(2018-08-24) First Impressions
First Impressions
Summary: A small group of students meet up on the patio were some first impressions are made for better or worse.
Date: 2018-08-24
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Patio - Coral Springs

The patio is all cobblestone as well with a waist high, elegant wrought iron fence all the way around it, and gates to each path, each with a brass plaque labeling where it goes. The patio has teak wood tables and chairs for eating, homework, and parking coffee on. There are also benches along the fence, and like the chairs, they have burgundy velvet cushions, and are quite comfortable to all but the most sensitive behinds.

It is a summer evening. The weather is cool and overcast.

It is Friday evening, the sun is still up but beginning its descent below the horizon. The clouds have taken on a rosy orange hue that gives them the feel that they are ablaze. With the approaching sunset, a cool breeze is pulled off of the water.

Dylan has been given his "talk" by the headmaster - a creepy enough meeting that made him seriously reconsider his coming here. Despite the fact that he is now suppose to be here, he can't help but to walk around like he is expecting someone to call the cops and throw him out at any minute. There is an almost physical aura of anxiety and tension about him as he walks around the campus trying to familiarize himself with his new, state appointed home.

Bark bark bark! For the last several hours, a happy german shepherd has been running around and playing in the back fields. He hasn't been digging, thankfully, but he has been running around wagging his tail and barking. As the sun is nearing the horizon, the smell of food from the patio and the cafeteria summons the hungry stomach of a dog. He heads straight for the patio. When he sees Dylan, he stops and looks at the teen. The tension and anxiety seem to put the dog on alert. He looks around too and then back at Dylan with those oddly colored eyes of his: the right a brilliant blue and the left an emerald green. He tilts his head to the side.

"It's on an island so I guess I can go swimming. If it ever gets warm here. I'm told this is summer. Oh. My. God. If this is summer…hmm? Sure, I could come back when we have holidays. Oh…they call them vacations here." The teenage girl walking towards the patio while on the phone is tall, brunette, and wearing jeans and an Athena t-shirt. "Oh…and you soooo won't believe this but I have to…get this. Share. A. Room. Can you believe it? Hmm? Oh…there's a dog running around. Must be security or something. Alsatian." Spotting Dylan on the patio, her voice drops down in volume. "Cute guy alert. No…not the dog. Sheesh. I'll call you back." The phone camera now used as a 'mirror' as she makes sure her hair is all in place. Once the phone is tucked away in her pocket, she makes her way towards a boy and his dog, doing her best to not notice the pair.

Besa had been up on the rooftop for a while, his perfect hair, perfectly wind blown now. The bandage on his left forearm is gone now, in it's place is a very new pink scar, surrounded by a few others as well. His knee is also pink fro where he had the bike accident last week. He's headed out to maybe do some walking in nature, but there's a //bunch of people on the patio tonight. He offers a soft smile, raising his hand if anyone looks in his direction. No Cocoa right now.

Dylan grins slightly when he sees the friendly-looking dog. German shepherds generally mean guard dogs, so he's used to more barking and snapping then tail wagging, so this is a very pleasant change. He leans against the half wall, giving his best James Dean impression, with his fingers tucked into his jean pockets up to the knuckles, peering through the fluff of hair in his eyes, as he watches the happy puppy. He gives the girl on the phone a slight grin - friendly, without being too friendly. At the hand wave from Besa, he offers a tighter grin, which causes his dimples to show. "Hey, Besa… You didn't warn me that this place is run by a lich or something… completely creepy man."

When Dylan smiles, the dog (Buddy) barks happily seemingly to get out of the semi-funk he got in when he saw the anxiety and tension. He starts to walk over towards him (maybe he has food), when he hears the girl talking on the phone. He turns to look at her and wags his tail and barks at her. It seems to be a happy sounding bark.

Bronwyn uses the bark of the dog to look in their direction, feigning surprise at seeing everyone. "Oh…hey…didn't see you there" she smiles sweetly. "And tell me about that headmaster. It's like a Patrick Stewart zombie. Am I right? Oh, Bronwyn Argento. In the flesh." Her tone suggests that everyone should know who she is. "Is the dog yours?" she asks Dylan, a tilt of her head and a warm smile as she looks at him. Besa gets a wave in return, and then a curious look at the scars. That guy must be hardcore.

Besa walks closer, head tilted, "A lich? What do you mean, Tom?" Seeing the duo eye colored dog he smiles, "Hello Buddy." Seems Besa knows the canine. When Bronwyn explains, "Oh! The Headmaster? He is better than the last one. He had a …" He stops, trying to decide how to explain, "Tentacle face. And I think he was evil." He smiles at the new girl students, clearly having no idea who she is, "Hello Bronwyn. I am Besa Ini-Herit. I am a junior of Team Promethean." He looks way too young and tiny to be a junior.

"Lich… a powerful spellcaster who turns himself into an immortal undead through necromancy…" Dylan says. Of course, he is referring to the D&D monster, not really realizing that such is actually possible. He just blinks, "Tentacle face? Sounds pretty evil to me…" He looks to the girl, "In the flesh, as opposed to what astral projection or something?" He seems unfazed by her introduction. "Nice to meet you, Bronwyn. I'm Dylan…. and no, that's…" He cocks his head looking at the dog, "he's not mine… I haven't had a dog for a while…" He looks to Besa, knowing the boy has a dog, "What is the rules about pets?"

The dog wags his tail when he sees Besa. He looks around as though looking for someone nearby Besa. He goes and sniffs his leg as they start talking. "I'm Buddy!" the dog says with a canine accent. He looks back to Dylan and Bronwyn, "Head-mas..ter? Oh, Mr. Suity Man. He is scary, but not as scary as Shocky Man." The Buddy dog goes sniffing around but staying in between the three.

"Tentacles? Umm…this is a school, right? Not a cult?" Bronwyn shivers at the thought of tentacle faces. Thankfully, Besa is introducing himself to distract her. "I'm in Athena. I'm still trying to figure out this junior, senior etcetera stuff. I think I'm a sophomore?" A shrug. "Not important." A smile again for Dylan. "Astral projection. That's so funny" she grins, even laughing to prove it. "Dylan? So you're last name is Bob? Just a little musician humor for you." She has the full casual lean against the wall going as she looks him over…at least until the dog starts talking. A high-pitched scream from Bronwyn. "Did everyone else hear that? The dog…it spoke." She looks to be a cross between confused and excited.

Besa makes an uncomfortable face of maybe knowing someone that fits that description, "Oh…no. that is not the Headmaster." He then wrinkles his nose, raise both hands to his face to mime tentacles coming out of his mouth. Weirdly though, it doesn't feel like he's being ironic. His hands drop, "I think they just must be of a need." His accent is pretty thick, he's clearly not English first language. Bronwyn is glanced at again, he also knew someone that astral projected everywhere so that's not a weird assumption. Guessing who Buddy is looking for, "Cocoa is sleeping , Buddy. She is still recovering some from the attack on the beach." The ancient teen takes a breath, maybe to explain the teams or grades but then it's dismissed as not important. A glance is given to Dylan, and then away. He's usually naive when someone is flirting with him, but is aware when it happens in front of him. He gets ready to excuse himself when the girl screams. Immediately he tenses up, hands go into fists, even though he knows it's just Buddy. "It is Buddy. He is a student. Please do not yell."

Dylan looks at Bronwyn, "Very little music humor." He says calmly, then smirks. He flinches as she screams. "Talk? No, what are you talking about…" Of course, Besa had to go and be all honest. He shakes his head, grinning. He looks at the dog then up at Besa, "So.. a student, really?" He looks Buddy, "So are you like a super intelligent dog, or are you a skin-changer? Either way, that's pretty cool."

Buddy's ears drop back when Bronwyn screams. They then perk back up as soon as she talks. "I did!" He runs in a quick circle though he manages to stay in one place. Buddy pulls out of the spin and is facing Besa. "Cocoa. She hurt?" Buddy looks at him with big puppy dog eyes. "Need help?" Though it is Dylan's questions that makes him tilt his head to the side in that confused way that dogs do. "Hmmmm…friends said I'm a shifter." Buddy then sits down and shakes his fur. About halfway through the shake, he turns into a young teenage boy. He is still sitting just like a dog does and his eyes have maintained that unique eye color. "I'm just me." He does seem pretty happy that Dylan said that he is cool.

"Sorry" Bronwyn apologizes to Besa about her scream. "It was all a shock, that's all. I've never seen a talking dog before. Well, there were a couple of movies but they weren't /real/ talking dogs. Who's Cocoa? Your girlfriend?" Eyelashes flutter at Dylan. "Do you have a girlfriend? You must do." And then another distraction, Buddy is now a bar. Bronwyn's wide eyes staring at him. "A shifter? Like a werewolf? Oh boy, this place is cray cray." At least he has clothes on. "Umm…nice to meet you, Buddy." What else do you say? She offers her hand to the dog-boy.

Besa lets Buddy answer Dylan. Tom. Whatever. That annoyance doesn't linger as Buddy is asking about Cocoa, "She was. I healed her, but she needs rest. She sleeps a lot more now." That could be also she's up with him at night, but Besa doesn't realize that. He blinks turning back to Bronwyn, "No….she is my service dog…." A glance to Dylan again, but then Besa has to remind himself of something before he looks back and watches the interaction of Buddy and the newest student.

Dylan frowns and sighs, as his voice softens, "Yeah, she got hurt because of me… " Just blinking at Bronwyn for a second, "Are you always this… " he pauses, "um bold? It really isn't very flattering… and to answer your question, no I don't have a girlfriend… or a boyfriend…" He blinks as Buddy changes into a boy. He grins slightly, "That is so wicked."

Buddy looks at Besa with shock on his face. "She is hurt? OOOoh, I'm so sorry." He then gives a sigh of relief when he hears that she is healed. "That is good. If she needs me to lick any wounds, let me know." Dog licking actually does help heal wounds though Buddy doesn't know the specifics. When Bronwyn extends her hand, Buddy says, "Nice to meet you too." He looks at her hand as though not entirely sure what to do with it. He leans forward while still seated and sniffs her hand. "Where werewolf?" Buddy looks around and then starts to laugh. "That sounds funny." The laugh is cut short as Buddy slowly looks to Dylan with those puppy dog eyes of his. "Wicked? I'm not wicked." He suddenly pops up to his feet and is clearly a bundle of energy. "Healy Guy, am I wicked???" he asks Besa.

"You're blind?" Bronwyn asks Besa with a gasp. "You hide it every well. I'm sure Cocoa will be fine." Her brow creases. "You're a vet too? That's must be helpful." He did say he healed the dog. A sniffed hand is new but maybe that's how they kiss hands in America? Bronwyn smiles at Buddy she pulls her hand away. "Different" she states softly before frowning at Dylan's rebuke. "I guess I can see why" she sniffs. "And why shouldn't I be bold? You won't get anything waiting for it to be handed to you." Her phone buzzes and she whips it out to read a text before fingers and thumbs move rapidly to reply. "He didn't mean wicked bad" she tries to assure Buddy as she texts. "He meant wicked cool…which is a good thing."

Besa offers back to Dylan, "No. She got hurt because she followed me." That's apparently different in Besa's mind. "I must teach her to not do that." Or he needs to not bring her out anywhere that could be unsafe. Oh Buddy. His words get a soft smile from Besa, "The wounds are healed, but I am sure she would not mind running with you some times in the field." As for him being wicked, "I.. do not think so? I-" Blind? What? "No? I am not blind?" He's getting very confused by this girl and looks at Dylan for clarification.

Dylan rolls his eyes slightly. "Well, let's see.. you know absolutely nothing about me, so to assume that I must have a girlfriend, means that you made that decision purely upon my appearance… Sorry, I'm just not that shallow." He sighs, "Just because he has a service dog, doesn't mean that he is blind… there are many reasons for someone to have a service dog… and before you ask, legally you aren't allowed to ask why someone has a service animal." He looks to Buddy… "I didn't mean bad.. I meant that you changing was awesome… " The four students are standing around the patio.

Buddy bounces on his toes a bit when Besa mentions playing in the field with Cocoa. "That sounds great." He then stops bouncing and tilts his head like he did as a dog. "Do you think she likes me? The last time I barked to her she didn't talk back." When both Bronwyn and Dylan explain the comment that he is cool, Buddy smiles and puffs out his chest bit. "Cool. I like being cool. How do I know the difference between wicked good and wicked bad?"

"I'm glad you're not blind" Bronwyn smiles warmly to Besa, even reaching out to give him some sympathetic pats on the arm…before going back to texting. Though she does have time to peer over her phone at Dylan and arch an eyebrow in a 'oh you did not just say that' kind of way. "A shallow ocean is better than a deep puddle" she replies nonchalantly before adding, "I'm sure Besa has his reasons for a service animal and they are none of my business. I'm cool with that. I'm not nosey. Oh. My. Gosh. Have you seen what Kim Kardashian was wearing last night. Uh uh. That is a mess, girl." But the question from Buddy has her looking over at the boy and screwing up her nose. "Umm…just how someone says it, I guess. Language is a magical thing."

Besa wasn't looking to make any tension! He swallows nervously, "I….it is alright. I do not mind…." Thankfully Buddy is questioning about Cocoa, "She was working, Buddy. She is very good at her job. She doesn't play when she is working." He rubs his chest gently, but offers a nervous smile to Bronwyn, "Thank you. It really is okay to ask. She is for my PTSD." He doesn't know who Kim Kardashian is, "Is she a new student too?"

A bit of exploration of the school is still on Dakota's to-do list, and without much to do after some early study sessions, he looks to be out on a walk. Dressed in artistically ripped jeans and a striped t-shirt, his gaze is downcast until he gets close enough to spot someone he recognizes. "Hey, Buddy," His lips pull into a cheerful smile. "And…Besa, is it?" He glances at the other two. "Sorry, I'm still in the process of meeting folks. I don't think I've seen either of you?"

Dylan looks at Bronwyn, "Oh my god." he says trying to match her tone. "I think my IQ just dropped." He shakes his head, "No, Besa, Kim Kardashian is a celebrity who is known for being a celebrity.. pretty much followed only by people with very sad lives." He looks over at the annoying girl. "Ever heard the phrase 'quality over quantity'?" He just rolls his eyes again, before turning to Dakota. Despite his agitation, he tries to offer the newcomer a friendly smile. "No, we haven't… I just got here yesterday.. I'm Dylan, or Tom to my friends…"

Buddy looks really shocked. His mouth even drops. "Cocoa has a job? I've never had a job before, well, unless you count what Granger did." He dramatically shakes his head and says, "I don't." He then looks over at Bronwyn and says, "No, I didn't see what Ke-em Cardasian wore." He then adds, "I don't even know who she - Hey," He waves excitedly at Dakota. "You were right at the hunty guy. He's not a hunter at all. PHew!" Suddenly Buddy looks off to the back fields and says, "SSShhhhh. Look at that." Buddy starts to run towards the field and waves as he goes. "Bye," he half whispers when he is still in audible range. Then a moment later, he jumps into the air and lands as a little tabby cat who is clearly hunting for dinner.
Long distance to Bronwyn: Dylan is sorry for Dylan's attitude… he has a 'chip on his shoulder' and is a bit of a jerk, unless someone manages to get around his emotional walls. It really is nothing personal.

"PTSD? Oh…that does suck" Bronwyn frowns sympathetically at Besa. "If there is anything I can do to help, then just ask" she assures him before rolling her eyes at Dylan's snobbiness. "I don't follow her, she follows me. I've heard of quality over quantity" she nods before offering Dylan a wry smile. "Just don't see a lot of it. And you're name is Tom now? I think I'll keep calling you Dylan…if I call you at all." Her hand is offered to the new arrival. "I'm new here too. Bronwyn. Bronwyn Argento." A roll of her eyes as she nods. "Yes, /that/ Bronwyn Argento. I haven't got a pen on me so don't ask me to sign anything. Maybe later?"

The hand not on Besa's chest raises and eh gives Dakota a small waves, "Hello." Dark eyes go between Dylan and Bronwyn, not liking the words being chucked at each other, and over he and Buddy. "Please….let us be kind to each other…" Thank goodness Buddy is there to keep talking about cocoa! "She does. She helps me when I have an attack." He'd tell him more, but Buddy just ….turned into a cat and left. The ancient teen blinks, rubbing his chest more. A swallow, glancing back to the new girl, "Thank you, that is kind. I….I am alright." Is he trying to convince her, or himself? He still has no idea why she keeps saying her name like that though, should he know her?

"Oh," Dakota watches Buddy scamper off in his cat form. To avoid screwing up the boy's hunt, he just waves and whispers, "Bye Buddy." Once he's gone, he looks back at the others. "I swear he does that all the time. I wonder if he's had a chance to try out 'normal' food yet." Looking at Dylan, he nods. "Alright. Is Tom, like, a middle name or something?" He can't puzzle out how one would get Tom from Dylan, but maybe there's a story behind it! As Bronwyn outstretches a hand, he shakes it and grins sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck. "Uh…I don't actually think I've ever heard of you. Sorry. But I'd totally be down to get an autograph. You know, in case you make it big one day." He smiles. "My name is Dakota Springs."

Dylan nods in agreement with Bronwyn, "Yeah, let's just keep if to Dylan…." but to Dakota, "It's actually a nickname… my last name is Sawyer… It was a double joke from my grandmother… I was her wild child grandson always running around, so Tom Sawyer from Mark Twain.. and her she loves Dylan Thomas… he was some British poet that she read when she was young… " He turns to Besa, "Speaking of which… thanks for the fruit basket thing… she wanted me to tell you that you're welcome to come visit any time you want…" He smirks, "I got a big earful about how you were such a nice boy.. and that she was so pleased that I had friends like you…"

Bronwyn watches Buddy bound away and become a…cat? Hunting for an animal to kill? And eat? Ewww! "I hope he brushes his teeth" she notes before nodding to Besa. "Yes, we should /all/ be nice to each other. I have no problem with that." Dakota's response has her genuinely confused. "You've never heard of me?" She looks to Besa and Dylan. "Tell him all about me. I promise not to get too egotistical about it." A glance at her phone and rolls her eyes. "Who cares what these people have for dinner? Really? Fruit baskets are nice. Dylan Thomas? Is he, like, the grandfather of Rob Thomas?" A pause. "Your name is Dakota Springs?" Bronwyn considers this information. Sounds more like a place than a person but she decides to approve. "Cool name."

Besa looks down and then he realizes he's rubbing his chest his hand darts to his side. He's thankful the twins didn't see that. Or Ashton or Loukanos. Or, well, he's glad everyone here is relatively new. "I am glad she liked it . I was not sure if flowers would ahem been better, or a book club." He smiles though, he likes Dylan's grandmother, "I will try to. Perhaps I can convince Rain to fly out again." Maybe there's some special stop or something he can entice her with! A soft chuckle and the tiny teen jokes, "You are very lucky to have me as a friend!" Oh! Wait Besa can do this for Dakota, "This is Bronwyn. She is a maybe sophomore and on team Athena!" Yeah…that's all he knows.

"I hope so, too," Dakota wrinkles his nose at Bronwyn's comment about Buddy's dental habits. "Nope, though I don't keep up with the latest news in…well, what is it you do?" He considers, then pulls out his own phone. "Here, your name sounds pretty cool too, so we'll see what Google has to say about it." As it loads, he glances at Besa and then back to the girl. "Maybe? Why maybe?" Back to his phone. "Ah. You sing." A beat. "See, that's why I don't know you…I don't listen to a lot of foreign music." He shrugs, sliding the device back into his pocket. "I've always wanted to visit Europe, though." He chuckles. "Somehow I doubt that a British poet from the 50's has any relation to an American musician."

The only reason Dylan doesn't take up Bronwyn invitation to educate Dakota about her is that he feels beholden to Besa, and Besa apparently wants him to be nice, well, nicer to the girl. Instead he opts to change the subject, "So, how does one go about finding out which team you play for?" He smirks, "I mean belong to…"

Bronwyn stares at Besa as she is introduced. Her mouth open a little in shock. "Umm…that's not what I meant." But he's also not wrong, so she can't fault him on that. Thankfully, Dakota is on the case! A nod to the realization she is a singer, smiling at the other two…and then a frown. "Foreign? Music is music. I'm not foreign, I'm Italian. You should download some of my songs. And if I like you, then I might let you listen to what I'm working on how." A sigh. "When I'm not being a superheroine." To Dylan's question, and in the quest for politeness, she replies, "They tell you. You're probably an Ares."

Besa perks up a little bit, "We have many musicians at the school. And there is a music section in the arts room." He smiles, not getting the level of famous she is. "She said she was maybe a sophomore." Dylan gets a smile, maybe Besa can feel the other teen holding in the snark. "There are four teams, you will pick which one feels the best fit for you." Bronwyn gets a soft head shake, "No, you get to decide." At least she should have gotten to decide. "Metis tend to plan things, they are very smart. Athena are very disciplined and focus on justice. Ares believe in action. And Prometheus are servants to mankind." He leaves out the self sacrifice bit.

"Which one appeals to you the most, Tom?" Looks like Dakota is sticking with Tom. "I didn't really have much of a choice with Metis, but most people do get to pick and each team has its unique ideology. I've only just met you, so I can't say which you would fit into the best." His head shakes as he turns back to Bronwyn. "Fair. Alright, prima donna, I'll give it a listen." He blinks at her. "You're an actual superhero?"

Dylan listens to Besa, "So… let's see.. Smart, nope… disciplined, nope… servitude, nope… Hey, guess the diva is right… Ares probably does fit me best." He cocks his head, "So, why didn't you have a choice with Metis?"

"Disciplined and justice. That's me" Bronwyn smiles at Besa's quick run down before a quirk of a brow at Dakota. "Aren't well superheroines? Except the boys, you can be heroes. Isn't that why we're here? I think that's the only reason I was allowed to come here. I was already at a boarding school. Didn't need to change." She frowns. "Okay, maybe I did after putting a hole in the wall." Being called a prima donna and a diva she takes as badges of pride…and proper appreciation. "I usually am right" she notes to Dylan. "My mother always says I am fifteen going on thirty." She sighs with the weight of the world on her shoulders. "But I have a responsibility to protect the people so I need to be mature."

Besa's brow furrows softly when Dylan is down on himself, but he actually agrees with the Ares choice so he just nods. "My brother Schuyler is in Ares. So is my friend Whitley." He listens to the Athena girl, hand raising again to rub at his chest subconsciously. "I think we are all trying to learn to be heroes in some way, yes." Finally he turns to just study Dakota, trying to figure out why he didn't hav a choice.

Ah. A follow-up question he was not expecting. Dakota furrows his brows, the wheels in his head turning. "Um…my mom. Yeah, she wanted me to join Metis because she thought it was the 'best' team. She said their ideals are what I need or whatever. I don't actually think I'm all that smart, but Metis does seem to be the stereotypically 'smart' team. I don't like telling her 'no', so I went with it." He glances at Bronwyn and frowns. "I dunno…I am here to try and control my powers. They don't lend themselves well to hero work."

Dylan nods slightly, "I guess I can get that… I mean, if my ami sani wanted me to do something, I probably would." He cocks his head as he looks at Dakota, "If you're happy with it, then I guess, it works out for you, but sometimes you just gotta do things because it's what you need to do. It's okay to be a little selfish." He looks over at Bronwyn, "So do you really think so much of yourself or is it just a mask that you wear because you don't want anyone to see the real you?"

"Why wouldn't I think so much of myself?" Bronwyn replies to Dylan, trying to comprehend the question. "People love me. That's not my fault. So I do what I need to do to justify that love. I mean, okay, some of that was because of my poppa, but that just means I have to work harder for it to be about me. And if I am blessed with the ability to help people, why would I sulk in my room about it? That seems pretty selfish to me. And I am totally not selfish." A grin for Besa. "There is no try, only do." Bronwyn tilts her head to look at Dakota. "No control, huh? Been there."

Besa glance between the students, feeling like some of the tension is dissolving. Some. She gets a soft smile, "That is from the WarStars, yes? The green tiny man?" He's still adjusting to modern life. It shows sometimes.

"I honestly have no clue which team I'd join if she hadn't stepped in, so I don't mind," Dakota smiles at Dylan, then glances between him and Bronwyn. "I would say the former," He asides to the boy. "But that's not a bad thing necessarily. Confidence is good. You'd probably make a decent heroine." He nods. "It isn't ideal, but I'm learning." And that's what counts, right? "I should probably get back to that. It was cool to meet you two. And it was nice to see you again, Besa." With that, he makes his way back inside.

Dylan looks at Bronwyn dumbfounded for a moment. "Seriously? Oh, my god.. you're not learning to be a hero… you're going to be a villain…. and this is coming from someone with a criminal record." He goes to open his mouth to speak but just looks to Besa for help. "There is a difference between ego and egotist… " As Dakota decides to leave, Dylan looks to him, "It was nice meeting you too… " He looks to Besa, "If you want to talk, I'll be in my room." He looks at Bronwyn again and just shakes his head, before he just blinks out of existence.

"See you later, Dakota. Nice to meet you" Bronwyn smiles to the boy. "Come see me about those downloads!" And then Dylan is being Dylan and Bronwyn remains silent, smile affixed to her face. Then the boy disappears into thin air! Bronwyn looks confused for a moment before saying, "That's just rude." A deep breath to center before she looks to Besa, wincing a little. "I don't think I made a good impression" she admits.

Besa gently waves goodbye to Dakota. He inhales sharply, "Tom!" Large dark eyes are shocked by what his friend has just said! "That is not-" but he's gone! He sighs, eyes closing to give himself a moment. "I am sorry, Bronwyn. That was rude of him." He tuns and looks at her, that perfect hair of his swaying, "He should not have spoken to you like that." He reaches out to touch her arm, the way she had to him earlier, "We will be friends, yes? I play the hand drum. And my friend Ashton plays the guitar and violin." So many musicians. "You both have very strong personalities is all. He is a good person just…" What's the word he's looking form, "He is much sometimes." So much much sometimes.

"Of course we'll be friends" Bronwyn assures Besa and his mesmerizing hair. "Sounds like we have a band in the making!" she grins. "I can only sing though, if that's okay. And you play real instruments? Not just on the computer? Wow." She sighs when Dylan is brought up again. "The cute ones can get a bit of an ego, but we'll figure it out. It's not as if we'll kill each other or anything." A pause as she thinks. "Umm…people don't die here, do they?"

"Oh, I can not touch computers. They stop working when I do. It is a hand drum." Besa's gaze goes down but he does nod in agreement, "It does seem that way, yes." He's say more but then she asks the motor of all awkward questions. "That….that is a complicated question." No it isn't! Yes people do! "I was attacked once, but it was by a cult that my past is connected to…." And? Come on Besa! "The old school was attacked . There was a inter-dimensional hole…I do not understand it all, but the school has been moved and rebuilt. I am sure it is very safe now."

"This school doesn't sound very safe" Bronwyn replies a little warily. "Are you /sure/ it is better now?" But there is even more important information there. "Wait…you can't touch computers? What about phones? How can you live? You poor thing." And now he's getting a hug of sympathy and concern. "That must be so terrible. Nothing wrong with a hand drum" she states, with the kind of certainty that people would associate with remarks like 'nothing wrong with being gay'.

"There has not been an incident for a year, it is." He hopes! Besa offers her a warm smile, head tilted, "And if something does go badly, find me and I will protect you." His smile stays, but it’s a little sadder now, "No I can touch nothing electronic. It is not hard, unless everyone else is doing things on their phones." Then it really sucks. His eyes widen as the pretty girl hugs him, his hands go up to pat her gently, almost like he's trying to offer her comfort. "I am still learning….but there are others here that are very talented….you will find people to share your music with."

"And one of those people will be you, Besa Ini-Herit" Bronwyn promises him with a big smile as she pulls back from the hug. "We're gonna rock and or roll! Hey, do you think you can play cowbell? There's never enough cowbell. Oh…and it's Star Wars, not WarStar. I think WarStar was an Italian rip-off…I should know about those. I better go unpack. I had a lot of bags delivered." He gets another squeeze. "Ciao!"

The fact she got his last name right brings a brighter smile. "…cowbell? As in the bell on a cow?" What is she talking about? But he's smiling, so he must not take too much offense to it! Blinks, that's a lot of info, but Besa nods, "Yes, we will speak more later. Have a pleasant evening." He waves goodbye, standing alone for a moment before sighing and heading up to his own room to check on Cocoa.

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