(2018-08-24) Voiced and Unvoiced
Voiced and Unvoiced
Summary: Ness, Schuyler, and Syd meet at the docks. They talk fashion. Comedy ensues, which is to say Syd embarrasses herself again.
Date: 2018.08.25
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The girl has arrived at the dock with a hiker's backpack and a sort of out-there, confused look on her face. A little early to start the semester, but there it is. She fingers the metal, round collar around her neck, idly tapping, but not pressing the large black button on the side. Taptaptap. Taptaptap. Walking towards the school from the ferry she just arrived from, she's got that shiny new student confusion to her. At least the night is warm rather than blazing hot, and the wind is out of the west, blowing her hair around. All in all, a quite evening. (re)

Rain was pretty much right; if Sky wanted to get a smoke in, he'd have to get a distance away from the school. The Dock building isn't the best area as it's also probably watched, but quite possibly the Park-like area could work. He's made his way there, hoping that it's far enough from the building so that any potential cameras or anything might catch him, but close enough to feel like he's still in civilization. The mysteriously-acquired, fragrant cigarette is pulled out and lit, and a slow drag is taken. The exhale is likewise slow, as if he's savoring it. Or just plain needed that release of tension.

It's after hours, and school isn't in session yet, so Syd's taking advantage of that fact herself to wear casual clothes just a little longer. She heads out to the docks, perhaps entertaining the idea of going to the mainland, although at this distance, it's a long-ish ride now. Bleah. So much handier when she could just walk, take a bus. She waves at Sky as she runs across him, and stands upwind out of habit. "I have a bad feeling it's going to be like Alcatraz here before the school year is over…" she mutters to him. And then she sees the new girl get off the ferry. She smiles and waves. "Hey. Welcome to Coral Springs."

Oh wait… There's someone who looks like they belong here! Bonus! Ness waves her hands lazily at in Sky and Sydney's direction as if to get his attention, and then begins walking over, hand finally coming off the little collar. It moves in a confident manner, though lacking the fluidity of a native signer. "<Sign?>" She gestures to her throat meaningfully, as if to indicate her collar, or maybe her lack of speech, then points in the direction of the school, and waves a finger around in a circle as if to indicate how lost she's feeling at the moment. Then she's signing and mouthing thanks to Sydney for her welcome.

A hand is raised to Sydney and Schuyler offers, mentally, to her, «It probably will, if it's like the last school. I think I'm glad we're not underwater though. At least we can hopefully get off school grounds if we need a little break.» But then the metal girl is pointing out a new arrival and she…sighs. Grey eyes blink a moment before the cigarette is placed in his mouth, leaving his hands free. 'I sign,' is offered with a fluency of someone who has been doing so…natively. He looks to the metal collar on her neck before he asks, 'Deaf, or just don't talk?'

Sydney stares blankly at the signing, but manages to read Ness's lips. She glances over at Sky. "Umm… can you translate for illiterate steel girls please? Also… did you get your hair cut? And I'm pretty sure the earrings are new…"

Ness smiles in a sort of wry manner,"<I have a severe case of mind control voice. I can hear. I can talk. But I told my ex to go screw himself, and it had bad results, so I have to be… careful, and I gotta wear this to prevent accidents.>" Yep. That's a lot of up front info she just dumped. She fingers the side of her collar a moment later like someone who can't stop fidgeting. She offers a helpless shrug to Sydney, and then gives a thumbs-up on the earring question to show her approval. Gauges, yes… She likes this.

«The gauges are new-ish, yes. And I did. Donated the length of it, which was what was intended,» mostly. Sky blows the smoke out before taking another drag so that he can sign as well as offer mentally to all, «And you're not illiterate. I don't expect most to know ASL. Or even LIR.» He flicks his gaze back to Ness and does translate what she signs, an eyebrow lifting. Smoke is blown back out and the cigarette settled back between his lips before he adds, «Nothing wrong with silence. Some people talk too much anyhow. Sucks that they don't trust you though.»

Sydney blinks. "So… if you use your voice, other people obey?" Okayyy, to the mentally-defenseless steel girl, that's a trifle disturbing. Could Sky do that? Probably, but she knows him and trusts him.

"<I used to enjoy talking. The US military made this decision.>" Ness taps the button on the side of the collar without pushing it,"<I can push this if I need to use my power or say something. Since it sometimes works in ways I can't anticipate and it's always on, though…>" She shrugs helplessly. "<They can shut it down remotely, though. As can the teachers.>" She nods at Sydney,"<Usually pretty enthusiastically. Don't worry though. I'm totally not a dick.>"

Schuyler takes the cigarette out of his mouth, blows out the smoke, and offers only mentally, «Wait a minute. You told your ex to go 'screw himself'…and presumably he did…or tried…and because he had some happy times with himself the US Military stuck a collar on you that -they- can remotely control? That the school can control?» There's a shake of his head, «I am -so- glad I'm not American.»

Sydney winces. "Hopefully we're not talking a screw gun here… but yeah, I'm with him. You want that thing off, I can break it. Probably."

"<I'm told it was very… bloody. It probably would've been less of an issue, but… My father is a military man.>" She waves a hand at Sydney, regretfully,"<It works on myself, too. It's for… everyone's protection. I could wreck myself by musing out loud, since I can't control it.>" Ness makes a face. "<My power is always on…>"

Sydney winces again. "On the other hand it would make it a lot easier to lose bad habits… So what's your name? I'm Sydney. This is Sky." She thinks about it. If Ness has only recently gotten this power, yeah… she guesses she could see that.

Schuyler glances to Sydney and wrinkles his nose. He didn't think about that. Ew. «Some of my powers are always on as well. But if you want to keep it on, we won't bug you about it But just so you know, only a few of us speak ASL. Me, Rain, Besa, Conner, and Bryce. Pretty sure that's it…and three of those others are family. So hope you have voice to text on your phone or a tablet…or have a whiteboard or something.»

The girl fishes in her pocket until she holds up a heavy cellphone, waves it at Sky, and then nods. "<I'm… prepared. I figure I'm probably not even remotely the oddest duck here.>" She looks to the steel girl as if for emphasis, and then Ness gives a thumbs up. "<I'm Vanessa, but everyone calls me Ness. Or Nessa if you like.>"

You say, "Yeah, I can see I definitely need to learn some sign." Syd rubs her temples. She looks at Sky's ears. "Don't those hurt?" She grins at Ness and gives her thumbs up back. "Not even close. Nice to meet you, Ness.""

«Welcome to Coral Springs, Nessa,» Sky offers wryly before he blows out some more smoke. «And no, not even close.» He then smirks at Sydney, «Life -is- pain, Princess. Anyone who tells you otherwise is selling you something.»

Ness nods to Sydney. This time, she switches to typing on her cellphone with one hand, and signing with the other. It slows down her communication a little, but hopefully takes the burden of translating off Sky,"<Nice to meet you both." She wonders of Sky,"<Where did you get those?>" She gestures to the cigarettes meaningfully, then looks back over to Sydney again,"<He's not wrong. That's kind of stereotypically goth, though. Which is kinda metal. Can I ask you a question. About your skin, I mean? Or is that rude here?>"

Sydney Spocks an eyebrow at Sky. "Princess? Me?" She chuckles. "Pure trailer park princess here." At Ness's question, which Syd reads off the cell phone, she shrugs. "Sure, ask away." She holds out an arm for touching, too.

Schuyler looks to the nearly-used up cigarette, «I have to pay someone to get them for me,» is answered homestly but his eyes narrow when she mentions 'stereotypical'. «I'm not allowed to get tattooed yet and I didn't want to pierce anything else.» Hrmph. To Sydney, however, he gives a little snort, «I know you were in stasis at some point, but really? 'The Princess Bride'? That's like…from the 80's.»

"<What's the Princess Bride?>" She doesn't 80's well. Ness tilts her head slightly at that… Then shrugs, and reaches out fingers to begin prodding at Sydney's arm a little bit, curiously,"<What's your skincare routine? Is it cleaning and lotion and stuff like normal, or do you use polish? Are you magnetic? And I wonder… does your body count as one giant piercing?>" Still, she does grump a little bit at not having a first-hand hookup, but nods and fishes in her backpack until she finds some black nail polish… and holds it out to Schuyler in a sort of peace offering. "<Seriously, though, what is Princess Bride? It sounds like a Miley Cyrus movie.>"

You say, "The Princess Bride. 1987. Five years after I was frozen. I've seen it, but I can't recite it yet except "As you wish" and "have fun storming the castle." Now. Star Wars quotes, don't even get me started." She lets Ness poke at her. Her flesh isn't rigid as one might expect. Poked slowly, it deforms pretty much like you'd expect, and it's warm to the touch. "Scotchbrite and rust remover, mostly. I go for a higher polish for special occasions, and turtle wax once in a while, but it's itchy. And I have piercings…" she shows Ness her ears. "As for the rest of me, I guess you could count it as piercing every cell in my body with steel nanomachines… so… yeah. I never thought of it that way." She looks at Sky. "You should totally get your nipples pierced." It kind of slips out. Apparently against Syd's will, since she blushes into straw colors.

Schuyler waggles the fingers of his hands, showing the black polish already there. «Thanks, I'm good. And it's only a cult classic. My parents put it on at least twice a year and make us all watch it. Pretty epic movie, even if it's old.» Sydney's comments about piercings actually cause him to choke on some of the smoke. He might be blushing…or choking as he sputters and coughs.

Ness listens raptly to the description, though her eyes glaze slightly at the mention of Star Wars. Not a sci-fi geek. Still, eventually, she satisfies her curiosity with poking the metal girl and then retracts her hand. It helps to be able to concentrate when communicating on two levels. She pockets her nail polish, and is about to communicate something else… and grinds to a halt to stare at Sydney. Finally, after covering her chest with one hand, she types into her phone,"<One: Ow. Two: Ow, fuck, ow. Three: Holy shit girl. Four: That's actually kind of badass. Dudes with body piercings. Five: Ow.>"

Sydney keeps right on blushing, going for blue shades now. "I've… seen pictures…" she stammers. "Tried it, but it really… works better on small nipples. Geez. I'll just go die of embarrassment now."

«Rain would KILL me,» Sky is pretty certain about that. Ow indeed! But two girls seem to like it? Huh. He then blinks at Sydney before a slow smirk forms on his lips. «You know, I read surface thoughts…» hey, he's being polite! Kind of.

Ness just stares at Sydney looking kind of… impressed. "<No, no! It's okay! Totally. Sorry. Just surprised. No. I was always curious about them myself, but…>" It dawns on her,"<I was always too much of a coward. I could totally just make myself go through with it. Feel no pain. BAM.>" And then her eyes drift back over to sky at this point, eyes dancing merrily,"<Rain your lady? Oh. My. God. You read something juicy. Omigod.>"

Sydney has a jumble of surface images, easily available to the telepaths in the crowd. the most notable one of Sky, shirtless, with a fine gold ring through each nipple. She apparently thinks he works out a lot, too. She shakes her head. "Rain's his sister. He's totally single."

Ew. «Rain is my twin.» Eeeeew. But his smile grows as he catches flickers of thoughts from Sydney. «Aww, I never knew you cared.» But then he gives another sniff, «You don't have to make it sound like that! I'm single on purpose!» Kind of. By default.

Ness claps her hands happily. Her own mind, riddled with ADD as it is, flits between all kinds of possibilities. Eventually she marshals her thoughts, smiling at Sydney, and then asks,"<WHY? You're totally a hottie. Unless you're, like, Ace, or something. Which is totally cool, and I respect that.>" She doesn't know about Sky's personality yet. Not really. Still, waaaait for it… Her mind changes track whiplash fast. "<You have a twin? Super-badass.>" Why is this more exciting than girl with metal skin?

Sydney shakes her head vigorously. "No, no, not like that. I mean he's not taken. Just… a little too… old for me." Surface thought, though Syd doesn't verbalize, 'I think he's straight…' She cocks her head. "Who's Ace?"

Schuyler's eyebrows shoot up, «I'm right here…» he reminds the two girls. The cigarette is finished and the butt put out and thrown away in a nearby trash bin. «I'm too -old-? I'm sixteen! And I know that I hang around Besa a lot and he kind of likes guys and that's fine…but I'm not into guys.» Wait, are they really having this conversation? «We don't need to be discussing my dating life. If you two want to talk about, I'll leave you to it.» Although, behind that indignation, he -is- a little flattered. Maybe it's the haircut.

The girl gives a flash from her phone of her number to the other, before going back to typing it,"<Well, you change your mind, you should totally call me. I am not shy.>" Did… Did she just flirt with a guy she's known for five minutes? AND give him her number. Then Ness is looking sideways at Sydney,"<You've been around since the eighties. Aren't you older than him? Do you like them just, like, really young or something?>" Yes. Now she's decided to tease the girl. She looks back to Schuyler, then,"<See you aroung, Sky. Oh my god… We should go to an arcade? Don't suppose any of you are into Warhammer?>"

You say, "Yeah, and I'm not even fifteen yet. Legally." She goes quiet. Why isn't she interested in him? Because he's deaf? Because he's older? A little prickly? Telepathic? Because he smokes, and the taste of cigarette smoke gives her flashbacks sometimes? She doesn't know. She likes Sky, for all that she hardly knows him, just not like that. Syd's surface thoughts, if she realized they were being read, would probably embarrass her mortally. She blinks at the question and scratches her head. "I was frozen for 35 years, from 1982 to the beginning of this year. I was a month away from my fifteenth birthday then, but I don't get credit for it. So legally I'm still fourteen, even though it'll be fifty-one years since I was born in November."

From afar, Schuyler offers to Sydney alone, mentally, «It's ok. I know I'm a lot to deal with.»
Long distance to Schuyler: Sydney thinks very carefully, "You're a sweetheart. You're one of my friends. She seems to dig you. You should ask her out. She's totally giving you her phone number.

Sydney looks at Ness. "Warhammer? I've heard of that. We were big into D&D back in 1980, and it seems like it comes from that side of the world.

From afar, Schuyler offers, «She seems a little too eager. And she doesn't know me. She likes the image, sure.»

Schuyler lifts an eyebrow again as the phone number is flashed at him and he smirks, «Arcade? No thanks. But they have a gaming system at school.» Sydney also gets a smirk before he starts to move back towards the school grounds. «I'll see you two there. It's a small school…» meaning a phone number may not even be needed. Sydney gets a faint nod as he moves past her.

Ness waves in Schuyler's direction as he departs,"<Take it easy, okay? We can do some DDR or something if they have it?>" Then she's turning her eyes back on Girl of Steel,"<So what I'm hearing, is you have a lot of time to make up for. We can totally play Warhammer 40k. I'll teach you the ropes, and I won't even go cheap on you.>" Yes. She apparently has no problem speaking openly and enthusiastically to even new acquaintances. "<Please tell me that this place has no end of that? I may just lke it here. So what's it like having to relearn pop culture all over again? You're… fourteen going on fifty-one?>"

Sydney waves to Sky as he goes, and reads the phone. "You can talk into my head if you can do that. He does it all the time. I'm kind of used to it." Syd pauses, and a mental flash of someone else, a woman, very pretty and pale. Perhaps this is a conversation she needs to have with that person. "Just… go easy reading my mind. There's a lot of nasty shit in there. Bad enough I have to have flashbacks. But yeah, basically. And to tell the truth, I was out of circulation for almost two years before that." She looks at Ness. "So you say DDR, and I think you mean Dance Dance Revolution, but I've never played it. I'd probably go through the floor if I did. And how you'd go cheap or not cheap in Warhammer I have no idea." She smiles. "I do have some old school games on my computer though. If you promise not to laugh at it."

Ness leans against a bench and lazily kicks one foot in a sort of fidget,"<I can't read minds. Or sense emotions. I just have the voice thing. I can probably make you forget that stuff if you want, though, if it's that painful? I can just tell you to… forget. I'm pretty sure that works.>" The young woman offers a helpless shrug to Sydney,"<I mean I won't use tactics a complete newb wouldn't know are lazy easy ways to win unless your opponent is experienced.>" She considers for a long moment about that, then places a finger on the button on her collar, lifting an eyebrow as if to ask if the girl wants it or not.

Sydney shakes her head. "No thanks. I have a shrink working with me. I'll… get better." She smiles weakly.

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