(2018-08-22) Dino Tracks in the Sand
Dino Tracks in the Sand
Summary: Besa, Alejandra, and Zolin rescues Dylan from T'Rex.
Date: 2018-08-22
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NPCs: T'Rex
Scene Runner: Dylan

Shady Cove Beach - Shady Cove

The beach forms a semi-circle around the outer edge of the mainland edged with sand that turns lighter as it reaches the water. A swimming area is cordoned off with buoys and orange rope, clearly designating it for visiting tourists and the sea craft further out. Off down near the rocky area further along the beach is a lighthouse that remains lit up despite it serving as a restaurant.

It is a summer day. The weather is hot and clear.

It is Wednesday around lunchtime. The sky is void of any clouds and the sun beams down. For the Coral Spring students, classes have not yet begun so some are in town enjoying on of the last few days of "freedom", for Dylan classes haven't been in session in quite some time. Being the middle of the week, the beach is pretty empty. Stretched out spread eagle in the middle of the sand is a shirtless and shoeless Dylan. His hands are folded up behind his head with his eyes closed. Life is good for the moment.

Besa struck out early this morning for Thunder Bay and is on his way back to the school with the mugs he made at the art studio he's been going to over the summer. He knows Rain said he needed to give her more so they could put them up on their web store, so he's been carefully carrying the box with the wrapped mugs. But he's stopped at the taco place to get a drink. The nervousness of travel to Thunder Bay without one of the twins is nerve wracking. He's not completely alone; Cocoa is by his side, as usual. He was just getting ready to feed her some ice cubes when she sees (Smells?) someone familiar and starts to try to get him to go onto the beach. Never one to deny her, Besa picks up the box and follows her with a soft smile.

Alejandra was walking side by side with Zolin. A grin was tugging at her lips as she seems to effortlessly carry a large steel ice chest on her shoulder. "Might as well, Zolin. Classes start soon and we don't know if we'll be able to escape to come to the beach." Nudging him slightly, she just shakes her head. Her long dark hair was down it would seem around her shoulders; she came to sun too it seems in a black bikini and a white sarong around her waist….no shoes it seems. Those hazel eyes look around but then she spots Besa. Smiling brightly she gives him a wave with her free arm.

Zolin chuckles a little. He's in a modified belt, this one looking to be sealed on the pouches, to keep water out. He was also in swim trunks, with a simple t-shirt on for his top. He'd nudge Ali playfully as they walked. "Well.. some of us can just walk on the water.. But fine.." Chuckling, he'd look over as Ali waved to Besa and he'd wave as well in friendly greeting.

Dylan continues to just soak up the sun, completely unaware that his strands of fate are becoming tangled up with that of the three other teenagers on the beach, nor two acquaintances that he had hoped he had seen the last of, even if he knew better deep down.

Cocoa changes direction and starts heading to the waving students, tail wagging. Besa follows because that's what he does. "Hello Alejandra, Zolin." They get a smile, "It is a very pleasant day, yes?" The box is shifted carefully to one hip, "Do you like the new school? The arts room is very nice!"

Alejandra grins then as she makes her way over then. "It's nice! I haven't completely explored yet…just been getting my stuff moved in my room." Exhaling she just nods as she looks to Zolin with an eye roll. "Not everyone is as blessed as you, gravity boy…." At that she looks to Cocoa. "Hi puppers!"

Zolin laughs, shaking his head at Ali's comment. He'd smile to Besa and shrugs. "It seems pretty cool. I'm.. well.. really not use to being in a place like that. They were nice enough to chain down my bed so I don't float away.. I met my room mate too."

As the three teens talk about the new school a walking landmass with blond unkempt blond hair that towers over six and a half feet tall of pure muscle walks out onto the beach where the dozing Dylan lies. As the sun disappears, Dylan looks up. As he sees T'Rex standing over him, he immediately starts to stand up, but it is too late. The large man grabs the much smaller teen by the throat and yanks him up into the air, holding him aloft as if Dylan weighed nothing at all. Dylan grabs hold of the forearm of the hand that has him firmly clutched by the throat. He tries to speak but it only manages to come out as a whispered squeak.

Besa nods, "I am happy there is a nice outside. And we can go on the roofs, which will be nice for meditation." A smile about his bed, "That is good! Are you both happy with your roommates?" Cocoa's sits down next to Besa, but her tail's wagging. Besa has a skinned knee from Sundays bike crash, but beyond that he looks rested and in good health (For now). He starts to smile, but Dylan being waved around like a flag is pretty eye catching. He says something short in Coptic as he sets the box down and starts over towards Dylan, "Hey! Do not do that!" Yes, very intimidating there, Besa. On the flip side, he's already got a hand in his pocket and is crushing a clay rune. Cocoa follows unfortunately.

Alejandra chuckles a bit. "No not yet. I just know her name but not her yet. I'm nervous about rooming with people. If I have a nightmare…." She trails off as she sees the large man walk up and grab Dylan. Dropping that chest on the ground she frowns then. "Hey!!" Well she did hang around with her brother too much. "Oy! Vato!! Put him down!!" Pushing her hair out of her face she frowns then. "Now!"

Zolin is smiling along with the others, nodding a little at the ask about his room mate. When they'd spot Dylan being picked up and started to choke, he'd frown. Walking behind the other two, he'd try to focus and simply give Dylan something to stand on. Instead, the gravity twisted, going to grab Dylan and the big guy both with a sudden focal point between them and around two G of gravity pulling them chest to chest. "What? No.. that's not right.."

T'Rex turns in the direction of the three interlopers, swinging Dylan around like a rag doll. "Stay out of it twerps!" The pot marked faced man glares at them with beady eyes. Then suddenly Dylan is yanked from his hands as the boy collides with him. "What the?" The man roars. For those with a keen sense of smell, like the dog, the man doesn't smell quite right. In fact he smells more like a large, predatorial reptile. Dylan just squeaks.

Besa may be a twerp, but he's a twerp that knows how to fight. Clay bits drops from his fist as he pulls his hand out of his pocket, "Zolin, pull Tom away from him!" Not towards! And then the little ancient teen is rushing forward to clock the giant in the side (it's what he can reach!). The hit he lands is solid, far stranger than anything someone Besa's size should be able to do.

Alejandra blinks and slowly tilts her head. "Twerp?" She slowly starts to walk up towards the man, her nose scrunching a bit. Shaking her head, she sniffs the air then frowns. Looking to Dylan getting smashed against the man she just shakes her head then. After Besa moves over, she just moves to tackle the man and distract him but….no such luck. Blinking she would just stop as she hit that brick wall then grins. "Not bad for twerps, right?"

Zolin grits his teeth. "I know.. I know. It backfired.." He'd stop moving forward to help him focus, hand coming up with a flick the other direction. Suddenly, Dylan and T'Rex are flung apart, although Dylan would get caught by that gravity off to the side, lowered lightly to the sand in a gravity scoop that was really akin to flying.

Dylan is flung from Rex's direction, as Besa steps up and slams his fist into the big man's side. The man grunts as the two teens crash into him. His voice deep rumbles, "Now, my turn." Suddenly the large man gets larger, much larger as he morphs into a smallish Tyrannosaurus rex. His deep voice turns into a mind numbing roar. The huge maw snaps down in the direction of his biggest annoyance, being Besa, at the moment. The large dagger like teeth snap shut, just ripping through the Egyptian boy's shirt.

Cocoa wasn't sure what to make of the scuffle, but now there's a monster attacking her boy! She growls and lunges forward attempting to bit the Prehistoric monster.

Besa growls as well, his dodge isn't as successful as he wanted, and he knows that he's lost the element of surprise. And he certainly doesn't have the upper ground with this monster towering over him, but maybe he can use that to his advantage too. The small boy darts in, close to the Dino man and lands another solid hit to Rex's stomach. Maybe he'll wind him so they can all get away.

Alejandra slowly grins as she sees him transforming. "Oh now….I get to have fun….." At that she just shakes her hair bit before growl is heard. Sounds of bones cracking and maybe breaking can be heard as she starts to grow in height. That normally short young woman is growing fur, her eyes more feline….her head now that of a large black panther on the body of a massive fur covered body. Standing almost seven feet, she rolls her shoulders before letting out roar at the beat. Best had seen her just as her panther….but now he gets to see her in her were-cat form. Looking to the 'T-Rex' she grunts out. "…bring…it…"

Zolin plants Dylan on the sand and focuses on the guy…beast..? "What the..? Oh no.. no no.. I don't think so.." Focusing himself, Zolin brings both hands together, one on bottom, the other on top. Staring at the beast, he'd push his hands together. That response would be immediate about the dino, the gravity itself suddenly increasing in pressure. Zolin grits his teeth as he'd push. It's just so big that he's having a hard time affecting all of it, with that crushing press.

Dylan scurries to his feet. He sees Rex and starts cussing under his breath. He really isn't prepared to watch one of his friends get killed on his behalf. He focus but just stands there, seemingly doing nothing.

T'Rex once again feels the sting of Besa's punch. He roars in pain and chomps down at the annoying boy. He teeth not making the contact that he was anticipating. The dinosaur growls in what sounds like 'stay still'.

Meanwhile Alejandra hears a voice in her head urging her to help T'Rex, but instead it comes across as more like rend everything to pieces.

Besa's used to fitting monster bigger than him. But the gravitational pull is new. He goes to land another punch, but Cocoa darts in, nearly tripping him. His swing lands, but there's no power behind it, "Cocoa! Run!" Not that she'll listen, but still.

Alejandra shakes her head then as she hears that noise. Those eyes would focus in on Rex before letting out a growl. There was no hesitation then as she takes off towards him. Launching at him, she seems to just aim for him with those close towards him. Whatever constraint she had was probably almost nonexistent.

Zolin was straining. This was hard! But it was steady. Eyes narrowed as Ali launches at the beast full tilt and it's trying to bite Besa, Zolin grits his teeth. "NO! You.. will.. not.. hurt.. my.. friends!" Pouring that emotion into it, Zolin amps up that pressure, clicking that gravity up another notch. While for those on the edge of the field it might get a bit harder to actually pull away. Inside that center on the T'Rex, it was probably getting hard to even breath as Zolin struggled to pin it down.

Dylan is standing still one moment then in a blink of an eye he is standing beside Besa. He appears there just in time for the dinosaur's tail to swing across the beach. While the creature is being crushes, his log-sized tail crashes into crowd around him, sending the boy and Cocoa flying across the beach. As well as slamming into Alejandra. Meanwhile a man's voice sinks into Zolin's mind. Whatever you are doing, you will stop and help the dinosaur. He's your friend and you want him to get out of this. He only wants the boy (Dylan) who started all of this after all.

Besa was fighting with intent to knock away, to try to help his friend. That all changes when he hears Cocoa yelp as she's hit. Another small string of Coptic words flows from his mouth, very much sounding like he's swearing as he moves to hit the dinosaur again. The scab on his knee has cracked opened up from all the fighting. Again he hits, again it doesn't do any damage.

Cocoa lays there in the sand.

At this point, Ali is in a rage. Letting out a roar she then moves to the Lizard, body slamming him finally to the ground with a fist. Those claws brandished as she starts to slash him now. Needless to say, she's letting lose.

Zolin pauses, frowning at that thought, that suggestion. The dino was.. friendly? And the boy.. yeah.. what DID the boy do? Dropping that grip on the dino, Zolin shifts his focus, a sudden push attempting to separate Ali and Besa both back from the dino, Zolin starts forward. He's not really able to stop them, but that gravity is there, seeking to pull them away, making it harder to attack the dino as they'd feel drawn back, towards the water. "Hey! Hey you! Kid! What'd you do to start this??" This of course, is directed at Dylan.

Dylan doesn't respond to Zolin, in fact he doesn't do anything but lay there and moan softly.

Feeling the gravitational weight suddenly lift, T'Rex takes the leap of logic that his partner in crime must be in play. Rex may be big and dumb, but he's not stupid. He also figures that he is out classed and turns and begins to run off down the beach.

Besa keeps his arms up, getting ready to throw another punch, but then there's another gravity shift and Z is yelling at Dylan and both Dylan and Cocoa are not moving and the t-Rex is moving away….It's a lot. He grits his teeth, before making the decision to not pursue, "Zolin! Stop it!" He's going to make an assumption as well, "Calm Alejandra!" He remembers the rage well from his time with Grace's powers. Keeping his gaze on the retreating Dino, he tries to hurry over to Dylan and Cocoa, "No not move…"

Cocoa doesn't listen and whines, trying to crawl to Besa. That just makes her whimper in pain, something is broken. She's a lover not a fighter!

Alejandra let's out a roar as he takes off. By this point she had already started to take off after him however. Her head was fuzzy as she shook her head then. Stopping slowly she turns to look at the others. Huffing softly, that tall cat like creature would just stare at the boys then with narrowed golden eyes.

Zolin glances back as the Rex goes and there's Ali going after him. He'd pause in his approaching Dylan to focus himself. A sudden ramp, that squishiness of gravity being manipulated would shift in front of Ali, trying to stop her, without hurting her as it'd lead her up if she ran up it, into a bubble surrounding her. This in turn would be brought down and over to him. "Besa, we went after the guy but we never even asked why he was attacking. That kid.. do you know why he was attacked? The lizard only went after him until we interfered after all."

A man in his mid twenties with brown hair and a moustache and goatee watched the whole thing from a distance. David Grimes puts his hands in his pockets and walks casually away as if nothing ever happened. No, they might not have gotten Dylan so they could bust the rest of their team out of jail, but they certainly sent him a message.

One might be surprised at how fast a tyrannosaurus rex could actually run, but T'Rex just streaks down the beach until he shifts into human and disappears.

Dylan has several broken ribs from the blow from T'Rex's tail. From the sickeningly wet wheezing sound, at least one of his lungs is probably punctured by one of those broken ribs. His right arm is also bent at an angle where it shouldn't be, clearly broken.

Besa's too worried now about Dylan and Cocoa to answer Zolin more than a small glare and a short, "Tom is my friend. The dinosaur was attacking him!" Why is this hard for Z to grasp? Kneeling down between the two injured beings, "Tom? Tom? I need to heal you…is that alright?" He's pulling out a small ivory dagger from his pocket. It looks old. He's getting sand in his skinned knee.

Alejandra starts to shake her head, a hand smacking itself in the head. Purring slightly she thuds over as she looks down at Dylan….well once she's free. Those cat ears lay back on her head as she seems to look around. "….I…" It was almost guttural. "….confused….." Licking her lips she seems be in thought before licking her teeth. "….rage….not…normal."

Zolin frowns, looking at Besa, then he'd look confused. Glancing to Ali as she'd brought close via the sphere, he'd let her go of its grip when she seemed to come to her senses and they didn't look like tasty steaks on legs anymore. Hesitating, Zolin frowns more. "I.. yeah.. yeah you're right. Something.." He'd glance around, then just shakes his head. Carefully, ever so carefully, he'd try to shift Dylan into a zero G field himself, so there's not pressure on those bones, making at least that weight not add to the pain. "Besa.. I.. we're not going to like how you heal. Are we?"

Dylan's lips a brighter red than normal. After he coughs up a little bit of blood, it is obvious why. He tries to speak but it is near impossible to form the words, he just gives a slight nod to Besa in response to his question.

Besa glances at Zolin briefly before taking a deep breath, "No one ever does." And then the knife's blade cuts into his left forearm. He winces but doesn't cry out. Seems he's was prepared for the pain, like he's done this many times. It may explain the scars on said arm. The knife is dropped and he presses his right hand into the cut, pooling enough into his hand before placing that hand against Dylan's arm. The cut is pressed against Cocoa. He says what one can assume are soothing words to Cocoa…and maybe Dylan. But it's in Coptic so who knows. He glances up to the other two students, making sure they're still there in case the TRex comes back.

Alejandra looks Zolin and frowns before looking back. The smell of blood in the air hits her senses as she covers her nose. She could shift back but….her bikini was long shredded. Taking a deep breath she purrs out again and squats, turning her gaze away to keep an eye out.

Zolin shifts on his feet. He'd glance to Ali and nods a little. Looking off to the side, he'd flick his hand and pull a towel over to him. That done, he'd offer it to Ali then plants his feet. Hands pointing outward to either side, he'd create a bubble about them. The only outward affect being that of a shimmer in the air, the very air itself being shoved upward. He also maintained that zero G on Dylan to do his best to help out there. Zolin was ready this time, if said big guy tried something.

As the healing magic starts working its way through his body, Dylan’s eyes open wide, as he gasps slightly. He looks extremely disoriented as he is floating. "Um… am I a ghost?"

Besa is still, hands touching both injured patients. His eyes are closed, but his fingers curl around Dylan's arm. "No, you are still with the living." Cocoa's tail starts to wag as the healing races through and knits her broken bones and heals bruises. She gives the softest whine and tries to scoot closer into Besa's lap. Usually she does that to comfort him, but now she's looking for comfort. Feeling movement from both Besa's eyes open and he looks to the other two students to make sure they are all still safe.

Alejandra sees that towel that Zolin acquired for her and she just takes it. It's almost comical how small it looks compared to her now. She watches but when Zo put up the barrier, she winces before letting out a groan. Those bones are heard again as she slowly shifts back into that petites Latina but nude as she falls to the ground. Panting softly, she quickly pulls that towel over her form, sweating slightly before she sit up to wrap it about her. Blushing she looks over at the other two boys. "….are you okay?" Those hazel eyes held concern as she looks to Besa, a frown on her features then. "You're lucky…..that man could have killed you."

Dylan holds out his hand in the direction of Alejandra, and the shirt that was on the sand by where he was originally laying appears in his hand. "Um… Here you go…" His dark blue eyes looks at the bloody hand on his arm as he nods to Besa. "Thank you.. I'm sorry that you had to get involved… is your dog okay? I thought she got hit when Rex hit me."

Besa's not that lucky to get killed by a T-Rex(at least he's not lucky enough for it to stick!). He blinks a few times, hand letting go of Dylan to try to reach into his pocket for a cloth or something to press into his arm. But with Cocoa in his lap it's difficult. He ends up just slipping an arm out of the destroyed shirt and pressing that into he is left forearm, "A-are you injured Alejandra?" He rests his arm onto of Cocoa as he turns to look at Dylan, "She is scared, but okay now. Are you, Tom?"

Alejandra just shakes her head as she sighs. Moving over, she slowly takes that shirt before pulling it over her head over that towel. Keeping that towel on she lets shirt drape over her form before looking back to Besa. "I'm fine. I heal in seconds or minutes depending. As long as it's not something particular…..don't worry about me…."

Dylan runs his hand over where his ribs had been caved in. He doesn't look completely sure. "Um… I think I'm okay." He sighs and reaches up and rubs the back of his neck. "I'm sorry that you got caught up in that…" He shakes his head, "I knew that I shouldn't have stuck around in one place… So what happened? What happened to Rex?" He starts looking around for signs of the big man.

Besa's dark eyes study Ali for a moment, making sure she really is healing if she's hurt. He's already bleeding, it's not like he's have to cut himself again. But She does seem ok so he nods and looks back to Dylan, "It is not your fault." Yes it is! "He attacked you." A quick glance to Zolin, but Besa's not going to call him right out, "I think that the other one was here…. The Dinosaur Man ran when he realized we were all powered." His lips press together as he shifts his arm, poor Cocoa has blood all over her, but she doesn't seem to care as long as she's in Besa's lap. And she's deftly too big to be a lap dog. Or maybe his lap is too little. Either way, she's not moving.

Alejandra frowns a bit then sighs. "I'm fine…." At that she looks at Besa. "Someone was in my head, Besa. It was telling me to help the lizard guy but it went long. I almost lost it…." Sighing she tries to calm herself. "It was hard…."

Dylan frowns, "That means David is around here too… He makes people do things for him… It's how we got out of trouble a couple of times we were caught." He sighs, "If I take off, they won't bother you guys anymore… "

Besa glances to Ali, "Take deep breaths, focus on the now…Hold Zolin's hand if that will help." Weird, he sounds like he's been there (Thanks Grace!). Hearing the other name, he nods, Z and Ali's behavior makes more sense now. He's quiet for a long moment, "Or you can come to the school. They will not be able to hurt you there."

Alejandra blushes slightly at his suggestion before slowly moves over to Zolin. Taking a hold of his hand she then nods as she closes her eyes. Taking a deep breath she nods. "Okay. It's just…it was so weird…." Pursing her lips she looks over to Dylan. "Running gets you nowhere."

Dylan looks at Besa and Alejandra for a moment. He actually walks a few steps away from them. He has a tattoo of a stylized coyote on the back of his shoulder. He has a lean build, not well defined, but not without some tone at the same time. He stops and turns around and nods slightly, "I'll give it a try… no promises that I won't skip somewhere, but I'll give it a try…"

Besa just presses the remains of his shirt into his arm and raises an eyebrow at Ali. Why is she blushing, aren't she and Z dating? "It is." Weird. "Just stay in the moment, you will be okay." Dylan is studied while he thinks. Cocoa gives a soft whine so Besa tries to calm her. He's going to need to give her a bath, which will be difficult. When the teleporter agrees the ancient teen lets out a soft breath he didn't know he was holding, "Good. We will go and…I will have Rain call her mother to call the school." He starts to try to push the dog off his lap gently so he can send up.

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