(2018-08-22) A Different Storm
A Different Storm
Summary: Constantine comes to know of another skillset, and it's up to Grace to help him adjust.
Date: 2018-08-22
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Coral Springs Dock, Coral Springs
Wed Aug 22, 2018

Not only is there a new school, but apparently there is a new island as well. This one is much larger and a lot more cliffy and forested than the previous one.

The docks are quite nice, with a heating and air conditioned building that has vending machines and restrooms so students can wait for the ferry in inclement weather.

To the left of the docks is a small park like area, the rest is left as nature intended it. Mostly rocky shore, with waves and riptides that make any swimming here dangerous. A winding, flower and tree lined cobblestone path curves up a hill and signage indicates that the school is at the top.

It is a summer evening. The weather is warm and stormy.


It was….a dark and stormy day, actually. The sky was practically pitch black, and if one looked closely, one could see the intense blue lightning streaking across that cloud-blackened sky. The winds were almost tornadic, the waves were terrible, and the rain was torrential.

Meanwhile? at the docs, a jacket-wearing Constantine was literally shaking in fear, his eyes having turned a glowing, thunderous blue as his powers grew to almost uncontrollable proportions.

He's in the fetal position, holding his head and yelling as if in agony! "I c-can FELL ALL OF IT!! It's too MUCH!" Constantine then slumps over, still holding his head as the link to the Earth's electromagnetic field is established.

<FS3> Grace rolls Enhanced Senses: Good Success.

It appears that Grace has been having a surprisingly easy go of the relocation. Something about coming to this monitored, state of the art island facility just…. it settled something within her. Knowing that she is somewhere that she cannot be of harm to others if she 'slips', it's a pretty Big Deal for the werewolf. Even as she stumbles along trying to understand her powers, she knows now that she will be safe here. So when the room was assigned, even the notion of having a roommate hadn't bothered Grace much. The tour has been completed; the back wooded area and fields gave further bonus points. Long story short? Grace actually loves it here.

Having intended to jog the various ins and outs and nuances of the new grounds, the girl finds the inclement weather to be of concern. Rain never bothers Grace before but she's not huge on thunder and lightning. Still, the effect in the skies is pretty cool and the girl decides to snap one quick picture with her phone down by the docks before heading indoors. This is where she sees — and hears — Constantine. Her ambling gait becomes an all-out run.

Weather and photo ops forgotten, Grace reaches the boy's side and makes to kneel alongside him. "Con?! W-what's up! What's going on!"

She reaches to touch his elbow as he clutches his head. "Constantine! It's me!"

Constantine remains on his side, gripping his head and hair as he can sense and FEEL the earth's magnetic field. It's almost driving him insane. Almost. But then Grace arrives, and pulls him into her touch. He reaches up to touch her shoulder as if to plead with her. "G-Grace, I can feel it! T-The…l-l-l-l-Magnetic Field! I can feel all of it!" He starts to roll now, looking to the weather.

"I c-can't make it stop!!" he shouts as if he's being overwhelmed by the input. "W-What do I do?!" and as soon as he says that, the biggest lightning bolt Grace may have ever seen STRIKES the ocean in the distance.

The weather was from Constantine…

<FS3> Grace rolls Sense Fear: Good Success.
<FS3> Grace rolls Mind: Failure.

The moment she's closeby, seeing and smelling and hearing her boyfriend's terror, this presents a supremely difficult situation for Grace. She, as a girl, is utterly disturbed to see her sweet boy in such a panic. She knows how it feels to not understand a new power or effect and honestly Grace could be able to talk Constantine through it.. or try to. But then there's another variable here…

… the wolf.

Fear, felt in anyone or anything…. causes a reaction in Grace's mind. There's a great lurching in her guts and chest; her pupils dilate and her scarlet irises nearly go black. But all she can hear is Constantine's panic and upset. She can't—-no, she can't let this push her into a place where she cannot help…

Focus on his voice, however panicked. Grace clings to the boy's hand as he reaches for her shoulder, her palm trembling. "Constantine," Grace says quickly, she sounds pained. But for him she has to try. «No, please.. please don't, please don't…» She meanwhile begs inwardly with herself as her pulse races.

"Constantine you have to breathe… i-it's something new, it has to do with the magnetokinesis—" Grace tries to surmise. "Look at me, ok? Look at me and focus on my voice." Grace begs, having to do some deep breathing herself. The slender bands of muscles in her arms feel like taut steel cords.

<FS3> Constantine rolls Mind: Failure.
<FS3> Constantine rolls Atmokinesis: Success.

Constantine looks at Grace as he sees the fear in her eyes as well, and his own thoughts of 'why are you making her scared?! KNOCK IT THE FUCK OFF CON!' and he seems to be looking on with worry instead of terror, and thus Grace can start to see Rays of sunlight in the storm, the wind had gone down, and the seas calmed. But Constantine's mind was still in mortal fear. He starts to breathe, but he hyperventilates.

"G-Grace I don't know what to do Grace…I don't know what to do." Constantine looks at her, his voice shaking and his hand shivering as much as hers. But he seems to snuggle himself into her side as he holds his head. "I-It's…starting to die down…" he takes a breath.

It's a weird mix.. Grace is worried, very worried; is she scared? That was one big crackle of mofo lightning… but honestly she was too busy trying to keep herself from wolfing out any staring dead at Constantine that blessedly, the display hadn't rattled her. Grace is scared of what fear does to her. The wind eases some and there's a flirtatious dash of sunlight but even still, the small girl is all hands on deck with trying to keep Constantine level. Seriously: it's the crystal clear focus upon the boy that saves her wits; but his upset positively breaks her heart. Girl emotions win out over the wolf.

She can recognize Con's look of worry. "D-don't worry about me, I'm okay.. focus on your mind ok?" She asks with alarm as the metalbender's body begins to heave with fast, desperate breaths.

As Constantine eases in closer to her, Grace breaks the contact of their hands and instead moves to settle back upon her butt, knees pulled up slightly.. her deceptively slender, strong arms will then wrap around the boy's upper body and hold him tight, pulling him partly into her lap to simply hold him reassuringly. "I-I know.. it's scary… you can't let your mind escape you, o-okay? Like.." Breathe.. "The weather is ramping up each time that you do. So I know it's easier said than done, Con, but you gotta calm down.. big breaths. It's gonna be figured out ok?" Grace says quickly, her heart moving at a pace that would mean danger for a normal human.

With Grace's help, Constantine manages to calm himself, and the storm dies down. Revealing clear skies and calm waves, and even calmer winds. The terror was over as he buried his head into Grace's chest, shivering as his arms wrapped around her waist like she was his lifeline.

"I could feel all of it…it was too much…too much. It was sudden..no warning at all." he sighs lightly and shakily, though he's steadily calming down as he just feels grace's warmth and stability, even if she was just being tough.

And, following her loving advice, he takes deep breaths. In…out.

There's not much chest to burrow into, but what Grace does have works for her frame! And it's nonetheless a comforting 'pillow' upon which Constantine can rest his head. Grace is not of a gushy, simpering nature so she is simply quiet as she holds the boy tight. Physical expression is where she really gets her point across and it's amazing, the strength in her arms while Grace, herself, looks anything but. She remains a solid presence, seated there in her jogging tights (also understated.. black tights, a black and dark purple crossback tanktop) … one hand wrapped around Con's middle, the other having lifted up behind his body to rub the back of his head.

Grace nods gently, breathing deeply as if in demonstration while mentally working everything out. As Con calms down, so too do the storms and her inner monster. "First time, I take it?" She asks in her softspoken albeit now rather shakey way. "I'm so sorry, Con.. that you got scared so bad. Did you want to go look for a teacher?"

Constantine didn't even care if Grace was more muscle and firm than soft and curvaceous. She was grace and that was all that mattered. She did serve as an amazing pillow as he holds her tightly. He starts to sit up though, just barely out of her grip so he could look at her. "Yeah…first time. It just…happened. I don't know why." It was a subconscious thing, certainly, but it was still a scary thought.

Nonetheless, he gives a small smile to Grace as she asks if he wants a teacher. "No…no I'm okay…all I need is you." He leans in to kiss Grace softly upon her lips. It's slow and sweet if she allows it, but clearly Con is shook from the experience.

As Constantine moves to sit upright, Grace will ease back slightly to allow for easier motion but still keep herself folded in alongside the boy, her body compact and warm. Her eyes do not leave his face and profile as he speaks and explains more of this happening. The water, no longer harangued by stormfronts, lightning and the like, sighs and moves as if relieved by the newfound calm. Her one arm remains looped around his lower back, still holding on tight and protectively. "You did r-really well pulling it in, though… it sure looked scary.." The girl admits, finally turning her gaze from Con and 'round to face the water. Her heart is still calming down!

The boy leans in to kiss her and Grace turns back toward him to receive the affection, returning it gently. She will maintain the contact for however long Constantine desires, knowing it to be a failsafe way to bring him 'back'. "I'm here.. but if.. if you sense it coming on again, or just somehow get a feeling you have to find somebody, ok? I hated seeing you so upset."

Constantine smiles softly to Grace. "Thank you." before soon enough they kiss! it's soft and sweet, before they pull away again to look upon each other. "Thank you…and definitely…I will. I promise okay? Thank you.. for being there." he rests his head in the nook of her neck.

"I love you, Grace…I don't know what I'd do without you."

"Promise promise." Grace pleads in a soft whisper. "Even if y-you like, wake up and feel weird physically.. go tell a teacher." By then Constantine nestles his blonde head in to rest in the crook of her neck and Grace inhales slowly of both his scent and the calming ocean waters. "Of course I'll be there. I'd be a crappy girlfriend otherwise huh?" She asks with a twinkle of amusement in her tone; being here seems to agree with her for her to be the peaceful one tonight!

"I love you too." Said with a smile next, and something occurs to Grace. She makes to stand slowly and extends a hand to both help her boyfriend stand and offer to walk with him. "Lets take a walk. I wanna show you where I'll be working here." There: a true smile. Somehow when she smiles her red eyes don't look so unnerving. "And it's really.. really pretty." Cripes, she's even gushing. Assuming Constantine agrees, he will be in for quite a pretty walk from the main boundaries of the school, through a wooded area and off in the direction of a large, refurbished lighthouse. In which… is a cafe!

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