(2018-08-21) Ker-SPLAT!
Summary: Madison meets a new face, encounters a known one.. and has the first of what will be many many anxiety!heartattacks at the new Coral Springs High.
Date: 2018-08-21
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Gym, Coral Springs
Tue Aug 21, 2018

This is a full size gym, with basketball hoops along the walls ready for play. Climbing ropes hang from scaffolding near the ceiling, ready to be climbed, though they can be tied off to keep them out of the way. Exercise equipment and weights are off to the far end. The floor can be sectioned off for multiple team games to be played. There are locker rooms for girls and boys to one side of polished wood bleachers that can be pulled out if needed for spectators. Opposite the bleachers there is a rock climbing wall, that goes right up to the dome overhead. The dome itself is spectacular, made apparently of sickle shaped carved marble and brass leaves, it can nevertheless iris open to let the bracing sea air and sunlight in, as needed.

It is a summer day. The weather is warm and raining.


Brand new school! Most of his things unpacked! Koga has decided to check out one of the things that made him curious. Namely the gym!

And once in there, well… there is one feature that he is obviously excited to see and has set himself up to try out. Complete with a few extras to make sure he doesn't kill himself by falling or worse break a limb or two. Namely that large rock climbing wall.

And so the early afternoon finds the Mystic doing some climbing in a pair of sweat pants, tank top, sneakers, with a set of cloth wraps around his hands as he grabs holds and makes a decent show of climbing. He's at least quite visible and apparently not a lot have checked out the gym, so it's a wonder that he isn't properly hooked up or anything to make sure he doesn't fall off.

The only real oddity? Spread out in a large square below the rock wall is a bunch of odd strips of paper with what looks like symbols, scrawlings, or something on them that are faintly glowing blue.

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Solarkinesis: Success.

It seems that Fee, too, has concluded her 'moving in' process. Honestly it hadn't taken long, because most of her things can — by extension — be accessed back at her family home in Shady Cove. All that needed to come with her were the basics: uniforms, books, supplies… and of course some personal affectations and art supplies. How good it feels to pull those out of storage again. So with all that said and done, all that was left was to explore. Naturally Fionnuala explored the students' quarters, the grounds… but then she had to go and check out her natural nemesis: the gym.

.. to see what she, forever abysmal at organized sports and the like, will be up against for her Junior year. c_c

The girl, wearing a pair of bright pink shorts and a matching black-and-pink polka-dot camisole, pads into the gym and gives it's vast entirety a slow, suspicious glare. It is then that the shifter girl, with her hair pulled up into a high, rioting ponytail and her big black wings out, spies someone else here. Fionnuala quietly watches Koga, taking care not to disrupt his runes (?) that he has laid out.. or make a sound to disrupt him.

With all the school hopping that Madison has done, she is quite used to new campuses and has learned little tricks to remember where things are. She isn't quite prepared for Coral Springs though. She was expected something more like the many other schools she was used to.. or at the very least more like the mansion that she saw once or twice during her pre-enrollment meetings. Expectations, blown.

Well she isn't lugging around any luggage, so maybe Madison has at least dropped all her things off in her dorm room. The only thing that encumbers her now is the little map of the campus that all the students that wanted them got. She isn't a bit fan of the gym either, but she knows that she will be spending time here so may as well get a look at it, right? So she wanders in, glancing around in nervous fashion. She sees Fionnuala first and the inner debate starts, be social or not, usually its the later. She's a big bundle of social awkwardness, but then she sees the familiar Koga climbing the wall sans safety gear. "Uhm.." she starts to say moving toward the wall but doesn't want to startle him into falling so will address Fion instead "Uhm..shouldn't we say something?"

<FS3> Koga rolls Body+Parkour: Good Success.

Koga by this point has made it about half-way up the rock wall. He leans back slightly to get a good look at where he is going before suddenly pushing off and grabbing at another hand hold, swinging himself over to get a better grip as his shoes scramble for a moment before finding one. Stretching his arms a bit, he continues his climb a bit slower now. He apparently hasn't noticed the two down below.

Yet, anyways.

His climb is pretty slow, and those strips of paper are still glowing where he apparently left them on the floor.

Then he does something that looks a /lot/ more dangerous. Stopping on one point with his feet reasonably near each other, Koga looks to his right before taking a step, then a hop and swinging himself bodily by one of the hand grips to another hand/foot hold and continuing his climb up. How in the world he managed to hold himself by just his hands to do that is probably not a good thing to ask. It was pretty intense looking, and almost looked like he wasn't going to make the right foot holds to grab where he wanted, too!

By now Fionnuala is still silent and watchful, arms folded in front of her bosom as she watches that crazy boy scale the wall. Her wings are held behind her slight body, folded inwards slightly so as to not bump anyone or anything closeby. Just as well because soon she is joined by a girl whom she (Fee) hasn't really encountered before! Madison could do way worse when it comes to new encounters, and at the shorter girl's arrival Fee turns honey-gold eyes (she hasn't taken in too much sun today) to the ball of nervous energy. The winged girl stands at roundabout 5'5" and Maddie, who is shorter, indeed catches the altruistic Fee's attention. "Hi," She whispers to the nervous arrival, "Don't you worry none about him. I bet he has some magic in the works to keep him from going ker-splat." Her lips curve up into a sweet, loopy grin.

"See, look, he's being careful—" Fee gestures to Koga who then goes and does something ballsy. Huh. Fee quirks a brow. ".. yeah… he's better have some magic mojo going on to make sure he doesn't go ker-splat!" She says out loud to herself before turning back to Maddie. "Welcome to the school. What's your name?"

To Madison, watching Koga scale the wall is like a train wreck, awful but she can't look away in case something happens. The girl is quite readable, her usual nervousness is double now, but this time turned outward. "Ker-splat?" she questions, blinking way to owlishly up at Fionnuala when the older girl tries to reassure her "He was being careful when he fell out of a tree in third grade." she mentions. Seems this girl knows Koga, and has for quite awhile. There is a gasp as she watches him swing and quickly covers her eyes. "I can't watch!" she peeks over at Fionn "Did he make it?" she says in a worried tone.

When magic is mentioned she looks again and notices the strips of paper the floor "Can you stop saying ker-splat…that isn't helping." her at least. The welcome and request for name goes right past in her and she continues to shift nervously. Poor map in her hand is all twisted up.

Sighing as he finally reaches the top, Koga glances back as he sits on top of the rock wall. Seeing the two, he gives a wave before… well, the girls are about to find out if the 'ker-splat' protections are in place at least!

Koga pushes off to free fall pretty much down the rock wall.

And as if automatic those strips of paper light up, form a large square, then a larger symbol as electric sparks form a swirl under Koga himself and lowers him down to the center of the square. Those strips disappear into a bunch of ash, however.

And Koga's landing is anything but gentle. About half a foot off the floor is where said magic mojo stops and he drops on his rear. "Ow!" He calls out, laying on his back on the floor and giving a thumbs up towards the two. "I am okay!" He says.

One way to attract Fionnuala: be nervous and unsure and basically all that poor Madison is being right now. "Heh, sorry," Fee offers cheekily. "I like words that are spelled the way they sound. I guess" Pause. That does not help. Golden eyes flit from the mangled map in the poor girl's hands to her widened eyes. "Don't you worry, he will be just fine. And if he does fall? I'm plan B. I'll catch him with a cushion of air, ok?" Fionnuala doubts that will be necessary but Maddie's behavior is notable. The kind shifter's expression warms, "oh! So you go way back! Cool!" Is exclaimed as she cuts her gaze back to her fellow Mystic. "See? He made it, he's ok!" She can't promise what's to come though! Fee notices the boy's wave, and the body language which signifies that he is prepared to-GAH

"Ok cover your eyes!" Fee exclaims to Maddie, but may be too late. Poor Maddie. Koga lands in a not-so-graceful-but-he-ain't-DEAD fashion and Fee smiles at him, "Cripes dude, you're gonna give this girl a heartattack!" She nods to Madison.

"Onomatopoeia's you mean?" her head cants as if she wasn't already awkward, why not add brainiac to that as well. "Catch him with a cushion…" Madison starts out saying with confusion before she remembers where she is "Oh yeah, everyone here has powers." that will take some getting used to.

There is a bit of relief when Koga reaches the top safe and without the warning she probably wouldn't have realized what the risk-taking teen was going to do. Human body language is not her strong suit. "Cover my eyes?" more confusion before her gah of exclamation as he jumps. Just a little heart attack. At his ow she remembers to breath "If you were trying to scare me to death you nearly succeeded!"

Koga sits up, then dusts himself off. "Sorry!" He says, walking over to the two. "I just wanted to try the rock wall and could not find the harness equipment. Normally those last a bit longer."

Koga smiles in a rather embarrassed way, rubbing the back of his head as he gets closer before starting to unwrap his hands. Looking between the two, he asks, "Have you two met before? I swear if you have and Madison said anything embarrassing I did back in third grade, I plead innocent." Koga looks between the two juuust to be safe. Yep.

Poor awkward girl! But honestly Fee isn't seeing her as such. Awkward as Maddie may be, Fee is simply seeing a profoundly anxious girl. The winged one hadn't received a name following her first query but doesn't push the matter yet. Maybe Koga, apparently having known Madison from back in the day, will drop a name. Her labors bear fruit.

"Madison, hey? Well she mentioned you dropping out of a tree in what, third grade?" She may have thrown the nervous girl under a bus but she's truly just trying to break the ice! Fionnuala's expression is profoundly amused.

She turns to the girl once Koga mentions her name, "We haven't! We kinda met just now as we were watching you climb without safety equipment!" Said with a giggle, she turn back to Koga. "So the tree thing from back then? Innocent? I don't believe you." A playful smile to Koga before her dark-haired head turns back to Maddie. "My name is Fionnuala.. I'll be a Junior this year." Her wings twitch, bits of solar energy flicker lazily in the ebony feathers. "Just call me Fee. So you're Madison?"

"Didn't find or didn't look?" Madison asks after her heart goes back to beating at a normal pace. She must either know Koga or just how males are in general to be asking such a question. She is betting it is the second one.

Madison shakes her head "We just met." supporting Fi's assertion. Now that Koga is safe on the ground her shifting slows but is replaced by the nervous fiddling of one of her many long braids. She just can't stay still. Well she did say it, she isn't going to deny it. "I think it was me doing all the embarrassing things in third grade, Koga." but only because of the whole culture shock and not knowing any better. The girl has been trying hard not to stare at the wings on the other girl's back but it isn't easy, so when they twitch her eyes dart to them but then quickly back to Fi…she didn't look! Lies! "Uhm yes, that's me." she isn't sure how to answer such an obvious question so she just goes with that

Koga shakes his head. "Well at least it is not Kaylee or Saoirse you met first." Koga says, rolling his eyes. "Or worse Ronan or Taka." A small chuckle is given before he looks to Madison.

"And hey, I did the more embarrassing ones. Along with getting into fights, the occasional prank… oh, and I stuck that one kid to his seat with a spell for a while." At the last one, Koga blinks a few times, then looks even more embarrassed. "… not that I was supposed to do that last one."

Koga shakes his head, moving over to pick up a shirt that he had laying around and pulling it on. "So what brings you two to the gym? I swear I thought I was the only physically active student at this rate."

There's just something so.. relaxed.. about Fionnuala's behavior. Even in this new gymnasium, with rooms upon rooms of brand-spankin'-new facilities surrounding them, she just seems so content and relaxed about it all. She watches Maddie as the girl speaks, further emanating that nervous vibe. Golden eyes flit once to one thin braid being worried between Madison's fingers before flitting up to the girl's face. "I love your hair. If I were to even attempt that, I'd either end up with my fingers tied together or my hair one giant calamity." Fionnuala deals the compliment smoothly, and not one inflection suggests that it's forced. She means it. Meanwhile if Fee's lovely black halo of wings draws Maddie's eye, she is barely concerned.

She eyes Koga, meanwhile, at his admittances. "Stuck a kid to his seat? I can think of a couple of folks who could stand to be taught such a lesson!" Exclaims the winged girl.. say what?! Fee… Fee.. not being keen on someone?! She pushes her hair back behind an ear. "I was just wandering, checking the place out… I hate gym, so saved this room for last. I have to admit, it's cool. The bleachers look nice and roomy.. perfect place for me to cheer people on from, at the sidelines." A melodic giggle. "What do you think of the new school? I love the fact that it's no longer based underwater! So many windows and high vantage points." Sings the ebullient girl.

"Wait. I've meet Ronan. One of the times I was at the estate. He's the tall Irish one, right?" all these new faces, Madison is going to have a hard time remembering them all! "Well you wouldn't of gotten into those fights if it weren't for me." doing embarrassing things no doubt…or just not being like everyone else.

Oh gawd! A compliment. Madison does not take those well at all. Her face darkens with a blush, though with her already dark complexion is it even noticeable. Despite that her behavior is, her face goes down and to the side, she has a hard enough time with eye contact as it is. "I was just looking around." she answers a bit quieter than she was.

The compliment has Koga giving a grin, "Oh, she is good at doing braids." He comments, "You should ask her to do yours. She tried one time on me. I keep my hair a bit too short for it." He gives a shrug.

Seeing Madison blush, Koga shakes his head, "Hey, you know I have no problems getting into fights for my friends. Hm… yes, that would be Ronan. I swear someone was up to something assigning him as my room mate." A sigh is given. "At least I hope he understands that I do not mean anyone any harm now."

At the way Madison is looking, Koga hums, "Who did you two end up as room mates with?" He smiles, reaching over to poke Madison in the shoulder lightly. "Hey, now. No being bashful. Fionnuala will not do anything to hurt you. She has been a big help… oh! My parents said to say hi and send a photo when we get the chance."

"Tall, Irish.. wields icy attacks. Brr. That's Ronan." Fee smiles widely, wings quivering. "You'll figure all of us out, I promise. It's a lot to take in though." Admits the girl as she turns her head to look upon the gym as-a-whole once again. Her eyes flit upwards toward that dome, just at the top of the rock wall. The marble and brass components of said dome seem to attract her attention (oooo shiny) and Fee's wings unfurl slowly.. they're rather large!

The girl watches with obvious affection as Koga and Madison seem to expand upon their prior connection. "Do you want me to take a picture of you both to send?" Asks the shifter helpfully, her wings a black halo behind her body. "Like, you guys go back.. how befitting is that?"

A pause, regarding roommates. Fee giggles softly, "I… don't know yet. Silly me, I haven't even looked at the registry. I wanted to be surprised. But I should, huh? I guess I won't be as lucky to have Rain as my roomie, but I'll make do." Knowing Fee, she'll get along with anyone!

Madison continues to look downward a few more moments as the conversation goes on around here. Though there is a bit of a nod at the braids and trying it on Koga. The roommate question has her looking up again "A girl named Sydney. She wasn't in the room when I dropped my things off. Do either of you know her?" sharing a room, this is going to be a first for her.

The poking has her shifting a bit and she gives a crooked, metal-filled smile (she has braces!) at Koga "Oh! We should do that than."

Koga hums, then fishes around in his pockets before finding his phone, "Ah ha!" He blinks at Madison, raising an eyebrow, "Sydney?"

He gives a hum, tapping at his chin a bit. "Oh! The metal girl. She is pretty cool. I do not know how that will work out. She… well, literally seems to be stuck as metal. I mean totally." He says finally.

Poking at his phone for a moment, he hums before finally bringing up the camera. "Ah ha! So… selfie, or should she take it?" He asks Madison. "We could put her in it, too, if we do a selfie."

"Sydney seems alright." Fee offers, looking ready to take flight but not until she has come through with her offer to take the picture for the duo. Something about Maddie's braces, in how she smiles, endears the younger girl to the shifter. "Metal, yeah.. getting to know the world as it is.. but she seems sweet." There, that's better. It's not Fionnuala's business to expand upon Syd's tale.

As Koga fiddles with the camera, Fee waits patiently. "Do whatever works best for you both. I do have good aim with a camera, but there's something really near about the selfie angle too." She supplies happily.

"Metal?" Madison's large, dark eyes blink again in confusion. Does she practice with owls or something? Most likely. "Like she is metal that that bad guy in the Terminator movies?" going way back with that one. As if she wasn't nervous about having a roommate enough. Tug, tug, tug on the braid. "I hope she is. Does she like animals?" that will go a long way right there. "Uhm, both?" she really doesn't like having her picture taken, but likes fighting about getting it done even less.

Koga shrugs, and hands the phone to Fi. "Well, she said both." He looks to Madison. Oh, he seriously has to work on getting her to open up again. He seems to consider.

"Uh, no… more like a living, moving metal statue. Like… umm… oh, a metal sculpture! Only, well… she can move. Speaking of, as much as people throw around things, I hope they reinforced the buildings somehow." He mentions with a small shrug. "Come on. We need to get at least two pictures here. Then I need to figure out the time back in Tokyo so I do not send it at one in the morning this time."

Oh, the time differences! So much pain!

"The Terminator?! Oh no no no.. not at all." Fionnuala says quickly, waving her hand in a negatory fashion. She does not mention that Sydney was likely alive when the first Terminator movie was released. She silences to allow Koga to explain onwards, looking the phone over to make sure the proper filters are set on the camera app to provide the best photo. No no; no skin tone smoothing or stuff like that to make the two look embalmed, just a good resolution! See? she does know what to do!

"OK.. strike a pose!" Fee advises, lifting the phone and preparing to capture the duo at what will be a few angles.

Well she supposes that Sydney not being like the T2000 is reassuring, in a very broad sense. Madison's eyes widen at the mention of throwing things around "Throwing things? Like what kind of things? It sounds like you aren't talking about baseballs." well what assurance she did have is all gone now. And then she is being ordered to strike a pose. There is some minor flailing. She starts to turn one way and then changes her mind to turn towards Koga. Finally she moves to put an arm around his shoulder and with her other hand puts up a peace sign, framing an eye with it. Her smile though is more of a grimace.

Koga blinks, then glances at Madison. He raises an eyebrow as he throws out a thumbs up with the other arm around Madison. Seeing the grimace… well, Koga does the natural thing to stop said grimacing.

Starts lightly poking and trying to tickle Madison until said grimace turns into a smile or a laugh. At least he is smiling at the camera as well!

Still, after the pictures are done… yeah, Koga probably needs to go figure out time differences! Ew!

So cute. The sound of a cellphone camera 'shutter' (at least the sound) capturing a series of photos. Did Fee notice the grimace? Yes.. but also, she doesn't remark upon it. Her wings spread and she easily pushes herself upwards, hovering, taking care to buffet the air as apart from the two as possible so as to not tousle hair too much. "Overhead angle! Looks dynamic!" Sings the chipper girl.. click! Then, carefully.. oh so carefully.. Fee descends to hand the phone back to Koga, "I do so love reunions.. even if ya'll have met in town already. Like.. school reunions… new year reunions!" The winged one chimes, and ascends to begin spiraling gracefully in and around the domed ceiling, high above.. sunshine flickers downwards to dance upon the floor.

Give her a few~

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