(2018-08-21) The So-Long Solder
The So-Long Solder
Summary: No no, not 'smolder'; it's not a typo! There's burning and cookies. Daxton and Callisto figure themselves out.
Date: 2018-08-21
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NPCs: Afterthought, Inferno
Scene Runner: NA

Entry Way, Winbarry Estate
Tue Aug 21, 2018

Clean and spacious, the entrance foyer has a large staircase (Leading up) and many doors that lead off to all different directions of the house. The corner behind the door as a large cabinet with hooks for hats and jackets. Most of the jackets hanging are camo with Unit 23 patches on them. There's an oil painting on the wall, Bob Ross style, the frame slightly dinged up. The floors have been cleaned, but the repeated steps from speedsters in the house have spiderwebs cracks all over.

It is a summer evening. The weather is warm and clear.


It's never easy to move from one place to another. Luckily, Callisto has very few personal possessions. Don't let her fancy 'look' fool you; most everything fits into a suitcase. It's not even a fancy suitcase. It's the one that she originally arrived to the first/ Coral Springs with —- the velociraptor'ed one (ok it's a made up word but shhh) — and it serves the same purpose months later. Whatever is unnecessary, Callisto has given away; needed? Packed, of course. She's already been to the new school once and has been pleasantly surprised at her occupation of a dorm room.. by herself.. for however long. But there's something about the new facility that gives the dark faerie the heebie jeebies.

A few leftovers.. folded neatly into that suitcase. The clean tic-tic-tic of her footwear descending speedster-battered stairwells, Callisto pauses midway down and gives the entryway a slow, thoughtful glance. Some manner of emotion seems to grip her countenance; not anxiety but… something. This is goodbye then… senior year. She takes a deep breath through her nostrils, and takes a few more steps downwards.

Suddenly voices can be heard, that gravely voice of Inferno, the androgynous one of AfterThought, and then the obvious one of Daxton. There's talk of an upcoming mission. Needing to check ammo, safe houses, and- then they go silent as it becomes obvious there's a student in the house. Afterthought just says, "I think Tempo should deal with this. I'm going to make cookies. Come Inferno." And never a man to deny cookies he follows. They can be seen heading towards the kitchen, while Tempo stands there frowning, arms folded. Why does he have to deal with the stud-oh. It's Callisto. Walking over to the stairs, "Hey."

Did she hear the voices? Was that one of the reasons for her hesitation? Callisto has since come to know of the individual voices of the various Unit 23ers that call this estate home. Not wanting to seem as if she is eavesdropping — she wasn't, truly — the willowy fey makes to descend faster until she is spoken to. She turns her head to look over a lithe shoulder at Daxton, searching his features for any signs of unrest. Their last meeting hadn't ended well and Callisto, truly, knows naught where they stand. Though if it is any consolation, the girl has the sterling silver pendant suspended from that lovely neck, still. She watches him.

"You are nearly freed of us." Says the graceful girl, a hint of dejection to her tone. "I am but one remaining." Said next as she turns bodily to face him, a series of steps down, hair silver-white in the light of the room. Her head tilts as questions burgeon in her mind, unspoken.

Daxton nods, which probably isn't helpful as to where he stands with her or his feelings. He looks… tired. Someone hasn't been sleeping well, but thanks to AfterThought , he doesn't remember why. "Yeah. Looks like you're the last." His arms untold and he reaches up to rub his short hair, he thinks he needs a haircut, but Pulse keeps telling him to let it grow out some.

"Are you alright?" Asks the girl gently.. may as well be out with it. Callisto will have been a scarce sort following that bit of a misunderstanding in the basement a few days back. Is she noticing the tired edge to Daxton's manner? Of course; she's a fecking dreamweaver. She lowers the suitcase to sit, miraculously poised, upon a stair. It's both a random question and a poignant one; Callisto is seeing something Daxton may not want to admit to.

"And are we alright? I should hate to leave on.. difficult terms. But you need to tell me now where you think we should stand, where you want us to. I need to know before I am apart from you." Callisto offers gently.. it is a worthwhile question to ask, right?! All this making out, followed by awkward. "I.. think you should grow your hair out." Said softer still. Truth, too.

Daxton's brow furrows , "Yeah, Why?" Oh, yeah, that. He shrugs, "I guess. It's your decision." Ouch. But true. He can't do this again. But then she's getting all complicated, and that frown deepened, "I don't know. What do you want?" The comment on his hair has him dropping his hand, "I don't do the hippie look well."

The girl does not make to move up the stairs yet, the suitcase at her feet. She is in one of her typical maxi numbers, the black and royal blue dress fitting her like a glove. Then Callisto goes and says the most un-dark-faerie-like thing that has ever been said in dark faerie existence: "I want you, silly thing. But on your terms." Said blatantly, her gaze softening briefly before hardening with her intent on the matter. To be truthful. "But what I desire is one thing; what you want is another. T'is both ways, no?" A hand rests upon the railing. "I wish to help you, in whatever measure I can.. but I know only of a few things… that you are hesitant to open your heart and mind up again, and that things have been terribly difficult for you." Callisto looks down at her feet briefly. "I wish to understand. But only if you want me to."

Silence, as she listens for activity in the kitchen.. or was this a set-up?!

Her gaze lifts and she simply watches him.

That's…not what eh was expecting. His jaw twitches before he sigh and says, "I don't understand this need take the necklace off and poke at your mother. It's just going to get you riled and…and I can't do that again." His hand rests on the railing. Difficult for him, he frowns more, either he doesn't like that she knows, or that she's making up reasons for him. Oh, no. There's definitely something happening in the kitchen. It sounds like an argument, perhaps Inferno tried to 'help'.

She is watching his hand on the railing of all things. "Then talk to me, even if for a moment. However long it takes until this is no longer a proper location." Callisto asks of the speedster, eyes lifting from Daxton's hand to his face. "Tell me, straight up… as people these days prefer to say. Straight up." That's it, right? It's far more concise than asking of Daxton to 'spill it' to her in some graceful, eloquent way. Regardless, her bluish-green gaze pleads with him despite her poise. "Has this happened before? Have you been made to feel helpless when someone whom you cared for had to deal with something?" Asked quietly.. man she looks intense sometimes, but not in a terrible, diabolical way.

Callisto's silver-white haired head tilts just so at the voices from the kitchen, but her eyes are on Daxton.

"I am scared to even do so, Daxton, to remove this. I do not want to. But I am not //rushing into it." She touches the pendant at her breastbone.

Daxton's face smooths, that jaw clenches. He doesn't want to talk about this! "Yeah. You could say that." Blue eyes flicker up to the pendant an then finally up to her own eyes, "You make it sound like you were going to take it off this week." So without saying it, he got scared.

"I was." Whispers the girl. "Fear had taken me. And forgive me my indiscretion at.. what I considered at the moment." Callisto isn't denying her snap decision but 'lo and behold, there it is, sneering like a silvery she-gargoyle at her sternum.

Callisto inhales deeply and exhales… why is this so difficult? Stupid feelings. "I wanted to treat it was the bandaid that it was meant to be… to rip it off and weather whatever came forth. For our last stint in Thunder Bay had spoken to me of precisely how much I had slacked." Callisto watches him, begging wordlessly for him to understand. "I thought better of it, for it risks causing.. other problems. But I became fearful.. what if I were to lose this? To have it stolen?" She takes one step upwards, but stops. "But.. t'is another part of the whole picture." She noticed that you didn't answer wholly, mister.

Daxton can't understand. This is other worldly matters, he's just a. Dumb mortal. "It's not a bandaid, it's more like a pacemaker. You can't just rip it off and hope for the best. You have to prepare. You have a whole fucking school of super heroes willing to help you, but you were just…" He sighs, looking down the stairs at her suitcase. "What?" He didn't intentionally not answer something.

"I am not taking this off, Daxton." Callisto says frankly, then looks.. pained. There it is. She looks down at her feet, and has the grace to look embarrassed. Hurt. "For if I do, then she sees people whom I have come to care for through my eyes.. my memories, in dreaming. Then, she targets them. Sleep is meant to be a reprieve; a place in which to heal. How could I bear to take this away from people for simply knowing them?" Callisto looks up, a flush creeping up her neck. "So that decided me. But the fear of losing this remains with me.. the moment it's gone? Taken? Ripped off?" Her eyes widen, strangely shiny. "I—" She takes a slow breath, brow furrowing.

"It is not being removed. Not now. Not anytime soon. I can't bear what it would result in." Said softly.

"I am.. sorry for troubling you. T'is not my intent to tread where someone has.. seemingly wandered. It never was."

Daxton glares, but it's at the necklace. "Then let's solder the damn clasp so it won't accidentally come off." Dax has already been seen, but that's for another conversation. His lips press together . But he takes a spot down, closer to her, "You need to start training. Prepare for the worst, but don't invite it in." That sounds like a motto he was trained with.

He's watching the necklace, she's watching him. "Then solder it." Said simply, watching him levelly. One step each, but still at just enough distance for one — or both — to flee if need be. Callisto doesn't look anywhere close to doing so. "Have we the means to do so, right now? Then let's do it." She's holding his gaze. The sterling silver pendant winks in the lighting of the room, no matter how subdued.

Daxton's words hit home, and she does agree but there is yet one more thing that the girl needs to know. Callisto takes a deep breath.. so much breathing. ".. and tell me what I am to call you, then? What am I to say in that school full of superheroes, when I am asked of whom I am attached to?" She asks of him, "Regardless of donut interruption… that which we've done so far," A whisper. "T'is not reserved for just friends."

Daxton nods, "Inferno can." Just by touching it. He blinks not expecting that either, "What you mean like….boyfriend, or…what?" Is that what's bothering her? Sometime she forgets she's still got the mentality of a teen girl. "Tell them…we're dating?" Is that what she wants? He huffs, cheeks puffing out, "Yeah….no. That's not just a 'friend' thing."

Boyfriend? Huh. How adorably mortal. But the fey term — mate — is too strong. Way too strong for this instance. "Boyfriend, then." Says Callisto quickly, feeling.. bless her heart.. nervous. So rare. "Yes. That. But I was trying to be delicate." Callisto says as she watches him, brow furrowed. Look at her response; that is precisely what was bothering her. To leave here on iffy terms, without knowing, will have driven her mad. But when Daxton doesn't exactly deny it.. something changes in her countenance right then and there. Her whole body looks as if it could sigh with relief.

"Get your Inferno to stop destroying whatever it is he is burning in that kitchen to.. come out, if he may, and fix this." Callisto bids softly, cheekbones flushing. She's trying not to smile, but failing.

Daxton just watches her as she figures everything out in her head. As soon as she gives the ok, he's gone, leaving a breeze in his wake. Soft arguing can be head in the kitchen and finally Dax raises his voice, "Oh My God, Inferno, Leave them alone and come do this!" When he comeback, Inferno has a cigar lit, some cracks in his skin glowing red. Dax just looks annoyed.

Cripes, speedsters. One minute she's shitting bricks over finally saying her intent; next? Daxton retrieves his smoldering fiery teammate. There they both are, right there, and Callisto looks comically startled beside her suitcase. "Ah—" Hell, when did she last spend time around Inferno, extensively? Last time, that brat was igniting pennies and this lava-crackling guy was laughing at their misery. And Callisto is going to entrust him to 'solder' a necklace clasp closed? THAT close to her sensitive neck?!

"Might I ask of you a favor?" Callisto, thankfully, rallies… bluish-green eyes watch Inferno thoughtfully. Perhaps a touch worriedly.

Inferno grins around the cigar, relishing not only in being able to smoke in his house , but also in Calli's nervousness. "Shoot."

Daxton just stands there watching.

The fey's response to nerves? She cants her chin, straightens her body, and looks the blisteringly-hot figure of Inferno in the eye. "This," She gestures to the foreboding-looking pendant. Further proof of her placing her trust in one whom Daxton respects highly, Callisto swallows her pride. "If I am to lose this, be it through error or it be taken in theft, I die. I lose my mind. Horrible, terrible end. I need to ensure that it neither breaks or is ripped off." She watches Inferno, tilting her head. "Might I.. could you solder the clasp? Shall it be problematic for you to do so?"

Around the cigar, Inferno grins and grunts out, "I can't guarantee someone won't rip it off ya. But I guarantee the clasp won't come undone." He motions for her to come to him as he rubs his fingertips together. The smell of burn fills the room, "Hold your hair. Tempo, hold the sides of the chain till it cools down as I don't brand her accidentally."

Dax does as instructed, looking down at her.

"I shall harm them before they do so." Callisto says gently. "To have it fastened shall buy me the time in which to do so. Please, do it." The girl ascends some steps, feeling a roiling twinge of nervousness in her guts at the thought of those fingers, red-hot, being so close to her neck. Not that she distrusts the man, just… it's a natural fear, mortal and fey alike. Callisto flits a quick look between the two Unit 23'ers, reaches back to grasp hanks of her silver-white hair in her hands, and pull it forward and away from the clasp as Inferno prepares to do the deed.

Brand her accidentally?

Callisto stares straight ahead, it's the best she can do in her fear response. Hey, burning hurts. Can one blame her?!

Daxton ducks his head, trying to make eye contact, "Hey….Inferno's the best. Trust me." An then the smell of burning metal and then it's over. Infernos is moving back towards the kitchen. "See you in gym, Aine."

Daxton stands there holding the chain while it cools, "You ok?"

She's not so nervous so as to not meet Daxton's very blue eyes. "I do. Worry not," Regarding trust. Both speedster and lava man! Maybe it's just the smell of heat that is getting to her. To burn to death is a very awful way to go. No she's not expecting that fate on the main stairs in Winbarry but that's just what… the smell reminds her of. Callisto is as still as a statue in the brief time it takes to solder the clasp and her lashes flutter closed as she takes a slow, contemplative breath. Sorry Oridove; your advice to remove the necklace and train herself in THAT fashion has been overridden. For a very important reason.

Inferno mentions that damnable gym class and Callisto, relieved that it's over, opens her eyes and smiles nervously. That you shall. No more exploding currency, please.." Said as she watches him go, and realizes that the chain is still being held.

Daxton asks her a question and she turns to look at him. "I am. I.. am now.."

Inferno laughs as he steps into the kitchen, "It's the or live grenades, kitten." He's not joking. Daxton stays where he is, giving the clasp more time to cool. "And when you're ready, we can take it off. No accidents now."

And the girl, to her credit, stays still.. does not fidget or stir. She felt the ambient heat from the clasp; it's fading now, slowly. Though Callisto looks up slowly, fingers knitting into her hair as her cerulean eyes glare in the direction of the kitchen. "He had better not be serious." Said in a whisper, her brows knitting once again. So stressful. She looks quickly to the speedster as he still takes care to not let the necklace drop. "Is he?" Asked in a whisper.

A brief silence, but grenades are yet the last thing on her mind. "I pray this eases your mind as well. It shall be a while, yet, before we just undo his work. It shall clash dreadfully with the uniform." Said with a delicate sniff.

Daxton just smirks and tilts his head, not telling if Inferno's serious or not He just offers, "You should have seen the stuff he used to put us through…" His face softens quite a bit before he nods gently, "Yeah. It does." But then he's smirking again, "Oh no! Ankles and wrists showing, not a closing necklace, you hussy."

She's still poised on the stairwell, waiting for the necklace to be safe to wear. Granted she's been wearing it more often than not, day in day out, but the permenant quality of the soldered clasp just.. it's different. She's just ruminating some of the things that this man could have inflicted upon Daxton and his peers when the speedster is speaking to her and the look upon his face… well, that makes her take notice too. Somehow, if it alleviates even a measure of the boy's worries… why is it especially worthwhile, now, to have this thing affixed to her? Callisto watches Daxton for a time, about to remark on something, until he makes his wisecrack.

Callisto coughs, and breaks into a spat of laughter.. her head lowers as some of her hair that hadn't needed to be held back sluices down alongside her face. "I can do worse than showing off mere ankles and wrists." Said slyly, before she allows herself the chuckle. Yup, he'll recall that phone text exchange.

Feeling relieved can do wonders for a mood. Dax smirks down at her, resting his hands on either side of her neck while still holding the chain, "School uniforms be damned, huh?" Blue eyes travel down her neck to the necklace and then he smirks, "We can always paint it if you want?" What? He's not serious, is he? "We can base prime it white and then you can paint it like your nails." The only thing that gives away he's joking is that his eyes are a little too wide.

The neck must be a thing for fey-types.. or at least this one. How does her heart beat, when said heart is programmed to beat 'forever'? Just like anyone else's, really; and at the touch of his hands it can be felt tripping along quickly in her carotid artery, in her neck. Still, she is as unmoving as an alabaster statue, wanting to be certain that Inferno's handiwork shall — in fact — not brand her. Then-wait wut. "Paint it" She looks up at the boy abruptly, nose wrinkling in her mock-aghast looks… there's too much amusement in her gaze to be legit horror. "Gods, no.. the pendant is unsettling to look at but it does not deserve that." Callisto belts back, egging the joke on. But the way her shoulders can be seen relaxing… she IS relieved.

One hand lifts to rest ever-so-carefully atop one of Daxton's own.

"Is it alright, then? I do not believe it to be as hot, now.."

Daxton can't help smiling now, it's funny. "Come on. I bet we could paint a smile on her…" His hands stay where they are and he'll just ask, "Do you want me to let go?"

Oh God.. it's too much. Callisto looks startled, as if picturing the alterations to the grimacing gorgon head. "Were we to do that, she would resemble some of the harridans who come to the pool on certain Sunday mornings." The girl whispers huskily, her remark dissolving into another few spats of chuckling. Her eyes, however, lift to look the speedster in the face. Her head shakes slowly. "No, you do not have to. Not at all." Says the not-so-dark-faerie, her other hand lifting to rest atop Daxton's opposite hand. "But I shall yet release you shortly, lest Inferno return to rib you." Said with a slow smile.

"I shall miss seeing you everyday." Callisto says earnestly, meaning it. Not for the first time. She's not much liking the look of the suitcase right now.

Daxton laughs, "That'll keep your mother away for sure." His face becomes younger when he smiles, "We can call each other. I'm not that far." His finger scoot the clasp to touch it himself. Warm, but it won't burn her. "And I can always run to the school if you need me, okay?"

The fey girl gives Daxton the softest look, as he tests the clasp. Again he reassures him of just how closeby he will be, and Callisto finally seals the deal by pressing her lips to his own. It's just enough of an embrace to get the point across to him that she's serious about all that transpired here. On a stairwell! All the words and burning! However long he allows her to make this contact, if he in-fact did allow it, the girl will draw back just so to whisper to him: "I've a better phone data plan…" Cripes, how far she's come: Callisto knows what phone data plans ARE!

Daxton's hands are already there, so when she kisses him, they go into her hair, holding her. And then the tables turn and he's definitely the one kissing her. Head tilted and starting to vibrate. Her words get a soft whine, he doesn't know if that's awesome or going to just add to his frustration. About that time the smell of chocolate chip cookies starts to make it's way up the staircase.

True to Callisto fashion, as Dax will have discovered in Thunder Bay.. she gives. Oh, she knows how to give. And damnit something had better happen soon to dissuade this because if not? Yeah that could be awkward.. very awkward. Especially with his teammates in the kitchen closeby. So as her hair is held and knit into and touched, and as her hands lift to cup the back of his neck to coax more… the girl sighs softly. "You had better get in on those cookies." Said in a very, very reluctant whisper. Last thing she wants to do is relinquish him.

Daxton growls, it rumbles in his chest. Fingers tighten in her hair before he releases her, "ok…..cookies….." Damn cookies. He wets his lips looking down at her, "You…uh…want some?" cookies.

Oh she wants some! Look at her.. just look! The tightening fingers warrants a small sound in her throat; not at all displeased. But when he lets her go, that is cause for the barest little moue of 'nuuuu' … but Callisto, amazingly, understands. Not here. It can't be here. Once again a dessert (and again: proximity of teammates) foils their cause! Her eyes watch every feature and expression, fingers tightening at the vibration in his body and the mere licking of his lips. "Cookies." Callisto utters in her throat; how sultry the one word can sound! Coooo~ookies.

"… yes." Callisto exhales, easing back, taking his hand. She will make to move the suitcase to somewhere not in the middle of a stairwell. ".. cookies."

IT's almost painful.

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