(2018-08-22) Confessions and Confusion
Confessions and Confusion
Summary: Lazarus confesses to Rain. They both end up confused
Date: 2018-08-22
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The rooftop of the dorm has been nicely designed with hanging out in mind. There is all weather furnishings under a gazebo style anchored awning as well as a few patio table and chairs for eating at.

Surrounding the area is a waist high ledge to prevent accidently falling. There is also a clear area for any flyers that want to land on the roof.

It is a summer morning. The weather is hot and drizzling.

It was in the early afternoon, perhaps a day or two after the move-in day(s) for the students at the newly rebuilt school. it was a beautiful thing to see..beauty coming out of the ashes of a terrible event.

Though mostly it was good to have an actually comfortable room, or so Lazarus would tell you.

With that in mind, Lazarus is actually looking for Rain. having spoken with her a time ago about meaning to talk to her…the day had finally come! hopefully. though for some reason, Lazarus appears to be quite nervous.

Is a Rain to be found here??

<FS3> Rain rolls Alertness:Success

Rain having a job…most find it strange, with her family she really doesn't need it, but despite that she has one. And she takes it quite seriously, like she does just about everything. Lately she has been working a lot. Shady Cove is a tourist town and the chocolate shop she works at is a trap. Today she is off though…or perhaps she is working second shift today, probably only she and her brothers know for sure. She stands at the ledge, ignoring the drizzle, binoculars held to her eyes as she looks out to the west and the islands that lie there. She isn't oblivious though, she hears the door open and shut and lowers the binoculars to glance that direction "Hello Lazarus." She greets in her typical lukewarm manner that those on her "they're okay" list gets.

Unlike the lukewarm greeting that Rain gives him? Lazarus gives her the warmest smile. "Hey Rain." he approaches then, hands in his pockets and a beanie on his head. Some light drizzle, but he doesn't appear to mind it. "Can I join you?" he asks kindly, but there is no demand in his words.

It's the best anyone outside of her family gets, so there is that at least. Rain smiles in return, but for her smiles are ghostly things, was it there or was it just imagination or a trick of the light? "Sure." She moves aside even though there is plenty of room for both teams to line up at it and still have room for more. "That is Paragon Island. It was accessed through an underground tunnel at the old school." The binoculars are handed over and she extends an arm to point it out. It's one of the smaller islands in the archipelago of islands off the coast of NH.

Lazarus smiles as he approaches Rain, moving next to her. He looks to this 'Paragon Island' that Rain has pointing out. "Oh..I didn't know that. Lovely….so..what is it's purpose? escape route slash bunker?" he shrugs. "Sorry…first thing that came to mind. military background…" he chuckles mildly. "…Is…it okay if I ask you something? you don't have to answer but…" his eyes look nervous, as does his usually emotionless demeanor.

"Nothing like that." Rain says with a slight shake of head "With the school mostly being underwater," That is a shudder inducing memory, " space was tight, so the island was our outdoor training grounds and the Arena Fetch field." At the question from him her gaze goes from the view to Lazarus. She doesn't go with the really obvious comment about asking already "Go ahead, but I will hold you the not answering if necessary." Though she doubts it will be. She isn't the evasive type, at least she has never seemed so.

Lazarus chuckles. "Underwater huh? makes sense then…especially if the school didn't quite want to be a really big blip on a radar." he doesn't quite know what happened to the last rendition of the school. but! he seems to brighten as she permisses him to ask his question. "Thank you…so…uhm…there's not really an easy way to ask this but…uhm, I really like you in the..uhm, romantic sense and I uh.." Come on Laz you rehearsed to a mirror! "Would you like to go on a date with me?" he then seems to forget to breathe. his throat caught. oh nooo! well, least he won?t die from suffocation…

Well the confession isn't surprising. She has been told on multiple occasions that his feelings leaned that way. Rain didn't see it, but she can be a bit obtuse about things, those types of things especially. The actual question has her brow knitting and her lip curls on one side in a confused as hell expression "You're asking like we didn't have a date already. Wasn't prom a date?" Answering a question with a question…at least it isn't a no.

Lazarus sees her expression curl into a look of confusion. "Well yeah..but I didn't know if we were treating it as a date or…like we went to spend time in a non-romantic way..ya know? don't get me wrong, I loved my time with you at prom and the dancing was fun. but…you know, maybe a dinner or a movie would be nice?" he rubs his head. "Sorry, I?m nervous and I probably worded that wrong…"

Rain takes just about everything seriously, this conversation is no exception. She notices the teen's nervousness, but there is little she feels she can do to alleviate it outside of being thoughtful and honest. So she will stick to those two principles. "Well considering that it's hard to say if it was or not." The prom outing not having a label doesn't seem to bother her though. "I'm unsure how to respond to your confession. To say I feel the same would be a lie, but to say I don't would also be one." Again she looks and sounds confused "And I don't want to lead you on…" she drifts to silence not sure of a solution to this situation, if there is one even outside the obvious.

Lazarus is holding his breath as Rain looks impossibly indecisive. "yeah…kinda hard." but then she tells him that'd it'd be a lie if she told him she felt the same…and also a lie if she said she didn't? WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?! "Oh…so…uhm, what does that mean? are we in…like limbo?" he isn't experienced with this, but he also doesn't know what to do?

Hence her confusion, not sure of her feelings and not sure how to handle that, the confusion and everything else that makes up Rain's life. This is one of those moments when she is good at reading people. She has the grace to at least look a little sheepish at her vagueness "I'm not sure. I have been sure of anything feelings wise for awhile now." Ever since Legion appeared really. "Limbo doesn't sound like a pleasant place to be." She lacks experience in this department too "I suppose we can try a date and see what happens?" Her tone borders on hopeful, but is mostly of the why not suggestive tone.

Lazarus takes notice that Rain is confused about her own feelings and perhaps a great many things else which may or may not involve him. that look says a thousand words. "Limbo isn't pleasant at all…" Lazarus says with a nervous chuckle, but as Rain suggests they go on a date to see what happens, Lazarus smiles warmly to Rain, but attempts to reach and briefly touch her hand to squeeze it affectionately. "I'd be happy to. absolutely. maybe…dinner and a movie?" he asks curiously

At least they can agree on limbo sucking. "As long as we know where the other is coming from it couldn't hurt." famous last words there. As usual she is pretty tentative about touching but after a few beats she goes with it and squeezes the hand back "Sounds like a plan. Until then I heard there is a snack bar in the lighthouse. Let's go check it out." she pulls away and heads to the stairs.

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