(2018-08-25) Rooftop Ruminations
Rooftop Ruminations
Summary: A bunch of students, old and new, hang out on the roof of the new school.
Date: 2018-08-25
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With the sun starting to set, the rooftop is a beautiful place to meditate. The ancient teen is sitting crossed legged facing west on the ledge, the setting sunlight washing over him. Cocoa, a chocolate brown Labrador is laying on the ground with her eyes closed. Seems Besa's been up here for some time.

A small little blip of bright yellow can be seen approaching from the north east. It seems to be heading for the Metis Prometheus dorm. After a bit, the little blip of yellow can be seen to be a bird. The bird is carrying a few small twigs in its beak. The twigs, small that they are, seem heavy for the bird due to its small size. It lands on the rooftop as though taking a break.

"I'm up on the roof now, can you hear me better?" It's a familiar voice to Besa, as Bronwyn makes her way out from the building talking on her phone. "Looks like they've got a whole bunch of stuff up here. Like tents and things. I dunno, I guess if it ever gets warm this would be a good place to sunbathe. Oh, there's someone out here. A friend. Yeah, he's kind of cute. Much nicer than that other guy last night. Gosh, why are all the cute ones dicks?" A sigh. "Okay, not /all/ of them. I won't exaggerate." A roll of her eyes. "Oh, he has his dog with him this time." Noticing small yellow birds is not Bronwyn's thing at the moment. "Okay, I'll talk to you soon." She hangs up and waves at Besa…before realising he is meditating, and she probably shouldn't interrupt.

Far above, what looks like a large soaring bird lazily circles in the waning evening heat. Seems an awful large bird… and that's not a tail, those look like legs.

Taka wheels about, pirouettes on a wingtip and lazily dives towards the roof, touching lightly down on the ledge and perching there effortlessly. He greets the small yellow bird first with a smile. "Kie, ar'tavrat." Then he turns to the others and bows slightly from his perched position. "And kie, c'tavar'yw. What a wonderful evening!"

Besa's eyes blink open, he wasn't so deep in meditation that he wouldn't hear someone’s talking. His gaze is slightly unfocused though, where ever he was in his mind, it's still creeping around the edges. Cocoa's ears perk, and she sighs, eyes opening and head coming up. She doesn't know Bronwyn, but her tails thumps gently when she sees Taka.

“Tweet!" the little yellow bird sets the twigs down and starts to fly towards Besa and Cocoa when he sees the girl. The Buddy-bird looks at her with a bright blue right eye and an emerald green left eye. Before he can tweet to her, he sees the shadow of a larger bird creature coming from above. He immediately flies towards a chair and under it. The bird-creature-boy then talks to him in some weird language and smiles. The little yellow bird hops forward though not completely out from underneath the protection of the chair. "Tweet tweeeet twet?"

Bronwyn stares as Taka comes in for a landing and frightens the poor little bird. And since the flying boy jabbers in some strange language, maybe he /is/ a giant avian rather than human. Thankfully, he also seems to speak English. "Umm…interesting evening" Bronwyn admits before making her way over to the chair to crouch down next to the yellow bird with the odd eyes. "Don't worry about him. He won't eat you." She peers at Taka. "You won't, will you? Hey, Besa. Sorry I woke you up. Is that Cocoa?"

Taka blinks at the little yellow bird, and chirps back at it, then hops down from the ledge to pet Cocoa. He looks over at Bronwyn with a slightly startled look. "I think we have different ideas about what he said? But birds on this world speak differently than ones back home. I'm still learning, so I might have misunderstood." He chuckles softly. "I thanked him but told him I wasn't hungry. Of course, I wouldn't eat him if I were…."

Besa blinks a few more times, "Oh…hello Bronwyn. No, I was not sleeping, that would be dangerous!" He smiles warmly, eyes going from her to the bird, "is that you Buddy?" And then Taka, "Oh! Hello my friend!!" A deep breath and he starts to stretch out his legs. "Yes, this is Cocoa. She is the best." To prove that she looks up at Besa, giving him a doggy smile.

The bird hops a bit further forward as Bronwyn comes and sits down next to him. Once he is sure he won't be eaten by anyone, he flies up and lands on Bronwyn shoulder. He tweets a few times and then hops a bit on her shoulder. "Hi, healy guy," the bird says quite happily though he keeps his keen bird eyes on Taka just in case.

"Buddy?" Bronwyn looks at the talking little bird. "Oh…I guess it is. I hope you cleaned your teeth after eating whatever you wanted to eat as a cat last night. Hygiene is important." She offers a smile to the winged boy. "I'm Bronwyn. Bronwyn Argento." She can hope that he knows her name, but it hasn't been very successful so far. "You're from another world? Of course you are. I'm starting to feel I am too."

"Taka t'Kaeh," the birdman says, bowing slightly towards Bronwyn, with a slight spreading of wings. He looks at the little yellow bird again. "And… Buddy? Who was a cat yesterday?" He kneels back down by Cocoa, and scritches behind her left ear. "I'm confused. But that's fairly normal for me."

Besa swings his feet over the edge, but he stays sitting. They dangle there as eh smiles at the other students, "Hello Buddy." Cocoa shifts to lean against his leg. "Buddy is a shifter, Taka. He can be many animals." After a deep breath the tiny Guardian rolls his shoulders and stretches out his back, he seems to have been in that position for some time, "Did I miss dinner?"

Buddy tweets happily at Bronwyn when she mentions hygiene. "No teeth," he says in a sort of whistling bird accent. "Cats are clean." He flies off of her shoulder and lands on the ground as a short teenage boy. "Easier to talk like this. Hi, birdman." He says waving to Taka. "Thank you for not eating me. Big shadows are kind of scary when you are little. Dinner?" He asks Besa. "Did you want me to catch you something? I'm very good at it!"

"The cats I've seen, aren't very clean" Bronwyn sniffs before peering at the human Buddy. "Oh gosh. I just realised I've seen you naked!" She blushes at this realisation before centering herself. "It's okay, he was an animal at the time. Nothing weird. I hope you didn't miss dinner, Besa, or that means I did too. And I'm starving." She narrows her eyes at Taka…she thinks what he said was his name. And it doesn't look like he recognizes hers either. Are these people savages?

The door to the roof opens, and with a deep breath and a bit of a huff, Matty emerges. He looks around at the strangers, and he takes a step out onto the roof. He walks with a heavy limp, a bit of effort with each step. He moves to the nearest seat and glances at the others. "Um… Hi." he offers.

Taka laughs. "Trust me, Besa tavar'h, it's just as easy to assume that I'm confused and leave it at that. And trust me, please, Buddy, I would not eat a fellow student. I suppose it would be rude, at a minimum."

He can't help but chuckle at Bronwyn. "Terrans are so weird about bodies," he says, far more amused than judgmental — then looks up sharply when the door opens. "Kie," he greets.

Besa chuckles softly, "No, thank you Buddy. I will hunt my own food if needed." It's not needed, he can fast for the night. Dark eyes lift and he smirks gently at Bronwyn. "I do not think it counts, my friend." She's safe from whatever drama seeing Buddy naked would be! "It is how the world is now Taka." But back to food, "Perhaps we can go to the kitchen and see what is left, yes?" The opening door gets his attention and Besa's head tilts, pretty hair flopping from his seat on the ledge, "Hello! I'm Besa Ini-Herit. Welcome to the school."

Buddy looks really shocked at first at Bronwyn's revelation. "You have!?" He steps back for a moment and the suddenly realizes something. "Oh," he laughs a bit. "I forgot. Doesn't matter. I only wear clothes when I'm like this." He then says, "I've only been one type of cat, and I'm clean." He looks at the Besa and says, "Oh, okay. Does Cocoa hunt with you?" He walks over and kneels down on the ground near Cocoa and barks at her a few times. "Wait. Is she working? I forgot." Then the door opens. Buddy doesn't get up from his place on his hands and knees. "Hi. I'm Buddy!" Then he looks to Taka and says, "Phew. Good thing that I enrolled then, huh."

"Hey, I'm European" Bronwyn protests to Taka, "I'm okay with nudity…mostly. Just not with a guy who I'll be in classes with who hasn't bought me dinner yet." Now it is Besa's turn to get a stare. "We have to hunt for our food?" She takes out her phone. "I'm calling Dominos. Anyone want anything?" The new arrival gets a wave from the tall girl. "Hello? Do you deliver to islands?" A pause. "Hello? They hung up."

Matty furrows his brow just a little, "Hi. So… What um…" He tilts his head, studying the other kids. "What in the world did I just walk into here?" He laughs a little, and then he works himself down onto the seat. "And why are we all on the roof? Is this where everyone hangs out here?" He smiles, "Sorry, I'm Matty."

"I suppose I wouldn't eat a non-student either, and I think that covers every sentient that exists." Taka grins at Buddy and gets up in case someone else wants to pet Cocoa, then hops up to perch on the ledge, completely oblivious to the drop. His wings slowly flex and fold. "I'm Taka," he says, waving to Matty. "I think we're all just enjoying the weather. I know I am."

Besa chuckles, "Then we will not go swimming, Bronwyn." Although Besa's technically not in her class. "No, of course. not. I have gone hunting though." That perfect hair sways, "No, Cocoa is not haunting dog. I do not wish for her to ever have to do violence again." Not after the attack at the beach. "You may pet her, Buddy." Cocoa isn't a barker, although her tail wags and she sniffs Buddy back. He offers to Bronwyn, "I think if the speedster is working, Lighthouse Pizza may deliver." The ancient teen's feet bounce slightly against the ledge he's sitting on, "Hello Matty. Yes. We are just…enjoying the view. It is nice, yes?"

Buddy pets Cocoa on the head a few times and smile at her. He barks happily and then stands up. Speaking to Matty, he says, "I was bringing back some twigs to finish my nest. I found a great source out in the nearby woods. Mr. Suity Man said I had to sleep inside, but he didn't say that I had to sleep in a bed." He sounds pretty triumphant when he says that as though it is some great victory for him. "Did you want something to eat," he asks Bronwyn. "I eat different things," Buddy says to Taka, "Depending on what I am at the moment. Sometimes, worms look and taste great, but not all the time. Other times, a nice blade of grass is perfect."

Afraid that Buddy will get her a worm or something, Bronwyn shakes her head at his offer of food. "It's okay, I'll try this Lighthouse Pizza place. Sounds like we have someone on the inside." Her phone is back to her ear once she finds the number. A gesture around them for Matty's benefit. "I think they want us to hang out up here, with the shades and stuff. Better than letting us loose in the town. We need to take you somewhere warmer, Taka."

Matty purses his lips, looking around, and then he sighs. "Well, I think I'd probably rather be not up here." He looks at Besa, "Oh, are you the one that dies all the time? I heard about you. I would LOVE to interview you for my podcast!"

Taka laughs, leaning back far enough that he actually falls off the roof! The only sound is a sharp snap of wings spreading and catching the air, and then he's soaring back up and alights again on the ledge. The most perfectly normal thing, from what little reaction he has. "I've been wanting to be somewhere warmer since my first day here," he says to Bronwyn, still laughing. "I have never seen cold like your winters here. I mean, we have winter on my world, but they're quite mild where I live. Yours just seem to go on *forever*."

Besa stills, eyes widening slightly as Matty outs him. "I…." He then blinks, "I do not know what a podcast is…" Cocoa suddenly shifts, leaning against his leg. A deep breath, but he doesn't say anything except flinch when Taka falls. Intellectually he knows Taka can't fall, but… Besa would rather not see his friend crash. He starts to push off the ledge to stand, "I think I will go find the kitchen."

As they start talking about getting food, Buddy seems to be a bit uncomfortable. He hasn't tasted human food in many years and isn't quite sure about it. Buddy heads back to his twigs which are still sitting there waiting for him. "Well, I should - Whoa." He looks over the ledge when Taka falls off the edge. When he starts to fly up, he laughs and says, "That looks fun." The whole thing about Besa dying shocks him too, but he figures it is one of those weird expressions he has to learn like how wicked can mean cool. He drops down back into the golden finch that he was a while ago. He tweets and flaps his wings goodbye before picking up the twigs in his beak and flying off towards an open window.

"I've done plenty of podcasts" Bronwyn smiles to Besa while still on the phone. "They're fine. Matty will ask you a lot of questions and you answer them. And millions of people will hear what you say. Millions of people listen to me at least. Oh…what does everyone want from the pizza place? My shout." A frown at Taka. "Hey, these aren't /my/ winters. My winters are sunny and warm. I can't believe they put this school somewhere so cold."

Matty looks a little freaked out when the two kids fall off the ledge, and he pushes up to his feet. "Okay, I'm out." He begins limping his way after Besa. "I'll come with you. I'd love to hear more about you. Maybe we can plan a time to record an interview." He nods at Bronwyn's explanation, and then hobbles after Besa.

"At least it's not underwater anymore," Taka says, with a shudder and a fuffing of feathers, which quickly re-settle. He sighs and hops off the ledge onto the roof. "I should get some writing done tonight anyway," he says, following the other students to the door.

Besa actually looks scared at that prospect of talking with Matty. "I…" He wets his lips, suddenly feeling trapped. "I do not think to tell millions of people…would be a good idea." He stops, looking between all the different students, "You should interview Bronwyn…she is better at podcasts, yes?" Taka gets a brief, strained smile.

"Wait…everyone is leaving? But…pizza?" Bronwyn frowns as the area clears out, though her smile is soon back at Besa's words. "And I'm famous too" she tells Matty. Why does she have to tell everyone this? Doesn't anyone look at the Bulgarian pop charts? "Will there be a camera too? I want to look my best."

Matty waves off Bronwyn, "No thanks. Besa's the story here." He smiles, "I don't have millions of listeners. My last episode only had about 20,000 downloads. It's more grassroots and focuses on the nitty gritty of what it's like to be growing up with powers. I think you'd be fascinating on it, Besa."

Taka shakes his head. "I don't know why anyone would want to be famous," he comments, with the tone of someone who's been there, done that. "I would much rather just have the time to be myself and do what I want…"

Besa takes a small step backward, closer to the ledge and away from the door and Matty, "I am not a story…" The tone of his voice is a little edgy, worried. His hand reaches up and rubs his chest before looking at Bronwyn, "I think you would be a fine story, yes?" His lower lip is chewed on, while he's important, he's not really famous. At least he doesn't think so. "How do you know of me, Matty?'

Bronwyn stares at Matty as the bottom falls out of her world. She's not interesting? But…but…she's Bronwyn Argento. "Never mind" she says to the pizza place, "I'm not hungry anymore." A shake of her head to Besa. "Not everyone thinks so" she sniffles. "You're much more interesting." She is in sulk mode now.

Matty shrugs, "I do research. It's not like you don't have school records, Besa." He glances at Bronwyn, "Cheer up. You're plenty famous already. Let Besa have fifteen, yeah?"

Taka glances back and forth between Besa and Matty. "I don't see the point if he doesn't wish to be interviewed," he says, a little tentatively. "Is it proper here to ask again even if he's already said 'no'? Especially if Bronwyn is willing to speak. I mean, that seems much more sensible to me." He shakes his head, then looks up inquisitively. "What is a podcast anyway?"

Now here's the real problem with being a Promethean. Best swallows, hand still on his chest before he steps closer to Bronwyn, "That is not true, Bronwyn!" A quick glare and head nod in her general direction is given to Matty, "She is! She is a famous singer!" Not that he can name what she sings, but still! He'll even reach a hand out to touch her arm in comfort if allowed. Matty gets a , "I do not need 15. Or 20,000. I am fine as I am." Take gets a flash of a thank you smile. "I promise I am not interesting enough to be interview." Who is he promise this to, Matty or Bronwyn?

Bronwyn offers a brave little smile to Besa's comforting. She would explain again about podcasts, but she doesn't have it in her. "So you know who I am?" she asks Matty before giving him a curious look. "I think you're gonna grow up to be a paparazzi. Such annoying people…but necessary."

Matty nods at Bronwyn. "Sure. You're big in Bulgaria," he notes, almost disinterested. "Well, think about it, Besa. I think you'd be fascinating. Anyway, I'll see ya." And he begins limping his way to the stairs.

Taka looks at Bronwyn curiously. "What's Bul-ga-ri-a?" he asks quite innocently, stumbling over the unfamiliar syllables. "Is that another state?"

Gah, but Matty's limping! Best frowns, unsure who he should stay with. Bronwyn to comfort, or Matty to see if he can heal him! He looks at Taka to make sure he's not imagining all of this before telling Matty, "Let us become friends first, yes? Then we will see?" He doesn't want to be interviewed, but being friends is nice. The girl's arm is patted, "You must play me some of your music to listen to, yes? So I know what I type I will have to play with my drum." IS he trying to change the subject? Absolutely.

"Bulgaria is a different state of mind" Bronwyn explains to Taka. "It's another country. Far away. Where they have taste." No farewell for Matty after that tone. He's going on the list with Dylan. She nods to Besa's words about playing her music. "Sure…but let's eat first. Do you come inside, Taka? You have a room?" Bronwyn appreciates the touch from the ancient boy…who apparently dies a lot. "He's gonna hound you" she warns him about Matty. "Maybe he likes you?"

"Oh, yes, of course," Taka says, nodding. "I just prefer the out of doors. The room is a lot smaller than I'm accustomed to, so I try to be in it only when I need to be." He nods once at Besa, who has seen what Taka means. The dying a lot thing? Doesn't appear to have sunk in. Or he's not going to ask. Or he'd rather not know.

"Perhaps he is just nervous being new." Besa is that annoying font of optimism. "Yes, let us eat." Taka is of course invited too. "He will or he will not. But I will be his friend and then he will see it is best to not. And we will be friends." Ah, Besa logic. A soft chuckle, "I doubt that, Bronwyn. I am not the type to be liked. That is for Tom and those like him. Or Taka with his pretty wings." Pretty hair doesn't get Besa dates, just hair appointments.

"Oh please, Besa. You're hot too. And very interesting by the sound of it" Bronwyn winks to him. "Tom? I thought Tom was cute but he has an ugly soul." She only needed one brief meeting to determine this and she will never change her mind! "You two are much nicer." She stands and frowns. "I hope I don't grow any taller. Let's get inside."

Taka looks down, to hide a faint blush. "These aren't pretty wings. Not the white ones like the Imperial family. Or blue like… like a friend's back home," he says quietly. "They're useful and they're wonderful, but they're not pretty." He follows the other two quietly, thinking about… well, who knows?

Besa make a disbelieving face, slightly amused. "I think perhaps you are just being kind." His hand drops and Cocoa immediately nuzzles it. "Tom is a good person he is juts…easy to lash out. You both were unkind yesterday. Perhaps you should start over again, so you can be friends?" Everyone should be friends! He does chuckles, not going to argue that he and Taka are nice though, ‘cause they are! A glance up at the tall girl, "I will be happy to take some of your inches, if you do not want them!" Reaching to now pat Taka's arm, "I think they are very pretty, my friend. And they bring you joy, which makes me think that are much prettier."

"Your feathers look pretty good to me" Bronwyn shrugs to Taka. "Besides, it's not just about the feathers. It's all of you, and who you are. Don't get fixated on the size and color of your feathers, the girls won't. Or the boys. Whatever you're into." A smirk for Besa. "I wouldn't play basketball as well though if you took my height away." She opens the door for the other two. "Last one to the kitchen has to clean up." Talk of Dylan ignored for now.

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