena. You're not Ares, are you? Heard some bad things about the group. I mean, it's okay if you are. You'll make it better. Have you met other people?" She does talk at a hundred miles an hour.

Erica is bouncing a little in place, seeming not able to stay still, "Nope, no famous people." she says and then does hand over her phone and nods, "Yes, I am in Ares." she offers. She shrugs a bit, "Not sure about things, but yes I have met a few other people I was at an estate not far from here till the school opened."

Bronwyn punches in her digits. "Sexy Star…that's me, okay" she grins as she hands the phone back. "That's where the old school was? I asked Besa if people died at this school and…" A jerk of her thumb at the memorial next to them. "Shouldn't we all be worried about this? Oh, I haven't told you about myself. You probably want to know. Have you met Dylan? He's a creep."

Erica cocks her head to the side, "Dylan doesn't sound familiar." she says and then shakes her head a bit, "Not sure if that is where it was or if people did. I have a responsibility to learn to use my powers to help others."

"That's my thoughts exactly" Bronwyn nods. "Use this accident to help out people." She taps her head. "I have some alien tech in my brain. Came through the Hadron Collider, my mama works there. When I turn it on, this suit of power armor appears around me. Like that TV show I guess…but you didn't see much TV so that will mean nothing to you. I'm in Athena. Maybe you should be too? Then we could be roomies. That would be pretty awesome." The sound of a footsteps announces the arrival of pizza. The delivery boy on foot? "I hope you're hungry. Lots of food to be had."

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