(2018-08-21) - Optimism vs. Pessimism
Optimism vs. Pessimism
Summary: Sky and Besa are at it again.
Date: 2018-08-21
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While Sky has explored the new school some, he wanted to establish his space in the Art Room first and foremost. After all, it was new…yet familiar…so he just wanted to get used to the new atmosphere. Not being under-water is certainly a change and no doubt there is some actual natural light! How exciting! He's moved into his new room as much as he wanted to be before making his way to the art room, setting himself up at one of the tables, and is flipping through his little sketchpad notebook. Some of his favorite drawing pens are beside him as is a large, to-go cup of coffee, obtained…somehow.

Yesterday was the start of students exciting moving day (s), although when Besa realized he forgot his bike at the Estate he had to go all the way back. When he returned, he came back with a skinned knee, but did have the bike, thankfully. Today he set up the few possessions he owns and he too has explored. Finally he's made it to the arts room. The door pushes open and Cocoa enters first sniffing the air, Besa steps behind her, a soft smile on his face. "Hello Schuyler!" His fingers move as he speaks. "This is very wonderful, yes?"

'I'm glad that they didn't skip this,' Sky signs back…maybe not really bothering to use his mental voice since Besa doesn't require it. 'Even if they don't offer classes yet, it's at least a place for us to come and -do- stuff.' Presuming that they keep the supplies stocked. 'Did you see? They have a kick-wheel for you…' he nods to where the pottery wheels are sitting.

Besa's face brightens when he sees the kick wheel. He moves over there quickly to inspect it. "This is very nice!" He sits down at it to give it a few kicks to test it out, but then stops and rubs his knee. Scabbed knees don't make for the best kicking! He smiles though, happy, "This will make Rain's web store much easier." He still refers to it as Ran's store, not his. "Do we know who the arts teacher is yet?"

'They even have a kiln,' Sky nods over to where it's tucked. 'Aren't you making the mugs to sell in the web store? It's kind of your store, isn't it? She's just the 'manager'.' But he does seem pleased with the room. 'I don't know who any of the teachers are aside from the ones we've had at the Estates. I'm guessing they brought in more…we have more students now, at least.'

Besa glances over at the kiln, and while he'll not be able to use it himself, it will make things easier. "Yes." There's a shrug, "It is her store. I do not understand it." Maybe it's their store? "Yes, there are many more students. Hopefully there will be one more if your parents can work things out for Tom to come to the school."

'Why? Is she selling things?' Sky's brows lift at the question and he moves to the kiln to lift the cover so Besa can take a look inside without having to touch it. 'Who is Tom?' That's not a name that he recognizes. Did his parents do something and not tell him? Did -Rain-??

Besa shrugs, he doesn't think so? "She is selling my mugs?" He scoots over to look inside the giant over, grinning. It's large enough to do more than just mugs! That's good! "Tom is my friend from town." Besa has a friend in town? "He needs help. Your parents are helping to get his guardianship transferred to the school." Are Besa's cheeks picking up a pinch of pink? He moves over to inspect the racks for the drying projects.

'And they're -your- mugs. At least come to think of it as a shop that is your's -and- her's?' Since he doubts Rain is taking any money from any sales. As Besa explains who this 'Tom' is, Sky frowns, 'Is this the guy who picked on you? And why are my parents helping? And how come no one told me about this?'

Rain has actually been giving more money than she gets from sales to Besa, but the ancient teen doesn't realize that just yet. "I will try." Besa makes a strange face, "It…is the same Tom, yes." He's not going to deny that, "I punched him, Schuyler. We have worked it out." He tilts his head looking over at Sky from the racks, "I asked them to help? Tom needed help, so…I found a way to help." He now frowns, "I…no one did not tell you, it just did not come up? I did not exclude you, I promise."

Schuyler just shakes his head, 'What is it with you and abusive relationships?' he signs before going back over to his table and sketchbook. «You just felt that I didn't need to know about it.»

Besa doesn't even actually sign this, he's so surprised by what Sky said, "What?!?" Frowning, he follows Sky, "I am not in an abusive relationship! I am not in a relationship! Tom and I are friends, and…" His fingers quickly try to sign all of that. "We are just friends! And I do not have abusive relationships anyway!" He doesn't consider Whitley to have been abusive, and the priests? Well, that's different! "We have not had many conversations lately! I was not hiding anything from you!"

'Just friends and you blush like that? I'm not stupid, Besa…' and Sky's seen that look on his friend before. 'You let people emotionally manipulate you. What do you know about this 'Tom'? How do you know he's not exploiting you? What if he's sent by one of the cults to infiltrate the school to get to you?'

Besa's nose wrinkles in frustration, "And I am not stupid, Sky! Tom and I are just friends, but you would rather lecture me than speak." He totally does have that look, but he's trying not to. There's no pursuing this time. The priests were right. "And what are you doing right now? You lecture and talk down to me. Always. Perhaps that is why I do not find it nessicary to tell you things in my life!" His fists clench while he shakes his head, "He is not part of the cults! Sometimes I…" Another head shake while he swallows, trying to not let his emotions over whelm him, "Sometimes I do not understand why you wished to be my friend if this how you see me. Some easily manipulated fool that is used by everyone." His dark gaze sweeps across the room before he just shakes his head and starts towards the door. Poor Cocoa's been hanging back, unsure what to do , but then she darts next to his side.

Schuyler tsks, 'I don't think you're a fool. I think you're naive. I think that you see the good in everyone even if it's not really there.' Sky doesn't even say it like it's a bad thing. 'I'm not talking down to you, but I'm trying to be a realist to your endless optimism. If no one else does, then it's my job, as your friend, to offer another side so that you can make an informed, educated decision on some of this stuff!' Sky then shakes his head and looks to Cocoa briefly, 'Tell me or don't tell me whatever you want. But if my parents are going to be financially sponsoring someone, I should at least know about it.'
Wake up!

Besa's eyes narrow as he reads what Sky say the he stops at the door, "And I think you see darkness in everyone that is not there." He may not sy it like a bad thing, but that's how Besa takes it. "You are not a realist. You are a pessimist. There is a difference. You do not wish for me to make an informed decision, you wish for me to side with your views." Money? This is about money?!? "They are not sponsoring anyone. They are helping transfer guardianship. That is all" Cocoa whines softly, not liking the sharpness of Besa's voice, or the vibes she's getting from either teen.

'I don't want you to see what I see. You're too nice of a person for that,' Sky admits. He's not angry but there's a slight frown in his expression before he smooths it as best as he can. 'And maybe I am a pessimist.' He shrugs, as if it's not that big of a deal to him. 'And I -do- want you to make an informed, educated decision. I don't care if you side with my views as long as you actually take a second to think about what I might be saying. I'm not going to tell you what to decide. Hell, if you like him, I think that's great! But I also think that with all of the stuff that you've had to deal with regarding cults and people coming after you that you need to take a step back and analyze before you move forward. I don't want to find you dead in the Art Room…or anywhere…again.'

The irony is that Besa's seen darkness worse than anything that Sky sees in people. Maybe that's what makes it so easy to dismiss the little he does see in people. It's not demon level. The ancient teen clearly doesn't believe what Sky says. Or maybe he doesn't believe that Sky isn't just lying to himself on that. "I am not moving forward. I am not dating anyone. He is just my friend." He tenses again, "I am sorry you and Rain found me, if I could have changed anything about that I would have. I do not just blindly trust. I am not naive. I wish you would chose to trust me." He shakes his head, looking emotionally tired now. Cocoa moves closer, feeling that anxiety rising in her boy.

Schuyler looks directly at Besa and offers mentally, «I trust you. I just don't trust everyone else.» It's signed as well, but it's almost impossible to lie in mind-speech, as he's said before. It's quite possible that Sky isn't being completely honest with himself; after all, he -is- only sixteen and not as mature as he likes to think he is.

"You are going to lead a very lonely life if the only people you trust are your family and myself. And then you do not even trust us in our abilities." Besa looks sad at that. He reaches up to unconciosly rub his chest. His heart is fixed, but that doesn't mean it's still not the weak point for the anxiety to attack. "I am glad you like the arts room. Try to find some joy….please." and unless he's stopped, Besa turns around and leaves.

«I am well aware of that fact,» Sky answers Besa's comment about him leading a lonely life. Maybe it's a choice? He's seen his future self…who is to say the others aren't like that as well? «I'm fine, Besa. I'm sorry that I upset you.» It seems like a legit apology at least.

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