(2018-08-22) Unauthorized Visitors
Unauthorized Visitors
Summary: Besa sneaks Alejandra and Dylan into his dorm room.
Date: 2018-08-22
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Prometheus Room 202 - Coral Springs

This room is quite sizable as far as dorm room goes. It could probably fit three students comfortably with room to spare. Fortunately for the occupants there is only furnishings for two people. Two beds, desks, dressers and a double closet.

It is a summer day. The weather is cool and drizzling.

The three are lucky school's not actually started yet. The security is a little more lax, although most likely the teachers know and are allowing this for whatever reason. Best gets them all into his room, his side is decorated sparingly. There's his clothes hanging up, a very pretty plant , a set of hugging monkeys stuffies, some kind of hand drum in the corner, a few pieces of fancy jewelry on his desk and a very delicate looking model of an Egyptian burial ship. He opens the door, checking to see if his roommate is in before usher them both in. "I am sorry….I was not expecting anyone…" As soon as everyone is in, he closes the door and sighs as he pulls the shredded shirt away from his arm to check on the cut. He needs to change before going to clean up. Cocoa hops up onto Besa's bed; thankfully the blood on her fur is dried.

Dylan tries to not look like a fish out of water in the school, but it is real difficult, seeing that he is gawking at just about everything. Especially since he is walking through the school still shirtless. At least he has shoes on. Once he gets into Besa's rooms, he looks at the not messy room. "Sorry for what?" He shakes his head, "Dude, is everyone here rich or what?"

Besa flexes his left hand and grimaces before tossing the scraps of his shirt away. He's in that awkward stage where he's not scrawny, but there no muscle yet. He moves over to the dresser, opening it to where his sleepwear is. He pulls out two shirts, both strangely Goth "This one…is bigger, here." It's offered over to Dylan. It may be a little tight but it’s better than being shirtless. He motions to Ali to take a seat on the bed next to Cocoa. "Rich? I am not rush…" But the twins are! "I will find Rain and have her call her mother after I clean up." Asking for help while covered in his own blood won't be helpful.

Dylan looks at the Goth shirt, then glances at Besa, then back at the shirt. "Thanks… " He pulls the shirt on. It is a little snug, but not tight per say, form fitting might be a better way of putting it. Compared to the normal oversized clothing that Dylan tends to wear, it's a good look. He looks around the room, at the model, the jewelry, the drum, "Yeah, then you either have rich friends or you're a better thief than me, and I'm a pretty good one, if I choose to be." He cocks his head, "Who's Rain"

The other shirt is slipped on, it's a little big on him. Besa shrugs, "I suppose my friends have coin… I also sell my mugs…" An eyebrow raises as he tugs on his shirt to straighten it. "Rain is my sister." There's a long moment before he smiles softly, "Well, my adoptive sister. She and Schuyler were my first friends." Ever. "They have taken me into their family." He goes over to his desk and pulls out a small first aid kit from a drawer. He seems prepared for cuts.

Alejandra is looking around a bit then fidgets in that shirt. Licking her lips she just looks around then blushes a bit. "I should…head back to my room…" That towel that Zolin gave her was still being clung to but she just pulls that shirt off since the towel was still round her body. "Here…." Holding it out to Dylan she smiles. "Thanks…."

Dylan takes the shirt from Alejandra, "No problem… I mean, it kind of seemed like the least I could do, considering that you were willing to try to help even after Rex turned into a frellin' dinosaur." He looks over at Besa with a shrug, "Family doesn't necessarily mean blood.. So sister, adoptive sister… It's what the heart tells you that matters more than biology."

Besa glances to Ali and then away. Oh my! "Thank you for the help, Alejandra." He nods, that perfect hair flopping, "yes. My heart is with them both." Even when Sky is being a butt. The first aid kit is opened and Besa sits down to rest a moment. Cocoa's eyes are already closed.

And with that….she flees!!

Dylan frowns as he watches Besa dress his wound, "Do you have to do that every time? Cause, okay today was pretty bad and I'm not complaining, but that really sucks. Would it be easier if I did that? I mean, I'm no doctor or nothing, but I know how to put on a bandage." God knows he's had enough of them on so far in his short life.

Besa's dark eyes glance back up to watch Ali leave before he clears his throat and looks back at his arm. Thankfully when he looses blood no one can tell when he should be blushing! "Do what?" He looks up, "Dress the cut? I suppose I don't have to, but Rain would be upset… She wishes to be a doctor when she graduates." He's got the peroxide out, and the cotton ball, but stops when Dylan offers to help, "If it will not bother you, yes…" He's not going to lie, it would be very helpful. "We can let Unit 23 know of the attack if you wish, so they can watch your grandmother again?"

Dylan raises an eyebrow at Besa's expression as he watches Ali go. He clears his throat just slightly before he takes Besa's arm and gently cleans the wound. He has a surprisingly gentle touch as he does so. "I meant do you have to cut yourself like that every time. That seems like you got the crap end of the stick." He sighs "Yeah, that would probably be a good idea. Do you think they will believe me?" His brow furrows, "Maybe you should tell them, that way they'd actually do something."

As soon as Dylan make a noise, Besa's attention come back to him and he smiles warmly at the other teen, "I do. Well, I must have blood, so…that is the only way I have found to be effective." He has several scars on his left arm, but not nearly as many as one would think. Something that Dylan says makes him chuckle, "I did get the crap end of the stick, yes." Dark eyes watch the fingers on his arm before he looks up to watch Dylan's face. His head tilts slightly, that perfect hair doing that perfect har thing it does, "They will believe you. But I will be with you, if you wish."

Dylan's attention is focused intently on the wound as he tends to it. He glances up for a moment. His dark blue eyes looking at Besa, before he nods. "Yeah, I'd appreciate it if you would. I'm not really use to people believing me when I tell them about things, no matter how important or true." There is a mixture of sadness and anger in his voice at that. "So, you said it was a curse… How did you get cursed? Who did you piss off? I mean that is how you get cursed right… someone curses you."

Oh ….these questions. Besa's entire demeanor changes. That warm smile fades to a sad one. "When I was born…the stars were right. The gods decided my fate and I was to be a sacrifice to keep the demon Alraxmargoth'ha from earth." His eyes dart down to his arm where Dylan is working. "He took me to Hell and….it was not…" A soft shake of his head, he doesn't need to tell Dylan that. Instead, "But he decided that instead of another sacrifice, he wished for me again. So I was cursed. When he was done, I was sent back to my body, to be sacrificed again." Not looking up, he wets his lips, "That happened to me many time." Understatement of the year, "I only was able to slip out from Alraxmargoth'ha a year ago when I was able to defeat him with my Khophesh." But…."But the curse remains….When I die….I wrap, and then I come back."

Dylan finishes up cleaning and bandaging the cut on Besa's arm. "That really sucks.. but I don't think of that as a curse… " He pauses, "Don't get me wrong, the downsides of it sound really, really awful, but if it wasn't for that.. then you would have died a long time ago and wouldn't have been able to help any of the people that you surely have helped over the years. My ami sani would still be really sick, and I would have probably died tonight, so call me selfish if you would, but I'm kind of thankful for your curse."

Besa's expression is hard to rad. His brow is furrowed, but he just kind of looks tired. Finally he nods, "…yes. That is the….silver lining." A soft sigh and he flexes his left hand, "Bleeding is not so bad when I know it helps someone." Gah, no wonder he has a service dog! Speaking of, she's started to snore softly on the bed. "You would not have died. Zolin and Alejandra would have snapped out of it and helped you." Hopefully.

Dylan cocks his head, as he lets go of the other boy's arm. "Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to sound like I'm belittling what must have been sheer fucking hell, and I wouldn't trade with you for a second.. just kind of … well.. I guess I'm just trying to say thanks."

Besa finally raises his eyes to meet Dylan's. There's a long moment before he nods and smiles softly, "You are welcome. Thank you for listening. I…I try to not speak of it often." He takes a deep breath and then smiles a little warmer, "I am glad I was able to help your grandmother. She is a good soul….and I am glad you are not dead.""

"I don't know how," Dylan says as he continues to hold Besa's gaze, "but I will find a way to pay you back for that." His gaze falters for a second, then he looks around, "So.. um… looks like you have a roommate.. he's not going to mind someone just sleeping on the floor?" The segway seems almost forced, like it was meant as a distraction, but maybe more for himself than anything else.

Besa's eyes widen in amusement and he smirks slightly, "That is not necessary. I was glad to help." In both instances. He smiles, but when Dylan's falters the ancient teen blinks and then looks away himself. "I honestly do not know my roommate very well. But if there is issue, we will find somewhere else." The floor? Besa assumed he'd have the floor with Cocoa. "We will work something out. You will be comfortable and have food, I promise." B's not sure what to make of Dylan sometimes, so he let's the awkward moment go. "Rain, my sister, is very kind and smart. She may seem at arms length at first, but that is just her way. Schuyler ….He is her twin. He can be…difficult, but he has a good heart." His gaze goes around the room, "There are many different types of people here, but almost everyone is kind and good. You will be happy, I am sure."

Dylan shakes his head, "No, I really do. My ami sani is the only thing that is good in my life. I don't know what I would do without her… probably kill myself." He chuckles, "I can skip to the train station then back here with my stuff. This place is already more comfortable than any place I have been in in a long time… " He pauses, "Actually probably ever… something for a pillow and maybe a blanket and I"m good."

That doesn't sit well with Besa, a very upset expression flashes across his face, Tom….do not say that. Death is not…pleasant." Well, at least all the deaths Besa's had. He glances down at the bandage on his arm, "Do you need me to go with you?" In case the gang is there.

Dylan shrugs, "I have thought about it a couple of times, honestly… And the only reason that I haven't maybe tried it, is because of my grandmother… Life has been pretty shitty for the last couple of years…. " He sighs, "That's why I'd rather be part of Marko's crew than go back to my foster home… I'd rather die than go back there." He shakes, "I can't skip both of us there… I can move with someone else, only somewhere that I can see… I can skip anywhere that I am familiar. I can skip there and back in like five minutes."

Besa unconsciously reaches up and rubs his chest. "Then we will change everything so you do not feel that way, yes?" The Guardian doesn't seem very thrilled with the idea, but he will let Dylan make the final call. "You will be ready to skip away yes, if they are there?" He chews on his lower lip, before nodding, "I will get you bedding while you skip." And maybe grab something to eat. And tell Rain the what's up.

Dylan just lets the first part of that go. He doesn't want to really talk about how shitty life is. But given the chance he is glad to change the subject. "Yeah… I'll skip outside of the station and make sure that it's safe, then get my stuff and be back." Hopefully he will arrive back here. He isn't going to mention the fact that he has skipped to the wrong location before. He grins, offers a feaux-salute then disappears.

Besa inhales, but it's too late, Dylan is gone. His eyes close and he chide himself before writing a short note that he leaves on his desk saying he'll be back shortly. And then he's off to try to do a lot of things all at once.

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