(2018-08-23) Pick Your Battles
Pick Your Battles
Summary: Something Sky needs to learn how to do
Date: 2018-08-23
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The patio is all cobblestone as well with a waist high, elegant wrought iron fence all the way around it, and gates to each path, each with a brass plaque labeling where it goes. The patio has teak wood tables and chairs for eating, homework, and parking coffee on. There are also benches along the fence, and like the chairs, they have burgundy velvet cushions, and are quite comfortable to all but the most sensitive behinds.


It was time and Sky made a promise. About a foot of hair was braided and bagged and put in an envelope to be sent off to be made into wigs for kids who have lost their hair. After over a year, he's back to the short 'faux-hawk' that he had before, only the silvery white streaks seem a little more prevalent. While in town, he also took his new uniforms to be tailored to be the right, current fit as the old ones were outgrown.

As he comes back into the courtyard and patio area, still in his black 'every day' clothes as school hasn't started, one hand seems to be fiddling with a lighter, as if he's trying to gauge if the faculty are out and about or if he can sneak in a smoke.

"»>Lighting up right here in the middle of everything might not be the smartest idea.«< Rain tells him, not looking up from her magazine she reads as she picks at the remains of her lunch. »>You're better off going to the lighthouse or cliffs for that.«< well she has his back at least and doesn't want him the get in anymore trouble. As for his hair, she doesn't comment, not wanting to praise him for correcting a stupid mistake, but he can feel her satisfaction that he no longer looks like a hippie.

«Hipster,» Sky corrects. «I never wore headbands or fringed leather or bellbottoms or tie-dye.» The lighter gets tucked back into a pocket with a sigh, «So stupid that I have to go all the way out there…» but he probably will if he can. Even if his credit cards are being held by Rain, he's still apparently getting the cigarettes from -somewhere-. «Who's Tom?» is asked, seemingly out of the blue.

»>That's not the stupid part.«< Rain comments drolly in her mental voice. She doesn't say what the stupid part is but it's there in the back of her mind easily picked up, smoking in the first place is the stupid part, but she supposes it is the lesser evil. Better that than something worse. »>The guy you had a stupid and unnecessary fight with Besa about.«<

Schuyler sighs and rolls his eyes at his twin, «Yes, I got that much.» Maybe about both the comment on 'Tom' and the smoking bit. He knows how Rain feels about it. «Why are we helping a random guy that Besa thinks is cute? Were you going to even say anything to me about it?» A few steps are taken as he begins to pace - since he can't smoke, he needs to get that energy out somehow.

Sky just gets a look from Rain. Not quite the dreaded 'look' but close. »>The thing there is I can only tell you the things I know.«< there is a bit of a warning tone in her mental voice that suggests he is pushing it. »>All I knew was that Besa went the heal his grandma…and you know that part. The rest I didn't know about until you got into a fight with Besa about it.«< she gives a roll of her eyes »>We aren't helping him, mom is. Who she helps is up to her and she doesn't have to ask us for permission or even tell us if she doesn't want to. That's because she is /our/ mom, not the other way around.«< seriously, she wonders why she even has to remind him of that. »>And did you ever stop to think that it has nothing to do with looks, but it's just in Besa's nature to help. He is a healer, when he sees something broken he has to fix it.«<

And yet Sky figured that if it had to do with the family, they'd be in on it…and Besa's family. There's another scowl before he goes back to fiddling with the lighter, «Besa can't fix everyone or everything. If he tries, it'll just frustrate him. Or kill him. He already has enough anxiety and now he has to try and fix the world? It's impossible.»

Rain pushes her plate away. What was left of her appetite has fled. »>He isn't stupid, he knows that. And I had this conversation with him the other day.«< she gives a sigh »>But unlike you I can manage to do it with hurting his feelings are causing a big argument.«< because she has tact, and knows when to push and when not to. She is good at the honey/vinegar thing.

Schuyler's scowl just grows deeper before he manages, «Fine. I won't speak to Besa again. Since apparently everything I ever say to him hurts his feelings.» He makes his way to the fence and leans some on it, still glaring and scowling at…the world. «I know he's not stupid. But he doesn't think of the consequences when he does things.»

»>That's up to you.«< Rain doubts that will happen, mostly because of her. »>You have little room to talk about not thinking of the consequences of your actions.«<

«Are you back to the smoking? I know the consequences.» Sky crosses his arms at his chest, «Maybe it's a better consequence than the future that we've both seen.» There's a brief glance down before he adds, «I'm also not unaware of other consequences. Again, we've seen the future. It's better if people stayed away anyhow.»

She wasn't talking about the smoking. Rain was thinking about all his confrontations with Besa mostly. She almost though of him running away, but no one could of predicted that and some of those consequences were unpredictable. She gets up and goes over to him to put an arm around his shoulder »>You can't live in a bubble. And you can't live in fear of a future that may or may not happen.«<

«It's not entirely a bubble,» Sky smirks over at his sister, «You're stuck with me in it.» As for being in fear, he's not going to admit to that. «I just don't want to find Besa murdered again because he trusted someone who didn't deserve it.» But that's enough of that! «Has Lazarus come to talk to you yet? I told him that he should.»

»>Who's stuck?«< Rain isn't stuck. She is out of it all the time. She has to be all sorts of social at her job. Or Legion does at least, but she's Legion to so she is counting it. The mention of Lazurus has her confusion back. He is so her type so she is so confused why she feels zero for him on the romantic scale especially since she wants to, but nope. »>You weren't paying attention yesterday. We talked. He confessed his feelings. I was honest and told him I couldn't confirm or deny any feelings for him.«< there is a beat »>So we are going on a date.«< she is so confused

Schuyler shakes his head, «I didn't want to listen in on that. It was…your conversation.» Not his. Nothing he needed to be a part of. He looks at his twin for a long moment, noting her confusion…feeling it, even, «I think I know why you don't know. Do you? I don't know if I have any advice to tell you, but…He's a decent guy so far.»

Rain has no issues with Sky eavesdropping, she really doesn't even view it as that. If there was something she didn't want him to see or 'hear' she would shield her mind. And she typically doesn't. Deep down she does know why. She hasn't accepted it yet, she barely accepts the fact she has powers, she would give them up if given the chance. No questions asked. »>And what is it you know?«<

How best to say it? «I think…it seems like…you've compartmentalized yourself. It's not a bad thing at all, it's just the way I think you're made…» or her powers have made her. «I don't get certain emotions from you anymore. And I get emotions from Legion that I don't get from you…and vice versa. I think maybe there's another in there that…that is the one who can feel that sort of romanticism towards someone else. She just hasn't shown herself yet.» It's offered as gently as he possibly could and as positively as he could. «It's just a guess. I could be wrong, but I know you're a warm, loving, caring person so I know that's still there somewhere.»

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